Chapter 1 - Thorns and Archeni

The school's hallway. Seeing the class committee member, Endo-san whose features were lower rim glasses and a long braid was carrying a large amount of what seemed to be notes and submissions. I decided to help her out and during the short while we carried them we exchanged information about OSO amongst each other.

"Hey, Shun-kun. Do you remember the planter I spoke with you about?"

"Ah, that story item for gardening? What about it?"

I remember well the story we talked about when we chatted about nothing in particular. While I thought so, I listened to what Endo-san had to say.

"I thought of going to take a look at it, but I don't know where they sell it. Would you come with me?"

"Oh, I see. Certainly it's hard to describe with words how to find it."

I recalled the NPC that was selling the store items for gardening. The location was in the back alley, since it's quite far in the back of it it's hard to explain the route, just one turn was enough to get it wrong.

The reason I have entered that back valley was because I was exploring the town for a change of the mood. Since muffling myself up in the 【Atelier】 was not good for mental health, other than to library I went to purchase stationery supplies like notes and fountain pen, I also walked around looking for a store that sold agricultural and gardening items for plowing the fields.

Other than that there was a vacant relaxation with lots of free space and grass growing in there, I really liked its atmosphere.

"But, why?"

"No, um, the reward from the raid quest last time. Mine was, um... a seedling."

"Oh, I get it."

The raid quest related to Wisteria Peach Tree. Endo-san and I who participated in it have received reward for clearing it. One of the reward items was an item called 【Wisteria Peach's Seedling】.

By planting and growing it, one could collect a Wisteria Peach Petal every day, they were one of the ingredients used in crafting Revival Medicine.

And, the 【Wisteria Peach's Seedling】 that was planted in the field behind the 【Atelier】 grew larger every day, it's been five days now, once it reaches its maximum size it will be possible to collect up to ten petals a day.

However, since there were very few player who owned a field like I do, there were many players who couldn't use it.

"Certainly, it can't be helped if I only got a seedling. People might say."

"It's quite hard to use, right? I looked into it and it seems like it won't grow fully, but the collected amount will increase to a certain extent."

"Got it. But, that shop is only open during the day so I'll take you there tomorrow. It's the weekend so that's perfect."

"Understood. In any case, today's an update and we can't log in anyway. Well then, I'll be looking forward to it."

After that, I exchanged some more information with Endo-san and spoke of tomorrow's meet-up, after which I went home.


And, the next day. I logged in and headed to Endo-san's, no, since it's the game character - Emily-san's store to pick her up.

The sign in the back of an obscure alley where sun didn't reach marked the store for crafters called 【Material Merchant】.

"Hello. Emily-san, are you here?"

"Yes, Yun-kun. I've been waiting. Well then, let's go."

Emily-san put on a hat and a mask, transforming into masked beauty Emilio she went outside.

"So you're going to wear it outside after all."

"I got used to it."

She put on a bitter smile.

"Even though your real face looks great."

"Even if you drop such a pick up line, with a girl's appearance it doesn't feel like one."

"No, I didn't intend to say any pick up lines. Also, I'm also bothered about my character's appearance."

I took the long hair that extended down to my waist in my hand and heaved a sigh.

As a result of receiving a character's body correction during the character edit, I ended up with this female character I am now.

"Since your identity is known by Taku now, there's no real reason to wear it, right?"

"Aah, I guess. But, isn't it more mysterious this way?"

She slid the mask to the side and sent me a wink. Certainly, it could be considered a fashion item just like glasses.

Also, Emily-san's mask, 【Mask of Pain Receiving】 was useful as equipment since it was a good measure of armour durability consumption.

Together with Emily-san we passed through the main street, although our goal was the shop that sold gardening items, somehow the town seemed different from usual.

"It kinda looks like it's more lively today than usual."

"That's because it's right after the update. Everyone wants to enjoy the new content even if just a little bit earlier."

Told that I once again looked around and saw players who were so restless it seemed like they would jump out somewhere, squirming, they looked around nervously as if searching for something.

"When the announcement after the update comes, the time-limited Fairy Quest will begin. Also, it seems like unique boss will appear randomly in the field. Other than that, there are various minor additions as well as bug fixes, there's lots of it."

"A Fairy Quest and unique boss huh."

I wonder about those, I muttered. Fairies could be called an exemplary element of fantasy worlds. Since Letia's tamed mob Fairy Panther also had fairy-like translucent wings, I guess it's something like a tiny human with that kind of wings? I tried imagining it.

"Well, I intend to start it once there's enough information, I guess, I'm not in much of a hurry."

"Ahh, I guess it's the same for me."

Since I had no motivation to become a pioneer for the quest myself, inside my mind I sent encouragement towards the squirming players who looked for fairies and headed towards the store with gardening items in the back alley together with Emily-san.

In there, we found the speciality store with planters under eaves full of blooming flowers. At the moment, the clerk NPC was watering the flowers.



The NPC clerk that looked like a florist girl had bowed and entered the store.

In there, in addition to the flowers that were outside under the eaves, there were also gardening items.

Flower seeds, seedlings and consumables. Pot and planters for growing plants. Fertilizers for improving the quality of the grown plants, there were various different categories of items.

"Hee, there's lots of things. Hey, what's that big tool?"

Emily-san ignored the tools she understood the usage of and stood in front of a tool that stood out conspicuously.

It had a semi-spherical cover and a tray placed on top of it, a magical circle was sketched on the lump of iron. I remember having a similar question when I first came here myself.

"That's——a Seed Maker."

"Seed Maker? You mean it can make seeds?"

"Ah, for example if you put a herb in this pan, you can get its seed. In other words, if you harvest the planted herb you receive one herb for one seed, so theoretically, you can increase the amount of the herb of one type."

"So it's the same as 【Alchemy】's 《Lower Matter Conversion》. But, with the way you said it, it feels like there's a catch."

Theoretically, because of that word Emily-san looked at me with suspicion, but she was completely right.

"Actually, its conversion efficiency is bad. 【Alchemy Skill】 converts one herb into two seeds, this Seed Maker here converts one to one."

"Ah, so it's backwards compatible with 【Alchemy】 Sense."

In fact, the 【Alchemy】 Sense's efficiency was poor in the first place, hearing that this was even less efficient Emily-san made a slight grimace.

"Then, that picture frame?"

"That's——"It's a Green Frame.""

As I was at loss for words, not knowing it, the NPC approached from behind, explaining.

"It's a product that we have acquired recently. If you set it to the side and plant a seed inside, it turns into a three-dimensional interior for a plant."

Now, it's just a white frame, but if it's complete it turns into this, She had displayed the real thing.

The herb would pop out from the frame and grow straight towards the sun, the plants would extend and twist its ivy to hook itself into the frame creating a natural art. This was a short frame with a single side for short moss-like and grass-type short plants that grew thick.. There were various types of frames in the store.

"This is a small version, but a bigger one would be good for planting a seedling in."

"Hee, so you didn't know, Yun-kun. Which means, this might be one of many minor items added with the update."

Somehow it feels like I profited, Emily-san quietly muttered and touched the moss' frame, stroking it.

She stroked comfortable cool and moist moss, enjoying it innocently. Next, Emily-san enjoyed the stimulus of scratchy grass, before focusing on the moss again.

This is... it seems like she won't come back for a while. Thinking so, I went to the front of the store to enjoy the greenery and flowers, waiting until Emily-san is satisfied.

"I'm satisfied. Now, let's buy a plant pot and go back."

"So you're not buying a frame."

"If it's patting things slime-type and beast-type synthetic mobs are enough. Let's return immediately."

With that said, she purchased a large plant pot and planter from the NPC and carried them inside the inventory.

Since I had fertilizer I could put inside the plant pot, we headed to the 【Atelier】 first.

However, on the way back Emily-san made a few small detours to do item delivery as 【Material Merchant】.

And, after going around a several shops, delivering items Emily-san stopped by a store of her acquaintance crafter.

"Welcome, miss 【Material Merchant】. There's something I'd like to consult you about, is it all right?"

"What is it? If it's work as 【Material Merchant】 then you're welcome to. But before that, I need to deliver materials."

After Emily-san had passed tailoring materials to her acquaintance tailor, I attended the two's consultation.

"Hey, Miss 【Material Merchant】, could you prepare a lot of this item?"

After the delivery of tailoring materials, the female crafter pulled out a bunch of a certain thread.

"What's this?"

"Ah, Metallic Thread. And copper-coloured too."

While Emily-san tilted her neck in wonder, I muttered the name of the material I was familiar with.

"Oh my, the girl over there, you're really up to date with news. You've got good info there."

"No, I'm a man, you know.."

"It's a new material that began to circulate today."

Hey, "ignoring my remark?" I wanted to retort, but the female crafter explained meanwhile.

What mob drops it, what is it crafted from, it was a mysterious material. Although she meaningfully explained it like that, the truth was that Letia's tamed mob was eating metallic materials and ejected it as thread. Since it was too exaggerated I felt like exposing it all.

"So, I want the same material or similar. The moment I saw it a lot of different clothes came to my mind!"

I looked away as the female crafter emphasised strongly, but Emily-san put on a big smile, motivated.

"Fufufu, being presented with the possibility of a new material, as 【Material Merchant】 I want to complete it no matter what."

"Ohh, seems like some switch went on."

"Tough like metal, flexible like silk. It's a material suitable for making the whip part of my connecting sword."

As Emily-san confirmed the properties of the Copper Metallic Thread, her eyes sparkled. Emily-san was a crafter after all. Once it comes to her speciality, her switch is flipped on. I thought, looking into the distance.

And, having my shoulder tapped by Emily-san I returned to reality.

"So, Yun-kun, how did you know about it so fast? It started to circulate just today."

"Eh, ah, Emily-san, you're being really scary..."

"I'm not scary or anything. Just, I want information I can use for coming up with 【Synthesis】 pattern. That's why, tell me everything you know."


Unable to go against her, I nodded obediently.

After that, when we finished deliveries and returned to the 【Atelier】 I explained in detail.

"I see, so Metallic Thread comes from Letia's Ragi. With just Letia alone, there's no way she'll be able to keep up with balancing the supply and demand."

She sipped the tea and let out a heavy sigh.

From the renovated wooden deck I looked towards the field, drinking tea. I asked Kyouko-san the NPC to replant the seedling into a plant pot and explained the other matter to Emily-san.

"I certainly have tried combining sewing-type materials with metal-type materials. I tried the combination of the materials you have listed and it all failed."

"They were 90% failures, were they."

Some of the attempts have succeeded, but the result was an item different from Metallic Thread.

"Letia didn't forbid you from speaking about it. In other words, she must be annoyed with how troublesome it has become. Also, it's so that information was passed along to me."

Since it's hard to find my store she didn't even try looking for it, did she. Said Emily-san and taking the mask off, smiled bitterly. Certainly, Emily-san's store was in a back alley in a hard to find place, but Letia could also just tell her about it through friend call. She had thought its too troublesome to explain it a few times, I ended up thinking.

"Let's see. I have one-sidedly elicited information from you so, Yun-kun. How about you pair up and make 【Metallic Thread】 together with me?"

"If I could help you out, who's much better at handling 【Synthesis】 then I'd be glad. But is that to any benefit for you, Emily-san?"

"Yun-kun, I would benefit greatly from that. Making a 【Synthesis】 recipe is a difficult matter."

Emily-san who combined multitude of materials using 【Synthesis】 and 【Alchemy】 seemed to have been in middle of a war with materials and money.

There was a limit to the amount of materials she could gather by herself. To compensate for that she increased the amount of her comrades by synthetic and alchemic mobs, fighting. However, she needed material to maintain them, too.

Since there was a limit to how much she can do alone, she purchased materials from others and made a new material to sell it for profit, it was a handful.

In particular, the materials with very low demand and high difficulty of mobs to defeat to obtain were either difficult to obtain or very expensive, making it impossible to obtain the required number.

"That's why, I'd like to cooperate with someone else who has the same goal in order to complete the recipe. With just this, once we go to the area and the amount of mobs we defeat increases, the costs will decrease."

I was impressed hearing her quiet emphasis.

Certainly, I was weak at first. I struggled all alone. Even now I struggle. And, until my store had started functioning in a stable manner I suffered lack of money. The times when I had three or four digit amounts of money were nostalgic.

That's why, I offered to cooperate with her.

"Let's do our best together. No, please let me help!"

"Thanks, Yun-kun——actually, during the fight with Garm Phantom a while ago I have exhausted almost all of my synthetic and alchemic mobs."

"Did you say something?"

Since I couldn't hear Emily-san's subdued mutter starting from the middle part, I asked for her to repeat.

"Yeah, well. We need to gather a lot of thread samples. The material I couldn't collect myself are——"

Emily-san mentioned several types of mobs. We have immediately headed out to hunt them.



The materials we need are 【Archeni Silk Bag】, Magical Silk Scraps and Magical Bamboo.

The place in which you could obtain each of them was completely different, but two of them are materials front-lines players like Taku, Myu and the others bring to 【Atelier】.

And, the only material for which we were missing enough samples was 【Archeni Silk Bag】 obtained from Archenis, to obtain it we have come to the Mine Dungeon nearby third town, and went down the stairs to the third level of the Area A.

"Uehh, it feels like it's been a while since I was this deep inside here."

Last time I was here to fight a boss for guild establishment quest, but this time we have proceeded even further than that.

"Yun-kun, are your preparations all right?"

"Yeah. Both Senses and consumables."

Possessed SP23

【Bow Lv40】 【Longbow Lv14】 【Sky Eyes Lv5】 【Speed Increase Lv28】 【See-Through Lv15】 【Magic Talent Lv46】 【Magic Power Lv49】 【Enchant Arts Lv26】 【Dosing Lv28】 【Cooking Lv27】


【Alchemy Lv32】 【Synthesis Lv33】 【Engraving Lv2】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv34】 【Taming Lv8】 【Earth Element Talent Lv19】 【Linguistics Lv18】

Once again I confirmed my Senses and started to worry if I can fight well enough with them.

"It's okay. Compared to third level of Area B, Area A is all right for our levels. Surely."

"It might be so but..."

The Mine Dungeon wasn't like a common dungeon where the aim was to follow straight route towards the bottom.

Each level was wide and complex, and had more than one exit.

In the third level's Area A Archeni's emerged and in Area B Orc-type mobs assaulted players in formations.

The Area A was a narrow and dim cave, and the Area B was bright and wide enough for a full party to fight comfortably. Each area had their own characteristic.

The Mine Dungeon's lowest levels were still unexplored, seeing a large increase in difficulty with each level you descended, I got nervous.

"C'mon, we can't help it even if we stand here forever, let's go."

"Uuh, I get it."

Resolving myself, I went down to the third level.

In this darkness specific to cave dungeons my grown 【Sky Eyes】 Sense gave me a night vision capability and I could grasp firmly what's ahead. There, I could see the Archenis, spider-human mobs we were aiming for. From the chest and above they had human bodies and below of the chest they had bodies of a spider, including both spiders arm's and legs.

"Somehow, they look less human than I thought they would."

"Well, these are just small fry Archenis, the Arachne boss feels more like a human."

So to speak, Archenis were in 30% human and 70% spider. After we went down to the third level, it had approached us moving along the ceiling of a narrow tunnel.

"They have irregular movements so be careful!"

"Got it!"

"Yun-kun, support."

"《Enchant》——Attack, Defence, Speed!"

I overlapped three different enchants on Emily-san, reinforcing her stats.


It swung up its forelegs and looking at us with its spider compound eyes in a human's face, it bared fangs in intimidation.


Emily-san raised her long sword above her head and swung it to receive the crossed forelegs, but she didn't deal any damage. However, as she immediately pulled away, I shot an arrow towards the Archeni whose movement was stopped.

"——《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》!"

I used an art in the narrow tunnel without any place to run to, striking the Archeni.

The arrow had slipped through the forelegs and gouging a big hole in the human body part, it pierced the wall of the tunnel.

The moment the arrow struck, even over the distance I felt a very soft sensation. As the Archeni's defence broke greatly Emily-san pressed onto it.


A single slash of the long sword. The human head was cut off and the Archeni broke into light particles.


"Yun-kun, what is it?"

As if to ascertain the soft sensation I felt, I gripped my palm several times, causing Emily-san to ask curiously.

"Its torso was quite soft, I mean, the damage entered really well."

Maybe Archeni's weakness is the torso. Next time, let's use 【Cooking】's 《Ingredients Knowledge》 to examine it.

While I considered the arrangements for the next fight, Emily-san confirmed the drop from Archeni through the menu.

"Well then, the first drop is... Archeni's leg."

"Do you know how the way to use it?"

"It seems to be delicious, kind of like a crab."

She took out the long leg out of the inventory and showed it to me. Certainly, the appearance was was very similar to that of a crabs, but considering the human element I lost the appetite.

"Somehow, I don't feel like eating it."

"What are you saying. I haven't tasted half-human meat until now so I'd like to try it."


"The meat of the Orcs that appear in Area B is the representative of the kind. It's quite popular food considering it adds ATK."

I didn't really want to hear that. Thinking so, I continued to explore the third level.

The passage was narrow and the Archenis very rarely grouped up together. In case there were two or three of them, I lured one with an arrow and Emily-san would finish them off.

We could avoid the traps and Archeni's surprise attacks thanks to 【See-Through】 Sense.

"They aren't too strong after all."

"What's strong, is the Arachne boss' special attack. Look, adhesive silk is coming!"

Archeni had turned its backside towards us.

White silk ejected with high velocity from the backside tried to catch us. However, the adhesive silk's attack only travelled in a straight line which made it possible to avoid it to the side.

At first, despite sensing the usage of the adhesive silk I didn't know the scope and the effect, ending up hit head-on.

As my legs were immobilized with the adhesive silk and I couldn't escape, the Archeni aimed their attack at me in unison.

It seemed like the adhesive silk had an effect of attracting other of their kind so quite a number of them has gathered. There was also a limit of how many Emily-san can take on at once.

At the time, maybe, I thought of trying to use the 【Insect Repelling Incense】 I made a while ago. Since it had an effect of repelling insects, it might have an effect on the Archenis.

At the same time, I thought that it might not have any effect since spiders are not insects, but it did have an effect.

After using it, I waited for the effect of the adhesive silk to expire.

Even if we were caught up in trouble between two groups, thanks to cooperation our efficiency had increased and we took down Archenis one by one, as if it was work.

"Emily-san, there's a treasure chest on the dead end over there."

"Oh, I'm happy to hear that."

The Mine Dungeon's landscape went up and down randomly so it was hard to find oneself, other than the main route to the boss there was a lot of minor side routes, but as long as you followed the main course you wouldn't get lost.

And, in some of those back streets there were mining points or treasure chests, we could collect materials for synthesis from those too.

"I wonder what's inside."

"Well, I don't think it'll be anything amazing."

The treasure chests in the first and second levels of the Mine Dungeon were common treasure chest-shaped ones, but in this level they were unusual because of the Archenis residing over here and shaped like a cocoon.

The cocoon made of spider silk was big enough to require both arms to lift. Emily-san had opened it by cutting it open with the long sword.

"...well, as expected there's nothing really amazing inside."

With that said, she retrieved what was inside and showed it to me.

It were was a leather armour and Archeni's greaves. The leather armour had slightly inferior performance as for the dungeon's difficulty, the Archeni's greaves were extra rare equipment that was part of an item set and for the set collector it was a very strong equipment.

"Splendidly turns out to be equipment we can't use. What will you do, Emily-san? Sell?"

"Since we don't need it that's all we have left. But, if we put up an entire set at a stall it might sell, with just one piece it might not be so."

"Well, it if doesn't sell at worst we can sell it to NPC. I smiled bitterly.

And then, suddenly, what I almost overlooked, was that hiding behind the cocoon in the front there was another one in the back.

"Emily-san, there's another treasure box."

"Eh, ah, you're right. But, why are there two treasure boxes so close to each other?"

Despite the puzzlement because of seeing a second treasure box so close to the first one, Emily-san cut the cocoon with the long sword.

And, once she looked inside the cocoon to confirm what's inside——

"A person? Too small for that thought."

"She has wings on her back. So, a fairy?"

It was a small humanoid with indigo-coloured hair and wings. She was thin, her limbs looked as if they would very easily break as it curled up inside the cocoon, just the wings have moved as she breathed, moving lightly.

What this figure had reminded me of, was the time-limited Fairy Quest that was added with the update.

And, we have stared at the fairy emerging from the cocoon, she spread her wings sparkling with phosphorescent light.

"Fuaa〜, where am I?"

With a sleepy look in her eyes, the fairy tilted her head and fluttering the phosphorescent indigo wings she illuminated the dim cave.

"I'm Water Fairy. I have no name. Thank you for helping me."

"Eh, yes. I'm Yun."

"At the moment, I'm called Emilio."

Wearing a mask and the equipment for falsifying her own name, Emily-san introduced herself with the pseudonym.

"While you have saved me, I have a request. Could you please save our Fairy Village?"

The Water Fairy tilted her head in opposite direction and at the same time as she asked, a quest had began.


——【Limited Quest: Save The Fairy Village (provisional)】 has been initiated.


Although I expected it seeing the information, it was the limited fairy-related quest. But, why was (provisional) attached to the quest.

"Emily-san, the quest has been started, hasn't it."

"Looks like it."


——【Limited Quest: Save The Fairy Village (provisional) 1/ 4】——

Defeat Thorn Tokens. ——0/ 4

※This is the quest for the companion of the player who has received the quest. By advancing this quest it is possible to receive the quest.


Although it was described as the first stage of the quest, it seems like I received it only provisionally and the one who received it officially was Emily-san.

In order to obtain more detailed information, Emily-san asked the Water Fairy.

"Miss Water Fairy, could you tell us about that in detail?"

Collecting information through conversation with game's NPC was basics. Despite the fact the fairy was clearly languid, she spoke clearly.

"Our Fairy Village was assaulted by monsters, both the Fairy Village and the Fairy Queen have fallen into the demons' hands. That's why please, save us."

"I see. So, what do we have to do?"

"In order to catch the fairies that escaped, the monster that had assaulted the Fairy Village had made monster subordinates. That's why, if by defeating the subordinates you weaken the main body, we'll be able to guide you to the Fairy Village.'

So this fairy was the NPC acting as a moderator and guide for the quest. Both Emily-san and I were convinced so.

The Water Fairy rode on Emily-san's shoulder, who had officially received the quest and, a single monster subordinate has been spawned within the mine. She announced that.

"Our comrade might have been caught. Therefore, please help her."

"Yun-kun, what do we do? Our original goal was already achieved so..."

"Well, let's do what we can? Also, being asked like that is hard to refuse."

Folding her hands in front of her chest, the Water Fairy asked with tears in her eyes. Somehow it felt like a small child's request, imagining the guilty we'd feel if we refused, we decided to take on the monster's subordinate mob.

"Well then, the presence can be felt this way. I will guide you."

Flying away from Emily-san's shoulder, the Water Fairy proceeded into the back of the tunnel.



After beating several Archenis, the area we advanced to, was a large room of the Mine's third level's Area B. In the paths connected to the large room there were several Archenis.

"Is that the monster's subordinate? It looks like a normal Archeni to me."

"Same here."

No way, do we have to defeat it in the same way we have defeated the Archeni's so far, when I though that——

"It's coming!"

The Water Fairy raised her voice. Immediately after that, with a dull sound the entire room had began to shake.

As the shaking had grown stronger Emily-san and I put our hands on the ground and endured it.

While the ground shook strongly enough that we couldn't remain standing, a green object emerged from the ground.

"Kyahh! A plant?"

Thick green thorns rampaged striking the ground, but most of it struck the Archeni, defeating it. In the middle of it the tip of the thorn had pierced deeply through the remnant of the Archeni.

"This is kind of a grotesque sight. Especially when you consider that Archeni has human parts."

I frowned while looking at the tragedy in front of us.

It was fine since it's just a game, but if blood splattered all over my mood would definitely worsen.

However, the change in front of me put me in a bad mood in a different way.

"——Thorns are eroding it."

Emily-san strained her eyes staring at it in the dim cave. I could clearly see the erosion with my 【Sky Eyes】 night vision capability and I could feel my face turn pale.

The thorn that pierced through its back grew inside of Archeni, thin thorns crawled under its skin like green blood vessels. Matching the growth of the thorns, the spider's limbs jerked in convulsions and its body expanded, turning bigger than it was originally.

And, small thorns appeared on the human chest from which a red rose had bloomed.

"——【Thorn Token】 it says."

The mobs name changed from Archeni to Thorn Token and its head hung without any strength. The Thorn Token, using the Archeni like a doll had used the spider limbs to leap high into the air.

"Eh?!! Avoid!"

Emily-san instantly jumped to the right, I avoided by jumping to the left.

The Thorn Token used its mass and agility beyond that of Archeni's and pounced on us.

"Khh?!! 【Enchant】——Speed!"

The front legs that struck the ground using the mob's large weight had made it sink in, and then with a swing they have left a scratch in the ground, the broken off pieces from the ground scattered all over the room.

I had become the Thorn Token's target and I was chased after. With no time to set up the bow because of the continuous attacks, I focused on desperately avoiding.


"I'm all right!"

Although I was somehow able to deal with it by immediately casting a speed enchant on myself, I couldn't continue to avoid forever.

Longbow was a weapon difficult to use in close proximity while manoeuvring, so my means of attacking in close range were nearly non-existent.

"HAa!! ——《Cracking》!"

As the Thorn Token exposed its back to Emily-san, she had swung her connecting sword releasing a powerful blow at it.

However, the next moment the powerful strike of the connecting sword's was to hit Thorn Token's back, its body withdrew backwards strongly making Emily-san's attack miss.

"What was that movement just now..."

"The thorn dug in the ground have pulled it. That's troublesome."

The thorns that eroded Archeni from its back had extended to it from the centre of the room, connecting the Archeni with the Thorn Token.

The thorns were capable of freely extending and retracting, although they could manipulate the host irregularly, it seemed like they hated being attacked from behind where the thorn was.

"Let's try it. ——《Bomb》!"

Using 【Sky Eyes】 Sense's high level targeting capability it retained from the previous Sense, I aimed at the base of the thorns in a place where it was absolutely unable to move from and caused a blast.

Although it was the weakest earth element magic, in response to it the Archeni's body stiffened for a moment.

"You did it. If we know where to aim, we can do it. ——《Snake Bind》!"

Emily-san swung her sword as close to the ground as possible and winding it around the base of the thorns, she tightened it around them damaging the thorns by slashing bit by bit.

Although it was a hassle to fight with an enhanced Archeni, knowing where to aim for we could deal with it.

Once again the Archeni's body leaped, then fell in my direction.

It's using the same move again, I thought and tried to avoid to the left but——


The thorn connected with the body bent and caused it to turn to the right in the air. As if being swung in the air, Archeni pounced at me from improbable angle, putting pressure at me.

"Yun-kun, I'll help you now!"

"Emily-san, you won't make it!"

The metal pieces of the connecting sword wound around the thorn have shred the surface, but the Thorn Token's attack was faster.

The lifeless mouth opened wide and inside, I could see small wriggling thorns.

Suddenly, I could feel chills on my spine and at the same moment I was pushed down, the mouth full of thorns had stuck to my left shoulder. I felt a horrible sensation of the thorns assaulting the inside of me through the shoulder.

"?!! You... get off!"

I let go off the bow and holding the kitchen knife for 【Cooking】 Sense I had at my belt in reverse grip of my right hand, I impaled the Thorn Token making it falter for a moment, the strength of its bite had also weakened.

"Try eating this instead. ——【Bomb】!"

I grasped all of the 【Bomb】's Magic Gems I had available with my left hand and shoved them into the mouth full of wrigling thorns, then I closed it's mouth with a kick, activating them.

A yellow explosion had wrapped around the human face, the Thorn Token had started rampaging, scratching its own head as if it wanted to tear it off.

"Yun-kun, are you okay?!"

"Yeah, I received some damage, but I'm fine."

Supported by Emily-san who ran up to me, I raised my body. When I touched the place that was bitten I didn't feel anything in particular, but it had put me into an unpleasant mood.

I took out a High Potion from the inventory and poured it over the bitten place, the damage done by the bite and erosion has gradually recovered.

Still, once the 【Bomb】's explosion had subsided, I looked towards the Archeni Thorn Token that had completely turned towards me as the one with highest hate and sighed.

"I didn't deal that much damage to it. Why was it so keen on getting me, I wonder."

"This thing, didn't it recover its HP through absorption while using its biting attack?"

"That's troublesome. Well, as long not all attacks are like that we just have to be careful of that one."

The enemy attacks patterns were based on Archeni's movements. However, with the thorns' movements added, it sometimes showed unexpected actions. Still, considering I was pushed down and was able to get out of it, its total power wasn't that great. It seemed like I could cope with it by using a few items.

"Emily-san, I have a proposal. I'll act as a bait, so in the meantime, can I leave the attacks on the thorns to you?"

"Is that all right? Normally it should be better to split into vanguard and the rear, right?"

"If I can't deal with those thorns, I'll leave it to you. Meanwhile I'll use the chance to run and continue observing it."

Even if the target changes from me to Emily-san, I don't think she'll be able to respond to these irregular movements. That's why, I have to earn as much time as possible for her to attack the thorns themselves.

" it. Well then, do your best."

"Now, I'm not used to close combat but, let's do what I can. 【Enchant】——Defence, Speed."

After using defence and speed enchants for strengthening myself for the endurance battle, I used Boost Tablet to increase my SPEED.

Holding a kitchen knife I looked at the opponent's movements, like before it had leaped high into the air using spider legs.

If I avoided too early, the thorns would change the token's trajectory and I would end up getting crushed, so I waited until the last moment before avoiding backwards.

Immediately after avoiding, the Thorn Token used its legs to catch me, but I easily avoided that kind of monotonous attack.

Behind it, Emily-san swung the connecting sword at the thick thorns, delivering damage.

Aware that I cannot stop for even a moment, I continued to avoid.

"Haa, haa, Taku and others sure are amazing. They do this kind of thing happily."

Since I didn't do much close combat before, my movements slowly have grown dull. My long black hair was grazed by the Thorn Token's nails, and my armour was caught.

Still, for the vital points where an attack could be critical, I parried the attacks with the kitchen knife and avoided them.

"It's getting worse. Emily-san, hurry up."

I muttered as if praying, but then, the Thorn Token's stopped just for a moment. What's it doing, I wondered and stopped moving in order to raise my vigilance, but that was my mistake.

As it protruded its backside, I realized it was the motion for ejecting adhesive silk.

The adhesive silk emitted had headed straight towards where I stood.

If I receive it, I definitely won't be able to escape. If that happens, I'll surely be defeated and Emily-san will have to fight alone.

Normally, I wouldn't be able to leisurely think about this. However, right in this moment I felt like the flow of time was slower than usual.

("This is——")

I took a step forward, feeling as if I walked in water.

When I took a step towards the front leaning forward as if I was to fall over, and then the flow of time returned.

While taking that step, I sank my body low while moving in front, dodging the adhesive silk by a hair's breadth.

"!! HAaa!"

Taking this chance, I approached the Thorn Token's body all at once.

"Take this!"

"——《Whip Slash》!"

I rushed over and impaled the blooming rose on the Archeni's chest, at the same time Emily-san let out a powerful whip-type Art, deciding the fight.

While it was unknown which attack was the decisive one, the thorns powerlessly separated from the Archeni's body and dove into the ground.

Left behind, was the husk of the Archeni Thorn Token's body.

"You did it. You defeated the monster's subordinate. Cheers for your good work."

"Thank you."

I sat down limp in front of the defeated Archeni's body. Just before the attack with adhesive silk, there was a moment where the movement of everything in the surroundings had slowed down. Nothing like that had happened before, there must be a reason, as I put a hand on my forehead and thought, I realized.

"Possibly, these eyes had evolved in a different way, too."

The 【Sky Eyes】 Sense grown out of 【Hawk Eyes】 took over the night vision and far-sightedness ability from the 【Hawk Eyes】 Sense, as well as targeting capability and the auxiliary skill 《Area Targeting》. Aside from those, it might have a hidden ability.

"I'm glad you avoided it, Yun-kun. I thought you wouldn't be able to make it."

Meanwhile as I concentrated on the issue of my eyes, as Emily-san put on a smile of relief, the Water Fairy riding on her shoulder had said words of appreciation from above me.

As we confirmed each other's safety, the Water Fairy jumped up from Emily-san's shoulder.

"With this, the power of the monster that had assaulted Fairy Village had weakened. Also, a comrade of ours was released, thank you."

"Speaking of which, that comrade——"

Where is it? When I was about to ask that, the mass in front of me moved from the inside. What? The Archeni Thorn Token ahead of my line of sight should have been defeated. While a normal mob would have disappeared turning into particles of light when defeated, this one remained.

"W-what is——"

As I tried to raise from my sitting posture, something popped out breaking through of the Archeni's remnants and headed straight towards my face.

A slimy and warm existence stuck right into my face.

At the same time as the green body fluids spilled out from the Archeni's body, it had disappeared turning into light particles.

"Thanks for saving me! I'm Mischievous Wind Fairy! What I'm good at and what I like, is mischief! Nice to meet you!"

When I pulled away the object sticking to my face, I saw it was a humanoid dripping wet with green mucus who waved cheerfully towards me.


"You're horrible! I will stick to you and guide you, so be grateful to me!"

No, I'm not happy at all to have my face tackled by a fairy dripping wet with mysterious green mucus.

"Emily-san, help."

"Well, you properly got a guide for the quest so it's all right, isn't it?"

While Emily-san smiled wryly, the Watery Fairy riding on her shoulder with a composed expression had produced water and washed away the mucus attached to me and the Mischievous Wind Fairy.

Meanwhile, the Wind Fairy splashed water over my face, referring to it as to pranks. It was really annoying so I'd like it to stop. With a Wind Fairy that loves pranks I felt nothing but anxiety.


" "——?!!" "

Defeating the Thorn Token that was the quest's goal we have grown relaxed. The last attack of the Archeni's which emitted the adhesive silk had an effect of luring all the Archenis from nearby.

And, from two out of three passages leading to this small room, Archenis were in two of them.

"Damn it. Our way back has been blocked!"

"Yun-kun, use that! Throw the 【Insect Repelling Incense】 at them!"

"I didn't make them for a while so I don't have anymore!"

"Then, we can only break through them forcefully..."

Emily-san held the connecting sword and confronted the Archenis. I also held a bow ready to go any time, but the Mischievous Fairy riding on top of my head had pulled my head.

"Hey, hey."

"What is it, I'm busy now."

"I know a way out."


"I'm a wind fairy! I can tell where's the exit from the flow of wind! Follow me!"

Saying so, the Wind Fairy took off from my head and headed to the last passage, the one that didn't have any Archenis in it.


"Let's believe her now."

While remaining vigilant as not to receive attacks from the Archenis behind us, together with Emily-san we followed the Mischievous Fairy.

We moved through the passage to the right and then to the left when it branched.

When the Archenis caught up to us, they would shoot adhesive silk, further increasing the amount of comrades chasing after us and shooting silk.

"Hiii! Archenis crawling on the ground are super scarryyyy!"

"I think horror films have these kinds of scenes, don't they. Ones with monsters that have very low stature chasing after people."

Speaking personally, they feel like those characters from the exorcist films possessed by the devil. And those things are now rushing through the narrow tunnels.

"C'mon, we're almost at the exit!"

"Great. We can escape now!"

I started running faster towards the outlet from which light was entering and together with Emily-san, we escaped through the hole.

In there——was a narrow wooden scaffolding and a thick wire extending to the other side.

"Look, hold this!"

Ahead of where the Mischievous Fairy was pointing, there were a hooks and ropes, they was a huge Tarzan rope even thicker than one used in athletics.

She must have meant to use this. Emily-san and I held one rope each and hooked them to the wire.

"Let's go then! ——《O' Wind, Blow》!"

Deciding on her own when our preparations are complete, the Mischievous Fairy had entered my hood and generated wind that blew from behind us.

The tailwind pressed directly onto our backs.

As we slid towards the cliff on the opposite side which was lower than the cliff we started at, we desperately clung onto the rope.

Seeming to enjoy the wind stroking her cheeks, the Mischievous Fairy that entered my hood had laughed happily into my ear.

"Wohooo! Look! Enemies look like garbage! Ahahahahaa——"

When I looked towards where the Mischievous Fairy pointed to, Archenis that rushed to the small outlet of the mine had gathered turning into a ball. As they turned smaller and smaller, they did indeed look like garbage.

"Haa, it's over isn't it."

"Ahahahaa, the wind feels great! I'm the wind!"

With her head peeking out from the hood, the Mischievous Fairy continued to laugh by my ear. Probably because I could relax after escaping the enemy, I clung to the rope, enjoying both the wind and the scenery.

It seemed like I've been possessed by a strange fairy, but it might be surprisingly fun. That's the hunch I had.

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