49 Summer Means Camping Day 1

After walking a little, we find out that the location isn’t very large. But certainly, it would be troublesome if traveling was to take days when the event lasts only eight days.


[Ingredient] Indica Rarity: No Quality: C
Looks very delicious!
Even a small amount possesses enough neurotoxins to kill.
It will be detoxified by inserting into flowing water for five minutes.
Just putting it in water, even warm, is not enough.


...Since earlier all item descriptions have been so crude that they almost scream “identify this properly!”. Also, this one is nasty. It has a red and yellow gradient, are the colors and the shape is based on irwin mango?


On the way we started progressing along a riverside, we arrived at the lake, but… hm?


“Nnn… I don’t get this situation.”

“Aren’t they predators and prey? They look like frogs glared at by a snake...”

“That is what I would normally think, but...”


Both enemies are glaring at each other. So this event area’s AI is special after all?


“If we think of this as a map with a set food chain, this is not an event but a normal occurrence...”

“This is the edge of the lake, right? Aren’t there lots of enemies?”

“Indeed. We might have made a mistake. It must be their source of drinking water.”

“So they are predators aiming for herbivores who came to drink water… My «Sensing Danger» is reacting really strongly.”

“There are plenty of them hiding in the forest nearby.”


We too are hiding in the bushes, so we are no better than them.

There is an isolated Boar and Raptors surrounding him. It’s completely a scene of a hunt. The possibility of this being an event is so low that I feel sad.

There is a sea around the island, so the only places to drink water from are the lake and the river. A fairly large river is flowing from North and splits into two to the East and West. Still it feels like the encounter rate would be real high anywhere near them. Let’s be especially careful near water.


“This, going in is definitely not worth it...”

“In the worst case it will be consecutive battles. I do want to avoid dying during the event.”

“A serious survival feel has appeared, eh? Enemies are also having survival, though.”

“They are literally wild...”


Are Wyverns the top of the ecosystem? They do sound like they could eat Raptors, those Wyverns.

Ah, farewell, Mr. Boar


“What now?”

“I wonder.”

“Who knows...”


«Sensing»’s secondary Skill that is «Sensing Danger» shows the enemy’s position, but it does not reveal the type of the enemy.  Ah, something’s there… is all I feel. Thanks to the Skill evolving, it now shows on the map where the enemy is, which is pretty useful.


“Which of us is the one hiding… is the problem, isn’t it?”

“It would be easy if they weren’t hostile.”


After Raptors ate the Boar, they drank water and ran briskly North. Meal time is over.

A while later, the mobs that were hiding came out and started drinking water.


“Rat and bunny types.”

“They will go back right after drinking, right?”

“Probably won’t stay for long. The possibility of being eaten will increase.”

“There is no way those were all the Raptors there are, right? Making a base here won’t work...”

“That is unfortunate, but thankfully we can get water with magic, so we will manage somehow.”


Water, laundry, bathing. These are something we can deal with by using «Magic Ability»’s so-called household magic. In a sense, it is easier than real life, I guess? Although, the number of enemy creature encounter rate is far higher.

The problem is that there are no safe zones, so management of HP and MP might be difficult.


“Oh, Moonflower Grass”

“MP Potion material, was it?”

“Yeah that. It’d be better to gather it~.”


Most likely Ske-san wants to pass the Moonlight Grass to Salute-san...


“By the way Princess, what do you think of gathering?”

“By what you mean… ahh, whether these are limited?”


“...Was it judged separately for each of us?”

“There was no change there.”

“Then I think it has the game’s normal treatment. Let’s see… even if they did make it as real as possible… it should take about a day to recover?”

“Hm, I guess even this forest would go bald over the eight days.”

“Even if not everyone is here, there should be nearly 60,000 people here. It would be impossible if they did not recover...”

“PK itself is possible, so it would turn into a scramble.”


Ske-san wrote the lake’s information on the board, let’s share the information.


“Ol’ man and others are probably East~. Doesn’t seem like they were North.”

“Not everyone was able to join up yet, eh?”

“Seems like East still hasn’t, mm.”

“Would it count as joining up if I had #3 contact them?”

“Who knows how summons are counted...”


At the very least, just by looking at one it won’t be treated as joining up. When I sent #1 to investigate the landscape he should have entered their sight. Should I dispatch #3? ...It’s impossible for him to speak, if they attack before seeing the marker, it would be all over. Let’s stop here.


“...Oh my? That whole region has different leaves.……”

“You’re right. Some kind of material?”


After Raptors and the Boar had a fight and things calmed down a bit, we approached the calm lakeside to confirm it.

A little away Ske-san found a mass of Moonflower Grass. And then, in another place we found an area with different leaves. Let’s check it right away.


“Oh, these are carrots.”

“OHH, let’s gather!!”


We had Alf-san stay on guard and together with Ske-san, the two of us started gathering. We continue pulling them out one after another.


“Alrig… hm? What’s th...”





I was just kicked in the face by a carrot with a super sour face… THAT'S DISRESPECTFUL.


“Wh… what, what is this bizzare thing...”

“MandraGORUA! Sexy Radish family...”

“It’s completely a joke mob dammit!”

“Fufufu… it’s my first time, being kicked by a carrot...”


“Death sentence...”


I slash at the carrot that came kicking at me.





“Oh my? Can it be a Skill activated upon death?”


Along with the voice, there was a burst-like effect spreading in a circle, so it must have done something… but it had no effect on us.

It’s Mandragora’s joke mob version, so it would likely be Instant Death Status Ailment. But event rules-wise, it probably wasn’t it. With that said, it was most likely some kind of Status Ailment. And so, it does not work on us.


“Telling them apart with «Identification»… does work.”

“I can’t tell. «Cooking» must be the key, hm.”

“Likely so. And this guy… gives nothing does he...”

“So it’s just pure harassment? Wouldn’t be surprised with this management...”


We diligently gather real carrots. Although we tried pulling them out at the same time, it appears the mob placement is different for each of us.





He was kicked away. Starting from the second time, they kick really fast...

Looking sideways as Ske-san frequently gets kicked away, I continue gathering.




For some reason the kick’s knockback effect is pretty strong. Every time Ske-san pulls the thing out he gets kicked away.


“I guess this is about it for this area?”



At first Ske-san attempted to avoid it, but no matter how much he struggled he still got kicked right after pulling out, so he started to let himself be kicked as he looked at the board.

Honestly speaking, they are really weak, so he must have stopped thinking of it.


“Those little animals are looking at us like they REALLY want us to go elsewhere...”

“Should we aim for the big tree after all?”

“Looks like just strolling around is a good idea. Apparently there are things all over~.”

“So taking notes while walking around is the correct answer...”

“Exploration first, heh.”


Well then, let’s note what is where as we walk around.



We loiter around and gather. Meanwhile Ske-san leaves notes on the map. It will be easy to share the noted information later… he says.





Suddenly, my «Intuition» reacted, so I put my hand on the rapier’s handle.



“«Intuition» moved for a second...”

“But there’s nothing?”

“Hoon1I think this is a bone joke that he’s doing here and there, “bone” in Japanese is “hone” and Ske-san keeps doing “hoon(e)” instead of “hooh”. Oh well.? There’s something you two’s «Intuition» can’t find?”

“Magic Sight does not react to anything, either.”

“Doesn’t feel like our imagination, so maybe it was just that fast?”


It was the two of us at the same time, so it was not our imagination. In which case, we can assume that it has moved away before we managed to see it.

Since I can’t see anything with Magic Sight, it means it’s not an active camouflage type. All living creatures have Magic Power, so even if they are invisible, I still can see their magic. This is information I received from my master, granny Megan. Though apparently, there are «Magic Power Concealment» and «Magic Power Isolation» so I shouldn’t overestimate Magic Sight.


We continue exploring, but from time to time «Intuition» responds. It does have us curious, but it’s a mystery for now. Either we have someone’s interest, or are being observed...

Since we came to the island suddenly, it could be either of the two. Our party isn’t very fit to be aimed at as a prey, so that possibility is excluded.

That is under assumption that… they are intelligent enough. First of all, there is no guarantee that it’s the same individual...

In other words, there is not enough information at this point.


“I see, this is a grassland, hm?”

“Looks like it? But, what is this…?”

“....Scars after battle?”

“Looks like it, right…? I think it might be a good idea to take a position here...”


The open locations on this island are the coast on the outside, lake on the Western side and the central area. Thinking of putting up tents for camping, the beach would be difficult to use and the lake is animals’ drinking water source. In which case the last candidate is the central area...


“We should wait and see...”

“I am curious what those are, but there’s no other place to make a base, is there?”

“Ooh, isn’t that wheat growing over there?”

“Where each party makes a base is up to them, but this place certainly is one of the candidates. We can just leave the decision to others.”


I leave the writing on board to Ske-san and head to harvest wheat. There is a lot of wheat, a carpet of wheat is being swayed by wind.


“Ah, I have no sickle… let’s do it with my rapier.”

“We won’t use the lower part anyway, so it doesn’t matter, rite?”

“#1, hold the upper part.”



I have #1 hold it and cut below.



“By the way, how do you make it into flour?”



Oh my? Speaking of which, I have no tool to make it into flour. Historical age-wise… it would be a hand mill?


“...Right, we can ask Primula-san to use【Pulverise】on it, can’t we?”

“Ahh, «Woodcrafting» and «Mixing» types had it, right.”

“Well, it isn’t a cook’s specialization.”



Well, let’s harvest it for now.



“Phew… this should be it. Let’s pass it to someone who can process it.”

“Oh, there you are! HEEEY!”


Oh? A group of six wearing straw hats and overalls came. They hold hoes, sickles, forks, and look really like farmers. Heck, there’s “Peasant” written above their heads. Must be a title acquired from farming.


“Ho-hooh. Let’s turn the harvested wheat into flour.”

“Ah, if you can process it then please do.”

“No prob! This… will do as strong flour.”

“And these can be made into weak flouurr!”



“Then Princess, I will get to it right away.”

“Yes, please go on.”

“You can’t make bread with just strong flour, after allll.”


Six farmers have split into two groups of three, and holding sickles in their hands they started harvesting from one edge to another edge. Apparently from about halfway, the breed changes. I did not look carefully enough.


“That’s the top farmer players’ party~.”

“Their leader is Steiner. Remaining members are Bio, Biyo, Logical, Dynamic and Biodinami. Apparently their names come from Biodynamic Agriculture.”

“I-I see… That was in a way, the ultimate farming method, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. Force powers stuff aside, it’s a farming method mainly focused on using only natural materials. It should fit well in this game~.”

“There are Spirits in this game, too, right? And there are no chemical fertilizers here in the first place.”


In the real world it’s said to be a farming method that results in low quantity of crops, which directly hurts everyone’s pockets, so it is rarely used. And so, they are doing it in game instead. It doesn’t really seem like all of them are real farmers.


I look above and there, I find Mr. Sun. Position-wise, it’s noon, hm? It’s time for lunch, but… do you have lunch, everyone? Hahahaha.



“What is it?”

“I’ll make this into weak flour now, can I ask for bread for everyone?”

“Yeah, do you two mind?”

“No problem~.”

“I guess it’s fine?”

“Then let’s make it.”

“That helps!”


Since we have reached a plain, let’s have Alf-san and Ske-san take a look around with horses. They have nothing special to do for now, after all.




“I failed… there are so many things I’m missing...”

“Oh, it is survival after all. What exactly?”

“A container for yeast. Fruit and sugar, as well as salt. I can get a glass container and salt if I go to the coast, but...”

“Aaah… BIO!”




Bio-san who came over, took out an Appran.


“Appran won’t really work for making yeast...”

“Oh? The information… I see, yeah, not happening.. Nn… and strawberries?”

“Fragarias might work. If the base is sweet, there will be no need for sugar...”


I resummon #1 as a horse, no class customization. Just by summoning for triple cost makes it cost the same as class customization. It’s because the cost turns from two times to four times due to the size.

I call Ske-san back to me and receive the Alchemy Kit from him. I can’t do anything without it.


“I will go to the coast then.”

“A bone horse, hm? Will it work in the forest?”

“The speed will decrease, but it will be still faster than me walking.”

“I see… you are a Zombie, after all. Do your best.”


A temporary farewell to Steiner-san and others. I have #1 run South, #2 as wolf run next to me and #3 as an owl flies above.

I want to make my «Necromantic Secrets» go past 30 during this event. It’s at Lv27 so I think it’s doable. Once it’s Lv30, I will be able to give second tier Skills to my Servants, and should be able to summon minions of Lv30 types. It should reach Lv30 before my base does.

Well, according to Ske-san, until both base and Skill level are level 30, they won’t be marked as Lv30. In other words, Ske-san already has Lv30 of «Necromantic Secrets».


We rode, weaving our way through the trees and arrive at the coast. A fair number of people are enjoying fishing here, aren't there? The fruits were quite horrible, so I wonder how the seafood is.

While looking at people who stand in water as they fish, I resummon #1 again as a Skeleton and have him scoop sand to mass-produce glass.

I make glass into potion bottles, containers for making smoked food and yeast… and I need some as containers for spices like salt. The more containers and bottles I make, the better.


“Oh? Princess suddenly appeared, the real one.”


The way he said it, would suggest there’s a fake me, too? I haven’t heard of one before.


“Good day. Having big catches?”

“It could be kinda said that there are big catches… I guess?”

“Right. In the meaning of catch, there is a lot, but...”

“Ahhh… things that can’t be eaten?”

“Right on point… I do have «Cooking» so I can identify them, but… I brought fishing tools so I don’t have a Cooking Kit, y’know?”

“Guys on the other side are freediving, too.”


When he pointed in a direction, that moment there was a person whose head surfaced. Speaking of which, there were people who held harpoons, weren’t there.

I thought he would dive again, but he started swimming to the beach at full power.



『”A SHARK?!”』


A shark… I guess? Goblin Shark. It eats anything just like a goblin. Its face is also a little like a goblin’s? And there are six of them.

Moreover, they are dumb enough to have chased after the player to the shallows before deciding to go back, and started wriggling on the sand. Their heads are also goblin-level? They get hunted down by the fishermen and, farewell.


“Well, going in again. Those are some thrilling fish!”


Once again he shouldered a harpoon and went into the sea… he tried to go, but ended up coming back.


“Because of swimming, my Satiety is pretty low, so what do we do about food?”

“Let’s go gather some branches. You got Cooking, right?”

“I do. No Cooking Kit though.”

“I’ll go cut some wood, it’s better that I make it into firewood, rite.”

“Anyone got «Woodcrafting»? I want skewers. Let’s make it into grill on skewers. There was one like sweetfish, right?”

“Grilled fish with salt, hm. Sounds good… what about salt?”

“...How about dipping it in seawater?”

“Naw, that won’t work.”

“That’s too dynamic.”

“Then I will provide you with salt. #1, scoop seawater into this.”


“This helps. Princess, what about the Cooking Kit?”

“I have it. I borrowed this Alchemy Kit from Ske-san.”

“Then we’ll exchange the fish we can’t eat for salt. To be exact, the ones that we can’t grill on skewers.”

“I see, I don’t mind.”


I extract salt from the seawater #1 brought. I did leave a single bottle of nigari, but discarded the remaining part.

Let’s ask #2 to help too. I continue to single-mindedly extract salt from seawater. After securing enough for myself and to trade, I exchange the salt and return to the central part of the island.


“Oh, you’re back. We managed to process it somewhat.”

“I received some fish from people who were fishing.”

“Hoh, that’s good. For now we are trying to expand the field.”

“Will you be able to cultivate things?”

“Most likely, but… I wonder how long it will take for things to grow.”


So it’s a mystery whether you can harvest it before end, it can’t be helped I guess.

Let’s try making yeast right away. Ah,【Reaction Acceleration】is quite harsh on MP now, isn’t it? It takes a week to make Yeast so...


“Oh…? It takes only about half the usual time. Must be an event mechanic.”


The experienced time is slower than usual, too. Normally one day in the game takes six real hours, but one day in game is still one day. But days required-wise, it’s faster now… The time the clock tick-tocks has increased, but that’s all.

I receive strong flour and weak flour, then add salt and yeast to make base. I also fast-forward it about half of the originally required time, then after confirming it swelled, let’s start making bread.


“For now, I will bake enough bread for dinner, okay?”

“This helps! Farming is a physical labour, y’know. We get hungry fast.”


That freediving person also said Satiety goes down fast...

For now, let’s mass-produce bread for as long as ingredients allow me to. Feels like there will be plenty of people who did not eat lunch.

Using the large number of glass containers I made and Fragaria I received from Bio-san, I prepare yeast. The brick oven also works at full capacity.



A while later, Alf-san and Ske-san return. They brought a gift.


“We took a light look around, and there were herbs and stuff in the East~.”

“Also, something like this dropped.”


[Tool] Set of Magic Spices 2 Rarity: Ra Quality: C
You will become able to merge and use it once you gather all numbers.
Content: Se - cre - t


Ho-hoh…? From the looks of the icon, it seems there are numbers 1 to 6. It’s a mystery how it’s used, but if I gather five more...


“By the way Princess, did you notice the quest field?”

“Quest field? Oh, there’s an event mechanic to it now.”

“We noticed just earlier, too.”


Life on Deserted Island First Day 

You have drifted to a deserted island. Survive together with your comrades. Help (GM) should come in 8 days.

  1. Join up with comrades.
  2. Get a grasp on the island’s topography
  3. Secure food.
  4. Create a base to sleep in.


Looks like the 2. was already completed. We did a good job.

Objective 1 not being completed means that not everyone is connected to the boards yet?

Objectives 3 and 4 are, well… especially 3 is not an objective that can get “completed”.


If anything, this appears to be more of a goal to strive towards. Moreover, it’s not for a single player but an objective as a whole. To us, Immortals, the objective no. 3 is needless. And above all, 1. is up to each individual… right?

There is no reward displayed, so even if we complete the objectives our evaluation will not increase. While there is a possibility there is a secret bonus, let’s not think about it now.



When the sun started to set… in other words, in the evening, players started to come to the center.

And the sight I saw was acquaintances rushing toward «Cooking» holders.



“Oo, Stasha, gimme some food!”

“Tasha, I want to eat!”

“Princess, please give food!”

“Us too!”

“Take care of me!”



Well, naturally they also come to me.

Rina and Tomo, Abbie and Primula-san, Kotatsu-san, Ruzebarm-san, Musasabi-san, is it.


“Oh, there she is. Princess, is there any food?”

“Your place too, Cecil-san?”

“We’ll provide Wyvern meat in exchange.”

“Apparently dragon meat is really delicious. Are steaks okay?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll provide this.”

“This from me~.”

“I give this!”


[Tool] Sweets Baking Set Rarity: Ra Quality: C
A set of tools necessary for making sweets.
Can be integrated into the Cooking Kit.

[Tool] Barbecue Set Rarity: Ra Quality: C
A set of tools necessary for barbecue.
Can be integrated into the Cooking Kit.

[Tool] Noodle-Making Set Rarity: Ra Quality: C
A set of tools for making various noodle types.
Can be integrated into the Cooking Kit.


I received a Sweets Baking and Barbecue Sets.

Barbecue Set is a large grill that is direct flame, metal plate and roast-capable, it has skewers, tongs and a set of small plates. As an extra there were sweet and spicy barbecue sauces, as well as tare sauce for grilled meat. There’s also aluminium foil? So roasting in foil is also possible.

Sweets Baking Set has a large amount of forms for cookies, baking powder and hotcake mixes. Maple syrup and whip cream were also included.

Moreover, this barbecue grill works based on the holder’s «Cooking» Skill, but others can grill things on it. Barbecue was not the worst kind where one person has to do everything. ...Considering the number of people, the only choice now is doing barbecue.


I got a Noodle-Making Set from Abbie.

It’s a set of a tools that mixes ingredients you put in and a tool that makes various types of noodles and macaroni. Also, it’s a small type. It must mean that to mass produce these you must buy housing facilities. As an extra, there was sauce for mentsuyu and yakisoba


Kotatsu-san, Ruzebarm-san and Musasabi-san provided ingredients. Well, if they are providing ingredients, then just lending them the Barbecue Set is enough.

Ertz-san’s group provided, surprise, a bedding. Primula-san and Dantel-san have, to be precise though.


“Ohh, right. Salute-san.”

“What is it?”

“Have these, potion bottles and herbs.”

“Ohooo, this helps. Potion bottles were the weak point...”


Either «Alchemy» or «Glass-Crafting» type Skill is necessary for that, after all.

As for potions themselves, it’s best to pass these to Salute-san to get the most out of them, so I leave it to her. Ske-san doesn’t have Refining Circle Expansion Cores, so this is the best way to use the materials. If there was a problem, it would be the crafting speed.

Ohh, let’s set water on the Cooking Kit’s distiller. Salute-san will probably be using it.


Oh my, we managed to join up with passengers of all ships. The objective 1 was completed. With this, everyone can use the boards. There probably are people who do not bother with them, but that’s up to them personally, so let’s ignore them.


At this rate we will enter dinnertime… For now let’s split all the materials I have and leave skewering them to others. The participation requirement being a provider of meat should be good enough.

After slicing meat to a certain extent, I start frying steaks for Cecil-san’s party.


“My, everyone is here together.”

“HE HE HE, ain’t it all the BIG folk!”


There’s Mead-san and… a very deep(?) person has come with her...


“Hihehe, ‘s my first time talkin’ with Princess, eh? Heya, I’mma Mohican. Am like this, but take care of meh.”

『”O-ohh… pretty proper…”』

“In general I see no problem with people as long as words get through to them, please take care of me.”

“GYAHAHAHA, as expected of a PRINCESS! Ain’t you BIG in more ways than one!”



Hm? Mohican… ahh, it’s the “Irrational-looking and vulgar guy speaking rational things” person that was on the progression board.

So Mohican-san is a full-on RPer. Despite what he says, his line of sight isn’t going to my chest. A flat chest lover… is probably not the case here. It’s completely the type that loses out on the appearance, and yet he still takes that character, hm? What makes him so attracted to it?

He might be very serious in real. Is this the backlash? Makes me kind of… want to see how he is in real...


“I would also like some, can I?”

“There is no problem as long as you bring ingredients for barbecue.”

“Is meat okay?”

“That’s the main ingredient, so there is no problem. Everyone eats their fill as you see.”

“I wanna sum hand-cookin’!”

“Here you go.”



Seeing a raw skewer I extended, he froze for a second, but then he checked the barbecue grill and must have realized there is no need for «Cooking». He immediately accepted and went to grill it by himself… I see, so he’s a good person as long as you aren’t bothered by the way he looks and speaks. And since I am not bothered by how people look and speak, it seems like we will get along from here on. There is no sarcasm or snide feel coming from him.

I kind of feel that is the correct way to RP. The character direction aside, his attitude is splendid.


I pass Wyvern Steaks to Cecil-san’s party.


“Let’s see...”


“Yup, it’s tasty!”

“It’s better than Rump Steak isn’t it? It must be the difference in meat.”

“It’s really good… Do we aim for them again?”

“Yup, if there’s a chance I want to go after them again.”


It was really tasty, the Wyvern. It might be good to challenge them for leveling.

Now, next is… ohh, right.


“Mead-san, how was the big tree?”

“There was nothing special there.”

“Either there is nothing there from the start or… it will take a few days for an event to trigger...”

“For now we learned that there is nothing there now, so that’s good enough.”


In the middle of conversation with Mead-san, Rina set up a large piece of meat to roast, that should be enough meat for her for a while.

On the grill’s net I set some shellfish that don’t need any special preparation. Someone will probably eat it.

Next, I prepare some fish that have non-edible internals and open them up, then together with vegetables I roast them in aluminium foil.


“Princess! IT’S DONE!”

“Mhm, it’s a masterpiece.”


Each of the crafters have immediately started working on making various things.

Primula-san and Dantel-san are making beds, aren’t they.


“What a nice bed with a canopy...”

“A Princess’ must have, isn’t it?”

“It’s made with wood, but it should stop insects from entering.”

“It does feel a little wasteful to use it just for a few days, but… let’s use it with gratitude.”




The two passed the bed to me and joined the barbecue party.


“My, what a nice bed. I want one too.”

“I sleep with Tasha!”

“Mmh, nice idea.”

“Well, it’s this big. It’s been a while since we slept together, the three of us.”



In the end, they started a party which continued until the night came. I’m surprised the ingredients managed to hold out?

While there is still time, let’s prepare breakfast for this group. I make a meal for Rina’s, Tomo’s and Ellie’s, Ertz-san’s, Cecil-san’s, Kotatsu-san’s, Ruzebarm-san’s, Musasabi-san’s and Steiner-san’s parties', as well as portions for Mead-san and Mohican-san

I could do it after I wake up, but it’s better to pass it to them while they are still up. When I look at it like this, the number of my acquaintances really increased.

I sandwich the meat I fried between pieces of bread and pour in some barbecue sauce, it should be good enough.


“Sorry there, this really helps.”

“Oh no, I do expect some «Cooking» souvenirs in return.”


Yes, I’m not doing it out of good will alone. I can expect much of these people, so this is an investment. Fufufufu.

With that said, even if I did not give them anything, these members would bring things to me. But that would leave only me benefitting, and that’s not nice, which is why I at least prepare a meal for them. Give and take, win-win is the basics of interaction. Especially in a game like this, since everyone wants something here.



It has turned completely dark,【Lights】have appeared all over in the surroundings, and a large moon appeared in the sky. It’s a wonderful sight on VR’s deserted island.


“You look sleepy, Princess?”

“It’s time to sleep.”

“What about us? Wanna do some night hunting?”

“Our stats will go up and enemies might change. Can take a look and then go to sleep.”

“It’s the first day, too. Let’s do so.”


Apparently Alf-san and Ske-san go to take a look around and go to sleep after that. I am a resident of the night, but I’m going to sleep. I’m a healthy zombie.


“Do we need to keep watch as a countermeasure against monsters and PKs-degozaruna?”

“With that said, ain’t it enough that we sleep just a little later? We’re the combat groups’ top.”

“Well, I guess that’s about it-degozaruka.”

“Doesn’t it feel that during this event, PK only serves as harassment?”

“Yep. I can go to sleep later.”

“I can go later too-degozaruyo.”

“Really? Then maybe I should go early. We can leave the morning to Princess and others.”

“I think I should get up between five and six in the morning.”

“Roger. I guess some folks are so excited they won’t be able to sleep anyway, eh...”


We leave the adjustments to Cecil-san.

In this area that’s an opening in the forest, there are beds, sleeping bags and tents. Feels like the extent of your acquaintance with others directly affects how comfortably you get to spend time on this deserted island.

Let’s go to sleep in my bed with canopy right away. I call Ellie and Abbie, Rina also crawled in like it was natural. Letie-san and Dorie-san will apparently keep watch nearby for a while.

Well then, good night.



『”There are four pretty girls sleeping there… AND WE CAN’T SEE THEIR SLEEPING FACES! WHO WAS IT! THE DUMBASS WHO PUT A CANOPY ON ITTT!”』

『”Hm? I succeeded as a craftsman, but did I fail as a man? Well, it’s a masterpiece, give up.”』


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