9th of April, Tuesday

Second Little Sister. Gamer. Competition-Crazy.

Solicitation for the club activities became intense, I had to run around the school during every break. When I finally ran away from the model's club and the survival games club, I was surrounded by people that came from the core of cultural clubs like the board game's club.

It seemed like the news of my identity has already spread around the school.

For the clubs that were on the verge of abolishment, the Taishido name was very attractive.

The one who saved me as I suffered like that, was my childhood friend, Mariko. When we went on a lunch break together, the solicitation immediately ceased.

Although I wasn't in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with Mariko, but that's how it must've appeared to the recruiters. I thought it was bad to hide behind her like that, but until the invitation storm ceases, I decided to stick with Mariko.

By the way, it seemed like Mariko was interested in cooking. As we entered the cooking research club's room, all of a sudden a 'make me a lunch box' talk came.

And she said 'taste-test my home-cooking'. And that's how... I became a taste-tester for Mariko's cooking.

While recalling the events that happened in school, I returned to Taishido's residence and stood in front of Room 601. The corridor was dead silent. I wondered if there were no other residents, and became anxious.

I tried to ring the chime, but there was no reaction. I thought it must've been as I assumed. The smart key reacted and released the lock. I had no choice but to go in.

The moment I opened the door, a roar reached my ears.




I could hear it despite blocking my ears. Maybe she was watching an action movie.

Even so, it was a really loud sound. I closed the door and entered the room. The sounds of gunfire and explosions lost their way of escaping and saturated the room.

It was roaring loudly like this, and yet no sound at all could be heard in the hallway until the door was opened. It seems like what Selene said, 'soundproofing is very good' was apparently true.

The layout of Room 601 was the same as that of Selene's, a 2LDK[1]. As I headed to the living room, I saw a huge flat-screen TV hanging on the wall.

Encircling the room, were arranged pillar speakers.

On the sofa in front of the TV, there was a girl in short pants and a shirt. She was wearing a headset and staring at the screen while holding the game controller in her hands. Her body was leaning forward as if she was being sucked in.

"Oraoraoraora! Enough with your noob camping!"

It seemed to be like a war game. She was in middle of gunfight.

Not aware that I'm behind her, the girl continued to play the game. It's hard to call her out now... and just when I though that.

"Ah! I'm going to clean them up now so wait a sec."

She managed to notice I'm behind her in all this rumbling because I got closer to her?

"Oh, yeah. Yes."

"You're wondering how did I notice you right? Sensed your presence. Don't think, feel... is what it is!"

She spoke without even glancing at me. It seemed like this little sister candidate girl wanted to finish her game first.

"Good! Now the air strike!!"

The aerial bombing hit the battlefield all at once as instructed by her. Five enemies were caught in the bombing and blown away, the game has finished. When it switched to lobby screen, enemies dropped out one after another and when there was no longer enough people to play the game the lobby has closed.

"Geez, that's why brats are..."

She tossed the controller and rested both her back and head on the soft sofa.

After rotating her neck she stared at me from a slight up-from-under-look. Her posture naturally made her chest stick out, and the swelling of her breasts was greatly emphasized. My line of sight was sucked into the valley, so I redirected it and looked at her face.

"So you're the Nii-chan eh? I'm Himura Tomomi. I've become a high school freshman this year. If my birthday is later than Nii-chan's, I might actually be the nee-chan though... anyway, nice to meet ya."

She gave me a refreshingly boyish impression. Despite that said though, she had semi-long hair, from her nape through the neckline to the collarbone and valley of her cleavage, she was considerably girly and bulgy... hey, what am I double-checking here so intently.

In any case, Himura Tomomi was an active beauty with very nice facial features.

"I'm Taishido Yoichi. Nice to meet you."

After finishing the self-introduction, I have once again looked around the room.

It wasn't as messy as Selene's, there were a lot of things but they were tidy.

In the corner of the room, with a feel of a stylish umbrella stand there were multiple rifles leaning against a wooden rack. On the bookshelf next to it, there were multiple games packaged and lined up.

Below the TV, inside of a glass cupboard placed there was a plastic model of a robot striking a pose, it was also decorated in an orderly manner.

"How's it, Nii-chan! My collection!"

"These guns aren't the real thing, are they?"

"Stooop stop with the polite speech! I beg you, be more frank. Also, wouldn't I be arrested if they were real?"

"I guess you're right. Does Himura-san like games in which you use guns?"

"Rather than by last name, call me by my first name."

This Tomomi girl seemed to be confused by my reserved attitude.

Then, just as she asked me to, I'm going to talk with her as if she was a male friend of mine.

"Tomomi, you like games?"

"Rather than like it's more like... I can't live unless I do play."

She needs it to live? A human being that needs games to stay alive?!

"That's why my hobby are plastic models. To be exact, it's only the ones that stand on two legs though. I hate being half-assed, if I do decide on something I need to do it to extreme."

All of the plastic models were beautifully painted.

So she was serious about both gaming and modelling, aiming to be a gamer... that's what she meant. Tomomi nimbly stood up and turned to look at him.

"Between games and plastic models, which one do you like better, Nii-chan?"

"Honestly, I'm not too familiar with either of them."

"Even though you're a man, that's pretty pathetic."

Tomomi shrugged, in the corner of the TV there was a mail icon flashing.

"It seems like you've got a mail?"

"It's fine it's fine. It's just the usual flaming."


"Nii-chan knows at least what's an FPS right?"

"It's the games in which you exchange gunfire with others, right."

"Yup! But you don't just exchange fire from the front, you read the flow of enemy players' movement and dive behind the enemy forces to perform a cleaning. It's a game to defeat campers who hole up in the buildings! Also, crushing the guys that are trading kills is also fun."

I had absolutely no idea what Tomomi was talking about.

"Is it really okay? Leaving the mail like that."

"It's not like they want me to answer them... well, if you want to go that far then I might as well show you."

Tomomi picked up the controller and turned towards the TV once again, she opened the mail she just received. In the mail it said 'damn cheater, get out' or 'stop killing lagging people, trash' and 'read the mood, sleazebag', the epithets that seemed to be insults lined up.

Cheater?! Lagging? Nope, I don't get it.

There were also things even I could understand, like 'die' and intimidations like 'I'll kill you' were also sent over. Even though it was just a game, I don't think it's in a good taste to say such things to strangers.

"At a loss for words, Nii-chan?"

"There's lots of words I'm unfamiliar with... for example the cheater, they mean the animal?"

"That'd be cheetah. It's cheater. They're pronounced differently. The 'ta' in cheater is more accented more strongly. So, cheaters are the people who cheat." [2]


"That'd mean using glitches and various tools."

"Please, in terms that are easier to understand."

"It's the guys who're playing against the rules!"

"Oh, I get it. So did you do that, Tomomi?"

"As if I would. That's tasteless."

*puu*, Tomomi loudly puffed her cheeks. Although she was boyish, that was a quite cute way of displaying her anger.

"That means Tomomi is strong enough to be suspected for cheating. Though, for someone to send mails to you telling you to die just because of a shooting game, that's some attitude."

Tomomi raised her index finger and swayed it to sides.

"Che che che! It's because it's a game, Nii-chan. Unless you're serious about it, you won't have fun ... oh right, Nii-chan's someone who doesn't play games."

As she finished saying that, Tomomi had a slightly sad expression on her face.

"Y-yeah... eh, it's just horrible mails isn't it."

"Well, seeing this kind of thing is quite pleasant as well. It feels like cries of the losers."

"Isn't that stretching it?"

She puffed her chest with pride and smiled. Her chest... perked up strongly.

"Naah, it's not! It's not some kind of show. More will come in the future anyway, so I might as well enjoy them right? Even so, I couldn't stop myself from crushing the kill traders, it was a team deathmatch so to send a mail with abuse on top of backstabbing own team... even during a rating match, they're really stupid kids."

The movies and games are rated, there's a clear depiction stating that they're not to be sold to minors. Tomomi picked an empty game box that was placed on the low table, and she fanned her face with it.

"I'm just the best. With these results, they can't help but recognize it. Damn, it's really getting hot here. The TV is quite big and it heats up the room."

Tomomi grabbed the shirt near her neck and flapped it, ventilating her chest.

Yeah, even though I know I shouldn't be looking, my gaze is being drawn... eh, what?

Since my line of sight was drawn to the valley of her breasts I didn't notice, but there was something like a pendant shining on Tomomi's neck. I've seen it before in movies... that was certainly a dog tag soldiers have. Maybe, it's an item that has something to do with military fashion?

Tomomi was sweating a lot, and a pink bra could be seen from under the slightly transparent shirt. As I diverted my line of sight, the empty box of the game she had in hand entered my line of sight.

"By the way, doesn't that game have 18+ restriction?"

I've noticed a Z character[3] on the cover of the box.

"I got it. Although it can't be bought by anyone younger than eighteen, there are no problems with me playing it."

Is that true? No, but what does she mean she 'got it'?

"A present from someone?"

For example from an older boyfriend... in that case, what should I do.

"...I earned them all myself... also, I've gotten all of these stuff. The TV, AV; amplifier; speakers; games; plastic models and air guns. I didn't rely on the Taishido's money to get them."

Tomomi proudly puffed her chest again while boasting. Perking up so beautifully, that was quite considerable breast power.

However, as not to look with pity at Mariko who hasn't grown much, I must maintain my calm and not be perturbed by Tomomi's battle strength! ...hey, why am I doing auto-suggestion here. Tomomi is my little sister (candidate). I need to get a grip.

"What is it? Nii-chan?"

She stared with a lot of strength into my face.

"W-woaaa! N-no it's nothing. Anyway, I'm curious how did you earn that money."

"Umm, I won game tournaments sponsored by various game shops, and became an MVP on various video streaming websites. And as the result of winning a lot of matches and besting my opponents, I've been given presents. After contracting a professional team a peripheral device manufacturer gave me things like a PC, gaming mouse; headset; keyboard... I-I'm not lying! Don't look at me like that."

"I-is that so. Tomomi's really amazing."

And, the moment I told her my thoughts, Tomomi's expression solidified and then melted like cheese.

"P-praise me more. Being praised by Nii-chan makes me sooo happy."

"Hey hey, are you all right?"

"Praise me, Nii-chan praise me!"

"O-okay, you're great, Tomomi."


A blush appeared on her face and Tomomi supported her cheeks with both of her hands, she started to twist and squirm. She started to squiggle and wriggle like a cat on silver vine.

"Okay!! Thanks to Nii-chan's amazing praises I'm in a really good mood! Nii-chan, it's a match!"

As I stared in wonder as she swayed back and forth, she suddenly pointed her finger at me.

"A match?"

"Yup yup! If Nii-chan wins, then I'll do anything you want me to. In exchange, If I win, Nii-chan will... make me his little sister!"

"I don't think I have any chance if we play a game. We can't have a match if it's that unequal."

"Theeeen, let's do what's Nii-chan best at!"

"In the first place, I'm bad when it comes to competing with other people."

"We'll have a match, build up and polish our relationship through a friendly competition〜. Let's get heated up!"

It seemed like she was about to call forth a fire spirit, the moment she spoke passionately, I almost nodded.

"Don't try to take me for a ride and extort me with that positive way of speaking."

"C-calling it an extortion is horrible. I just want to get Nii-chan fair and square."

"Where's this fair and square?"

"Then, let me appeal to you with the merits. If you make me your little sister right now, you can win on all the net games without exception? A great deal right? If Nii-chan dies I'll have the enemy pay for it twice fold."

Even though it's just in a game, please don't kill me without permission.

"That would be just Tomomi carrying me, wouldn't it. Also, there are three more little sister candidates I haven't met yet, I can't make a hasty decision."

"I definitely won't lose to other little sister candidates!"

She wasn't a shut-in and she might have been more proper than Selene, but to say that she won't lose to other little sister candidates, just how competitive was she.

"Don't stay silent and let's decide it now. Make a swift decision. Hey! Nii-chan, a quick judgement is required for management."

"...so you're digging for Taishido's inheritance after all."

It was a question I didn't want to ask. But I couldn't think of any other reason for the girls to act nice towards me.

"Calling me a digger is disrespectful. In the first place, I would somehow manage living on my own... by becoming a pro gamer."

Tomomi said something before about making a contract with manufacturers earlier.

Professional gamers. They earn money by playing games, it's amazing in a sense.

"Just now, did you think 'is there really such a profession?' didn't you. There are even people coming over to scout me."

"I-I get it, I get it. Sorry for suspecting you."

"A bishoujo pro gamer making her name in the game world. Ah! And I didn't mean being a pro in bishoujo games though! I'm terribad when it comes to that kind of games. Simulation and cultivation games are so slow it's frustrating. Having a staring contest with lumps of data is boring!"

She smiled a bit embarrassed. Her adorable expression made her seem younger than her actual age.

"Anyway, I'm prepared to become a pro anytime, but it's somehow... lonely."


"I want someone who would acknowledge me and stay by my side. In that respect, Nii-chan's perfect. Your praises feel so innocent, although I was a bit pushy, you properly say 'you did well'. I felt the respect, after all you're to be the next boss of Taishido group. If I am acknowledged by such a person, people would be obliged to pay attention me."

"So it's something like that."

As I listened to Tomomi's story, it seemed like she thought of things like 'I want to be reckoned with' or 'I want to be noticeable'. Considering the threatening mails she got in-game, and scratching the surface of Tomomi's feeling, it appeared like she was being conscious of how others view her.

"Oh right! Want to drink something Nii-chan? There are pet bottles in the refrigerator. While you're at it, please get me a cola!"


She clasped palms as if praying. I reluctantly headed to kitchen. It didn't have an atmosphere that would imply she was cooking for herself.

"How do you usually eat your meals?"

"I either take boxed lunches or eat out, although I properly made lunch since Nii-chan was coming."

As I looked around, I saw something that looked like a pot golden-coloured on top of the stove.

It's fine if it'll be edible... but I'm a bit worried.

"Well, look forward to it. Nii-chan, hurry up with the cola!"

Tomomi called out with a sweet, silky voice. Now, she's fifteen years old as well. Little sister of the same age... isn't she.

"By the way, when is Tomomi's birthday?"

"It's at 3rd of august, why? What what, does Nii-chan want to celebrate it?"

My mom conceived me with Taishido Jinya and not even three months passed since then before Tomomi was conceived. At that time, my mom was still alive. That man, I wish he'd die. No, actually he's already dead.

Well, I can't look down on Tomomi because of that. I can't blurt dangerous words like 'die' either. Also, blaming Tomomi's mother would be a mistake.

"So Tomomi's from under the Leo sign. It's valiant, a perfect fit for you."

"Hoo! It's the king of beasts! From under what sign's Nii-chan?"

"Since I was born at 10th of May, I'm a Taurus."

"Then I'll make amazing steak out of you and eat it!"

"What would you do with Aries then."

"Lamb chops!"




"Lion eats people as well!"

Hmm, didn't Tomomi read my profile? Murasaki-san should have given every little sister candidate a booklet with summarized data on me.

"And here I thought you would already know everything about me."

I took two half a litre bottles from the refrigerator and went back to the living room.

"W-what are you saying. If there's such useful material, then I do want it. I've never seen such a thing!"

Her voice shook as she received the bottle of cola. She was incredibly upset. Tomomi's line of sight was directed towards the wooden gun rack. Beside it, there were several books stacked leaning against the wall. In the middle of them, I found a book with a plain white cover.

It felt similar to the technique of hiding naughty books in between normal ones.

"By the way, sorry for the sudden question, but what's that mountain of books?"

"T-they are magazines about air guns and strategy guides. I've got tired of them already, so it's about time to dispose of them. I guess they're in the way if they lie in a place like that. L-let me clean them up at once!"

Her voice was agitated, and she swiftly carried the bunch of books to the room in the back. She's a really easy to understand girl. When she came back, she asked me with a sweet smile.

"Hey, Nii-chan, you should be hungry by now right?"

I was very worried after remembering the contents of the pot in the kitchen.

"Oh right. You were going to treat me to a dinner?"

"Of course! It's a burning-hot oden match!"

Why won't this girl normally say it's oden.

Before I could retort, Tomomi went to kitchen with light steps.


After preparing a portable gas stove, a bubbling and hot oden was placed on the table.

"Isn't fire a bit too strong?"

"It's burning hot oden match after all, it has to be at least this much."

In the pot there was hanpen[4], deep-fried tofu in ganmadoki[5]; fish paste; radish; eggs and a fish cake. Shirataki noodles[6] and mochi kinchaku[7] topped it off. Various ingredients were cooked.

"F-for now let's try it. Don't you have any plates to use?"

"Noope, if I had it'd get cold. The hotter it is the more delicious it'll be! What does Nii-chan want to eat?"

"It can't be, that you want us to feed each other?"

"Since we're siblings, being this much affectionate's a must! Beautiful siblings love is included in the ingredients of this burning-hot broth, let's mutually take care of each other."

Oh, so that's why it's burning-hot oden 'match'. It won't be just me being one-sidedly done it, but I'm able to dump this burning-hot liquid in this girl's mouth.

"Let's decide who's first with rock-paper-scissors?"

"That's fine. If ya don't make in time, you lose. Rock-paper-scissors!"

Tomomi launched a surprise attack. So I formed scissors in a hurry.

"Since Nii-chan was late, it's my win. I go first."

"T-that's not fair!"

"A surprise attack is a splendid strategy. Let's see... how about chikuwabu[8], Nii-chan?"

"Your udon will get spoiled."

"Eh! I won't forgive you if you mock chikuwabu! The feeling of the soup around it and the soup coming out from inside, it's really delicious. Yes, aan."

She picked chikuwabu with her chopsticks and brought it in front of me. There was a lot of steam coming out of it. But still, I gave up and opened my mouth. Without neither hesitation nor mercy, chikuwabu was dropped inside my mouth.


"Is it delicious? Hey, Nii-chan, is it delicious?"

I had to protect my dignity as an older brother, and couldn't afford to spit it out. Even so, it was hot. If it were a TV show, there would be a special caption displayed which would say 'Absolutely do not imitate'.

The lump of kneaded flour was very dull as I chewed it, why did it have a similar name to the absolute superstar of oden world, chikuwa-sama? Who's the culprit! I cursed that existence. Then I forcibly pushed chikuwabu into my belly with cola.

"Haa... haa... all right, Tomomi. Open your mouth."

"Nii-chan's eyes are scaryy... since I'm your little sister, be gentle to me."

"It's fine... eat that!"

I scooped up ganmadoki from the pot, and tossed it in Tomomi's mouth. It was a smoking explosive clad in plenty of boiling soup.


Tears appeared in Tomomi's eyes, the moment ganmodoki entered her mouth she has picked up mochi kinchaku from the pot and plunged it into my mouth.


From inside of it, came a hot sticky white goo. No good... at this rate... I'll be done for! I picked up eggs from the hotpot. And at the same time, Tomomi must've come up with the same thing.

As expected of siblings. We thought similarly. Both of us released our eggs at the same time. It seemed like the boxing's cross counter, both of us dropped the soup-stained eggs inside the opponent's mouth.



Seriously, what are we doing.


Since the fight was pointless, we both agreed on a cease-fire. After that, we normally took plates to eat. The taste was very stable and delicious, when I asked her if she made it herself she confessed with 'oden was prepared beforehand'. It seems like she only peeled and sliced the radish, so it wasn't her own cooking.

"It's hott ain't it, Nii-chan."

"Well, that's because it's a food that's usually eaten in winter."

We emptied the pot together. Tomomi's chest was completely drenched with sweat. Her shirt was sticking to her skin and she started to mind it. Narrowing her eyes comfortably, she stood up.

"That's right! I'll turn on the aircon!"

Tomomi went to the living room and picked the remote control that was on the table.

"You're going to use aircon this late?"

"I have a good metabolism and I'm quite hot blooded. Also, things like game consoles, AV; amplifier; PC; and the plasma display give off a lot of heat."

That's incredibly uneconomic. The cold air from air conditioner started to blow in and spread in the room.

"Haaaaa. I sweated a lot, this feels goood."

Tomomi stretched while standing in front of the air conditioner's outlet.

"How much did you set the temperature to?"

"16°C right? Isn't that the lowest it goes?"

"T-that's quite cold isn't it."

After my body was heated up with oden, now it rapidly cooled down.

"Nii-chan doesn't exercise enough."

"Won't you stop it?"

"Cheehh. Can't be helped... eh? Ehhh?"

No matter how many times Tomomi pressed the remote control's button, the air conditioner didn't react.

"The remote won't listen to me, Nii-chan."

"You're doing it on purpose, aren't you."

"It's true, look!"

I took it from her and checked. It didn't seem to be out of batteries.

"The remote control sensor might be broken. I can't fix this myself."

At times like this when I encounter any problems, I honestly rely on Murasaki-san. As soon as I sent her a mail there was a reply. It seems like she will have a repair shop dispatch someone at once.

"I hear that the repair guy will come in an hour."

Well, we can't keep it on like that and should switch it off by directly pressing the power button on it.

"Do you have a stepladder or a chair?"

"What're you gonna do, Nii-chan?"

"We can't leave it running like that until the repairman comes, right?"

"Nii-chan, let's have an extreme cold match!"


"Until the repairman arrives, let's have a match who endures the cold better!"

Just when I thought that she left to the room in the back, she came back and brought a blanket. It seems like that's the bedroom.

"Maybe we should take refuge in the bedroom instead?"

"Nii-chan, insisting on entering the bedroom of a young maiden is something a pervert would do."

"I didn't insist on wanting to enter it that much!"

"Yes yes. Now then Nii-chan, sit down."

I sat down on the sofa, Tomomi sat next to me and wrapped the two of us in a blanket.

A faint and refreshing scent of citrus drifted from the blanket.

"Listen Nii-chan. Don't underestimate the winter mountain. If you fall asleep, you'll die."

Tomomi grabbed my arm and clung to it. As I felt her breasts pressed against my arm, muscles on my back twitched. She was surprisingly soft... and cold.

It seems like her sweat vaporized cooling her down, and her body was now ice cold.

"Hey hey, you're way too cold."

"That's why I'm cuddling up to Nii-chan like this."

"There's a lot of ways to warm ourselves up, you can go outside or open the window. First of all, if we turn off the air conditioner this'll stop."

"Escaping with a tail between our legs when facing the aircon would be shameful for us, part of the human race."

Tomomi declared that and started to tremble like a chihuahua.

"It's cold, It's cold Nii-chan."

"Haa... do as you want... c-cold!"

Tomomi responded with "I won't hold back then!" and to my surprise, she gave me a hug. The dog tag she had around her head stuck snugly to my nape and I felt my back muscles twitch again.

"What is it, Nii-chan?"

"Don't cling to me. Don't press your breasts against me."

"It's fine we're siblings so and this is just the so-called skinship."

"We don't have to be glued to each other just because we're siblings. Also, this dog tag is really cold."

"Ah... sorry."

She apologized normally, and picked up the chain with the dog tag. Tomomi moved it so it dangled in front of my eyes.

"Is it a real one?"

"That's right. My mom... she was in a foreign mercenary corps, six years ago she went MIA during operation."

"Mercenary corps you mean... um, what does MIA mean?"

"It means she disappeared in middle of combat. This is all that's been left behind."

Her mom was a mercenary, and she didn't know whether she was alive or not.

"But Mom is much stronger than me, since she's super strong I think she's definitely safe. That's why, when I'm an adult I'm going to look for Mom."

She didn't hear anything from her for six years, but still believed she was alive. What should I say... I have no idea. I gently held Tomomi's hand under the blanket.

"Ah... Nii-chan."

Tomomi lowered her face and a blush appeared on her cheeks.

Rather than crestfallen, I wanted to see a smiling and cheerful Tomomi, that's what I thought.

"This time I'm applying for a match."

"A match? Nii-chan against me?"

"Yeah. While still holding hands... a tickling match!"

I managed to surprise Tomomi. I tickled her sides, she flapped her feet kicking the blanket away.

"Hiiiiiii! Why does Nii-chan know my weakness! No! Not there! Noooo!"

There aren't many humans who can bear being tickled on the sides, it's a big weakness of mine as well. Pleased by the fact that no counter-attack came, I continued to tickle Tomomi's sides until the repairman came. Tears appeared in her eyes and she's been half-crying. I didn't really get it, but it felt like my win.

Until the two people from air conditioning repair service came, the time flew fast. After that, Tomomi said it as she was going to take a shower.

"Nii-chan, how about we go in together?"

"I'll pass on that."

And around midnight, I've been seen off to the entrance by Tomomi and went back to my room. I didn't have any strength left to take a bath, so I fell on the bed as I was. I'll take a shower in the morning.

Notes and References

  1. 2 rooms with a living room, dining room and a kitchen
  2. チーター can both mean cheater and cheetah, they're both written the same way.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_Entertainment_Rating_Organization
  4. surimi(paste made from fish or other meat) product with a soft, mild taste
  5. fried tofu fritter made with vegetables, egg white and sesame seeds
  6. traditional Japanese noodles
  7. rice cake fried in a tofu pouch
  8. wheat-based Japanese food item that is frequently eaten as an ingredient in oden

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