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【Are You of Humanity】Races General Thread 21【Or Maybe Inhuman?】
1. Human Adventurer
This is a thread for general discussion about races.
Write about the races either in here, or choose from the threads linked below!


Previous Thread: http://**********
Humans General: http://**********
Inhumans General: http://**********
Humans: http://**********
Beastmen: http://**********
Fay: http://**********
Demi-Human: http://**********
Liquid-types: http://**********


>>980 Take care of the next threaad!



468. Human Adventurer
It’s about time the second batch comes~. Maybe we should make a race summary?


469. Human Adventurer
>>468 Certainly, there definitely will be questions.


470. Human Adventurer
>>469 We still barely know anything ourselves, though! Especially inhumans.


471. Human Adventurer


472. Human Adventurer


473. Human Adventurer
Help was updated? Let’s see.


474. Human Adventurer
Undead, Immortals, Outer Ones, Darklight Species, Nether, Abyss, Medium, Astral hmm…?


475. Human Adventurer
>>474 Based on this, Abyss sounds like hell, what is Nether then?


476. Human Adventurer
>>475 Ain’t Nether like a place where the office is?


477. Human Adventurer
>>475 Based on what I read, Nether is like the office and heaven? Abyss being hell. Medium is the paradise of Outer Ones, and Astral is where you go to be reborn. Is what it seems to me.


478. Human Adventurer
>>477 I understand the office part. There’s the Evernight Castle, rite? But why heaven?


479. Human Adventurer
>>477 I judged it based on this part written for Nether “before souls enter Nether they are judged and split between those who enter Nether and those who enter Abyss.” and this part from Abyss description “This place is also a place similar to that of an underground city, but it is where people who did bad things in life, or had evil thoughts gather.”.


480. Human Adventurer
>>479 Ohh, right. Understood. I get it. You can take it that way.


481. Human Adventurer
>>480 Eh, why?


482. Human Adventurer
>>481 The guys who pass the soul judgement are allowed to enter Nether. Those who can’t, are thrown to Abyss. In other words, the “good guys” gather in Nether and the “bad guys” in Abyss. Sounds like heaven and hell, right?


483. Human Adventurer
>>482 I see! This made it clear, thanks!


484. Human Adventurer
>>483 Sure. But it’s ultimately my own judgement of this.


485. Human Adventurer
So Immortal’s elite go to Nether, and elite of Nether’s Immortals goes to Abyss, and then elites from among those in Abyss go to the Evernight Castle, huh. ...Looks like to Immortals, Princess and others are still newbies.


486. Human Adventurer
>>485 Don’t be jokin’. Those three will definitely aim for Nether. The first step is to look for the entrance, huh.


487. Human Adventurer
>>486 Yeah.


488. Human Adventurer
I looked at the general discussion thread! Imouto-chan said that this is info Princess found when she read a book in the library in Starting Town!


489. Human Adventurer
>>488 Huh, there’s a library?! The verification team searched all over but hasn’t found one, right?


490. Human Adventurer
>>489 Sounds like it’s a building that requires you to raise a flag with Residents?


491. Human Adventurer
>>490 OH...


492. Inhuman Adventurer
Is there information on races in the library, mm…? This time it was a game setting… the information on race’s position. It feels kind of different from the information I’d want...


493. Human Adventurer
>>492 It’s better than not having any, so ain’t it fine?


494. Inhuman Adventurer
>>493 I guess. It’s good to at least know what is the standing of your race.


495. Human Adventurer
>>494 What’s yer race?


496. Inhuman Adventurer
>>495 A Wolf!


497. Human Adventurer
>>496 Ingredient. End topic.


498. Inhuman Adventurer
>>497 NO WAII...


499. Human Adventurer
>>497-498 Don’t make me laugh. Wolf Meat is srsly just ingredient, don’t make my ABS hurt from laughter.


500. Inhuman Adventurer


501. Human Adventurer
>>500 Stop it!


502. Human Adventurer
>>500 DELIVERY TIME dammit!


503. Inhuman Adventurer
>>502 I’ll have Princess COOK meeEEeeEEEEE!


504. Human Adventurer
>>503 Cook him(deep meaning)


505. Inhuman Adventurer


506. Human Adventurer


507. Human Adventurer
>>506 That’s a stupid mutt if I’ve seen one.


508. Human Adventurer
Let’s put this mutt aside… Couldn’t management give us some info on races, hm?


509. Management
Human races aside from Machinery, are all the same.
Some stats aside, Inhumans in general have higher stats than Machinery.
Inhuman stats are strongly unbalanced and their weaknesses are often pretty clear. While some of their stats are above those of Machinery, others can be below that of human races. Example: Zombies. Their VIT is above that of Machinery, but everything else is below that of humans. In other words, they are overall below human races.
The adjustment for things for each race is very varied and it is no different for individual players. Example: If human AGI is 1, then Dwarves get 0.8 and Zombie have 0.5 adjustment.


If you only want to enjoy the game, go for human races.
If you are a pervert who wants to have a hard time fighting with basic controls, go Inhuman races.
Inhumans are for people who can bear the stress from starting in an unfavorable position, knowing and accepting a possibility of some maps appearing which will be impossible for them. Example: Immortals vs Light element-based dungeon.
Just like we mention during character creation, these races aren’t made for people who would come complaining, so management doesn’t take complaints. That’s just how Inhumans are balanced.
In exchange, inhumans have an evolution system and very peculiar Monster Skills.


510. Human Adventurer
Srsly, Management?


511. Human Adventurer


512. Human Adventurer
The sadness of a Zombie being made an example.


513. Management
We received inquiries before saying “Make humans capable of flying too!” but our development team has unanimously agreed that “Humans can’t fly, the hell you on about”.
If you want to fly, then play a Fay or a Devil. They still have human shape. You can also go… a Ghost, y’know?
The other people who are flying around, do balance the disadvantages on a scale and yet, still choose to fly.
DON’T ACT SPOILEDDD! - by Races Development Team.
By the way, those people fell down and died many times when learning to fly, you know? A lot of effort is necessary for it. They are functions that humans normally don’t have. You need to overcome the fear of fallin’!
At first I recommend flying low. Pretty serious here. And if possible, tie a rope around a nearby tree and tie it to yourself or hold it in your hand. If you fly too high up and fall, you might seriously wet yourself. By the way: talking from experience.
I really thought I would die. No, I did die though. Being able to fly around freely is a kind of talent. I think you can be proud of yourself. If you get used to it, do your best flying by manual to avoid crashes!
If you only want to fly around, bird-types are a relatively easy choice. Your hands turn into wings so you lose your hands, however!
There are advantages and disadvantages, make sure to put these on scales. We won’t allow anyone to only get the good parts.


By the way, the famous player Anastasia-san, just like she herself says, is indeed a Zombie-type. Her stats calculation which is masked data, is without doubt getting Zombie adjustment.
Well, she is from a special race so her basic stats themselves are completely different from those of a Zombie, but the adjustments are those of Zombie-type.
By the way, Zombies aren’t popular among management. But we can’t be playing favorites. As a result of making adjustments accordingly to the race’s setting, they have become a fairly maniac race. The race settings’ team is watching Princess in confusion.
In that way, she is one of players drawing management’s attention.


And so, investigate the rest by yourself. I’m going back to work.
Oh, no, this message is also work though.


514. Human Adventurer
Certainly, it seems like fairies flying around are having fun~. But that race, it’s completely magic-specialized and their appearance changes with their magic elements… was it?


515. Human Adventurer
>>514 To be precise, every 10 levels? They change into the element they have most of among magic skills.


516. Human Adventurer
>>515 What subraces are confirmed at this point?


517. Fairellen
>>516 They are commonly from 30cm to 60cm tall. The appearance is usually that of small humans.
Fire Salamander A flame-clad lizard. It’s a lizard so it feels like a trap, but is quite strong otherwise.
Wind Fairy Has butterfly wings.
Water Nixie Is capable of breathing underwater and has AGI increased while in water, can drip water from sleeves and hair.
Earth Pixie Has dragonfly wings.
Light Sprite Has human shape, but is shining so hard you can’t tell.
Dark Nightmare Has human shape, but is covered in darkness and you can’t tell.
These are for the basic elements so far. It’s possible to do character creation for them, but their colors change into those of element used.
From Residents perspective, fairies are called Fay and love mischief. When you want to do shopping, it’s best to call out to the storekeeper! They might think you came to do mischief.


518. Human Adventurer
^Suddenly the top fairy appeareth.


519. Human Adventurer
>>517 Heee! Can everyone fly?


520. Fairellen
>>519 Salamanders and Nixies feel more like they are floating. Sprites and Nightmares drift(?). Fairies and Pixies do feel like they fly. I like Fairy the most!
By the way, during beta I fell and died 36 times.


521. Management
>>520 It’s a menace how you only died 36 times. The number of my deaths reached four digits! Well, this includes the numbers from when we were adjusting things… It’s intended that depending on race, controls are different.


522. Fairellen
>>521 Your test plays are much appreciated...


523. Management
>>522 Thank you. Please enjoy your travels in the sky. Avoid being eaten by flying mobs.


524. Fairellen
>>523 I already got eaten by some. Recently I have been having fun doing aerobatics and feel like I’m playing a different game altogether.


525. Management
>>524 I’m glad you are having fun. It’s Free Life, after all. Live as you like as long as you don’t trouble others. We make sure to record it when you fall, so don’t worry.


526. Fairellen
>>525 NOW I’m worried though?!!


527. Management
>>526 Hahahahaha. Watching Inhumans’ eccentrics is really FUNN!


528. Fairellen
Eccentrics he said!


529. Human Adventurer
Mr. Management, is there no other info?


530. Management
Let’s see…. from race-related info… ohh, on the August 1st update the explanation for Machinery will be corrected. We often get tsukkomi’d that it’s hard to understand.


531. Human Adventurer
>>530 Ohh, you mean MP and EP, right?


532. Management
>>531 That would be it. We are correcting it, or rather, adding text. I guess the website might get updated with it, hm? Heck, I’m not in charge of that, so I don’t know details. This Ol’ man is in charge of races.


533. Human Adventurer
Then Ol’ man, how many inhumans are there now?


534. Management
I think there was about 10% of total. Around 2000?


535. Human Adventurer
There is more than I thought…?


536. Management
The most populous are Devils, Animals and Fay.


537. Human Adventurer
Ol’ man, are there no angels?


538. Management
I’m not answering y’know?


539. Human Adventurer


540. Management
Is what I thought, but I kinda just got permission. There are angels. They are special derivation from Devils, so do your best and look for ‘em.


541. Inhuman Adventurer


542. Management
It’s not the tree that changes you from Devil to Angel, so there is no need to panic~.


543. Inhuman Adventurer
>>542 So you can become one at any time?


544. Management
>>543 As long as you fulfill the requirements, you can. Well, the requirements are a secret. And of course Angels are…n’t any stronger, so just choose which one you like.


545. Inhuman Adventurer
>>544 Angels… are messengers of heavens, but how are they in world? There are Devils, so are they races in opposition?


546. Management
>>545 HAHAHAHA, not telling you~. Gather information by yourself~.


547. Inhuman Adventurer



【Fight Diligently】General Progression Thread 17【Vanguards】
1. A Passing-by Vanguard
This is the general progression thread.
Let’s write about progression in here.
Previous Thread: http://**********


>>980 Do the next thread please.


373. A Passing-by Vanguard
Sisters and The Good Companions… which sisters is that…?


374. A Passing-by Vanguard
REALLY YOU, it’s Anastasia leading, so it can be only THOSE sisters.


375. Cecil
I see on my friend list that they’re in the same place, so Akirina-san must have invited Princess and they went together. Hers is a PT of 5, after all.


376. Honehone
If Princess is with them, of course you’ll pass the lead to her.


377. Akirina
Sup folks! I invited Onee-chan during dinner, bought antidotes from Salute-san and went South. There were no problems, yup.


378. A Passing-by Vanguard
Well, our Skill levels went up, I guess that’s about it?


379. A Passing-by Vanguard
What about the poison flying yer way? Ya got a musician in your PT, right?


380. Akirina
Stationed Onee-chan in the back.


381. A Passing-by Vanguard


382. A Passing-by Vanguard


383. Cecil
Yup, must have deflected it all...


384. Honehone
In the worst case she could take it with her body, right? Princess can’t get poisoned.


385. A Passing-by Vanguard
There a VIDEOO?


386. Akirina
Onee-chan took one so wait a little longer. She will upload it before going to sleep, I’ll stick it here then.


387. A Passing-by Vanguard
Princess goes to sleep real early, right


388. Akirina
It’s already bedtime.


389. A Passing-by Vanguard


390. A Passing-by Vanguard
EARLY. She a good girl?! Well, SHE IS!


391. Akirina
For the sake of skin.


392. A Passing-by Vanguard
Speaking of which, when I work at night and log in the morning I sometimes see her. So she gets up really early.


393. Akirina
She goes to sleep early and wakes up early. By the way, there was linen and some different trees in South. Do your best with sewing and woodcrafting!


394. Primula


395. Dantel
Hoh, linen? It was good for summer clothes, right? That’s great.


396. Primula
Need to go South.


397. A Passing-by Vanguard
South, meaning sea… speaking of sea, it’s swimsuits! Are there some?


398. Akirina
We haven’t reached yet, so dunno!


399. Dantel
Swimsuits… swimsuits, huh… I wonder if we could make equipment with skills for using underwater...


400. A Passing-by Vanguard
Shipbuilding, fishing at sea, swimming in sea? South is full of dreams!


401. A Passing-by Vanguard


402. A Passing-by Vanguard


403. A Passing-by Vanguard
Where did I put my chainsaw?



434. Akirina
A fresh video!


435. A Passing-by Vanguard
HYAHHA! A fresh vidd!


436. A Passing-by Vanguard
Left bottom! LEFT BOTTOM!


437. A Passing-by Vanguard


438. A Passing-by Vanguard
You guys, ain’t that becoming the main for you?


439. A Passing-by Vanguard
O-o-o-oof course nott.!


440. A Passing-by Vanguard
^This lack of persuasiveness.


441. A Passing-by Vanguard
What are you saying! Can you say it as you look into my cute round eyes?!


442. A Passing-by Vanguard
They’re shining, smeared with lust, I can tell.


443. A Passing-by Vanguard
You’re a guy who goes “He he, your lower mouth is honest, eh?” as you touch the drink bar’s button!


444. A Passing-by Vanguard


445. A Passing-by Vanguard
What kind of play is that.


446. A Passing-by Vanguard
Shame play, clearly, in more than one way.


447. A Passing-by Vanguard
...I see.


448. A Passing-by Vanguard
Don’t “I see" me here.


513. Akirina
Should I take «Uncover» too, mm?


514. Cecil
Having at least one in a set party is helpful. I recommend it for an archer. I think Mead-san took it.


515. Akirina
So for an archer, huhh. Which means Helen-chan… Oh, looks like she did take it after we beat the boss.


516. Cecil
She got it free for the SP you received and still got some remaining, too.


517. Musasabi
Princess has a nice pair there, as always-degozarunaa!


518. Akirina
I, Rina-chan, stand behind you right now.


519. Musasabi
WORRY NOT! Rina-chan’s size is also fairly… huh? YOU’RE REALLY BEHI...


520. A Passing-by Vanguard
That reckless son of a...


521. A Passing-by Vanguard
A ninja just got smacked with a halberd, lol.


522. Akirina
I used the back of the blade-degozaru.


523. Musasabi
You used the blade haven’t ya-degozaruna?! It’s a safe zone, though!


524. Cecil
Musasabi-san’s at fault.


525. Kotatsu


526. A Passing-by Vanguard
So, is Princess the type to be bothered by these things?


527. Akirina
Nope. If he said that line straight to her, I think she’d respond with “thank you very much”.


528. Musasabi
HEH! As expected of Princess!


529. A Passing-by Vanguard
Why would she thank him for that…


530. Akirina
Onee-chan takes all comments regarding her body as praise. She wakes up early, does tan herself, does core training and is careful with meals. Even if another woman tries sarcasm with her, she responds with thanks and makes them shoot their foot. Happens all the time.


531. A Passing-by Vanguard
...I see. Stronk.


532. A Passing-by Vanguard
Regardless of what the person saying intends, to Princess it becomes “the body I am taking good care of was praised”, huh. In fact, she has a wonderful body, so it’s impossible to disparage it, and sarcasm doesn’t work on the person herself. It is a fact that she puts in a lot of effort.


533. Akirina
Yup, that. Try disparaging her directly and the surroundings go “Are her eyes bad?” and they get sunk. Sarcasm doesn’t work and they get sunk. Trying to remark about Onee-chan’s body is a mistake in itself. There is no way you can beat Onee-chan who invests time and money into her body ever since kindergarten.


534. A Passing-by Vanguard
^Since kindergarten, that’s hardcore.


535. Akirina
While I buy two games a month with my pocket money, she spends two months worth of money for a single beauty lotion! That thing costs over 10,000 yen… the difference in femininity! Trying to compete with Onee-chan is unproductive.


536. A Passing-by Vanguard


537. Kotatsu


538. A Passing-by Vanguard
Aa-aAAaaaAAa! I hear nothing, know NOTHIIING!


539. A Passing-by Vanguard
Looks like stray bullets hit others here...


540. Management
It stabs me as well, so let’s go back to progression?


541. A Passing-by Vanguard
Ah, yes.


542. Management
Maintaining beauty… would she tell me some tricks if I asked her…?


543. Akirina
It’s not like she can see the state of your skin directly, so it will be just some light advice, but I guess she will? If she is in the mood to do it, that is.


544. Management


545. A Passing-by Vanguard
No fair!


546. A Passing-by Vanguard
No fair!


547. Kotatsu
Maybe I should ask, too...


548. A Passing-by Vanguard
Women in any era are crazy about beauty tricks...


549. A Passing-by Vanguard
Well, it’s always better to be pretty than not...



【The First】Combat Tournament【Official Event】
1. Management
This is the thread regarding the First Official Event, the Combat Tournament.
Please use this as the general discussion thread regarding the event.



632. Adventurer Planning to Participate
Results of BETA’S Combat Tournament.
1st Cecil. Good guy, handsome! Explode dammit! The twin swords psycho.
2nd Akirina. Energetic-type pretty girl. Also, the halberd psycho.
3rd Ruzebarm. BROOO! The special bear punch psycho.
4th Musasabi. Pseudo gozaru ninja. Pretty strong so can’t say anythin’. Plays along well.
5th Kotatsu. Onee-san who loves fluffies. The throwing psycho. Hasn’t decided on a partner yet?
6th Mead. An Elf beauty, but a hunter. Sharp gaze. The bow psycho.
7th Alfreet. Moving armor. Main tank’s here! The psycho who got a prize despite being a solo tank.
8th Daruma-Otoshi. Raises his level and smashes with phys. Meatbrain psycho.
9th Fairellen. Fairy. Cute, but a fixed cannon. The everything-into-magic psycho.
10th Steiner. FARMER UPRISING. The farmer psycho.


633. Adventurer Planning to Participate
>>632 Whoa, it’s sloppy but GJ.


634. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>632 Gozaru isn’t welcome among psychos...


635. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>632 What do you mean by “Kotatsu-san’s partner”?


636. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>635 She is looking around for fluffies and wants to take a taming Skill, so probably that.


637. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>636 I see, understood.


638. Adventurer Planning to Watch
Looking well, there’s only two inhumans in there.


639. Adventurer Planning to Participate
>>638 Looking at the population, it’s surprising that as many as two are in.


640. Adventurer Planning to Watch
There’s a lot of perverts among Inhumans, in more than one meaning of the word...


641. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>640 You gonna say that to Princess?


642. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>641 Speaking of which, Princess is also Inhuman! She looks so human I forgot.


643. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>641 That weapon parry is without doubt perverted. It’s hard to do the same even with a shield...


644. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>643 That


645. Adventurer Planning to Watch
I’ll show ya my splendid weapon parry! & ends with direct hit & weapon break lol.


646. Adventurer Planning to Participate
>>645 Too reckless… It’s better not to imitate princess. The person herself seems to do it like it’s nothing, but it’s not normal. Even Cecil rarely does it.


647. Adventurer Planning to Participate
>>646 Cecil is a dodge type, isn’t he.


648. Adventurer Planning to Participate
>>647 The pervert dodging by millimeters. Imouto-chan a.k.a. Akirina is also similar.


649. Adventurer Planning to Watch
I have no intention of participating myself, but looking at the heat of battle is fun. The world quest festival was also fun.


650. Adventurer Planning to Watch
>>649 I feel you.


5316. Watching Adventurer


5317. Watching Adventurer
Even among farmers, he was… which one?


5318. Watching Adventurer
The second strongest in farmer PT.


5319. Watching Adventurer
Well, during beta they were playing as testers so they tried lots of things, but since the official start they seem to focus on farming.


5320. Watching Adventurer
Looks like they’re hunting in between farming work, though.



5912. Watching Adventurer
Btw, where’s Fairellen?


5913. Watching Adventurer


5914. Watching Adventurer
O-ohh… I see.



6321. Watching Adventurer


6322. Watching Adventurer
Disappears clean as always.


6323. Watching Adventurer
Gone in a flash.


6324. Watching Adventurer
It’s as if he sayin’ “I have no regrets” as light enveloped him...


6325. Watching Adventurer
Also, his partner armor is slashing everyone apart and continues to win.


6326. Watching Adventurer
Alf-san is plain, but pretty strong...


6327. Watching Adventurer
He’s solid. Not flashy, but has high level playstyle.


6328. Watching Adventurer
He’s a tank, can’t help being plain.



6749. Watching Adventurer
I knew it, Imouto-chan's movements are strange, really.


6750. Watching Adventurer
Yeah, that. Is she really human, like us?


6751. Watching Adventurer
Onee-sama is also doing weird things during combat.


6752. Watching Adventurer
Using a halberd is supposed to be hard, though…?


6753. Watching Adventurer
Is it?


6754. Watching Adventurer
It’s asymmetric so the balance is off, it has axe, spear and blunt attacks to use so there is a lot to choose from, but that’s not a strength in itself.


6755. Watching Adventurer
If you can’t master it, use either a spear, axe or a mallet, right.


6756. Watching Adventurer
Her doing combos with that makes her not right in the head…


6757. Watching Adventurer
I’ve been wondering for a while, so I’ll ask a plain question. The point is a spear, one side is an axe. And what is that protrusion on the opposite side?


6758. Watching Adventurer
The one that overlaps with the spear’s point? Is that for precise piercing? A mystery.


6759. Watching Adventurer
Yeah, that.


6760. Ertz
Ohh, that. It depends on halberd’s designs, but in Imouto-chan's case she’s using it as a hook.


6761. Watching Adventurer
Oh, it’s the old man! You’re who made it, rite. DETAILS!


6762. Ertz
The protrusions can be said to be something like a sword. By smashing it with opposite direction attack, you can pierce the enemy with opposite direction centrifugal force. But she rarely uses this since she can always use the axe part.


6763. Watching Adventurer


6764. Ertz
What’s left is the back of the enemy's legs… aiming for the thighs and achilles tendon. It’s possible to turn it around and use it as a hook to cut them. It’s highly effective as long as the enemy doesn’t wear armored greaves.


6765. Watching Adventurer
I see… that’s pretty nasty.


6766. Ertz
There are other uses, too. It can be used for capturing enemies on mounts to drag them down. It IS a long-handled weapon. There’s a blade so depending on enemy’s equipment they get cut up, it hits the neck and it can chop off the head.


6767. Watching Adventurer
Oh… certainly.


6768. Ertz
Even if it doesn’t kill a mounted enemy, they will receive damage from falling. She can attack while they’re getting up. The problem is that unless you can judge what to do instantly, there’s no point, and it can be too hard to use. If you can’t specialize like tops do, it’s better if you use normal weapons.


6769. Watching Adventurer
So it’s pretty important, that protrusion.


6770. Ertz
That part, or rather, halberds itself differ a lot depending on the design you know! By the way, the opposite side… being a blunt end, can be used by pointing at the ground and using the back to do blunt attacks. Imouto-chan is using that when she has enemies up close. It’s strong when mastered.


6771. Watching Adventurer
There are halberds, warhammers, polaxes, waraxe and glaives, right.


6772. Ertz
Yeah, yep. Warhammer being the two-handed hammer. Waraxe being a two-handed axe, and if you put a longer handle and spear point on it, it turns into a poleaxe. And the type that has a sword on the point instead of a spear, isa glaive? And so, there’s a lot of derivations. If you want to know more, look on smithing boards.


6773. Watching Adventurer
By the way, how do Skills work wit ‘dat?


6774. Watching Adventurer
Of course it starts as «Long Handle» but Imouto-chan took both «Two-Handed Spear» and «Two-Handed Axe» from there. Told ya, rite? It’s strong if you master it. She’s usin’ both arts, isn’t she?


6775. Watching Adventurer
Seriously?! Maybe I should do my best...


6776. Ertz
A halberd will be an order-made weapon. Thank you for your patronage.


6777. Watching Adventurer
Ol’ man, your order-mades are way beyond me, srsly.


6778. Watching Adventurer
I thought she would use «Two-Handed Stick» rather than «Two-Handed Hammer»… the long stick for stick fighting. But it seems like she’s postponed that SP-wise.


6779. Ertz
Weapons-specific skills are second tier. Using 6SP just to verify if it’ll work must hurt.


6780. Watching Adventurer


6781. Watching Adventurer


6782. Watching Adventurer
Imouto-chan, that was EVIL...


6783. Watching Adventurer
Smacking a guy in the groin with a blunt end is a little...


6784. Watching Adventurer
It hurts us more watching that than the person himself...


6785. Watching Adventurer
Depends on the pain setting of the person himself but… it does hurt watching it...


6786. Ruzebarm
That’s the guy who was making a ruckus at Princess’ stall, lol.


6787. Watching Adventurer


6788. Watching Adventurer
Good job, do that more.


6789. Watching Adventurer
^That sudden flip.


6790. Watching Adventurer
No problem if it’s peeps making trouble for others.


6791. Watching Adventurer
This is the case even if it wasn’t Princess. Also, it might be just an accident.


6792. Watching Adventurer


6793. Watching Adventurer
Second strike. It’s on purpose.


6794. Primula
She loves Onee-chan, and the guy’s a troublesome player so she’s all for giving him a bloodbath.


6795. Watching Adventurer
And he’s just in the right place, too...


6796. Salute
Princess focuses on cooking and isn’t looking, though...


6797. Watching Adventurer
Don’t mind it!!


6798. Watching Adventurer


6799. Watching Adventurer
Don’t mind you say, but you’re dealing the last blow...



8910. Watching Adventurer
The final is a srsly inhuman battle.


8911. Watching Adventurer
Although she does have a reach advantage, to think she can match those two swords like that…


8912. Watching Adventurer
He really does well to master those two swords in such way...


8913. Watching Adventurer
Normally “go get a shield instead” I’d say.


8914. Watching Adventurer
Aa, Imouto-chan lost.


8915. Watching Adventurer
Ohh, she’s rolling around on the ground.


8916. Watching Adventurer
Must be really frustrated.


8917. Watching Adventurer
I mean, she did lose in the beta, too.



9246. Watching Adventurer
Ooo, OOHHH...


9247. Watching Adventurer
She won in party competition!


9248. Watching Adventurer
Dat wordless colombia, lol.


9249. Watching Adventurer
This time it’s Cecil who’s holding his head.


9250. Watching Adventurer
They got done in despite having one more member y’know.


9251. Watching Adventurer
What’s with dat party name.



9521. Watching Adventurer
Don’t BAM! me dammit.


9522. Watching Adventurer
That startled me, f**k!


9523. Watching Adventurer
Way too shocking, kek.


9524. Watching Adventurer


9525. Watching Adventurer


9526. Watching Adventurer


9527. Watching Adventurer


9528. Watching Adventurer


9529. Watching Adventurer


9530. Watching Adventurer


9531. Watching Adventurer


9532. Watching Adventurer
^why did it even work…


9533. Watching Adventurer


9534. Watching Adventurer


9535. Management
It’s still a secret.


9536. Watching Adventurer
Oh, okay...



9731. Watching Adventurer
The party name’s mystery, prize unveiled.


9732. Watching Adventurer
What was it?


9733. Watching Adventurer
A handmade, high-quality beef stew!


9734. Watching Adventurer
What’s that, so envious here.


9735. Watching Adventurer
The rump steak I bought at Princess’ place is tasty af.


9736. Watching Adventurer


9737. Salute
There were just 30 of them from the start.


9738. Watching Adventurer
Jerkies are great too. I wanna switch from the field rations.


9739. Watching Adventurer
^I feel you. I want some booze with that.


9740. Watching Adventurer
So cooking was this tasty ingame, huh. I welcome more cooks, y’know? And buffs are attractive


9741. Watching Adventurer
Today Princess put out some Eastern forest’s meat, you guys could put more on consignment too. Materials from there are the first roadblock for cooks.


9742. Watching Adventurer
Oh, that so? I got plenty of them.


9743. Watching Adventurer
Princess sold boar’s for 1000, bear’s for 1200. Cooks bought them all.


9744. Watching Adventurer
Huh, each?


9745. Watching Adventurer


9746. Watching Adventurer


9747. Watching Adventurer
SERIOUSLY? I’m sellin’ em.


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