AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon" (Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai, 対魔導学園35試験小隊) is a light novel series written by YANAGIMI Touki (柳実冬貴)  and illustrated by Kippu (切符).
Published by the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, the series currently has fifteen volumes. It had two manga serializations and an anime adaptation by Silver Link.

Story Synopsis

In a world where people possessing magic are going extinct and armaments are at the peak, the seat that was taken from the sword by magic, is handed over to guns and the one cracking down on remaining magical threats is the "Inquisition". Kusanagi Takeru despite being unable to use guns, and fights with only a sword, is attending Inquisition's training institution known as the "AntiMagic Academy". The 35th Test Platoon aka "Small Fry Platoon" led by Takeru is a mishmash of underachievers. However, one day a handgun-using super elite qualified to join Dullahan, Ootori Ouka has been enlisted in their platoon. Takeru who is the captain, goes with Ouka and the others on a mission to recover a Magical Heritage, however——. The revived "Hero" is walking on earth, will he be sent back by the girl's gun? Or maybe by the boy's sword?! A school action fantasy awaits!

The Academy's Glossary (spoilers)

TaimadouGaku_v01_coverVolume 1 - Hero Summoning - Einherjar Wakes (Full Text)

TMG_v02_coverVolume 2 - Witch's Struggle - Scramble for the Hope (Full Text)

TMG_v03_coverVolume 3 - The Two Alchemists - Alchemists Scream (Full Text)

TMG_v04_coverVolume 4 - Festival of Fools - Dance with Lost Rabbit (Full Text)


TMG_v05_coverVolume 5 - The King of Hundred Demons - Over Dark (Full Text)

TMG_v06_coverVolume 6 - Re-Contracting of the Azure - Valhalla Calling (Full Text)

TMG_v07_CoverVolume 7 - The Counter-Attacking Crimson - Revenge to Madness (Full Text)

TMG_v08_CoverVolume 8 - Silvery Uprising - The White Escape (Full Text)

TMG_v09_CoverVolume 9 - Heretic Alliance - Outcasts Alliance (Full Text)

TMG_v10_CoverVolume 10 - The Witch Hunt War (First Part) - The 2nd Witch-Hunt War (Full Text)

TMG_v11_CoverVolume 11 - The Witch Hunt War (Second Part) - The 2nd Witch-Hunt War (Full Text)

AMA_v12_CoverVolume 12 - Call of Twilight (Full Text)

AMA_v13_CoverVolume 13 - The Promise of Dawn - Eternal Promise (Full Text)

TMG_AM_CoverVolume Another Mission

AMA_AM2_CoverVolume Another Mission 2