More After...

——When he opened his eyes, he saw azure color.

An azure-colored field spreading everywhere.

The twilight sky with various colors mixed together in it was not cracked nor collapsing.

It was just a beautiful scenery, extending into the distance.

When he breathed in, he felt a sweet scent. And a soft and warm sensation on his head.

He raised his head as if turning over in sleep.

There, stood a girl with a gentle expression.

Like a mother, like a goddess, she looked soft and sacred.

Looking up at her, the young man reached out towards her cheek.

The girl appeared to immerse dearly in the sensation of the hand touching her cheek as she looked down at him.

"...It has been a while, Host."

"............I knew that you were always by my side."

Hearing Takeru's words, Lapis smiled broadly.

Takeru too, made a light smile.

"...Did I die?"

"No. You have kissed the newborn children you had with your wife and headed to sleep. Please rest assured. When the morning comes, you will return to happy days."

"............I see."

Making a relieved, and at the same time slightly lonely expression, Takeru looked at Lapis.

"Why did you come to meet me?"

"I do not know. The only thing I did in the world as the God, was restoring your body back to normal. That is why me being inside your dream can only be said to be a miracle."


"If anything... it might be because you have accomplished your goal. With that, mine and your connection must have been restored."

Although she didn't know, thinking that way would make her happy, is what Lapis said.

Takeru stroked Lapis' cheek time after time again.

"Did I... fulfill my promise?"


"I saved everything, right?"


"...I see."

He closed his eyes as if relieved. This time, Lapis pat his head.

"...Was it unexpected whom I choose?"

"No, not even a little? It was very much like you, Host."

"It was quite difficult, y'know? There was actually a huge quarrel about that."

Takeru spoke excitingly, happy to chat with her.

They talked about various things. He conveyed many happy memories to her.

But for some reason he felt very sleepy, although he wanted to talk lots, he felt comfortable with his head stroked and dozed off.

"Hey... Lapis, I have much more I want to talk about..."

"I am always by your side."

I know that. I always felt it. Even though he held a sword devoid of warmth, he noticed that she was by his side. Even though he couldn't see her, he felt her existence.

However, he couldn't help but wish for time where he could touch her like this.

"...We'll meet again, right?"

"Yes... definitely. From now on, we can meet any time in your sleep."

Hearing that, relieved from the bottom of his heart, Takeru breathed out deeply. He stopped resisting sleep and entrusted himself to the calm.

Wind blew.

Petals danced in the air soundly,

"...Host, do you remember the contract with me?"

A gentle voice had made his eardrums tremble.

Yeah, of course. I remember.

Takeru responded inside his heart.

There was no way he would forget.

His answer to those questions haven't at all changed since then.

—— Question one. Do you have an intention of becoming an inquisitor? ——

—— Question two. Do you have an intention of exterminating witches? ——

—— Question three. Will you discard yourself for the sake of your goal? ——

—— Question four. Will you discard what you hold dear for the sake of your goal? ——

—— And,

"This is the last question."

——The last question was,

"Host... are you now happy?"

Opening his heavy eyelids in the end, Takeru looked at Lapis' smiling face under the twilight sky.

There was no need for tears. After all, this wasn't a parting.

Days full of happiness would continue from here on.

That's why Takeru enjoyed this moment as he answered.

"Yeah... thanks to you being with me, I am very, very happy."

There was a beautiful smile in front of him.

Petals danced in the sky, gentle wind blew around them.

The sensation of his head being pat invited sleep.

He fell asleep inside his dream.

Takeru who had finished all his battles, once again returned into his happy life.

"I too am... very happy thanks to being with you, Host."

Embraced by this azure warmth, he fell into tranquility——

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  1. Ace

    Great Ending! I think that what a lot of series r missing. Even though many fight and fight, whats gonna happen next. Some main characters just want to stop and find happiness in their life. Even though I wasn't really a fan of this series and found this by accident I love this ending cause now Takeru finally found peace and happiness.Thxs for the Translation!

    1. freakazoidian

      It definitely ended with a forbidden love. His answer was a taboo so he can't directly say it but it was pretty obvious.

  2. Xaelath

    Been a while i actually seen this good ending..
    I almost cried to see its finally over.

    "I too am... very happy thanks to being with you, Host."

    Embraced by this azure warmth, he fell into tranquility——

  3. Z@It0

    Well if you think it can be harem ending because if you have newborn child you sleep with all you wife relly? Then author is play safe after all

  4. Fang9029

    I don't think who he end up with matters as it is based on who the reader likes best. What's really important here is he is finally fulfilled and happy in the end, and to me that's a very smart way to end the story.

  5. Haseo0408

    Thank so much Kry-san You have done a lot for us by tanslating this series! Now please anyone could give me a PDF of the last volume, I have the last 3 on hold to read the entire last arc in one go!.

  6. ArisuSaiouji

    It's definitely best girl Haunted-chan isn't it?
    He changed his gender just to do a troll and make everyone despair that way.

  7. Tehcoopatroopa

    I'm gonna choose to believe that the original Japanese text doesn't specify a singular wife and allows for the option of "everyone" to work.

    Why can't harems work in the end ;-;

  8. Dman21

    I'm glad I stuck with you to the end Krytykal . Thank you very much for all the work you've done for us moochers. This deserves a side story about the quarrel. Surprisingly happy ending to a dark/serious novel.

  9. nyaan

    this is how you do an ending with a series that has many great heroines. ambiguous which allows readers to choose who Takeru ends up with and it does not really erase the possibility of a harem or the incest. I wish Oreimo had ended similar to this.

  10. ian_mc

    Wait, who did he choose???? It doesnt say! Unless im dumb and dont get the subtle hints. please help me /.\

  11. Uri

    Its been so long since I first began reading this series. I have read it multiple times as I await new releases. Now my mind is filled with images of Takerus new life ( secretley desiring it to be a harem ending(maybe?)) Thank you Krytyk and the author for this series

  12. TheQwertiest

    Oh, c'mon! Nazi's?! Really?!
    And that deus ex nazi Kiseki cure...
    I would've consider this 'true' cringe-worthy ending a total failure, If not for Lapis.

    Thankfully the novel stayed consistently awesome (right till the 'true' ending), unlike many others, so kudos to the author =)

  13. Kemm

    Such a tease, the author. The only one we know for sure is not is Kiseki.

    Thanks for your work. Next OSO is main or little sister spin-off?

    1. woodthing97

      The author only show Kiseki's inner thoughts but it did not completely remove the possibility of Takeru choosing her. Take note that his choice was unexpected, difficult and that there was a quarrel about it. It is either a harem ending or he ended up choosing his sister. I doubt that it is a harem because he himself made it clear that it is not "everyone". This was noted as Kiseki's thoughts.

      However, the one who can make him happy as a man is definitely someone else other than her. Therefore, Kiseki had decided to make him happy as his little sister.
      From the bottom of her heart she felt okay with it.
      ——So, who on earth will her older brother choose?
      Kiseki had ended her first date with her brother while looking forward to that.

      If Tekeru ended up choosing her regardless, there would definitely be a huge quarrel between them. It is the most unexpected outcome for Kiseki considering that he previously dumped her and infuriating as well since she already gave-up on that possibility. This outcome also explains why he is persistent on telling it only once it is all over. If he is really dead serious on making her happy, I can't think of anything that could make her happier than choosing her. Too bad we did not get to see it firsthand.

      Her sleep talking probably did a number on him considering that they "always" sleep together at night.

      "Liar. Several times I've heard "I want Onii-chan's baby" come up in your sleep-talk."

  14. Abedeus

    A bit of a cop-out, but at least not a harem/open ending.


    Thanks for wrapping up the series, much appreciated.

    1. Kurtz

      It is kind of an open ending. The reader get to pick their waifu route in the end.

  15. RozenMaiden

    Ugh, fine then. At least Lapis come back and Haunted is (implied) killed after his rematch. Who's the wife isn't my concern, i rooted for all of them. Anyway, THANKS FOR YOUR TRANSLATIONS!!! My gratitude Krytykal-san. Ican't give you anything more than thanks. So, thanks for everything.

    1. Victor Rama

      Nuh! Haunted must not dieeee.
      He should be like, whenever things goes fine and nice, pops out and do hia thing.

  16. Mincheriit

    Thanks for the chapter and epilogue.
    Damn the feels.
    The void in my soul has returned.
    We dont know who he chose but at least he chose someone :)
    Yay Lapis is back.


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