20th of April, Saturday

Change. Growth. Parting?

Last night I returned to my room after leaving sleeping Mika. I greeted the Saturday morning without sleeping a wink. Before I noticed, it was already 10 a.m..

As I rolled about on the bed, the door's chime rang out. Little sister candidates will enter the room without asking for permission so there was no need for me to go and pick them up at the door.

The time to decide was approaching, when I recalled events that happened up until now, it was quite fun. Since I was an only child I was confused when I heard about the little sister candidates but... I'm glad. The exchanges with the little sister candidates reminded me I'm still immature as well, and I felt really joyous that I had a family other than Grandpa and Granny.

I raised my body from the bed and headed towards the front door.

When I opened the door, I found five of them lined up in a row in front of the elevator. Wait, why are all of them wearing the same thing, a maid outfit?

The five of them bowed to me at the same time, Tomomi as the representative looked up and told me.

"Since we've received lots of love from Nii-chan... we're going to settle the score today!"

"Though, the way you say it makes it seem like I'm going to be beaten up by all of you."

Sayuri quietly corrected it.

"Onii-sama. It might be abrupt but little sisters became maids for today."

"Maids... what's this about?"

"This morning, in front of all of our rooms we found clothes in vanity cases. Murasaki-san must have arranged it."

That moment, Yuuki wanted to say something but she closed her mouth. I somewhat understood what she wanted to say. These maid clothes' design was without a doubt 'Undying Cicada' brand.

Mika smiled while embracing Maple, Maple too dressed up like a maid.

"Now now! Maple is a boy so he's cross-dressing to match Mii-chan."

When I turned my gaze towards Selene, she looked away. She had noticed that I realized it. That reaction, it seemed like she wanted me to stay silent.

Tomomi puffed her chest.

"I was surprised that the size was a perfect fit. My chest doesn't feel tight and there isn't excess cloth either, its size is perfect. Since we have already changed our clothes let's not waste the effort! Don't stand there daydreaming Nii-chan, let's go inside."

"Y-yeah, sorry.'

The little sister maids carried their luggage in. I was worried about whether Tomomi and Sayuri would get in a fight, but it seemed okay for now.

The one who went inside last, Sayuri stared at me.

"Onii-sama, have you eaten anything already?"

She brought a weird board with her. The preparedness and planning in advance, skilfully slipping into role of a maid, it was so very much like her.

"No, I haven't."

"Then, I shall take care of it immediately."

Sayuri felt like a chief maid. She immediately unloaded the ingredients in the kitchen. When I went to the living room, I saw Selene expanding the sewing set on a table.

"...isn't that button off? I'll fix it, but I'll have to break your zipper first."

"That would be putting the cart before the horse."

Tomomi plugged a game console different from the one last time to the TV in the living room.

"Nii-chan let's play! I brought games!"

Only her appearance was that of a maid, she acted like she usually does.

Yuuki timidly whispered into my ear.

"I-I... umm... that's right. I'll give you a massage Nii-san!"

"No, if it's a massage then you're too late. I got one from Mika yesterday."

Mika was sitting on my knees as I sat on sofa.

"Nii-chama, huggie!"

I didn't know who to take care of first. Tomomi finished connecting the game console and stood up.

"Then, let's go in this order. Until lunch is finished Nii-chan and I will play a game. In the meanwhile Yuuki will be cleaning the room. Selene is given the right to laze around in Nii-chan's room. Sayuri is in charge of lunch. Mika will cheer for Nii-chan."

I thought Sayuri will immediately oppose Tomomi... but that didn't happen.

"...I'm going to check Onii-chan's closet."

Selene stood quietly, Yuuki also nodded.

"Leave cleaning to me! Oh, I'll do laundry. Nii-san must've hoarded a lot of it."


"S-Selene wants to help out too?"


"T-TT-then let's do it together."

Despite being not good when dealing with girls, Yuuki invited Selene. That was amazing progress. Sayuri's yell came from the kitchen.

"It will take an hour more over here."

Tomomi immediately replied to Sayuri.

"OKAYY. Then, let's play for an hour."

The one who was sitting on my knees, Mika had a worried expression.

"Nii-chama and Nee-chama, who should I cheer on?"

With a gentle smile, Tomomi responded.

"It's okay if Mika cheers for Nii-chan!"


"Then Nii-chan, let's have a match! Today's racing!"

Tomomi started the console, the game was a go-kart racing game that allowed playing against each other.

It was a game for two, it was made so that we took turns when playing against the computer in Grand Prix format. It was a best of five races... surprisingly, Tomomi set it up so that I'm entertained.

The final result of the Grand Prix was me in the first place and Tomomi in the second.

"Kuhh. Not bad Nii-chan. No, it's definitely because of Mika's cheering."

"Nii-chama's amazing! First place prize! Nee-chama too, second place prize!"

What's up with everyone all of a sudden? For a while now, I'm completely confused by them.

"Ah, yeah. Thank you for your support Mika."

Saturday was passing in peace, the lunch Sayuri made was delicious. I wanted to help clean the tableware, but they didn't allow me to do anything.

Selene used the electric pill removal machine she brought and removed all the pill from my clothes. She demonstrated her skilfulness as she fixed all the frayed parts and buttons on them. Even the things I didn't notice before looked better.

Mika took initiative to help out and washed the dishes.

The one who controlled everyone's movement was Tomomi. There were no complaints, she distributed the time with me evenly with every girl swapping them. She seemed like a military commander.

Thanks to that I was far from being tired, I was able to spend my day without any concerns.

At night everyone decided to go to bed early to match Mika. After the dinner everyone took a bath one after another, little sisters changed from maid clothes into pyjamas and lined up in the living room while holding pillows.

Again, Tomomi appealed to me as the representative.

"Today everyone will be sleeping with Nii-chan for the entire night."

"Everyone sleeping together is impossible isn't it."

Sayuri turned her head to left and right.

"There is no problem. If it's the bed in the widest room, everyone can get in."

Yuuki nodded in agreement.

"I have properly washed the sheets and prepared the bed."

Mika's eyes seemed to sparkle.

"It's going to be fun with everyone together. Can Maple also come?"

Selene shook her head vertically.


Tomomi took my arm and pulled me up from the sofa.

"Let's go then Nii-chan!"

Both Yuuki and Sayuri pushed me from behind. It seemed... like I had no right to refuse.

"I-I get it! I'll go! I'll walk myself!"

I gave up and went to the widest bedroom. Even the largest bed shouldn't be able to fit us all.

"If we use the long side of the bed we could have everyone sleep side by side. Rather than using it normally, we should use it in reverse..."

My proposal was rejected by Sayuri.

"Onii-sama, please lie down in the middle and rest with your legs and arms outstretched."

"But that would make it too narrow for everyone else."

"Not narrow, it will allow close contact."

Just as Sayuri said that, Tomomi tackled my waist.

"Woahh! What are you doing!"

"Just lie down and go to sleep Nii-chan!"

After I was pushed down and sprawled on the bed, Tomomi used my right arm as a pillow.

"Early bird gets the worm!"

"Then, I'm over here."

In just a split second Sayuri settled on my left arm.

"...I'll settle for the leg."

Selene snuggled to my right leg.

"Then I'll take this leg."

It's as if they were sharing food. What am I, a fried chicken?!

"Mii-chan over here!"

The last one was Mika and Maple, they settled down on top of my stomach. Rather than a fried chicken, it was more accurate to call it a combining robot.

I confirmed how they were settled down.

"Are we really sleeping like this?"

All the little sisters nodded in unison. Apparently, they won't listen to my objections.

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