18th of April, Thursday

Clothes. Assistance. Girl Power Increase.

Mariko wanted me to come with her to a mobile phone shop after school, so I went with her.

Since what I did yesterday was just first aid, I agreed that it had to be checked properly.

After leaving the smartphone at the shop in front of the station, we wasted some time by touring the nearby shops.

In the famous brand's retail store, Mariko picked up a one-piece, but after fitting it to her shoulders and checking the price, she gently put it back.

After sighing, from her mouth came the name of an internet celebrity. Cicada-san... Selene's. Recently, it seemed like Cicada-san increased the price for the clothes. Still, it was just the material cost and honestly, it still wasn't a reasonable price for them.

At the time the inspection was supposed to end, we returned to the shop. Mariko took the smartphone and a note that said there were no abnormalities. After separating from her in front of station, I walked quickly.


I came home with a one hour delay and went straight to Yuuki's room.

"Sorry! I'm late!"

"Nii-san, you're all sweaty. Want something to drink?"

After she opened the door, Yuuki opened her eyes wide in shock. Same as last time, she was wearing pants and a shirt.

"Then, a glass of water."

I drank iced water and rested on the sofa in the living room.

"Sorry for the delay Yuuki."

"What happened?"

I looked towards Yuuki's coat hanger, there was... not a gakuran, but a brand new female school uniform.

"If you have properly prepared a uniform, why don't you wear it?"

"I-I wore it! B-but I was too scared to go outside in it. Having my panties exposed to the outside air sounds weird!"

Yuuki lightly held herself with both of her hands and shook her chest left and right. It was a strangely childish gesture.

"You intend on denying all the people who wear skirts?"

"T-that's not it... the feeling of air flowing between my thighs is bizarre!"

"You don't need to think about it... you just need to get used to it."

"Y-yeah. I guess. However... I don't know why, but it doesn't feel good."

She hung her shoulders downhearted.

"The problem is that you're too embarrassed to expose your panties to open air, right? If that's the case there's also an alternative option where you don't wear them."

"Going without panties while wearing a skirt is overdoing it Nii-san!"

The breast binding is worse than using panties. Also, don't accept it as truth just because your brother said so.

"Nonono. The girl power isn't just limited to wearing skirts, not wearing skirts is fine as well... even that's what I wanted to say but..."

Yuuki blushed.

"Too embarrassing! I-I've misunderstood! Having a bare ass under the skirt... isn't that super perverted!"

"Calm down. By the way, you bought the panties through the mail order right?"

"I got a bra as well. Nii-san, want to check it?"

She started to raise her shirt.

"STOP! If you show it your girl power will go down!"


"Why you ask... you're embarrassed just by having your panties exposed to air, and you think nothing of showing your bra to me?"

She looked below and nodded.

"That's because Nii-san is Nii-san. Even if I'm seen by Nii-san... i-it's not embarrassing. Rather than that, I want Nii-san to look and tell me if I'm wearing it properly."

"Your self-assessment is enough."

"A-also I've changed the shampoo and do the treatment!"

"I noticed that when we passed each other earlier, I think your girl power increased."

Yuuki knelt on the spot.

"To think there was such a method... Nii-san's girl power is so high it breaks my heart."

"Get a hold of yourself, it's just a shallow wound."

I held out my hands to her, Yuuki took them and stood up.


"Don't make me your mentor without permission. It's because you did your best."

"Did my girl power really increase?"

"Yuuki, the girl power is... just because it increased it's not a reason to feel relieved. The moment you start feeling relieved it will start to decrease. You need to strive to raise it continuously. Isn't that the essence of girl power? If you make raising it your only objective, I feel like it'll no longer be girl power."

She opened her eyes wide once again.

"So girl power, is an endless aspiration right, Nii-san."

"Yeah, that's right."

Her wide-opened eyes were clouded as she lost confidence.

"It might be impossible for me. I don't have what it takes to become a girl."

"You went to get me water earlier, haven't you?'

"That's because Nii-san looked very thirsty..."

"I think that's also girl power. No, I think we're getting too caught up in the phrase 'girl power'. Yuuki just as your name implies, that kindness of yours will become someone's hope."[2]

"So my name had such a meaning. I didn't know that."

Yuuki continued to look at me with respect, her eyes glittering. It's troubling if she overestimates me that much, this is a critical moment during which I need to raise her self-confidence.

"It might be just my selfish imagination, but I feel like you're on the right track and it's going well."

"Noticing the hidden meaning and feelings behind my name. I'm jealous of girl power that's oozing out of Nii-san. Pure girl power... truly, Nii-san possesses maiden power."

She nodded repeatedly convinced of it. Please don't make a maiden out of me.

"By the way, Yuuki's the little sister of... um, Tomomi has become your Onee-chan, but are you no good with girls even if it's your sister?"

"Yes. They are all full of girlish charm, my heart starts pounding when I see them."

"Even though you're scared of girls, your heart's pounding when you see them..."

"I-I have no immunity."

"In order to gain immunity, you need to interact with girls don't you."

That's something I can't do alone.

"Now then. How about you wear a cute dress?"

As I looked towards the female uniform, Yuuki's face reddened.

"Going outside in a uniform is impossible Nii-san!"

"Do you have any other feminine clothes?"

If I'm not wrong, she said before that she bought some clothes from Cicada-san (Selene).

"There is... something."

"Great. Wear that and let's go."

"S-spare me from going out!"

Yuuki shut her eyes tightly and bowed to me, pleading. It seemed like the mission of wearing girl's clothes and going outside at the same time was too high of a hurdle.

"Got it. Let's call off going outside. In exchange, how about you show me yourself in these clothes? I really want to see you in girly clothes."

Startled, she opened her eyes, blushed even more and nodded.

"Yup. I'll take the clothes out. I thought it's still early but... the time has come, hasn't it."

She headed to her bedroom, and after less than ten seconds, she came back while holding a big box.

Yuuki placed it on the table and opened it. Inside, a beautiful green dress was folded.

Seeing it in this state, it seemed like she hasn't taken it out from the box before.

She had a shy, very girly expression on her face at the moment.

"When I think I'm going to wear this, I'm really embarrassed."

"Even though you wanted me to check your underwear?"

"T-that's... it's not embarrassing to have them checked, but if my skirt were to be flipped and panties seen, t-that would be embarrassing."

I don't get what's the basis or criteria for her to get embarrassed.

She hung her head and started to rub her knees against each other.

"Um, I have something to ask you for Nii-san..."

Her appearance as she was squirming trying to say something seemed somewhat sweet.

"I-I want you to help me wear it."

"You can't put it on alone?"

"Yeah. This dress has a zipper really high on the back."

"Well, if it's pulling the zipper up then fine."

"Okay, I'll go to the bedroom and put it on as much as I can. I'll call you when I'm ready."

"Sure. Good luck."

I remained on the sofa, and waved to Yuuki who went ahead.

Until she's ready, let's watch TV. And just when I thought that, something fell down with a loud *thud*.


A scream came from the bedroom.

"What happened?!"

Wondering if she found a cockroach, I opened the door and there was... half naked Yuuki. She was sitting on the floor. Her thighs were snugly closed, stuck to one another. Rather than taking off the clothes, it felt like she was putting them on. Also, there was no sign of cockroaches.

"W-what's up with that half-naked, or rather a half-wearing state of yours?!"

Her beautifully formed chest was exposed, her cleavage could only be described as magnificent. She was just barely wearing panties, although they were black, they had a sexy design with pink frills.

"Listen Nii-san. In the box with clothes... there was a garter belt. Even pants with a matching design... pink frills on black background, no matter how I look at them they don't fit me. I would be fine even if Cicada-san didn't do such a full coordination!"

Yuuki complained while holding stockings in her right hand. It was not time to be fascinated by her healthy navel and long slender legs. I turned my back to her and confirmed with her.

"So you fell down when you tried to put it on?"

"Y-yes... my heart started pounding strongly when I tried to wear the stockings..."

Last Saturday, she helped Mika who suddenly fell down, her reflexes are good and yet... why did she fall down.

"Nii-san... tell me how to wear a garter belt and stockings."

Yuuki muttered with a trembling, frightened voice. Do it yourself! Is what I wanted to say, but I promised to help her wear it.

"Got it. First, calm down. Garter belt is a sexy lingerie for advanced users, there's no need to hesitate. The opponent is just a cloth after all."

"Y-you're right. Sorry for that exaggerated scream."

If she were to be a klutz, her girl power would be quite high, but she wasn't one. She's desperately struggling to overcome herself. I cooperate with her. As her brother, in a brotherly way.

"Can you stand?"

I closed my eyes and reached out to her. Yuuki held my hand and stood up. Though, I could only guess she did.

"Thank you Nii-san. So, what do I do next?"

"Sit on the side of the bed for the time being."

That way she won't panic in the middle of wearing stockings.

"Ah! It's all right to not close your eyes. I'm not charming and cute enough to seduce Nii-san, since I don't have any girl power. Also, Nii-san considers me as his little sister so it's not embarrassing right?"

"You say that but... you have extremely high potential for girl power."

"Nii-san, you don't have to lie to boost my self-confidence."

"It's not a lie. Also, you're doing your best to become what you want to be. I think that ambitious people are attractive. That's why, Yuuki's a very cute and wonderful girl."

There was no answer. I didn't know what kind of expression she had since I closed my eyes, I might have said something very embarrassing too.

"I-I'm sitting."

I was relieved to hear an answer. But, I wonder if my embarrassing speech went through.

"Then, can you do the rest alone?"

"Yes. But... I want Nii-san to put it on me. Take my stocking virginity."

Last time it was male virginityvirgin, today it's female virginityvirgin. That's a good growth.

"A-all right. But I'll keep my eyes closed as they are. Pass me the stocking."

My hands have come in contact with thin cloth. This circle over here is probably where the foot goes. What, it's simple. Calm down, me. It's something similar to putting pants on children.

"Okay, raise your right leg."

"It's up, my leg's over here."

Yuuki took my hand and led it to her foot. I felt her fine skin with my hands and fingers. W-where the hell am I touching? Because my eyes were closed, the feeling in my hands was excessively emphasized. Also, this was somehow... perverted!

"What is it Nii-san?"

"N-nothing big. Umm... here?"

I moved my hands towards Yuuki's ankle... or rather I intended to. As I felt her skin over the fabric my fingers trembled.

"Wrong way Nii-san! Not there!"


"Hee. Nii-san's so clumsy. Wahhahha."

She laughed merrily. Nonono. It's not a laughing matter. Did I touch some outrageous place?

"Hurry up and put it on, Nii-san."

Completely different from her laugh from before, Yuuki muttered with a spoiled voice.

With my eyes still closed, I helped her wear stockings according to her instructions. Rather insisting on having me put it on her, it would definitely be faster if she did it herself!


As a finishing touch, I pulled the zipper up on the back of her dress.

"Okay, I'm opening my eyes."

Because I did this entire operation with my eyes closed, it felt like it took a while. From the beginning to end, I put it on while being instructed by Yuuki.

"Nii-san... how is it?"

In front of me, a goddess has descended. Both Yuuki and the dress loved each other mutually. The dress enhanced her charms, I think her appearance improved a lot just by wearing it. As I saw her legs clad in stockings extend from the skirt, my heart started to beat faster.

I... put that on her. I started to feel weirder and weirder.

"D-does it look good?"

Yuuki looked into my face anxiously.

"It looks perfect! Oh right, how about we go to other sister's room now?"

I was too scared of concentrating on Yuuki. Even if she's my little sister (candidate)... if I see that smile I might get knocked out by her girl power.

"B-but that's embarrassing after all!"

She blushed and started shaking her waving her hands in the air. Thanks to that childish gesture, it seemed like the girl power aura she exuded slightly subsided.

"Geez, I think that's better than showing yourself to strangers though."

If we were to do a surprise visit... it would be at Selene's place. She lives her days in her own pace, and doesn't change much. But if she were to see Yuuki wearing the clothes she made, she might be impressed.

Tomomi would be definitely surprised. No, unexpectedly she might be happy about it. Let's play a game, three of us! It's a match! I feel that's what she would say.

Were it to be Sayuri, it would be troublesome. If I suddenly brought Yuuki to her place... I have no idea what might happen.

How about Mika? Probably she would be delighted. Even though we'd appear all of a sudden, she would welcome us.

With that said, there was a possibility we might run into Murasaki-san, which is scary.

"I-if we went, then to whose room?"

"Hmm... isn't Mika's fine?"

"So Nii-san thought of that after all?"

"What's up with the 'after all'?"

"M-Mika-chan is rather than a girl rather than a child, or to be exact she looks younger than her actual age. Thanks to that, I don't feel any femininity from her."

"Speaking of which, when we gathered together last week you weren't so nervous around her, and you helped her when she almost fell down as well."

Yuuki was taking care of Mika back then. Since I had my hands full with the other little sister candidates back then, it was a great help.

"I will get along with Mika-chan now, and she will slowly grow more girly right? I will match her growth and will gradually get used to girls. After five years... I will marry Mika-chan, and will definitely make her happy."

She released a loud snort and aimed her fist toward the heavens.

"Hey hey..."

"T-that was a joke, Nii-san."

It seemed to me like her eyes were serious.

Yuuki turned towards me and stared. It was the most serious expression of hers I've seen.

"But... I'm glad I have Nii-san."

As I tilted my neck puzzled, she laughed happily with her cheeks flushed. It was a wonderful smile that would attract anyone.

"To go along with me like this, Nii-san is a really good person. I'm really happy that I have a sibling like you."

"Being told that so formally feels embarrassing. Please spare me."

"No way. You're someone I admire. Thank you, Nii-san. I can't just rely on you all the time right?"

"Don't say that. You can rely on me more, okay?"

"Rather than me, there's someone else who needs Nii-san more, there are tiny little sisters out there. I'm an Onee-chan."

"Yuuki... you..."

Her expression seemed just a little bit mature.

"But, since it's late and night's coming let's quit for today. In exchange, I'll do my best to go out in a skirt next time."

"Is that... fine?"

"Yup. It is. You don't need to worry about me. I'll use the courage Nii-san gave me and show you I can become a girl. No need to worry about me."

"Hearing you say that helps a lot."

"Ahaha! Oh right Nii-san, isn't it about time for a dinner?"

Yuuki changed into the pants and shirt from before and started to prepare dinner in the kitchen.

I could only choose one person. Although Yuuki said not to worry, that's precisely why I started to worry about her.

However. It was just as Yuuki said. Mika was the number one person who couldn't be left alone. Although I shouldn't put them in such order, I couldn't help but do it. Because I'm worried about all of them, I want to bind myself with them. I want to follow up. But, was that the same thing Taishido Jinya was thinking?

To make them all mine... I...

Notes and References

  1. 師匠 (shishou), as in teacher. The difference between this and the popular 'teacher (sensei) is that 師匠 is a master at some art who imparts knowledge upon his disciple.
  2. 優希 – first kanji can be read as kindness, second one as hope.

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