Daybreak on Hyperion is a fantasy web novel written in light-novel-esque prose by Aorii

Story Synopsis

Born into noble prestige and gifted with genius intellect, Pascal was a promising officer cadet who rose to national fame before even graduating. At the mere age of nineteen, he had everything a young man could wish for... Except his habitual arrogance had destroyed every opportunity of a close friendship outside his political marriage. Seeking another companion that would meet his protracted list of requirements, Pascal decided to craft the 'perfect spell' for the upcoming familiar ceremony. If those in his world were not fit to accompany his brilliance, then he would summon a best friend through his own hands -- one that was mature, intelligent, knowledgeable, bright, and cute to boot. He received far more than he bargained for... and in turn, so did the entire world. This is the story of how three wills -- adviser, commandant, and royalty -- joined to forever alter the geopolitical power balance of an entire continent, and in the process, usher society into a new era of civilization. The dawn of Enlightenment is upon Hyperion.
  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Genderbender, Action, Military (Strategy), Politics, Romance (Slow)
  • Author: Aorii
  • Illustrator: Hachi-Hana, Chuz (retired); see Fan Artwork
  • Editors/Beta-Readers: Phoenix (retired), Kadi, Ahmsab, Wu, Himeko, SkychanSchuyler
  • Special thanks to Terisxenite for the initial encouragement and as psychology advisor.

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Volume 1 - Daybreak on Hyperion [Full Text][Download]

Volume 2 - Winter Typhoon [Full Text][Download]

Volume 3 - Polarized Authority [Full Text]

 Volume 4 - The Burning Throne

Sister Story - Teaser



Aorii is a Software Engineer, Project Manager, and hobbyist writer with far too many interests -- particularly Worldbuilding with an emphasis on the social sciences (History, Geopolitics, Psychology, and Socioeconomics). Despite writing fiction, I consume mostly nonfiction which gives me a rather unusual perspective: I lack genre awareness, instead preferring to ignore the boundaries of 'genre conventions' altogether. You may contact me at: aoriiday / [at] / gmail / [dot] / com

606 thoughts on “Daybreak

  1. AvatarJessigurl

    Daybreak has not been touched in over a year. I generally don't see any hobby author picking back up a story after this long a hiatus. Too many forgotten details and whatnot. Shame really, I liked this story but now I am putting it into my discontinued pile. Might check back in a couple years and see if anything has been done.

    1. AvatarAminity

      The sister story got a new chapter very recently. Iets very good as well. I do hope we will get more chapters for this story again soon.

  2. AvatarCardboard

    I hope you enjoy writing this world and its characters as much is I enjoy watching them grow. This is a great story that I hope stays strong for the time to come.

  3. AvatarSwarz

    Just wondering, is this project still ongoing? If so, do you have an expected deadline for volume 4?
    Anyway, excellent novel. I greatly enjoyed it. Better that 95% of the light novels out there. Great world building, characters and magic system. Imagine my surprise when found out this wasn't an officially published book. I think you should try to get it published. Other than that I just hope to god this won't follow the harem route. Because the slow romance tag worries me. XD.
    Either way hoping to hear from you soon. All the best!

    1. AoriiAorii

      It's on-hold. Some drama in my personal life got the novel involved and I can't say I'm quite over it =\
      I'm writing another series in the same world during the meantime. See the sister story link if interested.
      I can't say I'm big into getting published? Time constraints, anxieties, and the fact my day job pays so much better. Also no, nothing I write will ever be 'harem', even if my relations get rather odd.

  4. AvatarKelossalas

    Just wanted to say I've been reading your story for a couple years or so now, and that I think you do a wonderful job with it. Despite what hardships you have with it I still come back every so often to check for the latest chapter, and this story is legitimately one of the few that I think about often. Be it the story, the characters, or how you wrote the battles, this story sticks with me. I'm glad you're writing it and I hope that your passion stays strong with it, as I truly enjoy it. Thank you for writing such a lovely story and facing criticism in an analytical way. You are a wonderful author in my opinion, and I look forward to more of your work.

    1. AoriiAorii

      You'll be hearing something from me soon, although not sure if it'll be what you expect.

      1. AvatarKelossalas

        I look forward to it! Even if it is something a bit melancholy, I'll still support you.

  5. AvatarGoby

    First I'm Thai sorry for my bad English.

    Thank you for this awesome novel Aorii . Please continue write it to at least 30 volume!! (just kidding lol... It's so fun to read I hope I can just read it forever).
    Will always waiting for update Aorii no matter how long ! keep up the good work and thank you again .

    1. Avatarizik1

      Hey, I'm not Aorii, but I just wanted to let you know that your English isn't quite as bad as you might think it is, keep up the good work learning :)

  6. AvatarGoby

    I dont know if you will be reading ihis or not Aorii but I really love your work i will continue wating no matter how long. Thank you for writing this awesome piece.

    P.S. I'm thai sorry for my bad english
    Keep up the good work.

    1. AoriiAorii

      A week? I have several chapters waiting to be pushed, but waiting for beta-readers to be done with them.

    1. AoriiAorii

      Not likely this month. I'm in the middle of a massive rewrite (restart) on the sister project.

      1. Avatarizik1

        >Not likely this month
        Trust me when I say this, if someone says they are waiting, they may well (or maybe not) wait until the end of time, I swear there's this person who disappeared from YouTube 4 years ago, and I'm _still_ waiting for their next video... I don't even care about the video at this point, but I'm still waiting for some them to create/upload it for some reason.
        Hope rewriting the other project goes well!

  7. AvatarCalyzto

    Aorii please don't drop this novel and also make it a happy ending, I want at least over 20volumes. After finishing up many GB novels on NU I was feeling empty and had no choice but to learn japanese and go through syosetu after I found this I changed my mind. Goodluck keep up the good work im quite the big fan of this novel

    PS: don't give kaede any clues on returning to his world ;)

    1. AoriiAorii

      Thanks for the encouragement, though I highly doubt it'd reach anywhere close to 20 even if I had the required willpower to keep writing for that long xD
      I've never seriously planned for anything even beyond vol4.

  8. AvatarMechaKingGhidorah100

    After rereading the story I finally realized why I liked Edith as a character so much. Typically when a n incredibly religious person is portrayed they are either shown as bastions of purity and goodness or as unreasonable zealots. However Edith feels like a pretty neutral interpretation as she is an unwavering religious devotion does make her incredibly her faith and morality also cause her to make or consider almost disastrous decisions. It was only the Catalyan attack that dissuaded her which again felt religiously motivated for her. It felt nice to see a neutral depiction for a zealot for once.

    Also after a reeread of the explanation on familiar pockets can they store ANY familiar. I just have thus amusing mental image of an older Reynald pulling his now fully grown skywhale out of a bag.

    1. AoriiAorii

      I'm glad you like her ^^ Was afraid she didn't make much of an impression on most readers. Both Edith and Parzifal are characters meant to highlight how religions play a major role in peoples' lives, not as an inherent good or evil but based on personal interpretation.
      He'll need a big familiar pocket. Most familiars aren't that big.

  9. AvatarSazank

    If you do decide you don't want to continue this, can you post an outline with major plot endings at least? Such as how Kaede's situation ends, what Pascal does after he finds out about the king, etc etc..?

  10. AvatarHarry

    Why do you always have 'sir' even when addressing female characters? Most militaries would use "ma'am" to address female officers

    1. AoriiAorii

      Ah, reasons why Daybreak is probably the only genderbender I'll ever write. Just way too many prejudices surrounding the genre.

      I've head the "explore the gender steriotype" spiel before, to date it has NEVER been true. There as halways been the sense that the author has his or her hand down their pants, furiously diddeling themselves to their prefered litle fetish.

      When someone begins a genderbender story expecting that, his own cognition will invent justifications for why the story ultimately fits his expectations. Since... let's face it, some genderbending elements will always be played up for humor, and any story will spice up descriptions for appeal or drama. But any depiction of Kaede as cute must 'clearly be a fetish of mine'. Heh.
      Sometimes I feel like this is the reason why professional authors generally steer clear of this genre. Because it's too hard to attain the creative license most writers take for granted and not be pre-judged.
      But thanks ^^

      1. AvatarNyururin

        I have done countless debating sessions with those narrowed minded idiots who can't appreciate a good piece of literature work due to their bias view towards a certain category it has always proven to be pointless they will do everything in their power to dodge the facts or refuse to process any of my arguments through their incompetent minds
        I am personally quite the fan of reading gender bender

        1. AoriiAorii

          Oh I'm not pretending that Daybreak is some kind of fine literature. It isn't and I'm still an amateur writer with all my flaws. But whereas most people would give such works the benefit of the doubt, some detractors are too busy homing in on the GB tag...

          1. AvatarAorii-chan, love

            is that why you're spending more time on boreal twilight now?

          2. Avatarbobjones

            i'm posting that i that i accidentally posted well trying to reposition the curser with my thumb here is the finished post
            literary virgins seem to get hung up on miner transient plot elements this book is g raited compared to hineline the anonymous critics posting around the community should read farnums free hold or the moon is a harsh mistress before complaining though the concepts in his books are probably beyond the comprehension level ov most of the users of these sites and seeing how miner spelling and grammar errors are the most common complaints around i don't have much hope if they understood what you were saying/discribing and still feel the need to bitch they should volunteer to do proof reading and so you know your book is one of two including ~ ln translations that still keeps me interested and checking dayly for wpdatesand your one of the few who spends thought planing and reasearch on there work making it a quality read good luck and stick with it

  11. AvatarMechaKingGhisorah100

    Having finished Daybreak for the 2nd time I will have to say that it is easily one of my favorite pieces of webfiction out there and definitely outclasses a lot of books I have read so kudos to you author! The combination of incredible world building, gender bender used in a way that isn't weird/dumb/fetishy (this is the SECOND story I have seen that doesn't do that which is honestly sad), and characters who are interesting due to them being three dimensional people with actual personality flaws (Particularly pascal, Sylv, and Edith) has gotten me hooked.

    I would like ask though if we will ever get to see one of Kaede's conversations with Pascal or the other characters about Earth as we only know of them generally when a certain topic is of relevance to the plot. Has she gone into in depth conversation about Earth stuff or does she only really talk about it when it either has a direct relevance to the subject at hand (like Midway) or when asked by Pascal . We have seen a lot about Kaede reacting to Hyperion yet rarely any reaction to Hyperion's reacting to Earth (though I am glad you avoided the whole "displaced earth person wows otherworldly medieval people with basic knowledge" trope) other than the whole explanation on gunpowder and passing comments of confusion about how Kaede's home functions with no magic.

    Even just mentioning what they talked about like with Kaede's slumber party with Ariadne would be nice and maybe once the war has a little reprieve the other characters can even catch up a bit with Kaede's past. So far other than Pascal (maybe) I don't think many of the other characters know much about Kaede's background other than "Guy from magicless world turned into Samaran girl.". You did mention magical memory projectors being a thing.

    Sorry if I am rambling but I really do like this story and am very excited for the next chapter.

    1. AoriiAorii

      Glad you're enjoying it ^^
      As for conversations about Earth: not that likely. I'm not keen on writing some long winded explanation that the audience already knows, nor is Kaede a fan of promoting Earthly ways elsewhere (we call that 'Cultural Imperialism'). So unless it actually has something to do with the story, such moments are going to feel more bland than otherwise. Do they talk about it? Yes. That's been implied many times. I'm just not sparing pages for what is essentially a reverse-infodump (teaching a character while the readers already knows most of it). It's also not an easy topic to approach without meandering all over the place and reading like fanfiction filler content.

      Only a handful of characters truly know Kaede's background, yes.

      Ah, I've almost forgotten about the memory projection talk. Maybe that'll become topic for an extra chapter when I get enough inspiration xD

  12. AvatarSazank

    Just burned through all of this relatively quickly for how slow I read. I'll admit I first started on it because the GB tag but continued picking up pace because there was so much more to it. It's hilariously deconstructing towards the "going to a fantasy world" stories these days, so much so that I felt pretty sad whenever Kaede thought about their family. There were some pretty rough downer moments but nothing that stopped me for than a second. Despite how bad this might sound I was so happy when nukes were finally brought up! Kaede isn't the type argue this but every time people on hyperion would insult what they thought her people used for weaponry I was mentally shouting "Tell them about the nukes!".

    Trying to avoid a solid post of babbling happiness but I really look forward to reading more to say the least.

    1. AoriiAorii

      I'm in between volumes. That usually takes longer even if I wasn't start work on another project as well...

      1. Hakurei06Hakurei06

        *double take*
        [Several minutes later]

        All I got is a link to a blank page entitled The Fl- *knocked unconscious*

  13. Avatarlucasnox

    i just finished watching youjo senki and it struck me how similar it is to daybreak on hyperion in the sort of magical europe warfare setting, probably loved youjo senki as much as i did because i read daybreak before seeing it

    cant get enough of that magical warfare, i love me some war fics, but also i love me some magic, plus genderbend is always fun :3

    XD though of course tanya from youjo senki is more a anti hero

    1. AoriiAorii

      Someone once linked Youjo Senki here, and I tried a chapter...

      While I was impressed by the thought that went into it, the 'military terminology porn' kind of annoyed me (I'm fairly well-versed in it thanks to many WW2 biographies, and even I had to look up some words that could have been easily replaced -- not even German generals were that technical!). But the killer, for me, is how it featured someone not just sociopathic, but biologically 9 years old. A scheming, murdering 14-15 year old (considered 'adult enough' in many cultures) I can accept. But a 9y/o Himmler at the helm? Yeah that's just crossing the line.

      (Did the Author ever explain why he chose to make her a 9y/o officer? Rather than just delay the war until she was older. Because something just feels WRONG about that choice.)

      1. AvatarJustSomeoneRandom

        Aorii chill, its just a fiction work and thats what makes them funnier, ilogical stuff :3

      2. AvatarAorii-chan, love

        but they're reincarnated with memories, so they're technically 9 years old + 30-40 years

      3. AvatarAmatuix

        There can be only one reason why the MC is 9 yo....
        LOLI. Sigh.

        I have yet to understand the psichology behind a lolicon, or better, how they excuse themselves from what are, in my eyes, pedophiliac's tendencies.

        1. AvatarAorii-chan, love

          but young is good. that smooth skin, those youthful curves.. tasty!! who wants to be old anyway?

      1. AvatarSetrak

        Okay, thank you! I was just curious. I love your story, especially how realistic all the characters are, and how dynamic your magic system is. Its really amazing the amount of depth you have in this series. Thank you for all of your work and the entertainment it has brought me.

  14. AvatarDragon God

    What do you think about an alternative democracy where the electorate must need some standard(a certain level of qualitative education that makes them an effective and useful electorate), before voting?

    So there might be a citizenship school, a year or more(basics of economics, public administration, government, laws, maybe a little philosophy) and only graduates are allowed to vote. Graduation requires a passmark of 75%? Exams should ensure the graduates are capable enough to make an effective electorate. UBE and maybe a Highschool diploma should be a prerequisite for attending the school.

    This is not my idea though, this has a few minutes or seconds thinking at best.

    What I have in mind is a several page essay, that'll take a while to type up.

    1. Hakurei06Hakurei06

      In other words, anyone too poor to get their letters will lack a voice in their governing? In a place that has heretofore lacked any public education whatsoever?
      You can deprive the vast majority of people of decent education through administrative bullshit; if that's not enough, rig the tests.

      I'm not against an educated electorate, but there are considerations that need to be taken to ensure fair representation.

      1. AvatarDragon God

        Well, it wouldn't be effective if the level of education is low.

        The citizenship school should be heavily subsidised by the government.

        This should be feasible in the EU at least.

        Those that don't graduate or chose not to attend have no voice in government.

        The standard of education and literacy should be high as a prerequisite.

        But I feel it's better than the alternative. An uneducated electorate that is easily manipulated, and lack the ability to make effective decisions regarding government.

        I feel that the true sin is giving political agency to those who don't know enough about politics.

  15. AvatarDragon God

    I've caught up with the novel, and would like to apologise regarding my complaints on Pascal's 'genius', 'prodigy', and 'Runelord names, they are well earned. Him being a prodigy at military affairs and spellcasting is well conveyed. Nevertheless, I have not seen cause to back down on the issue of his political acumen. Especially as Pascal is seemingly not gifted in military affairs specifically, but a genius who possesses a sharp and analytical mind. His childhood knowledge, and position as a Duke, is also another reason for him to be Politically savvy(I don't expect him to be below Adrianne, and not too far off from Sylvie). Gosh I sound like a broken record now.

      1. AvatarDragon God

        He was referred as a Duke in volume 3 no? I don't understand the Prussian nobility all that much. Most of my knowledge on the matter of aristocracy omes from novels.

        Well, the point was that as a high noble and a precocious child, he should be politically savvy.

        1. AoriiAorii

          Landgrave is a title from the Holy Roman Empire. It's... complicated lol. In Hyperion setting I use it as a unique Weichsel title that is equivalent to a Margrave and Duke, except in charge of fortified land border province.
          And no, Duke just means they oversee a Duchy (province). Many dukes have royal blood, but not all.

          (copypasta from v3ch18 comment response)
          Keep in mind that politics isn't one skill, but a huge range of them. Chapters like v2ch4 and v3ch2 should highlight: Pascal is good at analyzing politics on a regional level (i.e. geopolitics power game), but he isn't great at court politics (i.e. personal intrigues and factional scheming), which frankly makes sense because his father prefers to stay out of them himself and focus on simply serving the King (hence he is a Royalist/Monarchist). His biggest weakness, especially when compared to Sylv, is that he's not a persuasive talker -- he has a provincial attitude and nasty temper.

  16. AvatarDragon God

    By the way, I'm very interested in Politics, and have been planning for several months/weeks an alternative system of government.

    Are you interested in hearing/discussing about it?

    Contact me using provided email if you are.

  17. AvatarDragon God

    Allow me to use this opportunity to revise my rating to 5.0. Especially in light of all the effort put in it to make it as realistic as possible, and considering the quality of other Web Novels; English or translated.

    Congratulations. You've repeatedly brought a tear to my eye through this novel(I never let it fall though), a testament to your masterful writing. In the past year, I can recall only one other novel which achieved the feat.

    I have praised the consummate writings of several authors, even had several fangams, blissful euphorias and intellectual orgasms(and those of the plainer kind), but rarely have I ever felt like crying by the evocative writing.

    I am deeply pentinent, that I lack the resources to make this commendation as proficient as your writing. I've become a follower and solemnly swear(imagine a Knight's vow) that I shall spread the fame of this novel, with the same ardour and fervour that I do Dungeon Defense.

    Kudos, hats off.

    I've fallen in love with Sylvie, pity, as I expected Adrianne to be the target of my affections.


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