41 Second Event's Information



“There’s info on the second official event!”


According to my little sister who ran over in a hurry, the official website was updated. Let’s check it.

The second official event “Summer Means CAMPING” takes place in the last week of August, on Saturday.


“Hee, a camp.”

“Not just any camp, but a survival camp!”


Umm… “What will you bring to a deserted island?”.


“I see. So there’s a limit of items you can bring.”

“It wouldn’t be survival otherwise~.”


In addition to equipment for each slot, it’s possible to take just one more item type with you. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with other players to survive on a deserted island full of monsters. It is possible to PK, but it will result in digging one’s own grave.


“It’s possible to die once. The second time you are forced back to a normal area.”

“The time experienced is seven days, so the exp will be sweet!”


Due to mental exhaustion, it will be necessary to sleep in game. There will be penalties like status decrease due to lack of sleep. Also, we apologize to you players who play races such as Immortals, which do not require sleep. You will not have any penalties, but the person inside does need it. Please sleep.

Of course, eating will be necessary as well. It’s survival, so please gather materials yourself. Races without satiety do not need to eat.


“Well… I need to sleep, too… yup.”

“Eating aside, sleep was more like a flavor option in the game.”

“Since it’s a full dive VR, there’s a need to consider the exhaustion of the person inside...”


The servers normally only speed up the in-game time and do not change experienced time. If they did, there would be a lot of problems. Mainly there would be physical exhaustion on the players bodies… or rather, their brains and there would be mental exhaustion. I think it would result in a horrible headache.

During the event it will be possible to log out, but they are saying not to log out too often. When you log out for four times, you will be removed from the event area. Once you are removed, it’s impossible to come back, so it’s best to plan toilet breaks and meals beforehand.


“I guess the brain will get confused if you log out too often?”

“It can be a dope sometimes. Well, it looks like it’s possible to make calls and mails through the VR device, so it should be fine as long as we deal with toilets and meals.”


We can fight, craft, gather and explore. They are telling us that we can spend the time on the island as we like. And we can bring back the items we acquire...

It is possible to take Skills during the event, but it will decrease a player’s personal rating. The criteria for evaluation are a secret, you can guess them based on the event summary…? They are telling us to cooperate and survive, so that’s probably it.

People who want to take part need to place an entry beforehand. Tomorrow at midnight, it will become possible to do it, so do not forget to register… it says? When placing this entry, it’s possible to select which equipment and additional item you take with you.

Moving onto the event field is possible 10 minutes before start, everyone will be then moved onto ships. The moment the event starts, everyone will drift randomly into a shore of the deserted island… hm? It seems that you will be sent to the same place if you form a PT.

Also, there are no safe zones on the deserted island…? That sure is a simple mention of it from the management.


Still, just one type of item to bring. This is troubling.


“What will you bring, Onee-chan?”

“Hmm… either cooking kit or alchemy kit. I can also take tools for gathering… can’t decide. If it was just me, I wouldn’t need any of those.”

"...Racially you don’t need food or potions, after all. Immortals are too stronk in this event!”

“We need to sleep, however.”

“Well, yes.”

“Wouldn’t something like a rope be useful?”

“We have swords so we don’t need knives. We can use fire and get water with magic… oh? Isn’t this easier than… so it will be potions after all?”

“No, pickaxe I think?”

“Ore? But… ah, materials for repairs! WAAAIT, but in that case...”


I don’t need to repair my equipment, eat, or use potions. If I am to PT with Alf-san and Ske-san, what will I need is… a pickaxe? Alf-san’s shield is the bottleneck.

However, thinking of the evaluation, the correct choice would be either a Cooking Kit or Alchemy Kit. There should be few players who have either of them. I think the insufficient number of crafters will be a bigger problem than the materials supply.


“Thinking of the fact it’s a deserted island, then Alchemy…? But if there are monsters, there should be meat, so smoking… no, salt aside, there will be no sugar, right.”

“Personally, I think everyone will take potions...”


Ahh, ingredients like flour and barley… welsh onions and so on seem to be available for finding on the island. It’s also possible to cultivate them and the harvesting time is also decreased… it says. Also, it seems like fruits are also available.

This is hard to decide on.


“Maybe Alchemy Kit after all. If someone else has a Cooking Kit I can help them out, but Alchemy Kit can be used by only one person...”

“Ahhh… certainly. A pickaxe for me I guess...”


It might be best to review the Alchemy recipes one more time before the event starts. I need to pick up things that sound like they will be necessary on a deserted island.


Since I already opened the official website, let’s write some on the BBS. Care for what you say or “they” will come… By the way, you are free to try, but I take no responsibility...


“Onee-chan, SERIOUSLY?”

“I could not check it myself, but there is no reason for them to lie.”


“Nothing good will come out of it, I think… but I guess someone will do it anyway.”

“Don’t die, verification team! If you die, we...”

“On next episode: Verification Team Dies.”

“I think we will get a death report soon...”

“By the way, Stellura-sama is the goddess of the cycle of rebirth.”

“Ah, I see. Uwah, sounds harsh. ...Ah “【SAD NEWS】OUTER ONES ARE HORRIFYING. I DIE. I’M ALREADY DEAD. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Trauma mass producer.” sheesh, forcing themselves...”

“Turned unable to fight in one shot, then was hit again when he was lying around waiting for revival…?”

“There should be no damage coming during that, though… Also, he had his body ripped apart, sounds seriously harsh on SAN points.”

“Lost all possessed money and had his Skill levels lowered...”

“Skill levels lowered...”


This is worse than I thought. And the death penalty is different from normal.

...It seemed to be a gray-colored toad, but it had tentacles coming out from its head?


“Hnn…? Wait, that’s a Moon-beast! THE SADO-TORTURE TOAD!”

“Highly possible he was lucky to just be ripped apart.”

“Oh, another hero died. What what…? “A blue dog-like hazy ball-like thing that keeps turning big and small attacked me?” pls Japanese ok.”

“Hnn…? Hazy…? Also thorny? Constantly changing thorny blue dog?”

“AHHH! The triangle doggo!”

“Oh, a Hound of Tindalos?”

“Started playing with the guy and he received a deadly poison… 4% HP per second?!”

“The part the doggo licked literally disappeared and his SAN points were in a pinch...”

“When his HP ran out and he became unable to fight, he kept being licked until his body disappeared completely...”

“Is this really the same game? “It’s harsh on the guys who are assaulted, but even watching it is harsh.” is what they say.”

“Heck, isn’t Stellura-sama based on Yog-sama? And why is Tindalos in Medium? They were enemies, weren’t they?”

“First of all “Tindalos” was a completely different world, so there already are differences considering they are here.”

“It’s best to think that everyone Cthulhu-related was included among Outer Ones. And the one who granted them a home… is most likely Yog-sama, a.k.a. Stellura-sama.”


Considering the role they play, they don’t seem like an evil existence. It would be a terrible sight if they rampaged indiscriminately, but all of them seem to go back after hunting down the vow-breaker. Well, I feel for the folks who witnessed it.

Moon-beasts and Hounds of Tindalos are already confirmed. It’s a mystery whether players can become them. Evolutions from frogs and dogs? The first one aside, Hounds of Tindalos do look dog-like, but are supposed to be indeterminate? ...Well, fine. Let’s play the game.


I finish lunch and after taking a short break, I log in.

I want to prepare for the second official event, but… we can only take a single item. In other words, there is no need to craft anything, so let’s just rummage through alchemy recipes.

The recipes that sound like they’ll be used for survival are… flasks, potions, arrows, and shovel? Rather, I can make a shovel? Wood, stone and an ingot, is it. There is even a pickaxe and a pot. Aside from the fact that costs are pretty heavy, alchemy is quite useful.


Now, what should I do. ...I guess I can only search for stuff or raise my level. I did spend my morning crafting, so no crafting for me. ...Let’s walk around the town for now.


“My, Princess, shopping? A walk?”

“Good day. On a walk now. But I used up some ingredients so let’s replenish.”

“Thank you for the purchase!”


I replenish the stock of Welsh Onions and Garlic at the auntie’s vegetable stall. By the way, she’s about in her fifties.


“By the way, I hear that Outer Ones appeared, is everything alright?”

“It was just some Outsiders who did something stupid, no need to worry.”

“Is that so? Be careful, okay?? At worst, the surroundings can get involved...”

“So others can get involved…?”

“Depends on severity. It’s usually alright, but depending on the content… you see. In the past, a country that has insulted Stellura-sama was annihilated in one night by three women leading monsters.”

“Three women…?”

“An old woman, an adult woman, and a young girl.”


Umm… what were they again. There was something like that. Uhh...


“Oh, right. In the church they call them “Our Ladies of Sorrow”.”


Oh, right. The three mothers. No wonder they were annihilated.

The three: “Mater Lachrymarum”, “Mater Suspiriorum” and “Mater Tenebrarum”... was it? They look like normal humans, but are absurdly strong. They revive unless you kill all three of them at the same time, and when they are together their stats are shared among each other. Not only do each of them have their own monsters they command, but they also deal critical status ailments - deafening, silence and blindness. Furthermore, they are capable of commanding all servitor races.

I don’t know how much of their abilities are reproduced in this world, but if they appeared now, players would be wiped out...


Medium… isn’t it kinda too chaotic? I bet there are fans in Future Software, but I guess they did not make them the dominant feature? Still, it resulted with Medium being made and matched to this world’s setting, resulting in this… I know there was no other place for them, but do they not know the phrase “danger, do not mix”? Medium must be fairly big.

They are not here to destroy the world but act as gods’ messengers, so while they aren’t our allies, they aren’t enemies either - an existence that normally does not interfere with us. The only exception being the enforcement when contracts are broken.


I want to know a little more about Stellura-sama related settings. I think I’ll find nothing on Medium, but it should be also related to Nether and Abyss.

Well, let’s wander around a little more. Chatting with Residents is pretty good for collecting information...


“Oh, milady. On a walk?”

“Good day, and yes.”

“The weather today sure is nice. Perfect for a walk!”


Everyone quite assertively starts conversations with me, don’t they.


““““Ah, hello, Onee-san!””””

“Yes, hello. Going to play now?”


“I see. Make sure to be careful.”



It was a group of four kids. They sure are energetic and very lively. They are brimming with how amazing the AI is.



“Granny, did something happen?”

“Ohh, I wanted to go to church, but I hurt my back a little.”

“Oh dear… will it get better with a heal?”

“Heal will only temporarily ease the pain, it’s no good.”

“Is that so? I don’t have «Holy Magic»...”

“Ha ha ha, there are few who have it, so worry not.”


I don’t have much STR, so I’m a little doubtful whether I can carry her on my back. ...Hm. Let’s try that.


“I just thought of a way to carry you, please wait a moment.”

“Oh, really?”


Umm, I set up «Toughness», «Balance Control», «Strength Enhancement» and «Footwork», also it needs purification resistance since the goal is the church. I change a Skeleton Ogre’s class into that of a Fighter to change his stats… there, summoning cost at 2400, hm? I have 3100 of Capacity so there is no problem.


“Alright. Come, Skeleton Ogre Fighter.”

“O-ohhh? Are you a necromancer? That’s rare.”

"#1, do you know piggyback carrying?”


"...Hm. Let’s try it once.”


I have #1 turn his back to me and crouch. I get on his back and have him stand up. Since he’s a skeleton, there are a lot of places to hold onto. It’s unexpectedly nice. The shaking is within the acceptable margin,  «Balance Control» and «Footwork» should be doing a good job. 

However, I learned that large does not mean better. Who the hell was that, the one who chose ogre. He’s about two meters large, which makes this kind of hard. Rather than a piggyback, it’s more like standing on his back.

Leaving the Skills as is, I change him into a metaskelly fighter with triple summoning cost. With this, the cost is the same as that of an ogre. The difference in size is really big.

Based on me trying it out, it seems like a metaskelly is very stable. Now for the main, I have him carry the granny and walk.


“Ohh, this is nicee. But is it alright to go to church like this?”

“I gave him Purification Resistance, there is no problem.”

“Ho-hoh. That’s really skilled of you… I heard that granting them Purification Resistance was difficult.”


Well, I just copied my purification resistance and gave it to #1. It’s a special trick.

A metaskelly carrying a granny was a bizarre sight, but it cannot be helped. It would be difficult for me to carry her. STR-wise #1 is better.

#1 held her legs and placed them on his pelvis, and the granny put her arms around him and held to his ribs. Now if I only walk behind them, all will be perfect, no? She won’t fall down.


"#1, wait a moment.”



I summoned a skeleton rabbit with the same Skills as #1 and had him run to the church. It should be alright, he managed to get to the church and stand on his hind legs.


“Looks like there really is no problem. Let’s go.”

“An Undead?!”


Oh, a person from the church came out. RUN, #2!!

“Ah, where to…!”


#2 hid behind my legs.


“Oh my?”

“I’m sorry, he’s mine.”

“I see, so you are a necromancer. That gave me a scare.”

“I’m carrying a granny who hurt her back, where should I carry her to?”

“Please come this way.”


From there, #1 carries her into a different place from the chapel. So there was a space for carrying out medical treatment. We finished carrying her, so I dismiss #1.


“That sure helped.”

“Oh no, please take care of yourself.”


Now, where should I go next. ...Oh, there’s Lucianna-san.


“My, Anastasia-san, was it?”

“Good day, Lucianna-san.”

“Hello. How was the entrance?”

“It will take a little longer. The Undead around it are tough.”

“It would be easy with «Holy Magic» but… it might be difficult to handle for an Immortal. Please don’t force yourself.”

“I plan to go there after training a little more.”


By the way, who does Lucianna-san worship? Her robe looks black, but when I look carefully it’s actually navy blue. It also has golden embroidery.


“Is something the matter?”

“I heard from Megan-san about the clothing color and...”

“Ahh, I see. I don’t wear anyone’s… in particular. If anything, I worship everyone. People like me usually wear blue or white.”


The habits worn by clergy all have the same base design. Which is why in general, they only change the colors, and the color of embroidery marks their position.

From red, through green, gray and to gold. This is based on each gods’ hair color and the order in which they were born. Sigrdrífumál-sama’s red being the color of the novices, and Creall-sama’s gold being the highest in rank.


“I see. So if there is a specific god one worships, they use this specific god’s color.”

“Yes, it makes one take their job more seriously.”

“Considering the golden embroidery, it must mean you are pretty important, Lucianna-san.”

“Fufufu, I’m a granny after all, a veteran.”


She is all smiles, but the person in red’s face is twitching, and even people in gray are smiling wryly?


“Lucianna-san, your clothes design is a little different from others, isn’t it?”

“Oh dear? Well noticed. Clergy do not show off their position too blatantly. We serve gods, after all. But not being able to distinguish one’s position is also troublesome. There, first appears the color of embroidery, and when one looks closely they can notice the differences in design.”


It could be called a non-mass produced special design, which marks her as an important person. People who take care of their appearances will probably notice the difference.


“I’m the archbishop managing these areas.”

“So not just this place, but even the surrounding areas… is it. I see, that’s a higher position than I expected.”

“When I mention it, people often start acting all respectful, so I don’t mention it and mix among others.”

“Then I should expose myself a little as well. I did mention I’m an Immortal, but my race is Immortal Princess.”

"...Um, please wait. If I’m not wrong… eh, why are you here? Right, you were an Outsider… Is it really alright for an Outsider to be of that race? Stellura-sama?”


Oh my, Lucianna-san has entered a state of confusion? Other people also turned pale, I’m not going to eat you, you know? I might be a carnivore, but human meat is a little...


“Um, Anastasia-san, was it?”


“You said you were searching for the entrance to Nether, and you are here because you are an Outsider, yes?”


“Is what she says. Calm down everyone, I forbid you to speak of this to anyone. Understood?”


Everyone nods super energetically.

Still, that was a response far beyond what I expected. I want a little more information. This reaction, so there is a possibility… that my suspicion that my home is the Evernight Castle in Nether, was right on spot? If that was the case, the “what are you doing here?” reaction would make sense.


“Hm… did you tell Megan about this?”

“I think I only mentioned that I’m a High Immortal?”

“I see… alright, let’s change the location.”


From the church’s courtyard we moved onto one of the rooms inside. I can tell at a glance that it’s quite a luxurious room.


“Now, first… how much do you know of Immortals and the Outer Ones?”

“I only read “Stellura-sama and the Darklight Ones” book.”

“I see, that one. Then you should know that Immortals are mainly in Nether or Abyss, and the Outer Ones are in Medium?”


“In general, they do not leave those places, but there are exceptions. Outer Ones - when the contracts with Stellura-sama are broken. Immortals… they appear when there are problems in this world pertaining to souls. They sense it and come here.”

“So, everyone thought that since I’m here, someone has perpetrated something…?”

“There is that, too. Nn… do you know of the Ruling classes?”

“You mean, the Outer Ones’ Ruling Races?”

“They are yet another case. Ruling classes are a type of entity among monsters who possess leadership-type Skills.”


So the general we saw during the World Quest classifies under that. We haven’t seen any others yet, however.


“Their existence is a great threat. And the top of Ruling classes are royalty. Entities that have “king” and “queen”, “prince” and “princess" in their name. The commanding ability of royalty is literally on another level. Among those who appear relatively easy, there are Goblin Kings.”


Even novice adventurers… those of rank F and E, are capable of beating Goblins in 1 vs 1 combat, as long as they are equipped. But that is ultimately in one versus one. But if that Goblin is under the command of a general, it becomes dubious whether the adventurer will win. And if that same Goblin was under royalty’s command… the adventurer would definitely lose.

In other words, entities that have royal titles in their name are priority targets for extermination. They are too dangerous to be left be. The numbers they can command and the increase in ability they provide is apparently on a completely different level. Yet another problem is that other ruling classes gather where royalty appears, and things become terrifying.

Goblins are, well, their stats are low in general… so when a King appears there will be casualties, but people can manage it.

If it’s a monster with high base strength, the danger level goes up exponentially, so the moment they are sighted, everyone runs to the Adventurers’ Union and an extermination unit is formed. Depending on the entity, sometimes even the army is being contacted.


“Among them, Undead royalty is said to be especially dangerous. Undead aren’t very intelligent so they are not a problem, but their base abilities are high and they have many special Skills. They are numerous and tough, so it’s a terrifying sight when royalty capable of using their characteristics as an army appears. It’s on the level that makes the clergy and army do a full mobilization.”

"...And Undead’s ruling Class and Immortal ruling classes are...?”

“Yes they are two different things. In regards to simple fighting ability, naturally Immortals under a Ruling class’ command are a threat beyond compare, but as you already know, Immortals’ habitat is in a completely different place.”

“Ahh, I see. I mean, the dimension they are living in is completely different.”

“That is what Immortal royalty is. They should be governing over the Nether and Abyss… Immortals manage the afterlife we, the living go to after death. Standing on the top of them, are the Immortal royals. Normally, it would be strange for one of them to be here...”

“But I’m an Outsider, right...”

“Yes. I said that you can take your time, but I think you should aim for Nether as soon as possible. Royalty is born very rarely. There is a possibility they are troubled now.”


In humans’ case, royalty is the royal family, but it’s different in monsters’ case. They can be born once every few hundred years, and dealing with them is difficult.

There is a fair amount of Ruling class being born that is not royalty, though. It seems they are exterminated when found. Since they show their main strength in groups, if they are discovered late, it might turn into a large battle. Most likely it will turn into a World Quest.

It seems like there was no case of multiple royalty of the same race being found at the same time. Can it be that the Evernight Castle has no master now?


"...I plan to get there within two of this world’s months.”

“Fufufu, please do so before I die.”

“My, I think it will be alright… please live for about 40 years longer.”


She’s half serious, isn’t she? Is she worried about the afterlife being without a leader?

Well, let’s let this slide and change the topic.


“Royalty’s enhancing ability, hm? I already possess two royalty-specific leadership Skills. In some cases they might get more leadership Skills, so no wonder even Goblins become stronger.”

“Ho-oh! Can I ask about their effect?”

“The increased amounts are unknown, but it changes with the Skill level. All stats increase thanks to the authority, supervision makes everyone smarter and enhances all stats, and as royalty I increase all stats… and in some cases I am able to share my Skills with others.”

“Three Skills improving all statistics and making everyone smarter is already a threat, but there’s even Skill sharing…?”

“At this point I can only share them with my Servants, but I am capable of sharing my Monster Skills with them.”


Players and monsters having slightly different effects is something that happens often in games. There is a possibility that an enemy might be able to freely share Skills with others of the same race.


“I see, let’s share this information with the Adventurers’ Union. Thank you very much.”

“Oh, no.”


After that we chatted for a while I took my leave.


In the end, I learned that a princess is a royalty-rank Ruling class. This, and the fact that I’m an Immortal were both a problem.

To put it simply, they first got scared of me being a princess, a top level ruling class. Then, while they were relieved that I’m an Immortal, after thinking it over they realized that is nothing to be relieved about and were terrified.

In real life terms it would be like… the person you talk to suddenly introduced themselves as Enma? ...Yeah, that would be scary. My apologies. Let’s try to keep quiet about my race, I feel like nothing good would come out of mentioning it. This was some good information.


For now, let’s take revenge on the old temple area after the event ends. Looks like it’s a priority for Immortals to aim for the Nether. It’s good to have a specific goal.

I wonder if other races also have one. I guess there is no way of telling now.




This voice, coming from above… yeah, it was Fairellen-san after all.


“Good day. Did something happen?”

“Look at this, here.”


[Material] Fay Honey Rarity: Ep Quality: C
Honey generated from flowers with a Fay’s intrinsic magic.
It’s delicious but there is little of it, which makes it very rare.
It’s up to Fay whether they give you honey. If you find one, make sure to get along with them.


“Wow, did you make this?”

“I tried it, but I can hardly gather any. I want a flower field.”


There is about half of a potion bin worth of pretty-colored honey. It’s shining lightly, isn’t it? It seems like it took her about an hour of flying all over to gather this, apparently looking for flower fields was annoying.

By the way, she sold one of them to a Resident merchant instead of a player, and it fetched a nice price. It is an Epic, after all… Based on the description, there must be hardly any supply of it.


“The quality is probably up to the flowers’ state, it was pretty hard~.”

“A Fay version of honey, hm? Did you try it?”

“It was really tasty. I secured some for myself. Ah, you can have this.”

“Is it really okay?”

“No probs~. It would be even better if you made some sweets with this honey~.”

“Hm… I haven’t tried making sweets yet.”

“It’s not bad to lick, but y’know… something’s off with that.”

“Well… I’ll think of making sweets.”



She said and flew away. Sky, huh, looks fun.

Now, let’s continue my walk for a little longer.

Name: Anastasia
Race: Immortal Princess Woman Lv24
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 44


«Slender Sword Lv14» «Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense - Slender Sword Lv15» «Light Armor Lv16»
«Luminous Magic Lv12» «Spatial Magic Lv12» «High-Class Magic Ability Lv15»
«Sensing Danger Lv13» «Intuition Lv13» «Butō Lv19» «Cook Lv16»  «Alchemycraft Lv14»  «Collecting Lv4» «Mining Lv7»  «Appraisal Lv27» «Disassembly Lv24»
«Identification Lv30» «Discern» «Linguistics Lv13»




Monster Skills:
«Darkness Magic Lv13» «Necromantic Secrets Lv22» «Aura of Darkness Lv33»
«Physical Resistance Lv35» «Physical Immunity Lv32» «Magic Resistance Lv13» «Life Absorption Lv16» «Super HP Recovery Lv20» «Automatic MP Recovery Lv19» «Automatic Recovery Trait Lv13» «Supervising Undead Lv19»
«Immortal Royalty Lv28» «Royal Authority Lv26» «High Immortal»


Elegant and Calm Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.
Liberator of Belstead:  A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town East of Starting Town.
Liberator of Inbamunt: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town South of Starting Town.
Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.
Alchemist: A title given to a full-fledged alchemist.
Alchemist’s Disciple: You have become a disciple of the Starting Town’s Megan.


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      For example a programmer inserts information "Citizen of xx, townsman, woodcutter, has good relations with other citizens" and some other parameters regarding the NPC, and an AI would need to take care of everything else based on that. This is probably the only way for creating an immersive, evolving and flexible NPC characters.

      1. Owl

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    3. Simak

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      As for the sisters, the night have come across it second hand in RPGs or their appearance in other works of fictin as well. After all, there are Nyarko-chan and even in the current season of anime there is an octopus woman named Dr. Cthulie.

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    I need to pick up things that sound like they will be necessary on a desert island.
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    It’s on the level that makes the clergy and army do a full {mobilization}.

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