I log out, stretch my body lightly and head to the living room.


“Oh, Dad. Welcome back.”

“Hey, Tasha. I’m back.”

“Are you staying over here for a while?”

“I plan to~is what I want to say, but our president seems to be scheming something.”

“What? Yours too?”

“Eh, “yours too?”.”


Mom reacts to Dad’s comment about his company’s president. The two made sour expressions.


"...Since when?”

“Nnn… since about three weeks ago… was it?”

“It was about the same over here...”

““...I have a bad feeling.””


In other words, the president of Mom’s and Dad’s companies are scheming something at the same time... 

...Accomplices, huh. The two do scheme things together quite often to earn money...


Mom is an actress and a model. She is affiliated with a large overseas company. She does not take part in variety shows, her main job is acting as fashion model and starring in movies. Me and my little sister learned from Mom about stretches and methods of skin care, and have been continuing doing them for a long time now. Although, Akina is doing it a bit sloppily...

Dad is a fashion designer. Just like Mom, he is affiliated with a large overseas company. The clothes we wear are Dad’s works and order-made. It’s better not to think just how much they would cost if we were to buy them normally.

The presidents of companies that our parents belong to, are apparently friends who’ve known each other since school days. While companies’ employees are being flailed around by their ideas, it usually leaves good results so they can’t really say anything - is what Dad muttered.

Especially when the two join forces, the things start getting really amusing. One of them has famous people affiliated with his company, while the one has top fashion. They keep a stable, win-win relationship where one side prepares models and the other side - things to wear.

Well, thanks to that I met your Mom, is what Dad said and started boasting of Mom. Dad, I don’t think it’s something to boast of to your daughter.


Then, my little sister came down.


“UOOHH, it’s Dad!”

“I wanted to meet my daughters so I sent my wraith!”


“HAHAHA, a vacuum isn’t enough to banish me! I’m DAD after all!”



Energetic as usual, aren’t they.


“By the way, Onee-chan. Let’s go South after dinner?””


“Yup. What’s left is just South, right? If we’re to go, now is the time...”

“Well, I don’t mind. At what hour?”

“Will go at 9.”

“Nn, got it.”


A Coatl battle, huh.

Apparently it’s a flying snake, but I wonder just how big is it?


“A game?”

“Yeaah, a VRMMO that came out about four weeks ago.”

“Heee… four weeks ago… huh...”

“Huh? Speaking of which… eh, presidents were...”

“Akina, can you connect to this game from overseas?”

“It’s actually forbidden.”

"...The game’s reputation is?”

“Amazingly good. There will be the second batch coming in for the summer break, and the production of the newest VR device is not keeping up.”


Mom and Dad both made a distant look.

Japanese VR technology is amazing these days. To be precise, ever since the dive-type VR was created… would be more correct. They say it’s a result of “lovable fools doing more than their best”.

FLFO does reproduce the five senses, and could be said to be two stages above everything else in regards to realism.

In exchange, it has to be online and there was a need to wait for the law to be prepared, but that only made them be able to take more time to create the game… is what they say.

In other words, it’s a game that also gathers attention from overseas.


“I have a bad feeling. Ughh, my head… no, wait? If they come over here for the game, I might be able to go to work from home?”

"Well, “If we can’t connect from overseas, we just have to go to Japan” is what they would say. Those people...”

“They are pointlessly active, after all. No, it’s the reason they reached that position, isn’t it.”

“Moreover, if we become able to go to work from here, we won’t be able to complain. Since our kids are entering a summer break I thought we would be called over, but they were eerily silent.”

“They said there is no work to do for now, and I was sent back… Well, it’s a good chance, so might as well take some time off.”

"...oh, a CM. Wait, is this from the event?! IT’S ONEE-CHAN!!”


She’s right, it’s the defense battle against the goblin army.

We’ll be using stuff, thanks. Is what was written in terms, so… I guess it’s only natural they will use the event battle for publicity.


“Started about four weeks ago, huh? ...It can’t be helped since it’s just the beginning, but that dress is a little… The design is fairly good, which is why those colors stand out… Yup, Kotone with black long hair isn’t bad. As expected of our daughter, so cute!”

“Ohhh, I was shown as well!”

“Seeing Kotone and Akina in a kind of opposite coloring from real is really fresh.”


Rather, this CM is long, isn’t it? Oh, it ended.

The beginning was my line from the battle opening, then the camera flew to display players and finally it ended with my line again, then moved into the sky to display the title. And just when we thought it would end, the title disappeared and large amounts of owls appeared.

Fufu… it’s the owls who brought rewards.





Akina and I laughed, but Dad and Mom only half-smiled and were lightly put off.

They should just let the title be still, why do they use it? No, from a player’s perspective it’s just a joke, though.

We were right below that and received our rewards while put off. Seeing this reminds us of it.


Owls are birds of prey. You shouldn’t forget that...


“Looks like that management loves to surprise, especially by the end...”

“They really do. There is no need to show the owls that brought rewards to the players, is there?”



For the first time in a while we had a meal with the four of us, then I went to take a bath before we head out for Coatl.

My fighting style has a fair amount of versatility, so I think it’s easy for me to act as temporary member in parties. If there is no problem with the build or fighting style, all that remains is interpersonal relations.

With that said, my little sister’s party has five people in it, of which two are her friends from school. In other words, there are only two who don’t know me. Well, they are people with whom Akina formed a party, so it should be all right.

I don’t talk with people I hate, and my little sister also hates people to whom talking doesn’t get through to.



There is still 20 minutes until 9 p.m. but since I finished what I need to do in real, let’s log in. She said we would gather at the Southern gate, didn’t she.


Since I went offline right after cooking, the place I appear when I log in, is Belstead’s central square. I can use the teleport gate to return to the Starting Town, so there was no worry of taking time.

Now, for the preparations… there is none to speak of. Racially, I can’t use potions, and my equipment does not have durability. Racially I don’t need food either. ...What an easy race, isn’t it.


If we gather at 9 p.m., then it should be about the time evening starts. Let’s quickly go to the gathering spot and raise my «Super HP Recovery» skill. ...It’s troublesome to cook like this. The damage is still outpacing the heals, so I’ll die without a parasol.

I don’t know how much the effectiveness has increased, but if it doubled, then it’s about time...

Both sunlight and potion-wise, not leveling automatic recovery skills is a horrible idea for an Immortal.


Well, for now let’s teleport to the Starting Town.

According to help, money and magic power were necessary to teleport. While it’s normal that teleporting takes money, it’s unusual for it to take magic power. My MP is taken away.

It seems like the money and magic power taken are decided by the base level and the distance you jump. However, it’s not about the distance in kilometers, but how many steps you jump.

So far I have only registered Belstead’s teleport.



One way or another, I tended to hole myself up in Belstead, keeping myself busy with delivery time. It’s been a while since I was in the Starting Town, isn’t it? It’s bustling as usual.


I moved from the main street in the South and entered the so-called player stall street. I think it’s about time those people get their stores… hm? Speaking of which, I haven’t been to a realtor so I don’t know what the prices for them are. 

How much does a house cost in this game? I believe it should be something like 1m, but… let’s take a look when I have some time.


“Good evening, everyone.”

“Ah, yahoo!”

“If it isn’t the Princess.”


The ones who were on the spot were Ertz-san, Primula-san, Dantel-san and Salute-san.

The ones who answered were Primula-san and Dantel-san. Ertz-san and Salute-san were having a blast crafting and did not react.


“The North and West opened, rightt? The two got their hands on materials and are in crafting bliss.”

“Ahh, I see. Primula-san’s are in the South, but what about you, Dantel-san?”

“There is no information at this point… Silk…where is silk...”

“I saw you write on the BBS, Princess, was there some advancement?”

“Yes, there was. Speaking of which, I was supposed to write it down on the board.”


Let’s write it down on the cooking board.

The level 30 «Cooking»’s Arts and «Cook»’s arts… Also, Tokkei’s information? The chicken meat’s screenshot and about the brick oven’s usage.

The information about the livestock owner… I’ll keep it secret for now. I’m putting out new merchandise during the event tomorrow… I advertised. After that, let’s write information regarding it on the board.



This should be about it.


“Hooh, so you reached second tier. And the buff effect was confirmed, looks like depending on effect, the number of cooks will increase?”

“I’m curious about the new fooodd.”

“Fufu, it’s still a secret.”

“What a shame!”

“I only made a few things for taste-testing, so I don’t know how to make buff food yet.”

“I see. Still need to verify then.”


I thought of having them try the food, but I guess it’s a secret until the event.

And it seems like Salute-san’s mixing has calmed down for now.


“Phew… hello, Princess.”

“How’s mixing?”

“I guess it’s nice and steady? The number of materials for me to use has increased all at once, but the proportions are… Thanks to that, I’m in the middle of repeating trial and errors.”

“I see. Unlike cooking, most of other crafting have their game-specific methodology.”


Even if you check the outside websites there is no way you can find anything. Furthermore, everyone here is top level, so it would be hard to find anything on the boards in game either… rather, used materials aside, there is no way other players would share the proportions they used. That part is already on the level of original recipes.

And since they are the top, it would be them who will write down the used materials...


In regards to recipes, it seems like there are types of those.

There are the original recipes that use【Reproduction】and the basic recipes that only have the basic materials and method written down on them.

The basic recipes cannot be used with【Reproduction】. They are merely the first page of a recipe, and while looking at it one has to try making it for them to be able to register it as an original recipe. And only then, they can mass-produce it with【Reproduction】.


Although the method to acquire those basic recipes isn’t clear, it’s clear that one of them is to learn them from Residents.

Well, most likely there should be recipes in the library that I was told about. «Cooking» aside, I need to visit the library once before I start leveling up my «Alchemy».


“Heh heh heh, came out great!”

“And Ertz-san… finally doing iron?”

“Yeah! Looks like it’ll take time before I get to steel… In any case, this stuff ain’t going to lose against goblin drops...”


Ahh, there were iron weapons that came from the goblin army. I can’t use them so I put them inside the union’s storehouse, but I guess they are stronger than bronze items, aren’t they? Although, it probably depends on the quality of the bronze items.


At quality of a certain level the bronze might be stronger, but the price for crafting it will also go up.

Although they are top crafters, top crafted items cost quite a bit and there were parties where they couldn’t get them for all party members. Those people were using the dropped iron equipment.

Apparently it was a sad sight from a smith’s perspective.


With that said, since the boss was beaten and the iron has started appearing, the prices of bronze equipment have naturally decreased. It had also become possible to melt the iron equipment and turn it to materials as well.

The top players will seek iron, and the following players will buy the cheaper bronze equipment too.


In other words, it’s earning time.


“But it’s still kind of weak for stuff to sell to the top guys. First, I want to raise the quality a little.”

“Feels about the same in here. I want to stabilize the quality a little.”

“Mm, yeah… So, Princess, what is this situation of yours?”


Ertz-ans and Salute-san self-evaluated themselves, before calling out to me.

Where are they looking…?


"...Oh, it seems like my sheath turned into a parasol.”

“I see, I don’t get it.”

“See, that is the only thing I can say? An effect called【Ensol】was added into it. It’s a little bothersome, but visually it’s not bad...”

"...It’s a weapon, right?”

"...It is a weapon. Though, I only need the sheath to activate it, so I can fight.”

“I see… is it something that can be made? Or just an Extra special…?”

“Dreams would spread if it was possible for armors! Like putting in a purge mechanism in a fundoshi…!”

“Joke equipment would progress.”


Next, Dantel-san started to heat up.

Certainly, if players could make these things, then there would be a lot of progress. The problem is, whether it’s limited to Extra Equipment’s effects, which would be sad.


“Ah, Onee-chan!”


When I looked in the direction of the voice… well, It’s Rina.

I wonder when will her habit of clinging to me whenever she finds me get fixed?

...It looks like she has no intention of fixing it, though.


“Haaa, this is GREAT! Salute-san, do you have antidotes?”

“Only a few, but I do.”

“I want… um, six…?”

“Nn… if you are okay with varied quality.”

“What effect does quality have on status ailment recovery potions?”

“Delay. Wait time until you can use one again.”

“The effect is set?”

“Above C, the effect is set and the reuse cooldown starts to decrease? I don’t know about A and higher though.”

“I’ll buy them~.”


Looks like they are talking about the Status Ailment Recovery potions that can be made thanks to the West being unlocked.

It’s possible to cure the poison that is the biggest danger in the South, so the only problem remaining is the flight. It’s a Coatl… a flying snake, after all.


“You taking antidotes, meaning - South?”

“We’ll be taking Onee-chan and going there!”

“Hoh, I see. Do your best.”

“Take care of South! Trees! TREES!”


Rina’s preparations finished, and I only intended to exchange some light greetings myself, so the two of us headed to the Southern gate.


As far as I can see on my friend list, Cecil-san and Ruzebarm-san are in the Western and Northern towns. Tomo and Sugu in the North, and Kotatsu-san in the West. Looks like they aren’t very interested in the boss?

Well, most likely what you get for the Southern boss is 6SP, initial likability-increasing title and a DEX accessory.

Seems like North gave VIT, East gave STR, the west one West gave AGI. If INT and SPI are excluded, then it must be DEX.


Honestly speaking, 6SP aside there is nothing that great. Maybe except for the premium feel of the title… however.

More importantly, everyone is busy hunting in second areas to prepare for the combat tournament. And there is a high possibility of receiving a special quest from Residents?

Well, naturally it’s not like my acquaintances are the only top players, so there must be other people doing their best.


Speaking of which, the boss battle is instance-based and not queue-based, so I wonder what happens if another party beats the boss while you are fighting him?


“Is there information on what happens if another PT beats the boss in the middle of battle?”

“There is~. The combat continues as is. You get no title or special drop, but you get the 6SP and materials. In this case, I think it was the enhancement accessories.”

“That sounds kind of poor. But I guess it’s good enough that you get 6SP and the materials.”

“Yeah. We haven’t seen any boss in the second area yet, so they must be quite rare.”


Although you were outdone by someone else, you did beat him without any prior information, so you do get the SP. And in addition to that you also receive the material drops, but you get no title or equipment.

6SP allows you to take a secondary skill, so it’s not bad. It seems that normally you get 3SP for beating a boss, so that alone seems to be worth challenging a strong boss. Simply put, it is 6 base levels worth of SP.


But this time there is the combat tournament upcoming, and you can receive more SP than you would get for beating the boss. And you also get a commemorative title too.

There must be people who want both titles, the liberator and the prize-winner. I prefer fighting against monsters rather than people, so the liberator makes me happier though.



“Oh, there she is.”

“Heya. I bought antidotes, and Onee-chan was there too~.”

“Good evening. Please take care of me.”


I arrived with my sister at the Southern gate. Other members have already gathered there.

The bluish-silver haired human with a halberd is my little sister. The black-haired, black-eyed Machinery with a katana is Noelia-san. The red-haired, red-eyed dwarf with one-handed hammer and a large shield is Griselda-san. The brown-haired fox beastwoman holding a ukulele is Nadia-san. The white-haired red-eyed rabbit beastwoman is Helen-san. Their party is these five.

The two beastwomen are my sister’s real friends. They are fox and rabbit-colored. And they also are in default beastman state of only having animal ears and tail. From there, if you tweak beast appearance level you can look like Ruzebarm-san.


After self-introductions, I received a party invite from my sister and was made a leader. The party name is… well, I guess it’s fine.

Griselda-san who is the tank, and Akina received two of the purchased antidotes each, then one each went to the rearguard in the back. Racially Noelia-san and I can’t be poisoned so we don’t need it. We are Machinery and Immortal after all.

Along with my little sister’s high-spirited GO-sign, we head South.


“Let’s go forth, to Coatl!”


The main hunting grounds in the South are the forests on the sides of the road, in the Southeast there were Goblins and Orcs, in the Southwest there were spiders, snakes and ants. In other words, everyone goes South.

As we proceed down the road… or rather, the path solidified by horses and carriages, we gradually start to smell the scent of salt, which was also the sign that the area boss is nearby.

We continued to single-mindedly move forward while disposing of the Goblins and fighting ants that sometimes appeared from the forests on the sides.

As expected of full dive, the distance between towns was fairly high. It might be better to think of a way to move around as soon as possible. The hit-and-running Akina and Noelia-san are one thing, but others seem to be low on AGI. There is quite a difference in their movement speed. With that said, there is further adjustment of the races.


“Speaking of which, this party has completely varied races, doesn’t it?”

“Yup, a fox and rabbit have different characteristics, so they count as different ones.”

“It’s my first time acquainting with someone playing Machinery.”

“It is nice. The choice of skills is easy. And if an enemy with physical resistance appears, everyone else has magic.”

“I see. So specialized-types are strong as long as they aren’t all alone.”

“It’s easy to get in a PT, too.”

“Yeah. The thing they need to do is clear, I mean, that is the only thing we can do.”


The specialized-types have their speciality, in which they are really strong. If anything, it would be troubling if they were bad at it, but I guess it’s not impossible in this full dive game… is it? It’s up to the person inside. The striking difference with other games.


“It’s been a while, Nadia-san, Helen-san?”

“Lately we have been doing this game right after coming back home, so...”

“Yup, yup. When there are no club activities we head straight home and gather in game.”

“It’s great that you are having fun. Tell me if Rina gives you some trouble.”



The person herself seems dissatisfied, but she is very forceful at times. Make sure to pick whom you do things to.

There is no need to accumulate stress inside the game. You just need to play with the people you get along with. But with that said, a hedge between keeps friendship green… is the saying. It is faster if I act to stop Akina.



Well, let’s put the usual exchange aside. Time for the boss battle plan.


Griselda-san takes the target as the tank.

While the Coatl is flying, my little sister and I, as well as Helen-san do anti-air attacks. Griselda-san also has «Fire Magic» so she will attack sometimes.

Nadia-san will support us with music skills.

Noelia-san is on standby next to Griselda-san.

When the boss falls, my sister and Noelia-san get right in together with Griselda-san and beat it to death.


This time, my position is near Nadia-san and Helen-san. In other words, in rear guard. It seems like the boss is spitting poison, so I will become a shield. It has no effect on me, after all.

In general, there is no dedicated healer in this party. Everyone except for Noelia-san who’s Machinery, has magic so they can heal themselves. And so, I will heal myself as well


Let’s record a video this time as well.



“Oh, it came in sight.”


Just as Griselda-san said, the boss’ area has come into sight.

We came here after finishing preparations, so we charged straight into the boss area. We got controls taken away by system as usual and we will be shown a cut-scene...

A winged snake, Coatl flew from above and…*FFSSHAA*! It intimidated us, starting combat.


“Come on, look this way!”


Just as planned, Griselda-san used【Appeal】to take the target and Noelia-san was on stand-by near her.


“It’s smaller than I thought.”

“I think it’s big enough, for a snake...”

“I think there would be more ones this size? Those bat wings aside.”

“Apparently snakes go up to being 10 meters long, so this one is still small. Now, it’s about time we join combat.”


We waited on standby until enough hate was gained by the tank, then we start attacking.

My little sister uses light, I use light and dark, Griselda-san uses fire, Helen-san uses a bow. And as for Nadia-san...


“Ukulele Classic.”


It seems like she started playing a classic ukulele song that I heard somewhere before. Considering no one is retorting, this must be the usual thing. The effect it had was a Magic Attack Power Increase.


Receiving the anti-air attacks, the Coatl’s HP gradually decreased.

Helen-san’s【Aero Flak】dealt especially high damage.


The Coatl’s attack patterns were a charge and tail whip. During a charge it went down, so it was a rare chance for Noelia-san to attack.

As for the tail whip, it had poison and it came from the sky, so it wasn’t an opportunityf to attack. It was quite fast. And naturally the angle from which the attack came was not set, so it was impossible to prepare for it and the risks were too high.

If I’m not wrong, the intensity of poison was 2 from the mouth and 1 from the tail. Usually, the repeated tail attacks and poison spit start overtaking the heals, and everyone loses. Even in cases of races that could not be poisoned, the tail whip dealt higher damage than the charge, so it was troublesome.


Coatl’s HP was shaved off and its gauge turned from green to yellow, starting a special action.


“A rush is coming!!”

“Alriiiight...【Heavy Stand】”


Following my little sister’s warning, Griselda-san used a heavy shield’s art.

There, the Coatl started repeated tail strikes. And adding to that, it started to spit poison. The front guard avoided it by themselves and blocked it with a shield. As for us, I deflected it with【Arrow Parry】. They aren’t arrows, but it does work on non-magic special missile attacks, so...

Also, I could roughly tell where the poison will fly thanks to【Sensing Danger】and【Intuition】.


“To think I could parry water balls with a rapier, as expected of a game. And it’s not treated as magic, either.”


It must be some kind of Art that is releasing this poison. Well, a non-magic attack will have a lower cooldown, but this rate is not a problem.

Rather, it’s about time I examined【Arrow Parry】and【Magic Parry】. It’s my first time using one of them.


By the end of the rush, the boss entangled Griselda-san to cause bind and continuous damage. Furthermore, it bit, poisoning her. But meanwhile it did not move so we could beat it all we like.



“Finally my turn.”


My little sister smashed it with the halberd, Noelia-san held the katana in both hands and slashed all over. We attacked with magic and bow at places so that the two won’t get hit.


“My, Rina. Attack the membrane. Not the base but the membrane.”



It was the weakness shown by Uncover, it had instructed me to attack the wing’s membrane.

When Akina started attacking it, the boss started to flap its wings and resist. But my little sister’s weapon had a long handle, so she used it to continue striking the wing. Noelia-san continued to simply attack the side of its head with her katana.

When there was about 40% HP remaining, Coatl was unable to endure and released the bind, before moving back into the air. Meanwhile, Griselda-san used the antidote.


“His flying capability went down more than expected, hasn’t it?”

“So there is a meaning in destroying body parts!”

“I’ll aim for the right wing then.”

“Do your best!”


The right wing that was done-in by my little sister was fairly beat-up, and the boss was clearly staggering in the air. Looks like Helen-san intended to finish it off with her bow.

The problem is that it’s hard to aim against a flying target? If you are to fight it, it’s best to get rid of it together all at once. I don’t know if there will be another opportunity, though.


“Let’s start with【Gravity Arrow】, then【Aero Flak】.........and there!”


The【Gravity Arrow】that Helen-san released lowered the boss’ AGI, then a precisely-aimed【Aero Flak】’s explosion had enveloped the entire right wing.

Unable to bear it, Coatl fell from the sky and received falling damage. Furthermore, it started a special action - flopping on the ground.


Naturally, it’s a perfect chance to beat it up from all directions. The music changed into a faster one, a little more intense. Must be increased damage.

As far as Ukulele can be intense.


“HAA-HA-HHA! A Coatl who can’t fly is just a poisonous snake!”


Everyone ignored Akina’s remark and continued to beat up the Coatl who only writhed in pain.

Don’t throw glances my way, I’m not retorting. Since she’s correct, there is nowhere to retort to.


“Let’s cut the tail as revenge. I don’t know if it’s possible, though!”


Either to vent her anger, or maybe to annoy the boss, she continued to slash the tail. Well, it will be easier if she cuts it, so I guess it’s fine.


Although it did stop writhing on the ground and got up, it still can’t fly. The attack patterns changed, it started to bite, cleave with its tail and throw poison attacks at the rear guard. In other words, it turned much easier. The poison is all deflected by me.

Akina used her long handle to continue attacking the tail.


“Annoying huh?! Be annoye… AH.”


...A fleshy sound and a pained voice? Along with these two, the tail was slashed apart and started spreading blood all over as the boss writhed. Although it got up right away, a lot of its HP bar has decreased, turning red with about 20% remaining.


“GYOEEEHHH! Blood all over meee!”


...My little sister doesn’t let out cute “kyaa” screams. If anything, isn’t she the very person who happily slashed that tail to vent her anger?

With its tail lost, the only remaining ways to attack now was biting and poison spit. Furthermore, because it lost its tail, it cannot do its special action.

In other words, from there on it had all ended peacefully.


“Phew, that was easy...”

“We did lose once before, though?”

"AAaAaa, I know nothing of itt.”



〈Your Race level has increased.〉

〈«Dark Magic» reached level 30. Gained “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«Dark Magic»’s【Dark Burst】was acquired.〉

〈«Dark Magic» has reached maximum level, «Darkness Magic» «Shadow Magic» are unlocked.〉

〈With the elimination of the Southern Boss, the Southern Area was unlocked. As a bonus for the World First elimination, you acquire 6 Skill Points.〉

〈You have fulfilled specific requirements and acquired “Title: Liberator of Inbamunt".〉

《The party “Sisters and The Good Companions” led by Anastasia has exterminated the Southern Boss. From now on, the Southern Boss will be weakened and the distribution restored.》 



“Rina, is information on «Shadow Magic» out there already?”

“Ooh, maxed on dark? Darkness is completely an attacking one, so a higher version of Dark. Shadow is a little special, it seems to have both hindering and attacking spells? And apparently light derives into Luminous and Holy.”


So «Shadow Magic» has attacks but must have support and obstructions spells as main… For attacks there is the Darkness, after all. Seems that the spells known at this point are【Shadow Bind】and【Shadow Fang】. A spell that binds enemy with shadow, and a shadow wolf that comes out of shadow to bite enemy.

It’s okay to take all of the dark-type, but Ske-san is probably going to do that. Ske-san only has Dark-type magic. So for now I’ll only take «Darkness Magic».

I pay 3SP and acquire it as a Monster Skill. The level 1 skill is【Nox Explosion】, is it.


“DIS - ASS - EM - BLY  timeeee!”


As a result of my sister disassembling, there was 1 Magic Stone, 2 poison glands, 4 fangs, 6 leathers and a DEX-increasing ring.

Let’s end the video here.


“Alriiight, let’s go straight to the town. It’s almost time for Onee-chan to sleep.”


“Onee-chan sleeps early and gets up early.”


After following the road for a while, the growing trees have gradually changed. I don’t know what they are, but let’s message Primula-san.

There are places in the forest that «Gathering» reacts to… They are the so-called game elements - gathering points. It is possible to collect from the gathering points a several times. And when you do «Logging» from gathering points, apparently you receive multiple items.


“Rina, do you know what sewing materials are used now?”

“I think it was wool?”

“Looks like there is linen, so let’s tell Dantel-san.”


As we further proceeded, we confirmed bay trees and olive trees. I heard about those from the merchant woman before. These two are a specialty of this region, and there is also the sea, so there should be fish as well?

There was linen, but I wonder how it is treated? There might be a need for it, but it’s hard to call it a regional specialty.



“My, welcome, young ladies.”

“Thank you for your hard work. We would like to report Coatl’s elimination, could you tell us where the Adventurers’ Union is?”

“By the gods! Our Adventurers’ Union is… if you go forward down this street, you will reach the square with Stellura-sama’s statue. It should be on the left side of it. Direction-wise the Adventurers’ Union is in the Northeast and Merchants’ Union is in the Southeast.”

“I see, thank you very much.”

“Oh, no, welcome to Inbamunt!”


We learned the location so we enter the town, and while sightseeing, we head to the Adventurers’ Union.


“As expected of a port town? There are many tanned people here.”

“Yeah, there are a lot of “man of the sea”-looking guys.”


As we headed to the union, I felt… something strange. What is this? It’s… as if something bothered me, like, something poked at me, trying to do something. Of course, it’s not like there was anyone touching me...


“What is it, Onee-chan?”

“No, I’m just feeling something strange… what is this?”


It’s the first time I’m feeling this… It’s gradually growing stronger, but what is it? ...Is what I thought, but with the thing that entered our sight I realized what it was. The direction matched, so it was probably it. So that’s the reason.


“There is a church in the Northwest...”

“Eh? Ahhh, there is one.”

“So this annoying feeling must be the church, or rather, the area effect of the purification that is being repelled. Either it’s my purification resistance, or this parasol having some effect...”


I tried removing【Ensol】and the feeling of being poked at has increased just a little, so there is one.

But it looks like the effect of the church area that I was wary of is not as high as I thought it would be?


“Onee-chan, looks like you are okay?”

“It doesn’t seem like there will be anything happening to me? I don’t even know how the purification effect works in the first place, though.”

“It’s the anti-Undead effect. Just by getting close to the church, the low tier Immortals get all their stats decreased, their automatic recovery decreases and further receive continuous damage. During the day, apparently they die instantly to the sunlight because of that?”

"I guess I’m not feeling any problem myself?”

“Even if they approach at night, just by getting closer they receive more and more of continuous damage and melt. It shouldn’t have changed since the game officially started...”

“Looks like a High Immortal’s purification resistance is pretty effective.”

“In other words, no weak purification will work on Onee-chan...”

“I think simple «Light Magic» will work better against me? At this point there is no one who has high purification.”


I think Alf-san said that “Purification Resistance: Small” has appeared for him. So small for mid-tiers, medium for high-tiers and probably high resistance for top-tiers? I don’t know if there is a top-tier, however.

In other words, it has no effect… and so, I ignored it and we head to the union for a report. The reward is 120k for sharing between the six of us, earning us 20k each.


We touched Stellura-sama’s statue to open the portal, and lastly we split the boss drops.


“Then Onee-chan, have this, a reward for help.”

"...It’s the DEX increasing ring isn’t it? Is Helen-san not going to use it?”

“Helen has Skills, so...”

“I have【Precise Shooting】so it seems like I don’t need DEX that much? I also have «Dexterity Increase» so that should be about it? More importantly, I kind of want the poison glands”


[Equipment - Accessory] Exquisite Ring Rarity: Ra Quality: A
A ring that dropped from Coatl.
It’s said to increase the deftness of the owner’s fingers.

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
«Identification Lv20»
Dexterity Increase: Tiny


A bow’s modifiers were… STR for damage and DEX for precision, the range was dependent on the equipment itself, STR and DEX all at once.


“Honestly, at this point Helen doesn’t miss, so we were thinking of making it a reward for Onee-chan, for acting as a mercenary member...”

“Then I’ll receive it with gratitude. The more DEX for me the better, after all. In which case… let’s do it like in Alf-san’s case. Split the rest between you.”


Alf-san had resigned from materials other than the ring, in a way, a piece of equipment was worth at least that. Personally, even if I received some of the other materials I would only sell them. For equipment I have this dress set, but I have open accessory slots so let’s equip it.


“Alright, let’s go to ‘ol man’s place! Oh, and Onee-chan, upload the boss battle before going to sleep, okay? I’ll do the rest.”

“Got it.”


Well then, we’re off to the ‘ol man’s place! She said and everyone has teleported.


As for me… let’s upload the video and go to sleep.

I receive money from consignment and log out.

Name: Anastasia
Race:  Immortal Princess Woman Lv18
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 43


«Slender Sword Lv4» «Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense - Slender Sword Lv3» «Light Armor Lv4»
«Light Magic Lv29» «Magic Ability Lv30»
«Sensing Danger Lv3» «Intuition Lv3» «Butō Lv5» «Cook Lv5»  «Alchemy Lv5»  «Gathering Lv20»  «Appraisal Lv22» «Disassembly Lv20»
«Identification Lv25» «Discern»




Monster Skills:
«Darkness Magic Lv1» «Aura of Darkness Lv25»
«Physical Resistance Lv26» «Physical Immunity Lv23» «Magic Resistance Lv5» «Super HP Recovery Lv7»
«Immortal Royalty Lv18» «Royal Authority Lv18» «High Tier Immortal»


A Calm and Elegant Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.
Liberator of Belstead:  A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town East of Starting Town.
Liberator of Inbamunt: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town South of Starting Town.
Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.


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