11th of April, Thursday

Fourth Little Sister. Handsome. Girl Power Decrease.

Just as she said earlier, today Mariko made me a boxed lunch. It was rice balls, fried chicken eggs; boiled spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Mariko was a bit worried that the fried eggs were a little burnt, but it was very delicious. Even so, girl's lunch boxes really are small. Mariko asked "Want to eat half of mine? Girls easily get fat, it makes me jealous of boys."... or something like that.

She didn't seem like she had any excess fat, but girls are quite sensitive when it comes to excess body weight.

Maybe Mariko yearns for a slim and cool figure like that of a model? I think she's quite cute with her petite body though... well, not my business.


After school, I was standing in front of Room 401 in Taishido residence and took a deep breath to prepare myself. After I mentally concentrated and rang the doorbell, the door immediately opened.

"N-nice to meet you! I'm Tachibana Yuuki. Middle school third year."

"I'm Taishido Yoichi. Nice to meet you."

The fourth little sister candidate——Tachibana Yuuki was tall. As expected, she wasn't tall enough to make me look up at her, but it seemed like she would catch up to my height soon enough.

About 170 centimetres of height. Her long hair was tied in a ponytail.

Yuuki's outfit was very boyish, she had a very rough appearance, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Both her legs and torso were quite long, her face was small. She spoke with a smile on her face.

"Now! Come in, Nii-san."

My hand was grasped and I was pulled into the room. Her way of speaking was quite boyish too.[1] Also, suddenly holding hands... was a bit embarrassing.

"Sorry to disturb〜"

I walked in and took off my shoes by the door. The furnishings in the living room were blue and green, giving it a refreshing feeling. Although it was moderately clean it also felt like someone was living in it.

She was completely on the other end of the spectrum compared to Tomomi, but unexpectedly both of them were boyish. Her uniform was hung at the coat hanger.

It was a gakuran. I don't get it. Isn't that a boy's uniform?

"Yuuki. Sorry for being so sudden, but can I ask you something?"

"What is it, Nii-san?"

"That uniform, it's not yours... is it?"

If a male friend of hers came over to play, and even left his uniform in that state, I was a bit worried as her brother.

"It's mine."

Her tone of voice was very smooth, it didn't seem like a lie. She had a relaxed posture.

Although I had an impression she was a girl because of her long hair, were she to have short hair she would look like a handsome boy. Her beauty gave off a genderless feeling.

"Isn't having a gakuran as uniform a bit weird? I mean, gakuran is a boy's uniform."

"The middle school I attend to permits coming to school in casual clothes. It's fine if I don't come in girl's uniform."

"Oh, then there's no problem... as if I'd say that. Just because you can wear whatever you want isn't a reason to wear a boy's uniform."

"Is that so... I guess. It's weird after all."

Yuuki sat down on the sofa in the living room. Even though she would seem girly were she to sit with one leg next to other, but she spread her legs revealing her crotch.

Come to think of it, while Tomomi spoke a little bit like a boy, her gestures and the way she was sitting were girly. I felt that was what Yuuki was missing. She stared at me as I sat down on a stool beside the table.

"What does Nii-san think about me? I want you to honestly state your first impression."

"Then... I won't hold back. My first impression is... that you don't seem to know which sex you are."

"Don't know which... yep, that's quite accurate."

She nodded convinced.

"You're a girl aren't you?"

"Biologically, I'm female."

Considering the way she put it, it didn't seem like she was a girl mentally.

"So you're different inside?"

"Y-you're wrong. I want to... become... a proper girl."

The inside of my head were a bit confused.

"You said you want to become one, but aren't you a girl already?"

Yuuki downcasted her eyes and fell silent. After looking at her lonely expression, it seemed I was rushing it too much.

"Sorry, my bad. The way I asked about it was wrong. Please tell me about it step by step."

"Nii-san... will you really listen to my story seriously?"

"Of course."

"Thanks! Nii-san's a warm-hearted person, that makes me really happy. Umm... ah, sorry Nii-san!"

Yuuki stood up from the sofa as if bouncing off.

"I didn't notice. I'll prepare coffee. I'm quite lacking in this aspect."

She muttered scolding herself. It seemed like she got depressed and downhearted. I spoke to make her feel better.

"Then, be generous with sugar and milk."

"Y-yes! Wait a moment."

Yuuki hurried to the kitchen and after boiling water in an electric kettle, she made an instant coffee like I requested.

I'm not too good with instant coffee, but the sugar and milk managed to hide the taste.

I took a deep breath as I sipped the milk coffee I requested. By the way, Yuuki's coffee was black.

Drinking an instant black coffee was something I couldn't believe in. Of course, there are luxurious instant ones, they might actually be pretty tasty.

After placing a cup on the table Yuuki started to talk quietly.

"When I was in second grade of elementary school, a boy in my class said to me 『"Woman clothes don't fit you! Manwoman!"』... you see, back then I was taller than all kids my age."

"You were bullied?"

"That's, umm... rather than bullying... I thought of it as advice. Because of my positive personality, I've become how I am now."

"Advice... just how positive are you."

She laughed in embarrassment as I retorted. Although she was embarrassed, she had a cheerful and bright smile. It seemed somewhat cool.

"My mother was someone who didn't pay much attention to gender differences, when I dressed up like a boy she was delighted."

So it's like that after all, Yuuki also has separated from her mother.

"So what happened to your mother?"

"Four years ago a letter came from Brazil. It seems like she found a wife over there."

"She left her daughter and remarried abroad... what? A wife?"

"Yeah. It seems like my mother became a father before I noticed."

As she said that with a refreshing smile, I shook my head deep inside my mind.

"I-is that so. Must be hard."

"There's no such thing. If my mother became my dad, that means she took a step in her new life. Rather than that I want to cheer Mother——Father on."

Her real parent was stranger than the ones in fiction. Well, it's not like I'm the one to talk.

"Back to the story. What happened in your elementary school after that?"

"After that, when the boy who said 『"Manwoman!"』 saw me in male clothing, he didn't say anything else... it was quite sad."

The boy just wanted Yuuki's attention, he probably couldn't believe that she would dress like a boy because of what he said.

"That must've been hard as well."

"Yeah. Elementary school's teachers said 『they respect individuality」, so I continued to dress like a boy... before I noticed, I was too embarrassed and it was impossible for me to wear a skirt..."

"Ah, yeah... and that continued until that gakuran's turn came."

Yuuki nodded and turned her line of sight towards the uniform on the hanger.

"My middle school allows attending in casual clothes, and I did my best studying. Since I'm wearing this uniform on a routine basis, there's a lot of students who think I am a boy... but as expected, my classmates know that I'm a girl."

"What do you do about toilet?"

"When it's crowded I can enter boy's toilet, there's no problem."

She spouted out something amazing without any hesitation.

"Then, what's the problem?"

Yuuki's complexion went *kshh* and she turned redder than a tomato.

"T-that's, umm, I-I don't want to boast but I became very popular with girls... and I got confessed to by two girls at the same time!"

"Hohoo. Not boasting, popular eh."

As Yuuki shook her long arms, she looked like a model, her gesture was rather girlish or rather a bit childish.

"Don't tease me Nii-san. My male virginityvirginity was nearly taken... um, well that. In any case, both of them seemed to love me very much, and I, not knowing what to do, went for advice to a teacher. After that, the two of them were forbidden from getting close to me..."[2]

I thought that the word male virginvirgin here was strange, but let's not touch this subject.

"So you dumped the two."

"Y-yep. No matter how boyish I am, there's no way I can fall for a girl... rather, I really understand I need to force myself to be a girl. The truth is that I'm a girl after all."

Ah, of course. Yuuki is a girl. The two who fell for her as she dressed up in male's clothing, if she properly goes back to acting like a girl they would have no choice but to give up.

"D-did you get tired of it?"

"I'm honestly surprised... but I understand your circumstances now."

She smiled, it was a very refreshing smile. Even though we're of the same sex... no wait, I was nearly fooled by that as well. Yuuki's a girl.

Her smile was one that attracted people. It had nothing to do with gender.

"Thank you, Nii-san! I want to become a girl. But I have no idea what to do, and there's no one I can rely on..."

"So you want me to cooperate with you."

"That's right! I want to become Nii-san's (provisional) little sister!"

"I haven't decided that yet though. Also, what the hell is (provisional)..."

"S-sorry Nii-san. Of course I too want to be your real little sister. You're a really wonderful person after all."

Yuuki looked straight into my eyes. The respect visible in her eyes dispelled any doubts.

Not like I have anything I can be respected for.

"That's why, Nii-san! No matter how bad a form it takes, if I, by myself can be recognized as someone's little sister, my lacking girl power would naturally grow."

"I see... hey, is 'girl power' a term to be used like that?!"

"I can only rely on you... also, I have already suppressed some of my changes as a girl."

Yuuki tried to roll up and raise her shirt. A glimpse of her stomach could be seen from below.

"Wait! Stop! I get it! I get it so don't take it off!"

"S-sorry. We're not real siblings yet. I apologize for showing you such a thing."

Whether (provisional) or real siblings, that's not something you should show.

It seems like she didn't have any confidence as a girl. Now then, what should we do.

"If you want to be more girlish, why don't you consult with a female friend?"


Yuuki turned pale.

"Can it be, that you don't have any? Friends, that is."

"Y-yes. All of them are good people. But they all maintain some distance between us... after those two approached me, all other girls started saying things like 『It's OK with a girl』 as well. I was the one who couldn't properly tell them they're wrong but... also, because of the two pressuring them I became bad when it comes to dealing with girls."

The so called girl groups seem to be really annoying don't they. Before Yuuki noticed, the situation turned complicated and it was too late.

"You're no good with girls, to what extent?"

"It's enough for our eyes to meet to make me nervous... and it's hard for me to talk with female clerks."

That's pretty severe. Rather than with me, she should consult with some specialist.

"Even though you want to become a girl, you can't rely on middle school girls. Also your mother became a father on the other side of the world... is it."

As I summarized, Yuuki nodded her head a few times. That gesture of hers seemed somewhat like that of a puppy.

"You're not lying, are you?"

"You can verify it if you want to."

Considering she had so many special circumstances overlapping, I thought it was stupid not to suspect her.

If I confirmed it with Murasaki-san, I would learn whether Yuuki's story and her circumstances were a lie or not.

"I get it. I'll believe you. Sorry for suspecting you."

"Nn. Even I think it's weird. I'm like this but... please guide me, Nii-san."

If her fear of girls disappears and she gains the confidence of a normal girl Yuuki might become a superhuman, straightforward and perfect pretty girl. Although guiding her is an exaggeration, let's see...

"I don't think I can be of much help to you. Girl power... what is girl power in the first place?"

As I tilted my neck puzzled, Yuuki did the same, imitating my gesture.

"I wonder... what."

"You aimed for something you don't know!"

"Sorry. It's been popular on the net, so I unconsciously... used it."

*tehepero*, Yuuki stuck out her tongue and winked. Just now for a moment, her girl power was pretty high. I don't really get what girl power is, but that's how I felt it was.

"If it's something you learned on the net, then how about we try to find something in there?"

She nodded with a smile.

"Yes! Nii-san's someone who can be relied on. That makes me really, really happy!"

Although she praised me, I honestly have no confidence whether or not I can respond to her expectations.

I brought up browser in my smartphone and entered 'girl power' in the search bar.

The result was a few net articles about girl power, in a nutshell, they all said it was either the way a girl dressed herself, acted and spoke. There were few categories.

"How is it, Nii-san? I-is there any way for me to 'up' my girl power?"

She snugly clung to me and spoke while looking at the smartphone's screen together with me. Her hair had a scent of menthol. It gave a feeling of a cool boy.

"Your shampoo, it can't be that you're using one for men?"

"Ones for girls smell too sweet, but I properly use products for girls to clean myself."

"Let's start there. You need to rinse it and use proper treatment. It's a waste since you have such beautiful hair."

Yuuki touched her hair and faintly blushed.

"My hair is beautiful, is it... yup. I'll start taking care of it."

I don't know what's going to happen from now on. But for the time being, I summarized the information I obtained on the net.

"Apparently, girl power is all about polishing oneself."

"Polishing... oneself?"

Since Yuuki had a really good material to polish, she would become beautiful without much effort. Come to think of it, Mariko was worried about her weight despite not being fat at all.

Aah... I might have caught a glimpse of girl power there.

"You might already be shining while you're still at a rough stage, I think it's fine for you to polish yourself."

"Polish myself you say, but I still don't know what to do!"

She curled up. When she seemed smaller, her cool self turned very cute.

"Umm... what indeed. You have no problems with weight, so there's no need to diet. How about make-up?"

"I don't know how to do it. B-but I bought some cosmetics with the intention to challenge it."

Yuuki went to the room right next to the living room, and came back soon after. She held a small basket with cosmetics. I didn't know much about the price of these things, but at first glance... they didn't seem to be very expensive looking.

"How much did you pay for them?"

"Hundred yen for each of them. I thought a beginner shouldn't use anything expensive."

You should invest more in things like that, Yuuki-san. Well with that said though, since preparing herself was already admirable, as her brother I needed to cheer her on properly.

I taught her the second-hand information I've found.

"According to info on the net, it's good to use a skin lotion."

"Ah! I properly bought one! If I'm not wrong, it's to be used after washing my face. If I put this on my girl power will go up?"

She removed an unopened vial from the basket while excitedly swaying her body to the sides.

A lotion based on soy milk, it was milky-white.

"You still haven't tried it?"

"I thought nothing would change even if I used skin lotion, and got too scared to use it. But if Nii-san says so... it feels like I can do it."

"All right! Yuuki! Go wash your face first."

"Yes! I'll do my best."

She went to bathroom and washed her face. After that she returned while wiping the water droplets with a towel. Yuuki, if you hang the towel on your neck like that, your girl power will go down to the level of an old man.

"Ahh that was refreshing! It feels good to wash my face."

It felt wild, like a man after washing his face. But I'll shut up for now.

"How about we use the lotion immediately and see?"

"Sure, Nii-san. Umm, how much should I use at a time?"

"According to what I found on internet, rather than using an expensive lotion, it's better to efficiently splurge more of a cheap one."

I investigated it, but I had no idea whether it's a correct way to use it. But, what was important was that Yuuki felt 'her girl power going up' has increased.

"S-splurge more of it. Then... this is it!"

I wondered what's she doing, but Yuuki opened the lotion's cap and after raising her chin and turning her face to ceiling she started sprinkling the lotion on her face like crazy.

White and cloudy viscous fluid covered Yuuki's face.

"How is it Nii-san?! Is my girl power going up?"

*splsh plsh splsh drip blsh splshs plop plop splsh blsh dripp drip plsh*. Her face was completely covered with a cloudy liquid.

"It's really hard to raise girl power. The lotion even spilled on my chest and my shirt got all sticky. Waahaahaha! Strangely, I feel like my girl power is steadily rising! Skin lotion's amazing isn't it, Nii-san!"

"No, that... although this really seems hard, but your girl power probably... has went down."

Yuuki's hand froze.

"N-Nii-san! Why are you saying something so painful?!"

"It seems like this information's a sham. Let's try a different approach."

I sighed seeing her face look as if she was about to cry while still covered with a cloudy liquid.


The next piece of information from the net I focused on, was another hypothesis about girl power.

Girl power is underwear power. Being fashionable in places that can't be seen, is a key to increasing girl power.

Speaking of which, back then I felt that Tomomi was very girlish... her pink bra could be seen through her shirt... hey, what am I seriously considering here.

"Nii-san, I'm going to change this shirt."

Yuuki came back wearing a black satin open-necked shirt. Her collar was somewhat pointy... she looked like a host. After she wore such a cool-looking shirt her boy-power increased, it didn't feel odd at all.

How do I tell a girl like this that girl power = underwear power.

"By the way, what colour are your panties? Umm, I don't mean it in a perverted way."

"Yeah. I think seeing them would be faster."

Drats. My question was too much, but Yuuki's a natural airhead. While still in front of me, she unfastened her jeans' belt.

"Wait wait wait! My question was a bit weird, but taking off your clothes to show it is even weirder isn't it?

"Eh? Ah... y-you're right. Even if we're siblings it's no good to show it is it. By the way, what colour of my pants should I have to raise my girl power?"

"According to what I found on the net, it's not only the colour but also design that's important. You don't need to take it off, but what kind of underwear are you wearing? It's a question without any ulterior motives and only for the sake of confirming, I have no feelings to be guilty of."

"I get it, Nii-san. Umm, that'll be ones like boxer shorts, briefs-type with colourful patterns. As expected, trunks are a bit too drafty."

She laughed embarrassedly and shyly tilted her head again.

"What about b-bra?"

"I have them wrapped with a bandage, but it can no longer hold them. Actually, I don't know what kind of underwear I should buy."

Yuuki dropped her shoulders. It seems like her girl power increases when she's depressed. But her charm's completely ruined when that happens. I want to help her to gain some girl power with all my might.

"Don't worry Yuuki. I'll tell you what kind of underwear to buy."

Her pupils were sparkling, and she gazed at me passionately. Naive to boot Yuuki didn't have even a hint of irony nor malicious intent in her. However...

"If you look at me with so much respect, I feel like I was praised for saying something perverted. I'm not very knowledgeable, but even if you can't talk to female clerks in the shops you can still do your shopping through the internet right? Let's take full advantage of IT!"

"T-that's right. I do shopping through the net quite often. I even dared to order clothes like that before."

"By clothes, you mean girl's clothes?"

She narrowed her shoulders, and she became smaller as she lost confidence.

"Y-yes. Is it weird?"

"Not at all. Yuuki's really great. Thanks to that this problem's almost gone. Just like you ordered the clothes via net, you can pick a cute bra for yourself."

"P-pick a cute bra by myself?! Impossible, choose one for me Nii-san. T-then even if its see-through or a p-perverted one... I will..."

"You need to decide for yourself. Isn't it important for you to find out what's『Cute』 for you?"

"Find... what's cute?"

"Yeah. You need to find out what you think is cute and become like that. That's how you'll polish yourself and at the same time your girl power will go up."

I said aloud an opinion written on the net.

"Th-then... can you look together... with me?"

Yuuki blushed and took a glance at my face.

"Of course. Let's use your smartphone or a PC from now on."

"Yes. I'll bring it now."

She retracted to the bedroom and brought a laptop. It was a big all-in-one type.

"Nii-san, can I check the Twitter first?"

"Y-yeah, I don't mind."

She opened her favourite Twitter site. She checked the tweets on neighbourhood net celebrity's "Undying Cicada" twitter.

"She didn't tweet anything at all. I wonder if Cicada-san's all right."

"Are you this person's fan?"

"Does Nii-san know Cicada-san as well?"

"No, that's..."

In a broader sense, it could be said we're living under the same roof... Then, Yuuki continued.

"Since Cicada-san didn't tweet anything ever since the week started, I'm a bit worried."

"Why is this person so famous?"

"You see, Cicada-san is making clothes. But she doesn't just make them for anyone, she's famous only because she makes them for people she likes you know?"

"Can it be that you had clothes made by her?"

"Y-yes. It's a great fortune and honour to get them. In fact, it was sent to my place just the other day."

"Why don't you wear it?"

"With my girl power I can't equip it yet... but someday, I want to become a splendid girl and wear it."

I've discovered a surprising connection in an unexpected place. However, considering how Yuuki and Selene are related, it's better that I don't spoil it. Yuuki might be pleased that the person she admired is her own little sister, and Selene would probably be embarrassed. Let's change the topic.

"Then, for the sake of doing that let's tour websites with female underwear."

"Yeah! Let's do our best Nii-san!"

Using her laptop, I input 'Girl's underwear' in the search bar and used image search. The result was something amazing.

"Nii-san! How much girl power does a lucky star on the chest give?"

"Try to filter that kind of thing in your brain."

"On this woman's pants there's no cloth on the sides?"

"It seems like it's called C-string, it's made so that the characteristic pantyline isn't seen, it might be good with a yukata but let's pass on that kind of advanced thing."

"This one has a hole gaping in the middle..."

"Pass pass pass! Let's move to next one!"

"I wonder if ropes can be counted as underwear?

"Probably... no, absolutely not."

"Ah! This print's cute!"

Yuuki finally found her 'cute' standard, they were panties of a girl from Pretty Girls Rangers Fruity.

"Yuuki. That's something an elementary-schooler would wear."

"I-is that so. This is difficult."


Afterwards, Yuuki and I browsed some websites for a while and finally found one that had cute lingerie for teenage girls. After buying several pieces of clothing we finished shopping. After closing her laptop Yuuki stretched.

"Thank you Nii-san. I feel like my girl power will sky rocket if I wear this. It's about time for dinner, you must be hungry right?"

"Ah, yeah. That's right, I'm actually starving."

The dinner was refrigerated food. Although if she could cook her girl power would rise, but it seemed like Yuuki was bad at cooking. The two of us ate cooked rice, a mini hamburger with a fried chicken that was a prefect side dish for a boxed lunch and cooked vegetables in a small cup.

After that, Yuuki prepared a bath.

"Want to go inside together, Nii-san?"

"If you were to be a boy, I would've agreed."

"I-is that so. I don't really mind though... go in first, Nii-san."

"Then I won't hold back. Don't peep okay?"

"There's no way I'd do that. Nii-san's weird."

I was relieved seeing Yuuki laugh it off. In fact, unlike the time back when Sayuri broke in, I managed to safely finish the bath.

After that until the time was over, I spent it watching TV with Yuuki. An anime-specialized TV channel was broadcasting Pretty Girls Rangers Fruity. Apparently it was a rerun.

"It's surprising that Nii-san watches anime."

"You hate anime?"

"Not at all, I actually love it. I tend to act a bit like the lively Orange-chan, but my ideal is to be like Grape-chan who's full of adult's charm."

For Yuuki anime might actually be a material that helps her polish her girl power. Even though it's for children.

After we finished watching one episode, it was nearly twelve o'clock, midnight.

"Now then, it's about time."

"Won't you stay over for the night?"

"Even if it's the room of my little sister candidate, I can't stay over. I'll be going back."

"I-I see. It's a shame but it can't be helped."

Seeing Yuuki's smile as she sent me off from the front door, my heart slightly ached.

I wonder if she was able to think of herself as a girl thanks to today's girl power training.

I hope I was able to properly help her out like a brother should.

Notes and References

  1. Yuuki uses 'boku' which is a very boyish way to refer to speak about oneself.
  2. Word here used is clearly 童貞 (doutei) which means strictly male virginity.

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