No matter how I look at it, MVP this time is the hostel.

And so, been a while. It's Yanagimi Touki.

This time I dreamed of a journey, remodelled Small Fry Platoon's military vehicle and sent them on a journey to the mountains of Tohoku.

Outside of the tunnel there's a country of snow... a tempting scene for summertime, hot springs, hostel.

Meetings with people in a quiet village and winter love romance——


——*chirr* *chirr* *chirr*! *chirr* *chirr* *chirr* (cicada sounds).


Somehow, I feel like I did something similar before.

This volume's release is in August, right. Where did my sense of seasons go.

The summer is in full swing, yet the work is in the middle of winter, I think that reading this volume 8 might cool you off.

...also, there's a character that seems like it has come out of a horror movie.


Now then, AntiMagic Academy is already at the 8th volume. I hope you enjoyed it.

Last volume was quite oppressive, so I thought of finishing lighter this time. Whether it's the platoon members, readers, or the author, I think we all need some healing at times.

Speaking of which, third, fifth and seventh volumes which tell heavy stories are separated by a volume. It's a coincidence though.

Story-wise it didn't advance much in this volume, but the aim was to expand on each character's feelings and clarify their current situation. The amount of comrades (?) increased with Kanaria and Nagaru, and I have dug a bit deeper into them.

And despite the platoon members being on a journey, I was able to draw a disturbing development among the adults.

Hey, it's adults.. In the current situation the average age of the adult characters is 'unknown'. Personally, I had fun making up Orochi and Mother's exchange with Haunted.

As for the combat, I tried challenging a reckless car chase, pulled out three enemies at once, and even though I said 'healing' it ended up with guns blazing.

And what you were awaiting. Even if you weren't, I have awaited it.


Indeed, speaking of hot springs time!


"Yahooo! It's boobies! Both small chests and big boobs of all shapes and sizes!"


"Steam, you bastard."



Outright unnatural steam. Steam moving like a living organism to protect boobies.

There's no way a small amount of H2O could hide the appearance of wonderful boobies.

——Or so one could think.

In fact, this steam bastard has been disturbing my writing of the 8th volume.

But, I want you to wait for a bit.

I want those who think of steam negatively to rethink it a little.

What is it that makes gravure magazines good?

It depends on the personal thoughts, but I think it's the fact that 'Important places are hidden by the cloth". I think its wonderful how that stimulates one's imagination.

Why does Venus de Milo sculpture have a historical value and attracts a lot of people? Why aren't those missing arms restored?

I think there is a technical aspect to it, but also, it's because people who look at it imagine it with beautiful arms, it might be because people think the 'imagined arms' have a great worth.

Did you ever experience getting to open a gift box excited and being disappointed?

How about going to a cinema after seeing an interesting movie trailer, yet it was completely below your expectations? What I mean, is that kind of thing.


Doesn't steam——make it pervy instead?


Those of you who don't hate steam.

Isn't it fine to love steam?

Steam isn't hiding the wonderfulness of boobs from us.

Imagination provides us with hard to obtain eros.

To speak, it protects our romance from the right straight that is reality.

That too, is in the end just a natural phenomenon.

It's not a solid object like cloth or leaves, but a modest existence made of gas and liquid.

Isn't it innocent. Isn't it lovely.

Mr. Steam... thank you.

You always appear unable to read the mood and end up being abused, I'm sorry.

Rather, it's the opposite. You read the mood, actually, you create the mood.

I accept you. I respect you for making the wonderful boobies even more attractive.

...but, well.

Your relative, is absolutely unacceptable.

I mean, the one who appears without any artistic quality.

While I can understand the existence of mr. Steam in that place, he cuts in places they absolutely shouldn't be in... yes, I mean him.


Mysterious light——you bastard are so damn far-fetched it's impossible for me to ever forgive you.


Ahh, somehow, this time I feel like the worst and disgusting afterword has come out. See, this time, there's a lot of pages for me to use on afterword so it can't be helped.

The 9th volume will probably start from right after they arrived in the home of dissidents.

What happened to Takeru. What's the actual situation of dissidents. What about second Witch Hunt War.

And the disturbing movements of the Alchemist——! That's how it's supposed to feel like.

I can't promise it'll go according to the plan, but I would be really really glad if you read the ninth volume! It's still continuing and going strong〜!


And the acknowledgements.

The new person in charge who supports me despite being busy, K-sama. The previous in-charge I'm in debt to for being take care of since the launch, S-sama.

The one who draws perfectly beautiful illustrations despite having to make do with plain clothes Kippu-sensei. Hanao Sutarou-sensei who drew a wonderful comic version of the work.

Various people who made PV and CM, dragon magazine short story, plan the animation and various people from Fujimi Shoubou I was supported by.

And finally, all of you who have taken this book in your hands, you have my heartfelt thanks.

Now then, let's meet again in volume nine!

Look forward to it!

Yanagimi Touki

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3 thoughts on “Afterword

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  1. Nano

    Indeed, I also agree about the use of white streaks of light for censorship. I just hate it, but then the idea of the anime adaptation of this series ending up having white streaks of light, tickles me a bit. XD

  2. Anonymous

    How does Yanagimi-sensei make such a dark novel with this funny ero afterword? Sometimes I like the afterword as much as the novel itself. Am I too weird?