Long time no see to those who read the first volume, to people who started with the second volume (though I don't think thats likely) nice to meet you, I'm Kazuma Jouchi.

How was the second volume of 『Elysion Virtual Region』? To be able safely release another book makes me really happy.

Ah, from here on onwards I'm going to include some spoilers.

That's why if you want to read the afterword ahead of its place, I recommend you to read the book first.

This time it's the story of Tenryo Fuyuki and Karasuba Shio, and how the two girls were connected by friendship again.

While Taiga is still the protagonist, and Rui-chan keeps them company, this time they only lend a hand.

They only made an opportunity for the two girls to take a step ahead (although the super popular student council president Haya also had a supporting role, she didn't have much screen time. Sorry about that).

Let's talk about the new character, Karasuba Shio.

Although I didn't include it in the book itself, Shio's setting is that she is one year older than Fuyuki. So even though she calls Taiga 'Onii-san', she's an 'Older little sister' for Fuyuki. In other words Taiga has two little sisters now. Oh, though some of you readers may have noticed already, but I like the little sister characters the most. Little sisters are the best!

Silver hair, amethyst eyes and an overall cool appearance. Contrasting to that, she held a burning passion inside of her——the image her character has 'contradiction', it's been even used in the weapon she wielded.

...there's space remaining so I'll talk about games like in volume one.

Probably when this book is being released I might be trying out Dark Souls 2, or so I think〜. Although I bought a PS4, I'm mainly playing on the PS3 since I'm blessed with a lot of titles for that one. I wonder when Watchdogs will be released?

Although I'm really interested in FF14, I'm too scared to devote myself to an online game (Already had previous offences) .


For releasing this book I'm indebted to many people just like for the volume one.

Takeishi-sama who is in charge of me and gave me a lot of advices, nauribon-sensei who's drawn cute and beautiful illustrations, bookbinders-sama, editor-in-chief, calibrator-sama, and everyone else who was involved in releasing this book. The greatest thanks of mine for readers who picked up this book again.

I look forward to seeing you all again.

Now then, see you next time.

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