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【Beginner?】General Question Thread 5【Experienced?】

1. A Passing-by Adventurer
This is a General Question thread!
Ask anything you like. Whether you are answered is pure luck, however.
If you want to know about skills, go here.
Skill question thread: http://********** 
Previous thread: http://**********


>>980 Congratulations, you are the CHOSEN ONE. I bestow upon you the right to make the next thread.



295. A Passing-by Adventurer
How does time and weather work inside this game?


296. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>295 One day in real is four days in game, weather is random.


297. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>296 Which means that during one day irl, in game pass four days, with one being six hours long?
Despite how real this game feels, they have stores open at night don’t they.


298. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>297 Well. Management here decides whether to make something realistic or more game-like depending on what’s more interesting.
If they made it realistic and stores were closed, it would be a problem. And since some adults can only play at night, they made this part be more game-like.
But in order to keep it realistic, they make residents storekeepers change depending on time of the day.
Weather that is confirmed now is clear weather, cloudy, windy, heavy rain and rain with thunder.
There are also sudden thunderstorms just like in real.
Also there’s that. The bloody moon that appears regardless of whether it’s day or night, and which changes the way AI acts, so you need to be careful.


299. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>298 Understood. Thank you very much.


300. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>299 By the way, they are split into morning, noon, evening and night.
0~6     Morning 0:00~0:30   Noon 0:30~3:00     Evening 3:00~3:30     Night 3:30~6:00
6~12   Morning 6:00~6:30   Noon 6:30~9:00     Evening 9:00~9:30     Night 9:30~12:00
12~18 Morning 12:00~12:30    Noon 12:30~15:00 Evening 15:00~15:30 Night 15:30~18:00
18~24 Morning 18:00~18:30    Noon 18:30~21:00 Evening 21:00~21:30 Night 21:30~24:00
Also, there is no ingame calendar at this point. Well, there are 28 days for every week in real, after all.
However, it does look like there are four days in a week for fire, water, wind and earth elements.


301. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>300 So one day in real is a week in-game (4 days)? This helps!


302. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>301 Sure! Do your best!


302. A Passing-by Adventurer
I saw “Farmer” written above some players heads’, what is that?


303. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>302 You saw one of them? It’s a title. When you get the higher skill of “Farming”, the “Farmer" skill you get the title.


304. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>303 Is that something like a job?


305. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>304 No, just a decoration. Titles themselves sometimes do have some effect, but they are very slight. The farmer one has a decreased probability of insects appearing, increase of growing speed and quality increase?
Even if you get the title, people can’t see it unless you set it that way. If you set it as visible, anyone will see it. You just use it when you want to boast “this is the way I play the game!”.


306. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>305 I see, is that something you can aim to get?


307. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>306 There are a lots of ways to get titles. Among them are ones that you can aim for and get. Especially getting some specific Skills or crafting seem to be this type.
Also, you suddenly get them by fulfilling various requirements, so do your best.
I think there was a title thread, so if you want to know more - go look in there.
Most likely there is one for beating the East/West/South/North bosses, so you can aim for those.


308. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>307 I see… but bosses are impossible for me… Thank you very much.




426. A Passing-by Adventurer
I want to turn back my hair that I cut, what do I do?


427. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>426 Thank you very much. *Microtransactions.


428. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>427 Seriously…?


429. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>428 Seriously. Buy a normal or premium character creation ticket. By the way, even if your character was made with premium but you only want to extend your hair, buy a normal ticket. It’s management’s kindness to allow you to do this as long as you don’t change your premium parts.


430. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>429 I see, so I can get it cheaper this way.


431. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>430 Well, eventually there might be a material found in game that allows for growing hair. But at this point it’s just microtransaction. And we don’t know just how much do hair grow with a hair-growth item, so if you want to get your hairstyle to your liking, it’s best to pay.


432. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>431 Understood. Let’s donaaate.


433. A Passing-by Adventurer
>>432 Yeah, do that.
It should have been mentioned during character creation. ”Hair can be cut, but cannot be grown.” that is. Well, in any case, it’s impossible to “normally” grow it. When we asked the management, they hinted there is a hair-growing agent.
But well, it’s still a tale of the future.





【Bosses are】General Progression Thread 7【too stronk】
1. A Passing-by Vanguard
This is the general progression thread.
Let’s write about progression in here.
Previous thread: http://**********


>>980 Do the next thread please.



592. A Passing-by Vanguard
There’s not enough potions! Boss are too strong!


593. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>592 Yeah, boss ARE strong. But it’s real fun in VR.


594. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>593 It is fun. But fighting in close combat requires guts.


595. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>594 Cheers to tanks’ GUTS!


596. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>595 CHEERS!


597. A Passing-by Vanguard
Standing in front of the Golem is real scary… I guess it’s gonna be dragons eventually?
Do your best, tanks.


598. A Passing-by Vanguard
Do your best, tanks.


599. A Passing-by Vanguard
Well that aside, about potions… or rather, overall consumables’ problem. Should we go West first after all?


600. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>599 There’s so few consumables it’s horrible. But I don’t really feel like going East...


601. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>600 Insect-types in VR are horrendous, aren’t they… Even cartoonized, disgusting stuff is still disgusting!


602. A Passing-by Vanguard

>>601 And they’re HUGE! Instant goosebumps. That’s a bigger problem than the boss itself.


603. A Passing-by Vanguard
Heck, at this point I don’t care which one is it, I just wanna beat one of bosses.


604. A Passing-by Vanguard
We haven’t beat any yet, after all.


605. A Passing-by Vanguard
Unless we kill the Golem in the North, we get no Iron Ore...


606. A Passing-by Vanguard
North is metal ore, East are farms, West is herbs, and South was a port-type?


607. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>606 Yup, that’s it. North and West are the most urgent ones? From equipment and consumables perspective.


609. A Passing-by Vanguard
West side is harsh for a completely different reason than mob strength. Seriously.


610. A Passing-by Vanguard
We planned to beat the North boss with magic, make equipment with ore that can be found in there and then beat other bosses, but...


611. A Passing-by Vanguard
Golem too STRONK.


612. A Passing-by Vanguard
Mhm, Golem is strong. A boss’s being a boss.


613. A Passing-by Vanguard
I thought of going for the boss now, is there anything I should watch out for?


614. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>613 It’s fun to avoid Stomp.


615. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>614 I know. Jumping together with the entire party is fun.


616. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>615 It’s no fun when you do a mistake, though…


617. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>616 By stomp you mean the part where he raises his arm and hits the ground with it, yes?1Stomp is overall term for the type of AoE attack, naming is unrelated to the body part the mob uses for it.


618. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>617 Yeah. Starting with the place that was hit a shockwave spreads and has to be avoided by jumping. Especially rear guard. When you get hit, depending on your Skill build and distance you can get 1shot.


619. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>618 Wait, it was that powerful?!


620. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>619 It is. It’s so strong because it’s so easy to notice. Even if you don’t die you still get knocked back, so there’s no choice not to avoid it.


621. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>620 Golem’s only special attacks are pretty much just Stomp and rotating punch. The problem is the rate at which he uses those during the latter half.


622. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>621 And he’s adding some strange feints, too. It’s harsh on the front guard. When you go behind him to attack from up close, that rotating punch is no joke.


623. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>622 Roger, I’ll be careful! I’m off to die!


624. A Passing-by Vanguard
>>623 Godspeed!





【Insects are】General Discussion Thread 10【NG】
1. Adventurer on a Break
This is the general discussion thread.
Write as you like.
However, don’t break basic rules or Management will fly over.
No, seriously. At worst the entire thread will disappear, so don’t.
Previous Thread: http://**********


>>980 Please do the next thread.



125. Adventurer on a Break
It has been two weeks since the service has started. How are you spending your time, everyone?


126. Adventurer on a Break
>>125 What’s with yer politeness, kek


127. Adventurer on a Break
>>125 gimme your ham.


128. Adventurer on a Break
>>127 screw you, ^^^^^


129. Adventurer on a Break
Being fluffy as always, what about it?


130. Adventurer on a Break
>>129 I want a little more fluff, is it still just Rabbits and Wolves?


131. Adventurer on a Break

>>130 Yeeah. In The East there are Deers, Boars and Bears, to some they could be...?


132. Adventurer on a Break
>>131 I want a Beeeaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!


133. Adventurer on a Break
>>132 But the ones in the East are realistic and not cute...


134. Adventurer on a Break
>>133 But they’re cool!


135. Adventurer on a Break
Eey! Heeyy! It’s shuper! Exshtra...boobie…phew...


136. Adventurer on a Break
>>135 HUH?


137. Adventurer on a Break
>>135 HUH?


138. Adventurer on a Break
>>135 HUH?


139. Adventurer on a Break
>>135 Hey, is this guy alright?


140. Adventurer on a Break
>>139 He clearly isn’t.


141. Adventurer on a Break
>>140 He doesn’t respond, did he catch a ban?


142. Adventurer on a Break
>>141 Ahhh, sorry there. I entered sage time.


143. Adventurer on a Break
>>142 details!


144. Adventurer on a Break
>>143 See, there was this girl in a dress with big… huge(?) boobs!


145. Adventurer on a Break
>>144 Seriously?! Eh, an NP… a Resident?


146. Adventurer on a Break
>>145 No, I double check’d her and she seemed to be a player. Wearing a gray dress and holding a one-handed sword(?).


147. Adventurer on a Break
>>146 Seriously?! And her face?


148. Adventurer on a Break
>>147 She was super pretty. A warm-type(?), she had a gentle face. A neat and proper, elegant beauty?


149. Adventurer on a Break
>>148 Seriously?!


150. Adventurer on a Break
>>148 Seriously?!


151. Adventurer on a Break


152. Adventurer on a Break
>>149-151 Don’t charge at her and get yourself banned y’guys ^^^^^^


153. Adventurer on a Break
>>148 She’s at ol’ man Ertz’s place now… She’s amazing in more ways than one… phew… that’s a nice thing I saw there...


154. Adventurer on a Break
>>153 Welcome to state of enlightenment!


155. Adventurer on a Break
>>153 We got more sages now^^^6^


156. Adventurer on a Break
>>153 By ol’ man’s place you mean, there! I’m off!


157. Adventurer on a Break
>>156 I won’t let you to show off by yerself! ’m going as well!


158. Adventurer on a Break
>>157 Tch… can’t be helped… do as you like!


159. Adventurer on a Break
>>156-158 They’re acting as if they’re going to land of death, but in fact just going to peek on a girl.


160. Adventurer on a Break
This is why some guys are just...


161. Adventurer on a Break
>>160 I can feel kindness in how you don’t lump all guys together.


162. Adventurer on a Break
>>161 Me too.


163. Adventurer on a Break
I think I saw her, felt like there can be no more than a few girls like that.
If only I had an onee-chan like that… is what I thought. Well, no clue about the personality though.


164. Adventurer on a Break
UGhh…what’s with that CHEST ARMOR…why none of it came my way…this world isn’t fair…


165. Adventurer on a Break
What’s with that figure… why does it go into my belly for me… NGHHH…!!


166. Adventurer on a Break
>>164-165 Let’s stop this topic! It won’t make anyone happy!


167. Adventurer on a Break
Ohh, it’s the person who ONE-PUNCH’d Rabbits and Wolves. I see...


168. Adventurer on a Break
>>167 One-punch’d? Wasn’t she holding a one-handed sword?


169. Adventurer on a Break
>>168 She does have a sword, but I saw her 1shotting them with both the sword & magic. After that she headed off straight to Eastern forest, so her hunting grounds must be there.


170. Adventurer on a Break
That girl in gray dress was a player?! I thought she was a Resident...


171. Adventurer on a Break
>>170 “No marker” team, aren’t ya!


172. Adventurer on a Break
>>171 Of course!





【Environmental Destruction】General Crafting Discussion Thread 8【Is a Necessary Sacrifice】1. Nameless Craftsman
This is the general crafting discussion thread.
Talk about crafting in general over here.
Each crafting type has its own skill-specialized thread, so check them.
Previous thread: http://**********
Smithing: http://**********
Woodcraft: http://**********
Sewing: http://**********


>>980 I leave the next thread to you!



345. Nameless Craftsman


346. Nameless Craftsman
Yeeah, there’s seriously no materials. Or new materials, to be more specific.


347. Nameless Craftsman
We’re waiting for progression then?


348. Nameless Craftsman
I guesss. No matter where is opened, I’ll be thankful.


349. Nameless Craftsman
North is smithing, East farming, West is mixing, South for woodcraft, is what we know now?


350. Nameless Craftsman
>>349 Looks like it. Seems like we could also do some fishing down South. And maybe even make ships…?


351. Nameless Craftsman
>>350 Ship making… ship-making, huh. What about fish? Can we reproduce them…?


352. Nameless Craftsman
>>350-351 If we had ships, we could go into the sea. Though it does seem like we could do both in this game…


353. Nameless Craftsman
>>352 Is a large ship something one person can make…? I bet Repair and maintenance costs would be awful.


354. Nameless Craftsman
Well, we gotta wait for the vanguard to progress. Need to have those bosses beat...


355. Nameless Craftsman
Yeah… But they’re saying they don’t have enough potions, aren’t they?


356. Nameless Craftsman
Mixing takes time, y’know… When you do it carelessly, the amount of HP recovered changes...
And of all things, Western side has insects.


357. Nameless Craftsman
It’s not a place anyone wants to go to, right… The only saving grace is that it doesn’t have to be West if you want HP Potions.


358. Nameless Craftsman
Won’t distribution improve once the port is opened?


359. Nameless Craftsman
That’s certainly possible.


360. Nameless Craftsman
Or rather, if Mixing doesn’t work, what about Alchemy?


361. Nameless Craftsman
Alchemy is, well…


362. Nameless Craftsman
It’s good for mass production, but it uses a lot of MP so it’s hard to make numbers. And what you make, has set quality...


363. Nameless Craftsman
It’s, how do you say it, the fantasy skill where you use Magic Power to make things right away, but it can’t win against specialized crafting...
You can make everything quickly with magic! But it has no specialization? Kinda.


364. Nameless Craftsman
Honestly speaking, that Skill feels insufficient for crafting-lovers.


365. Nameless Craftsman
If you don’t go full on with crafting and you can gather materials from all over by yourself, then Alchemy is the right Skill for you? It has set performance so it can sometimes be strangely good depending on materials.


366. Nameless Craftsman
Yeah, the results are static so residents will buy the stuff from you, which is a good point… I guess?


367. Nameless Craftsman
It is kind of a good point… I think? Getting numbers of C quality with Mixing is kind of hard.


368. Nameless Craftsman
At first the quality you get is low and it gradually goes up, but it stops at C, so...


369. Nameless Craftsman
>>368 Ughh... my head…


370. Nameless Craftsman
>>368 Stop it…no more...


371. Nameless Craftsman
>>368 It’s good to be able to make any quality you want… but I don’t see a reason to select below C...


372. Nameless Craftsman
I recommend Alchemy for some specific people. Like archers or farmers...


373. Nameless Craftsman
>>372 Yeah, arrows and fertilizer you mean.


374. Nameless Craftsman
>>373 Yup, those. It’s useful for making consumables like those for yourself. Fertilizer is one thing, but if you want more out of your arrows you should go woodcraft...


375. Nameless Craftsman
Alchemy does feel lacking after all, ehh.


376. Nameless Craftsman
>>375 It does.





【I’m Good Today】Crafting - Cooking Thread 3【My Meal is Tasty】
1. Nameless Cook
This is the thread for Cooking crafting.
Talk about things related to cooking here, for other stuff go elsewhere.
Previous Thread; http://**********
General Crafting Discussion: http://**********

【Knowledge of Boiling】and【Knowledge of Stewing】exist.
Don’t food-terrorize!


>>980 Take care of the next thread!



2. Nameless Cook
Thanks for putting the thread up!


3. Nameless Cook


4. Nameless Cook
Good job. But still, it’s barely the 3rd.


5. Nameless Cook
Thanks. And don’t say it...


6. Nameless Cook
Still, why is it so unpopular?


7. Nameless Cook
Must be because it’s something you normally do on daily basis. I heard that people don’t want to do cook even inside a game...


8. Nameless Cook
O-ohh… I see… I guess you don’t want to go to a fantasy world to do cooking...


9. Nameless Cook
No one will do it unless they really like cooking...


10. Nameless Cook
And Field Rations are cheap, too...


11. Nameless Cook
I don’t acknowledge that nasty stuff-degozaru.


12. Nameless Cook
Aren’t some self-made jerkies tastier than Field Rations?


13. Nameless Cook
Processed meat. I get it, but that’s not the problem, right?


14. Nameless Cook
Yeah, the problem is that there’s no meat on stalls, I know. I know...


15. Nameless Cook
At this point food gives no buffs and only recovers Satiety, yes?
You can easily recover Satiety with Field Rations now, so there are few people who get into Cooking.
Even if you put meat on a stall it won’t sell well, so everyone goes to sell it in the union.
As a result, the only way for us to get it, is to hunt for ourselves - and it makes me cry.


16. Nameless Cook
Food is super tasty thanks to the Cooking skill, and yet...
Moreover, just by changing things a little, the taste changes as well. I wonder what kind of uber data they are using for this.


17. Nameless Cook
^Really that. If you eat proper food once, you can’t get back to shitty rations


18. Nameless Cook
The strong point of Field Rations is the fact you don’t need much time to eat them...


19. Nameless Cook
I think that everyone just doesn’t know the taste of food made by a proper cook, y’know?
When I put some cooking out, there were people who bought it.


20. Nameless Cook
Well, it’s been just two weeks since the service started… It’s a VRMMO, so everyone is focusing on combat. In which case they will go for Field Rations to recover satiety...


21. Nameless Cook
I have to recover satiety.
I don’t want my time to be taken by food.
But if possible, I want to eat tasty food.
^Is the current state of players, I think?


22. Nameless Cook
The first thing just can’t be helped, while it should be possible to do something about the second one? As for the third, there are people who come to stalls to buy food.


23. Nameless Cook
For 2nd - dishes you can eat quickly.
For 3rd - people buy the things we sell so there is no need to do anything special.


24. Nameless Cook
So we need to make jerkies or processed meat? Like,【Knowledge of Smoking】.


25. Nameless Cook
Feels like it would exist. The ones we know right now are...
【Lv1 Knowledge of Frying】【Lv1 Cooking Wisdom】【Lv5 Knowledge of Boiling】【Lv10 Knowledge of Stewing】【Lv15 Knowledge of Steaming】, was it?


26. Nameless Cook
At 20 we will most likely get reproduction, which is a shared ability between all crafting types...


27. Nameless Cook
In any case, it starts getting harsh at 15. Most likely meat ingredients from the Eastern forest are necessary.
It doesn’t go up at all with Rabbit and Wolf meat.


28. Nameless Cook
There’s no way we can buy any Eastern materials, even meat, y’know…? The price jump is horrendous, isn’t it?


29. Nameless Cook
As far as I can see in the union, it is. It seems like union’s is the cheapest, but they cost over 1k each.


30. Nameless Cook
With that said, we aren’t capable of hunting anything properly.


31. Nameless Cook
Do combat? We are cooks, not fighters.


32. Nameless Cook
Umm, I just took cooking, but… what does “food-terrorize” mean?


33. Nameless Cook
Welcome, comrade! Food-terrorizing is…well...


34. Nameless Cook
Let’s grant you some prerequisite knowledge first.
When cooking fails, it explodes. For reasons unknown, it just explodes. When you put your hand into boiling water, a burn ailment appears. It’s hot like in real.


35. Nameless Cook
A player who acquires【Knowledge of Boiling】and starts cooking right away.
Tries to make soup and drops various spices into a pot with boiling water.
What happens next is… just imagine?


36. Nameless Cook
...it explodes and scatters the contents…?


37. Nameless Cook
Oui… it was a scene of carnage which involved all players in the surroundings. This is the true food-terrorism.


38. Nameless Cook
Honestly? I laughed my ass off when I heard of it. As a result of that,【Knowledge of Stewing】was discovered
Through experiments we discovered that【Knowledge of Boiling】doesn’t take anything but salt.


39. Nameless Cook
By the way, it explodes when it’s “impossible”. Burning meat is a failure in using, but from the game perspective it’s “overcooked”, “burnt” or “turned to ash” and doesn’t explode.


40. Nameless Cook
If you don’t cook it enough, it turns “half-roasted” instead. In this case we also count it as failure. It still gives experience, although fewer. It won’t explode.


41. Nameless Cook
I see… thank you very much.


42. Nameless Cook
It’s fine. Let’s enjoy our lives as cooks...


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      So the food that can be done currently, even if good, may not be that attractive.

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    Thanks a lot for picking up this series, and I enjoy it a lot!

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      If she appears to be really strong, it's mostly because she herself is skilled.

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        I don't really want argue too much about the in-game balance. But for counterexample, having autoregen out heal damage in sunlight and level up is something I'm not terribly a fan of, since it basically makes taking damage in the sun meaningless in the first place past level x. IMO a more interesting variant would be that direct sunlight inhibits undead's autorecovery, but autorecovery still works in the shade, or on cloudy days.

        Rather the point was that when the author is laying the ground work for the series, I appreciate the fact that they think about the game design in the first place as part of worldbuilding. The attention to this detail opens up having interesting conversations about meta, balance, and community, while still leaving the author with an escape route to prevent suspension of disbelief.

        TL;DR I didn't really mean to call Anastasia busted, but rather wanted to highlight the inclusion of game mechanics and community as components of the story that drastically increase immersion, and that's something I appreciate in both FLFO and OSO

        1. krytyk Post author

          Actually Purification acts as autoregen inhibitor/weakening of undead. It's in the derivation of Light Magic - Holy Magic.

          Well, Anastasia runs slower than heavy-armored dwarf sprints. So I think she's receiving lots of penalty there.

    2. Sjmcc13

      I can understand wanting the game to matter. In a world based on a game the primary limiting factor should be skill at using the system, not the system not mattering.

      For me the real problem, and Bofuri is a good example of this, is when builds vary way to much, and you end up with a few who way outclass the rest of the player base. I can understand there being a difference between hard code and casual players but you should not have the differences seen in Bofuri between all the high ranking players (not just Maple, or her guild, but all of them) and the rest, 1v10+ battles should not be the norm among the competitive player base, that separation in power between named and unnamed characters just screams the game system is just there are dressing, and does not matter.

      One thing I find amusing is that SAO gets the player balance so much better, and it was not meant to be a balanced game. There Kirito is stronger because he has pushed himself to the point of suicide (the short story for that christmas gift/revival item shows a hint about how much grinding he did and how hard he pushed himself) but other then the 1 special skill with a unique criteria stat wise he is not that over powered compared to the rest of the people working to clear the game (who are on a higher level then the rest because the majority are not willing to take the same level of risk to level up, and they hog the best power leveling spots).

    3. Schion93

      another series I am following that takes the drastic opposite approach is Infinite Dendrogram, its pretty much a case of giving everyone the possibility of being OP and broken which is amusing in and of itself tho the anime was disappointing, the books are great

    4. Mr. Sandman

      Technically with Bofuri that skill was theoretically supposed to be weak. The point of it on a character is that they can EAT anything. If they could somehow open their mouth wide enough they could eat a fire ball, but it'd probably burn their face first even if it then didn't explode due to being eaten. They could catch a sword in their mouth and eat it, they could bite monsters and take a chunk out.......the problem is the person then apparently put no thought into if it was applied to equipment and how it applies because the difference between a couple inches of auto damage and eating and several feet of that same trait is MASSIVE, the more contact her shield has with a creature the more of it gets suddenly eaten translating directly into damage.

      So it was generally just that some idiot dev forgot to test it on armor and weapons..... and then they saw what it did in horror and weakened her....and then I think they do that one more time before they just fucking give up on nerfing her because she's like a game mascot and every time they nerf her she accidentally turns something innocuous into a game breaking cheat....... she finds a way to turn growing wool into something broken, they just can't handle her.

    5. Incompetence Hunter

      First of all, if you are talking about Bofuri's devour: 1) that's a melee skill. 2) It turns ingested food into MP. So, it's not actually an attack move. However, putting it on the shield allows the shield to devour stuff. Not sure how that works, lol. It's also not unmissable.

      But yes, some questionable balance at times.

  10. Death Fairy

    8. Nameless Cook
    O-ohh… I see… I guess you don’t want to go to a fantasy world to do cooking...

    I doubt that. More that 60% fantasy and isekai novels I read is always about cooking and tasty food... Including this one.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Actually it's pretty toned down compared to other novels. Anastasia cooks in few chapters, but pretty much stops at one point - when other players overtake her in that aspect.

      And don't mistake authors trying to put cooking into every damn novel, and actual humans not wanting to do cooking. Especially in the day and age where everyone dines outside.

      1. cryum

        >everyone dines outside

        What with recent events, I guess the LNs from now on will have more experience with casual cooking?

    2. Simak

      There are plenty of players who specialize in eating in RL and that would realistically translates in game. Plus the we are gamers who subsist largely on ramen and convenience store fare. Third, the thread is from the perspective of a cook, who thinks that more players should put more value on good in game food.

  11. Sjmcc13

    All that text, and only 1 reference to the MC, which is just horny teens reacting to her book window:(

    The actual game info dump is interesting though.

      1. Sjmcc13

        It isn't.

        From my (limited) experience these BBS thread chapters rarely have the MC making posts, but serve as showing the rest of the players reactions to things. But that is not why I am saying it is not her.

        1. krytyk Post author

          Actually FLFO is different in this regard. There is plenty of mentions about protagonist, as well as protagonist and other characters appearing to talk on them.

          1. Deforestation

            Oh, that sounds interesting. Is it from other Board chapters appearing later?

          2. krytyk Post author

            Yeah. Anastasia, imouto, famous players, and even GMs are taking part in conversations on them.

          3. Sjmcc13

            I noticed in he next PPS chapter, though I am only up to ch 24 of the raws.

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