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“Welcome back~.”

“I’m back. Were you at the stalls all this time, everyone?”

“No, we actually participated as well. Once it ended,we quickly came back to open our stalls.”

“After opening stalls we took our time checking what we got~.”

“Oh, I see.”


Salute-san’s stall was currently sold out. Everyone must have used their potions during the event and replenished right after. She was diligently making them now, and lining them up on the stall to sell.

Before I open my stall again next to Salute-san at one end… First let’s go to the Merchants’ Union.

It appears that everything that I left on consignment has sold. Did everyone’s Satiety decrease from the battle?

While at it, I would like to deposit money as well, so let’s go to the union.


Because of the large amount of Goblin materials, my inventory was in a horrible state. It was already full of ingredients, but now a large amount of other things have been added to it.

The problem is, that Goblin materials themselves were pretty much trash. The South was already one of the main hunting grounds, so there was high supply of it, too. Am I really supposed to sell stone equipment…?

Magic Stones go to the union, stone equipment is discarded, iron equipment… to the storehouse I guess. Goblin General’s Magic Stone also goes to the storehouse.

Alright, time to sort things out.



What I sold to the Adventurer's Union netted me around 3000. 

The items consigned at the Merchant’s Union earned me roughly 14000.

I threw 250k into the bank, the equipment and the general’s Magic Stone went into the storehouse.

All of my property, including what I had in the bank was a little more than 320k. My savings increased before I even realized. Cooking seems to sell better than I thought it would… let’s continue saving up.


Well then, let’s go back to where Ertz-san and others are, and reopen my stall. 



“Welcome back~.”

“I’m back?”

“Princess, could you lend me your firepower?”

“Ohh, Distilled Water?”

“Yes, there’s never enough you see...”

“Well, if you don’t mind the corner.”

“That heeelps.”


I place a stall and take out the Cooking Kit, then put fire to the charcoal and lend the corner to Salute-san. Looks like Distilled Water is a must-have for making potions.


“I heard you aren’t participating in the tournament, Princess?”

“I intend not to. If I am to fight something, I’d prefer it was some monster that’s bigger than me.”


While I was thinking of what to make, Cecil-san spoke to me.

The camera fairy was still there, which meant that he was still streaming.

While looking at the meat that I prepared before the defense battle, I spoke with Cecil-san.


“I was thinking of going to the Eastern boss during the tournament.”

“The East… it was a bear, wasn’t it.”

“Seems like it. I thought of trying to fight him.”

“You have Cooking so I guess it’d be East for you.”

“The South also sounds okay. I am curious about seafood.”

“I see. I guess you don’t use either metal ore or herbs...”

“I have this for my equipment, and my race can’t use potions… The North is one thing, but who would go out of their way to go West? I don’t even have any AoE spells yet.”

“We do have Area of Effect spells, but our spellcasters are women so...”

“We don’t want to go there more than once, you know?”

“Yup, yup.”


It must be the two women behind Cecil-san, who are both carrying a staves.

Well, even if they are cartoonized, I’d hate palm-sized insects. As a hunting ground, it seems to be one for using AoE to kill large numbers.


“Most likely, we should progress South where the Woodcrafting material is, improve our magic weapons and then go West… is what we were thinking.”

“But the boss is Coatl. That snake-with-wings creature. Just like the West’s, it uses poison...”



In this game status ailments were quite savage.

Simple poison lasts 60 seconds and deals CALv%1Possibly “Combat Art Level”? http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Tokens Found by Bareus, btw. of HP damage every 3 seconds.

Moreover, every time intensity increases, the timer is reset and starts from 60 seconds again, so you need to quickly recover yourself or you will definitely die.

But currently, no way of curing poison was found… which is why they are stuck.


“I think Alf-san and Ske-san were trying to progress in the South.”

“I see.”


The two are Immortals so poison won’t work on them. In such a case, the boss turns into nothing but a flying snake. The problem is that the two cannot use potions, so the only way for them to heal is Ske-san’s【Dark Heal】.


“Well, there are also other reasons for aiming for the East...”

“So it’s not just materials for cooking?”

“Didn’t you hear about how it's starting to have an influence on the distribution?”

“Ahhh… Akirina-san did mention something like that?”

“She did say she will tell her acquaintances. I heard of it from a person in a store. And, the East is food-related. ...Field Rations’ production area also seems to be East.”

“Price increases is one thing, but… deficiency of Field Rations would be...”

“As long as the Satiety system exists, there will be a decrease of stats and… eventually a hellish hunger. I guess it will be just us Immortals and the plant types(?) who will not get influenced.”

“I see… That is indeed a matter of life and death...”

“I don’t know how it will turn out, however. I want ingredients myself so it’s a good opportunity.”

“Everyone is frantically leveling for the tournament, so when it’s over we will be able to beat the bosses.”


Well, I heard about it a week ago, so it’s possible that it will start showing influence today.


Oh, looks like marination is done. That was pretty fast but… well, it is a first attempt, let’s proceed with processing.  


Next is putting it into water and removing salt from the surface.


“By the way, what are you making?” 


“Wolf jerkies. I feel like marination time was too short, but I don’t know just how much the process is shortened by the game, and it has already displayed that it permeated.”


“Jerkies, eh?”


“Field Rations aren’t too tasty, so I thought of making some.”


“Yeah, they’re awful. I would gladly buy jerkies instead.” 


“It will take a little longer until I start serious production… It's easy, but it takes time. Especially the marination part...” 


After repeatedly washing it energetically, changing water and letting it stay in it, I used «Alchemy»’s art【Hydration Control】to remove the moisture.


What’s left is to put the meat into the cylindrical smoker…...umm, for the smoke itself… I do have small amounts of Wood Dust and Wood Chips.


Let’s use Smoking Dust Chunks. I take fire from the charcoal, burn a single surface before shaking it to remove the fire, then put the Smoke Dust at the bottom of the smoker, then close the door to leave it be.


“If I am to make them seriously, seems like I need to prepare these, too...”

“The flavoring, was it? It is wood, so you could ask Primula-chan… is what I’d like to say, but she isn’t burning hers.”

“Of course I’m not!”


“That part of wood is outside my expertise~.”

“Did anyone find White Oak yet?”

“I think White Orcs will be a little further ahead, won’t they? Or even rare.”

"...Nono, I’m not talking about white ORCS.”

“Mufufu… you can gather it in the North~.”

"............Aahhh! That’s what you mean.”

“Was it a little hard to catch~?”

“All that came to me was “white orcs”. I was a game-brain.”


There ARE Orcs in the South after all.

Orcs aside, if White Oak grows in the North, then it should be easy to get it.

Since crafting is out of Cecil’s expertise, he went to hunt together with his party.


“Primula-san, can you make Smoking Dust Chunks and Chips?”

“Hmmm… I have no recipe, so I will have to make them on my own? Do you have some ready ones maybe?”

“I do. It’s this and… this.”

“Wait a moment. Search, seaaarch...”


She’s not looking at the BBS, but at the external sites. In other words, she’s using normal internet search.

Most likely she’s checking how they are made in real.


“So wood made is into fine powder, then when it’s made into cylinder or rod shapes it turns into  Smoking Dust Chunks… and chips are just wood smashed into roughly the same small sizes. Yup, I think I can make them~.”


Primula-san said “look at this" and took out a wooden material, before “hmph!” punching it to turn it into pieces. That was powerful.


“Well, I only used【Pulverize】Art though. I did it several times before...”


After that she used【Pulverize】on the wood material and it turned into chips, then further - into fine powder.

By adding water into the powder and drying it in a set shape, she turned it into Smoking Dust Chunks.


“Yup, it’s made. And it’s also added to my recipes~.”

“But can this be made with【Reproduction】?”

“Nn-nope. I don’t have【Hydration Control】after all.”

“I knew it. Which means that mass production is a problem.”

“And you only have «Cooking» and «Alchemy», don’t you, Princess… there is no pulverize in either of them.”


If I don’t have it, then I just need to search for a different recipe… and thus.

As a result of trial and error, 2 chips――not physically two, but two “chip” items――were synthesized. It was not treated like seasonings which had a number of uses, but were more like bags of items from which you took out the necessary amount. If it’s used for something other than Cooking, it disappears. Well, it’s only natural.


“The problem is… quality?”

“Quality… it is, I guess. Won’t this be hard to smoke? As a result, the cooking’s quality will decrease.”

“【Synthesis】’s quality is… «Alchemy»’s skill level and the number of total crafts, was it? What’s left is probably stats. Either DEX, or maybe INT?”

“Is that the total amount of crafted items? Or maybe per item type?”

“I think it was per item type. The effect of the total number of crafts’ influence is still a mystery~.”


“Every 10 attempts it goes up by 1 rank, eventually becoming C and stopping there… was it?”

“Which means… there’s 49 more times until it reaches C.”

“It starts et E+, so it’s plenty high, however.”


It was a good opportunity, so I received a large amount of wooden chips and finished 49 Smoking Dust Chunks.

With this, when I need Smoking Dust Chunks I can buy chips from her and make them myself.


Meanwhile, jerkies were completed.



[Cuisine] Wolf Jerky Rarity: No Quality: D-
A preserved food made with Wolf Meat.
Let’s bite well as we eat.
Cook: Anastasia



“Oh… the quality is low-deesu.”

“Your character is breaking, Princess.”

“In regards to the way I speak, it isn’t like I’m RPing.”

“Ah, is that how you normally talk?”

“It is. The exceptions are family and… Tomo and Sugu whom I have known for a long time, I presume?”


It does feel strange for a child to talk so politely, but once you become an adult this is normal. And so, I was told I don’t have to correct the way I talk.


Well, let’s put this topic aside and eat a jerky.

I shared some with Primula-san, even though it was of low quality.


“Yup, this is jerky? ...I have never eaten a jerky, though. Ahahahaha!”

“It might sound strange coming from the one who made it, but me neither.”

"...Speaking of which, we are both underaged, aren’t we? Jerkies are treated as a snack to alcohol and fairly expensive~...”

“It’s kind of hard to buy some to just snack on them~.”


When I asked who ate jerkies before, Ertz-san, Dantel-san and Salute-san all raised their hands so I had them try it.


“Ahh… it’s a little insufficient?”

“Yup, kinda too-lightly seasoned?”

“Yeah. It’s a little… no, quite weakly seasoned.”

“Is that so. So it looks like the duration I marinated it for, was too short? However, if I put it in my inventory, the time stops, so...”

“Personally this is good in itself~. I guess I could do work while chewing on this? Sell the rest to me~?”


It seemed to be well-received by Primula-san. It has low quality, so might as well sell it.

I learned that I can make a large amount of them, but it takes time. Especially marination time is the bottleneck.

The biggest problem seems to be that time stops when I put it inside my inventory?

As for other cooking, there was a problem with cooking tools… as expected of early game, there are so many things that I can’t do.

Looks like I need to search for ingredients and seasonings.



While everyone was hunting, we continued to craft next to each other.

Including me, there were five different specialties here - Smithing, Woodcrafting, Sewing, Mixing and Cooking, each of us do different stuff, but it can’t be helped since it’s a game. Everyone does their best using their own crafting kits.

And of course, we speak at such time.


“By the way, Princess.”

“What is it?”

“Just let me warn you, but, you should pick your location when you are thinking of your original crafting methods.”

“Ahhh… with that said, this IS cooking...”

“Well, that’s true but you never know what is ahead of you, right? You also have «Alchemy», it’s best to be careful when you are thinking of original recipes.”

“Most likely place would be… an inn or home?”



Seems like I was retorted to by everyone, still, crafting facilities? Now that they mention it, there was something like that, wasn’t there? At this point I did not feel a need for them, so I completely forgot.

Crafting facilities were just as their name suggested, a place to do crafting which possessed necessary facilities. It was a game-like building… apparently. If I’m not wrong, it was possible to rent a private room for money, and inside of it there was a slight bonus to MP recovery speed.


“I see, then I will use them if there is a need to hide something.”

“Rather, do you intend to have a store?”

“No? I am interested in housing, but not interested in having a store in the least.

“Running a store is almost impossible unless you are a crafter main, after all~.”

“I only took crafting as a hobby, I want to do combat, too...”



As I crafted while talking with everyone, the dinner alarm rang and I log out for the time being.

While I helped Mom out, my little sister came down for the meal with loud footsteps.


“Onee-chan, your build is very technical, isn’t it?”

“Nnn… well, I guess? I picked up crafting because it matched well stat-wise, and I do have a lot of bonus adjustment from Skills.”


There are three ways in general to make builds

The one called basic one, the stable-type.

One that’s called technical, the special-type.

And one where players take skills without thinking about them too deeply, the enjoy-type.


Passive stat increase Skills like «Strength Enhancement» have the biggest effect on stats, and following them are crafting Skills. Combat skills seem to give the least stats. But in general, when you do combat you - only do combat, and when you craft - you only craft. The reason behind that is… the problem with Skill points.

If you focus on combat you take combat Skills and passive Skills, you receive the damage adjustment increase and attack arts, as well as basic stats increase - so there is no need to go out of your way to take crafting. Crafting skills do take time to level, and for combat-lovers who like to move, it was far better to take and raise physical skills.


On the contrary, for crafters, crafting is the main. Ertz-san and other people take the physical type increases… mainly the «Dexterity Enhancement», and their crafting Skills. They pour all their login time into crafting Skills. Some of their stats are high, but they don’t have damage adjustment increases and attack Skills or Arts, so they are bad at combat.

It’s the so-called template. The easy-to-level stable build type.


In my case, it’s combat Skills and crafting Skills, but I don’t have physical passive Skills.

This is a technical type.

To put it simply, it’s a playstyle that strongly depends on the player himself. The game adjustments are instead supplemented by the player, and the player only takes the Skills that the player is very bad at to rely on game adjustments only in such cases.

Simple example would be «Sensing» and «Uncover». It’s impossible for me to go “HA, I feel killing intent!” without a Skill.


And the enjoy-type is well, the type to enjoy yourself with. You take skills as you like. 

The difference between technical and enjoy type is “did you even think of the stat adjustment?”... pretty much that.

With that said, this only applies to early builds, and in the latter part people just take what they want to get better at.


Well, in the end, even if the builds are similar, everything is up to the person inside. It’s not like an MMO where you click on the enemy to attack.

Among special-types like me, crafter mains who only took combat to go out to gather materials… probably do exist. Though in my case, it’s combat that is my main.


By the way, the game recommends the enjoy-type play. “Curiosity is the key” is what they said, which meant that just going by the templates you won’t find new skill derivations.



It’s troublesome, so I passed a connect board with my Skills displayed to my little sister.

Showing her directly is faster.


“Hmm-mm… yup, completely a special-type. 54SP huh… how nice~.”

“Skill evolutions require 6, was it?”

“Yup, the second tier seem to be 6.”

“There’s nowhere near enough for all of them, huh...”

“I think your Monster Skills will get by for cheaper~.”

“I need to think of what I should evolve.”

“There should be an SP reward for getting into the finals of the combat tournament.”

“I’m not interested in PvP, and trying in my current state is, well… Isn’t «Aura of Darkness» just too strong?”

“Eeemm… this? Whoaa… this is nasty...”


Poison, Curse and Weakness all at once.

Now that the only method of countering Status Ailments are potions, this is too strong for the combat tournament.

Among enemies, the only ones using Poison right now are Southern and Western bosses. In regards to the poisonous bee in the West, it seems like wasps and their escort are a bigger problem than them. They said that “AoE attacks are a must have blablabla”.

The South has strong attack power and high probability of poisoning, so it’s apparently harsher than the West.


And naturally, Akina has grown really excited as she talked about the last event, which I listened to together with Mom.

From the perspective of the officer group, it took a long time, but on the other hand the middle and latter parts were busy for us, so they passed quickly. Since we looked at the frontlines and gave instructions, we never got to be caught solitary and surrounded.

Although I say instructions, it was things like telling people who went too far to get back, or relay to people that some places are being pushed too much.


Eventually it might change from being just a war on a plain and into one that requires more strategy… I thought.

Information in regards to World Quest has appeared on the official site, and apparently they did not count on the officers to give instructions.

They said that from now on, depending on the role you select or the one that system gives you, there might be special events like this time’s attack on the chain of command, and that there are roles that might affect the evaluation...


“Hmmm…? In other words, the roles are all slightly different for the sake of allowing the use of the special system, and to allow us to enjoy the differences between the roles… is what they mean?”

“Most likely. This is full dive, it has the sense of presence and realism of being inside a story, so it would be interesting if the role you chose was a little different.”

“It does feel like acting a role in a fantasy world.”

“Yes. Today did feel like a scene from a fantasy movie.”

“I wanna do a castle siege attack, toooo.”

“It’s a major thing, so I guess it’ll appear at some point, won’t it?”

“We need to ask Primula-chan to make battering rams and catapults!”

“Just how much wood materials will disappear for that, I wonder?”


Can ballistas be made in game? If crossbows can be made then most likely… is «Shortbow» the skill for that…? Or maybe «Compound Bow» or «Crossbow»?

Well, I’m not going to use it anyway. No matter how you look at it, my breasts will get in the way of bow-type weapons.


Siege weapons aside, it seems like management seems to say there is nothing that can be done about that commanding such number of players.

Just like Akina said, by forcing them to become a single army, they aimed for us to use the exclusive system. For all squad leaders to look at the HP management and so on… and also, for the leadership Skills to be used in an efficient manner, too.

It looks like they have a special AI that is prioritizing people for special roles…

Would it be easier to group people who do RP together, to make it easier for them to participate?


“The combat tournament is next week, right? Once it’s over, there will be summer break so there might be another event, tooo.”

“There probably will be? Games that don’t do anything on summer break are rare.”

“But before that: tests.”



A bitter strike from Mom! Akina’s energy has been drained!


“Next week is the combat tournament… and in two weeks there was the test week, was it?”

“Starting this week, we enter revisions… come back home and raise levels… then there’s the tournament on Saturday… and on Sunday probably review studies before challenging tests…?”

“Two weeks from now it will be summer break already , huh. ...What about Dad’s homecoming?”

“Not going this year.”

“Great!! We’re gaming this year!”


It was forbidden to connect from overseas, wasn’t it?

If we were to go over to England, Akina wouldn’t be able to play all summer break and would definitely go crazy.



After dinner is over I take a bath, then before going to sleep I make some cooking… then once the alarm notifies me it’s time to log out, I head to an inn, do stretches and log out inside a bed.

In real, I do my stretches and go to sleep


What should I do tomorrow?


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