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    1. Drachiel

      Silver muse 1 had 9 additional illustrations. None with yun, but there's still some hope...

  1. Drachiel

    New stuff ? Yay !
    I needed to sleep, but... Toutobi... I need to know... f# it, I'll give it a try.
    I suck at translating, but I have should at least be able to get the kanjis right (5 websites + my "tricky mutant kanji list")

    今日は, 夏の公式イベントの直前だ•
    最近パ-テイ-を組んでくれた人たちと, イベント参加することになった• それがとてつもなく嬉しくて, 始まる前から待ちきれずにVRギアを弄っている•
    くすっと自室で小さく笑えば, 直後に押し寄せてくる恐怖•
    『......ううっ, でもイベントちょっと怖いかも』
    お気に入リのクッシヨンに一人顔を埋め, 泣き言が漏れてしまう•
    上手く話せないし, 人見知りで, 人混みだって嫌いな私が• 公式イベントなんて他人の足を引っ張るかも......• 今までの自分っなら, 他人の迷惑を考えてしまって参加できなかっただろう•
    だけど, ミユウさんたちと出会ってから, やりたいことに全力で取り組める• ミユウさんたちが引っ張ってくれる• それが無性に嬉しい•
    そんな私は, うつ伏せの体を起こしてログインする準備を整える•
    『......大丈夫. きっとみんなで楽しいイベントを過ごすことができる』
    そう言ってVRギアを頭に装着し, ベツドに仰向けに寝れば, 深く沈むような感覚と共に, 私はOSOの世界にログインしていく---
    *3h30 later* ok, done... now let's hope google translate doesn't crap-translate too much...

    Today is just before the summer official event•
    We decided to participate in the event with the people who recently organized the party• It is extremely happy, I can not wait and I'm frenzying VR gear before beginning•
    『...... What kind of event it is looking forward to』
    If you let out a giggle in your room, the fear comes in immediately afterwards•
    『...... Uuh, but the event may be a bit scary』
    I buried my face in my favorite cushion, whining leaks out•
    I can not speak well, I am shy, I do not like crowds• Official events may pull others' legs......• Until now if by myself, I would have been unable to participate considering the troubles of others•
    But, after meeting Miyu-san's group, we can do our utmost to do what we want to do• Miyu-san's group will pull it• It is excessively nice•
    A person like me, lying face down raise my body preparing to log in•
    『...... Okay, I'm sure you can have fun events with everyone 』
    Saying that, I attached the VR gear to my head, If I lie down on the bed, I will log in to the OSO world with a feeling of sinking deeply•

    Crap-translation, job done. Probably far from perfect, but for now... at least we know what it is about
    (one picture, 6 hours, yay ! my biggest one ! ...going to bed, now...)

    1. krytyk Post author

      I plan to properly translate this later, once I get to it. I mean, this is something of a prologue for this volume.

      1. Drachiel

        Could you blame someone for not being able to wait when it's about Toutobi ? ^_^

        1. David

          I agree. Plus a "crap" translation is a great "preview" in some ways. No spoilers for the final product! ;-)

  2. ModoTheGreat

    Toutobi... Those looks have to be a cheat. How in blazes did she start out with such a low self-esteem before Myu recruited her and started the compliment feed?

    1. Galen Musbach

      Toutobi was probably fat until until her adolescent growth spurt. The low self-esteem would then be a consequence of fat-shaming.
      In other news, volume 4 of the manga has another short story, and I'll scan it soon.

  3. DracoInduperator

    Thanks for the pictures. A quick question though, on the cover illustration up in the top right corner it says "Only Sense Online the Silver Muse", then lists the author and illustrator's names below it. So I'm wondering are they advertising that volume or what?

    1. krytyk Post author

      They just write down the English version of the name and the author/illustrator's names.

  4. TD

    Besides Myu's hair color, the last picture looks like them in the real. Especially since Hino has a single eye color.

  5. Delphinus

    How long has this been here? Thanks for the hard work as always. Oh and Krytyk, did you work on Seishun Forget? Just went back to reread it and noticed your name.

    1. krytyk Post author

      It came out on 20th, so for a day until you commented.

      And yes, I did work on Seishun Forget! As well as several other mangas. I started off as an editor in Manga-Heaven group (where I learned everything I know about photoshop editing).


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