It has been a while. Yanagimi Touki here.

This volume is protagonist's, Takeru's story. I think it's a bit, or rather, quite serious story. Did you enjoy it? If you did, then I'm really happy.

Now, little sister. Little sister's turn. In a way, it's in a form of the little sister boom that recently started to subside.

I want a little sister like this too〜, or, I want to be attacked by a little sister like that too〜, is what I kept in mind when I was envisioning the little sister. And there, I added just a little bit of evil god spice in there. Recently, cute evil gods are quite popular, like U— or Nya—, is what I felt like saying. Oh well, I have no principles. How sly aren't I, hahaha.

——How did it turn out like this.

...weird. At first it started off with a Magical Girl Kiseki kind of feel...


Jokes aside, to the main subject.

The theme this time was 'a problem one can't do anything about'.

Even among you readers, there are some who encounter such problems.

Having to balance out various things, distressing, pondering, wondering, unable to find an answer. 'It's all correct' or, being told 'you decide' and worrying. And yet, having to decide despite every choice leading to ruin for you.

What is the correct answer? That's the theme I used.

His final choice was a correct one, and yet...


In the entire story, there were various developments.

Of course, there's Takeru's little sister who was known only by name, or the two appearing. Finally the Christmas has come and yet the characters didn't get a Christmas event at all. Atoning for that with a miniskirt Santa. And more than anything, the truth revealed in epilogue.

What will the scattered 35th Test Platoon do from now on...

Next time, it will be the story about the magical side that's been shrouded in mystery, I'll do something concerning Mistilteinn, Lapis. Also, adding something about the new disciple, the blue girl would be nice. It's still continuing. Please look forwards to it.

...ah, this time, I am not going to talk about boobs. A-as for that, expect it in the volume 6 as well!


Now, credits. The one whom I probably inconvenienced the most this time, S-sama who's in charge of me. To the one who properly finished all the illustrations despite having a busy schedule, thigh-loving Kippu-sama. Hanao-sensei who always raises my motivation with the comic version. Everyone in Fujimi Shoubou who supported this work,

And all of you who have picked up and read this book, you have my thanks from the depths of my heart. Now then, let's meet again in the sixth volume!

Yanagimi Touki

7 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Anonymous

    Why does the comic raise the author's motivation instead of depressing him?
    Maybe that's why he is a sadic that made me cry this whole volume
    Thanks for the translations!

  2. Oddmoonlight

    Kippu-sensei, if I remember right he also draws for Nou-rin right? <.< I wish he prioritized 35th more... This book lack at least 2 crucial illustrations if not 3...

    1. krytyk Post author

      It also depends on how much time illustrator has. If he's short on time, it would be hard for him to bring out a completely new design like Ouka's witch hunter form. That needs careful consideration and consultation with the author and editors and stuff.

      There's a lot of superimposing factors so don't blame him~.


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