56 Summer Means Camping Final Day

『Restore the Island’s Ecosystem!』

  1. Let’s investigate the Eastern Forest we have heard about from a Ginko. Reconnaissance Phase.
  2. The Scout Division has returned with information. Organize the information and prepare. Preparation Phase.
  3. Everything is ready. It’s time for battle. Let’s aim for the towering big tree. Main Phase.


No change to the quest… In other words, we haven’t reached the center. Which means I did not oversleep!

The map is… hnn… we should reach it about noon? We reached the last area before the boss.

Now, let’s get up. I left the last day’s meals to the Rear Division, so I return to the frontlines right away.

Rina is… let’s wake her up. Right now I have a spell to wake her up all at once.


“Nhmm… a little more...”

“Your exp is decreasing away...”


“Yes, good morning.”

“Morning! I’ll be off then!”


Now, I retrieve the bed and also head out.


“Good morning.”

『“Morning! It’s going well!”』

“That is great news.”


I quickly finished greetings and listen to reports of division officers who are awake.

There are no problems in particular on the fighting side. And the Rear Division… is all problems, since it’s constantly at full operations, but overall there are no big problems.

I check the map with a sideways glance looking for issues as I cast spells at enemies from time to time.

After a while of that, people from the Rear Division came over.


“Catering here, it’s breakfast, SCRUBBSS!”

“HYAHHA! Foodstuffs!”

“I allow you to eat while shedding tears of gratitude!”

“OW… IT’S HOT! Hey, it’s damn HOT?! I’ll get burned and cry!”

“When I asked a cook “won’t it be easier to eat if you cool it down?” he answered me with “HUHH?” in super low voice. Give up and eat the damn soup.”

『“Ah, yes.”』


These are the burning feelings of cooks. They want you to eat it all HOT...


“It’s tasty, but HOT!”

“You’re supposed to take your time at least eating, rite? Well, it serves as a break.”


Well, meals were delivered so I have the people awake eat in a rotation.

Kids who were asleep woke up and came over, so it should be alright.


““Good morning Princess!””

“Yes, good morning. Do your best in the frontlines, but don’t die.”

““Got it!””


I saw off Ame-san and Thorin-san and look toward the frontlines… enemy level has increased quite a bit… 40+, aren’t they? Enemy’s movement patterns are simple, so with the circle becoming narrow and the standby group increased in number there are no problems.

No, looks like there are 20+ enemies mixed in? Must be for the second batch? Looks like 40+ are being taken on by the first batch and 20+ by the second batch’s parties.

Enemy naming is all unified as Plantella something something. Confirmed ones are Meat Choppers, Seed Shooters, Berry Bombers, Crazy Bombs, Technicians.

It’s an area right before the boss, so there’s five types of enemy. Enemy levels are randomized upon spawning, so everyone has to check their levels before fighting.


“That damn fruit is 40!”



“A’ighhhttt, ‘s MY TURN!【Reflect Shield】!”


A fruit that flew in from above in an arc, was returned as if rolled back with the use of【Reflect Shield】and burst among the enemies .

Looks like Plantella Berry Bomber is throwing in exploding fruits. Sub-tanks take turns reflecting them.


“Crazy comesss!”


“Won’t let ya! I WON’T!【Area Guard】!”


A Plantella Crazy Bomb was born(?) from a Plantella Berry Bomber. The fruits that are launched by Berry Bombers seem to be capable of moving by themselves. At random when Berry Bomber attacks, there is a chance to spawn a Crazy Bomb right next to it.

After three seconds from being born, this Crazy Bomb starts charging to the biggest group of players and explodes itself. In order to protect themselves and the area, main tanks use【Area Guard】.


Plantella Technician is an enemy that looks like vines and sneaks in from above or from below to bind players.


“STAHP! You want to rape me, right! Like in some ero doujin!”



“Tch, AGAIN?!”

“Heck, why are you all that type...”

“Well, y’know… don’t make me say it!”



They’re having fun, aren’t they? They are extremely busy with combat, though.



Beating up a Meat Chopper, stopping seeds coming from behind and dealing with vines that come from all directions? Sounds busy… is what I want to say, but it isn’t like one person is doing everything, so it isn’t all that busy.


“Just BURN dammit!”

“If it was possible it’d be burning everything long ago”

“Yeah. If it was possible, everything would be burning with Fire and Scorch already.”



If fire was to spread to the grassland and go West, it would be terrible to look at...


Slooowly…but surely, we are approaching Triffid. Are we going to reach it faster than expected?


“Hm… what?”

“What’s up?”

“No… something is… whatever. Princess! Something feels off, THANKS!”


...I guess he wants to focus on combat, but that was a crude way to leave things to me. Well, I don’t mind...

Something feels off… feels off, hm…? Something that combat members can feel, is it? In which case it must be related to the enemy. On the other hand I only look at the basics, so I can’t really tell.


Oh my…? No… wait? Seems it isn’t just their imagination. Players overall are losing HP. Did damage taken increase? Should I switch them for the standby group? With that said, I  should leave the timing for the switch to Cecil-san.

In other words, that is not something for me to bother myself with, but why did suddenly the damage taken increase. Did they have bad luck with spawns and got lots of high level enemies…? No, nono.

The damage taken increased not among the vanguard, but the middle guard. In which case, it must be because of Seed Shooters and Berry Bombers. Technicians can’t really attack, can they? If they are left for a long time, their HP will decrease, but...


“This is bad. At this rate lines will eventually break down.”

“Tanks are acting the same as before, aren’t they?”

“Of course. But suddenly they became unable to block everything.”

“Which can only mean that enemy action patterns changed...”


They might be event monsters, but there is no way they will add a learning AI to mass-produced monsters, would they?

It would be another thing if they were human-shaped or had some kind of special setting, but for plants to have such high level AI...



“Found something?”

“Possibly…let’s confirm.”


Cecil-san is here, so I ask officers that are in other directions. “Has your overall damage taken increased over there?” and “Did the enemy's AI change a little?” that is.


『“It changed here.”』

『“I was wondering what to do myself-degozaruyo.”』

『“Nnn? Nothing changed here?”』


There was change South where Ruzebarm-san is. There was change East where Musasabi-san is. There was no change North where Kotatsu-san is. And there was a change here in the West.

In which case, the possibility is South.


“Ruzebarm-san, look for a commander-type. There is a possibility of a leadership-holding individual appearing in the South.”

『“Roger that.”』


If there is an effect on East, West and South and there isn’t any on the North, then it’s the South. If it had effect on West, South and North but not in the East then it would mean one would spawn in the West.

I heard of commander-type or commander-class mobs in the Adventurers’ Union. They did say that if there is one, enemies’ movement changes.

If it isn’t special AI or a sudden change due to area progression, then there should be one. If there was none, then it would mean there is a high possibility of change due to progression and in that case it would be necessary to think of changing our own action patterns.




A while later it was beaten and the damage taken returned to how it used to be.

From here on we will have to check whenever something changes. We will specify the direction with that, and should quickly hunt it down.


『“Nnn… did it change again-degozaruka?』



“I don’t feel anything here either.”

『“Ehhhh? Is it just me-degozarukaa?”』

『“I don’t feel any change y’know?”』


“So if it affects only one direction then it’s mini-comma, is it?”


So Commanders appear as random rare spawn. Just as their name suggests they are enemies with leadership Skills. They aren’t strong themselves, but fairly tough. And they affect three directions.

Mini Commander is smaller compared to a Commander and has less VIT. Only affects one direction.

Is what we discovered.

When we leave those two be, we receive a fair amount of damage in the form of increased potion consumption, so we pick them out right away.



Land Divisions and the Aerial Division cooperate and slowly move forward.

When the Aerial Division moves forward they are aimed at by all shooters. Using this, once Meat Choppers are dealt with, they lure the enemy’s rear guard in and our vanguard captures them. Then before they can receive concentrated fire, fliers lower themselves to the ground. The standby group is also participating and moves to make sure there is no hole in the encirclement.


In this case, Berry Bombers are a big nuisance. They are thrown at big groups of people on the ground and explode on impact. In mid-air they change their behavior and act the same as【Aero Flak】.

I don’t know what their detailed setting is, but they explode when there is a certain number of players. In other words, it’s difficult to avoid. It flies nearby and explodes, so it’s on completely different level compared to avoiding lance-type spells


And Seed Shooters, you… aren’t you way too energetic recently? Is what they make me want to say, that’s just how much seeds are flying through the air. They are machine gun-types. Their barrage is way too concentrated, it makes me laugh.

If there are Meat Choppers in the line of fire, Seed Shooters who cannot fire get all fired up about anti-air so… it’s even worse.

In other words, some of the Aerial Division take their line of fire and have to run, then take it again and run again, they sure have it hard. If fliers go above the enemy, they all get beat up so the Aerial Division is attacking from above other players.


“Hmm… Princess, I have a proposal.”

“What is it?”


Cecil-san’s proposal was to do lunch rotation, and then once everyone finishes eating, we push all at once.

Meaning, let’s go beat the boss after lunch, that is. There is no reason to say no, so let’s go with that. I relay it to officers.


For that sake, the supply group came early.



“I wanna eat some sushiii, eh?”

“AHHN? Here ya go.”

“THERE’S SUSHI?! Thanks.”

“There are folks fishing, so yeah. C’MON, LINE UP!”


Steaks and skewered meat, soup, fried fish - the choice was fairly plentiful but the seasoning was mostly salt or barbecue sauce, as well as grilling tare.


“There’s even pasta. Let’s have this.”

“And meunière​, I take this~.”

“Yakisoba~. It’s been a while, let’s eat.”


There is no need for me to have a meal, so maybe I should take part in combat? If I leave everything to #1, only my «Necromantic Secrets» will grow. There are some Arts I need to check, so I would like to check them before the boss.



〈«Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense» has reached level 25.〉

〈«Enten-Style Princess’ Self-Defense»’s Art【Royal Reflect】was acquired.〉

〈«Darkness Magic» has reached level 25.〉

〈«Darkness Magic»’s【Nox Mine】was acquired.〉

〈«High-Class Magic Ability» has reached level 30. Acquired “2” Skill Points.〉

〈«High-Class Magic Ability»’s【Penta Spell】was enhanced.〉

〈«Necromantic Secrets» has reached level 35.〉

〈«Necromantic Secrets»’s【Visionship】was acquired.〉



Now now… let’s get back and confirm.


【Royal Reflect】
Strikes back all ranged attacks including magic.

Allows for seeing what your summon sees. Requires some knack to use.


Oh, I finally acquired my own reflect-type. Furthermore, it also includes magic, this is really useful. Apparently tanks cannot reflect magic. With that said, mine is self-defense, so it’s only for protecting myself. It’s hard to say I could protect others with it.

【Visionship】is… I see. It feels like watching TV. If you don’t get used to it, you might ignore it. Meaning that I can have a flier scout and watch the video of what they see from the sky. Feels like I will use this one often.

【Nox Mine】is a mine type spell just like the one Lizardine used, but of Dark element. It’s easy to spot so it’s hard to use, but it’s magic with extremely high damage.

【Hexa Spell】only has become able to cast up to six of the same spell at the same time. It’s good when I need instant firepower.


Let’s set all of【Royal Reflect】’s customization to decrease cooldowns. It seems that it will become my main fighting power from now on, so let’s try it right away. Looks like lunch time will probably continue for a while longer.


I use【Royal Reflect】on the Seed Shooter and Berry Bomber’s ranged attacks. Verification time~.


“Owww… Princess?”

“...Yes, I am sorry. That was a really nice sound…it was not on purpose, so please don’t look at me like that.”

“Took more damage than when hit normally, eh...”

“Oh, that's an important piece of information. Good news.”



When I striked them back like in baseball or tennis, I ended up hitting another player at full power. Sorry ‘bout that.


“Ahhh… this is pretty hard.”




Seems that unlike【Reflect Shield】that is learned by «Small Shield» or «Large Shield» and used by tanks, the reflect direction is completely manual.

In other words, it’s extremely hard. What is this, a batting center?


“...I see. So I don’t need to swing and it’s only enough that it touches to reflect. Speaking of which,【Reflect Shield】is also like that. Hmm… does striking it back increase its power?”

“Princess? Let’s go to the frontlines, okay?”

“It’s good that they stopped dropping on the backlines, but I’m afraid about our asses, y’know?”



“Well, let’s go in the front.”

『“Do that.”』


And so, let’s mix in among tanks and practice reflect.


【Royal Reflect】sure is useful. By all means I would like to master it. I can fight as usual in close combat, but against ranged it’s faster to reflect their attacks. The problem is reflection angle. It’s hard to reflect at the enemy.




“...Are you praising me?”

『“I praise you~.”』


Something isn’t right here, but let’s forget it. It appears that lunchtime is over, so I return to the back. I learned how to use it already.


“Well then, let’s do an all-out attack and charge into the final area.”



We wake up people who are traveling in their dreams, and a little forcibly we push forward while switching. There are plenty of people who are itching to get into the fight.




『“We’re first-degozaruna?!”』


Musasabi-san’s Eastern division seems to have charged into the final area.

Due to that, the great tree, Triffid started to shake its leaves as it moved.




That is one hateful… or rather, ominous voice.




“Ahh… Mohican-san is over there, right.”

“Erectile tissue...”


Well, let’s confirm the quest.


『Restore the Island’s Ecosystem!』

  1. Let’s investigate the Eastern Forest we have heard about from a Ginko. Reconnaissance Phase.
  2. The Scout Division has returned with information. Organize the information and prepare. Preparation Phase.
  3. Everything is ready. It’s time for battle. Let’s aim for the towering big tree. Main Phase.
  4. Triffid is right before us. Join forces and strike it down. Climax Phase.


“So we entered the Climax Phase.”

“Oh, spawn frequency has fallen?”

“So… it seems. Other areas were suppressed, this is the last one.”

“Now, we don’t know his attack patterns. We need to be careful.”


Ginko and her comrades came over.


“This time we will vanquish him. You people, do not stop.”


Then, four HP bars appear on Triffid and battle has started.


There are no trees around Triffid, so there is plenty of space. We can surround it.

However, the problem is that there are a large number of branches swaying. They do not allow vanguard to get close, and continue to smack against tanks’ shields.


“Fairellen-san, how is the sky?”

『“I feel like I’m playing a shooter game? We are in combat up here toooo.”』


It appears that we cannot count on support from above.

Nnn…? Fruits are falling from above and exploding. Hey, there are a lot of them.


『“Princess. If we remain in the same place for too long, it looks like fruits will fall on us~.”』

“I see? I will relay it to others.”



If that’s how it is, then let’s stay in one place for a medium period of time.

And I use【Royal Reflect】in full swing strikes. I send back a liner, which hits Triffid and bursts.

Cast a spell, then homerun. Cast a spell, again homerun. It is nice that the target is big.


“It's giving me fruits to increase my DPS, oh WHAT A KIND TREE IT IS.”

“Constantly coming after the music band, eh… Could you stooop?”


Certainly, the Music Division that Norbert-san is leading has it hard. I can only cheer for them, please do your best.


“It’s pesky, but does not seem especially strong?”

“At least so far, that is. Wherever we attack, the damage goes through.”

“Rather, his HP is decreasing at super high speed, is it the aerial group?”

“Apparently they are fighting above. We can’t see them because of leaves, however...”


“Oh my.”

“Got angry? No, this is…!”



Let’s put aside the question where it releases its voice from, «Sensing Danger» has painted the entire ground red.

Triffid swung its branches sideways all at once, then struck the ground with them. Starting with the branches that hit the ground appeared shockwaves and matching that, players jumped on spot. Of course, so did I.


『“Looks like there were no deaths?”』

『“Unlike Golem, it seems that it doesn’t kill instantly-degozaruna?』

『“But the range is beyond compare...”』


It appears that it hit the second batch members who did not know Golem, but they did not die.

Hm… more importantly.


“Branches’ movement has stopped, so let’s aim at them. Most likely they are destructible parts.”



From there, we avoided the periodically-used stomps by jumping and then attacked the unmoving branches. If one misses the timing to avoid stomp, they are knocked back and lose time that can be used for attacking branches.

Every time after that roar, it does the same thing. The voice must be the preliminary action. It’s appearance is that of a big tree, so that’s all to it.



“Looks like he did get angry this time, eh?”

“Its bar went below half.”


I don’t know if it’s correct to call it a head, but it started to nonsensically shake its upper part.

And what happened as a result of that… was a rain of fruits falling down.



“Focus on avoidance, it is.”



I send the fruits that fall on me back to Triffid, but sometimes they collide in mid-air and explode.

In any case, it serves as good practice. It is definitely better than poorly trying at avoidance.


“This burning smell...since earlier…what is it?”

“Who knows… WHOA?!”

“Fairellen-san, did you put fire up there?”

『“Yup, we did~. STERILIZE THE FILTHH!”』

“I see, looks like it’s burning above.”


So that is why boss’ HP is draining rapidly. Well, let’s leave the above to them.



Even when we attack branches, their HP is shared with other bars. But it appears it counts, so we can destroy branches. 

With that said, the only thing vanguard can attack are branches after the stomp.

They were already somewhat broken up and are less voluminous than at the start.



“That is faster than we thought, isn’t it?”

“Well, we need to take out four today, right? However, eventually the upper part should stop counting to damage.”

“You think so too? It did start getting bald...”


Leaves were struck down by the aerial group and it already looks pitiful.




“Oh, a new voice.”


The numerous branches gathered on two sides, then after entangling with each other they turned into two enormous branches which swing up and stop. They are shining red, so they most likely are charging?

And then «Sensing Danger» has displayed range on the ground. The two directions in which the branches are, are painted with red.

It… doesn’t look like a stomp. Let’s leave the range. I lead the evacuation and don’t care about people who don’t listen.


It is a tree so I don’t know where the front of it is, but it raises human-like two arms. Its front and back appear that they did not turn red. Speaking conversely, fan-shaped areas in the directions where arms are, are no-go.

After shining strongly, the two arms were swung down and a shockwave spread which caused earth to protrude and act as a thrust-up attack.


“Uwaaa… earthquake-like attack?”

“Isn’t that Instant Death? And they apply to targets in the air to an extent, those pillars.”

“Furthermore, there is falling damage. Ah, they died.”

“Right. Well, it’s their own fault for not escaping from something that obvious.”


In this game, that type of easy to spot attacks have no mercy, do they. They should have realized it when I saw it and started walking away, showing that it is possible to avoid.

That attack, it looks like its power is higher the more branches are left. Let’s break them off right away.


“To make the attack clear to tell apart, let’s call it an earthquake just as you said, Cecil-san. When it comes, let’s have everyone follow «Sensing Danger» holders.”

『“Sure! I’ll pass on this “up high you go”!』


Damage is dealt two times, once when thrown up, and one when falling. Ground is the strongest weapon, is the common sense in action games. Mother earth is very scary. Mother is stronk.



“Nn…? Stomp… is it? It is stomp.”


The ground turned red, so it should be stomp, but the voice was slightly different from the one we heard up until now.

Also the sweep...


“This is… TIMING SHIFT!”

“Don’t panic, watch branches! Rear guard please only watch the shockwaves!”


Shockwaves spread from branches that were swung down with shifted timing and cancelled each other.





Hoo...op, I avoided it.


It must be because its HP decreased. Stomps timing has returned to normal, and the feast of fruits started. I send everything back though. It’s really sweet for leveling my self-defense.


However, after a while its head turned bald and fruits stopped raining. From there, the Aerial Division joined up with us.


“Upper part stopped counting.”

“Then let’s aim at the branches.”



We are doing well breaking off branches after each stomp.

And when there are about half(?) of the branches left, the second bar goes down.

At this time it used an earthquake, but this time there were no casualties. The speed at which the protrusion spread has clearly decreased.


“Now, what do we do?”


There were two bars left. I think that pattern will change again… once again «Sensing Danger» appeared beneath our feet.

And my looking up was the end of my rope. I felt a sudden impact and a sense of floating.


“Ooops… I see!”



Right after I landed, I saw Cecil-san who betrayed me by dodging right before it hit, cut a tree protruding from the ground. I also slashed at it.

After a while, it escaped to the ground, and the ground also closed up after it.


“Attack protruding from under the ground, is it...【Dark Heal】. You could have given up being a surface dweller together with me, you know?”

“Nono, unlike Immortals I don’t have all that much VIT, okay?”

“Well, it was my fault for looking up despite the fact we already crushed it.”

“This time it’s below. What’s remaining is branches and the roots below? That would be all the bars.”

“So we need to lure out the roots.”


And so, we had the hit & run attackers remain in place until stomp comes and wait for roots to come attacking. When roots come, they avoid the attack and bash them.


“People with axes are making some really nice sounds...”

“They really do.”


*THUNK*, *THUNK* is the sound they make. They look like real lumberjacks. And since it feels like they get a special bonus, we can’t even make fun of them.


Division officers who cannot allow themselves to go to the frontlines too, are luring the roots out and smashing them up. Members here are Cecil-san and I, Fairellen-san, and the twins as well since it is safer in here.


“A scythe, huh. Looks fantasy doesn’t it.”

“It sure does~.”


It seems that root attacks also come during stomp, so when a stomp voice comes there is a need to move a little to cancel a root’s appearance. And after avoiding with a jump, we continue holding the roots.


Speaking of which, what are Ginko and her fellow animals doing?

Nnn… ahh, they are either taking part in attacking or helping players out, aren’t they. It’s a bizarre sight to see them save players by headbutting them, but it should be alright since players’ HP does not decrease.


The third bar goes down.


『“Third one is downn!”』

“Now, quake is it?”


“Ah, a new voice again.”


Branches are gathering… but into three arms? But each of them is not that big. There are branches toward the North, East and South.

I look at the map and… the majority of the South is covered in a fan-shape red color.



“Fast, isn’t it?”

『“Princess! There are safe areas all over! Have everyone run to them!”』

“I see, I will notify everyone.”

“It looks like it’s the entire area, but there are places unaffected all over, huh.”


So that is why there was that speed of swinging down. It was too fast. And what makes me curious above all, is that only one branch out of three is attacking… I see.

This time it was North that turned red. And the branch that struck the South moved here… to the East.


“This, is this an endurance match continuing until the pattern is over?”

“Ah, you mean that. If the trigger to end this is enemy HP, it would be the worst, wouldn’t it.”

“Let’s have the Aerial Division do bombardment from above.”

“That would be good.”

“Then, let’s do so, #1!”


I summon #1 and using【Quick Change】I turn him into a horse. If this is how it’s to be, I don’t want to run around on my own legs.

I ask Fairellen-san to bombard the branches. Just as the unmoving main body suggests, it’s really hard so aiming at it is pointless.


When it ended in the North, the East turned red and the branches that were in the North moved to the South. And so, I begin moving to the border between North and West.

No, if the West’s turn comes I will just go North, out of range. Once West is over I can just return to the West. There is no need to go out of my way to run into safe areas.

If there was a problem… it would be that there are other people who thought of the same thing and it’s pretty crowded. Well, can’t do anything about that.

Oh my, in the meanwhile Ske-san rides a Wyvern and starts participating in the bombardment… I guess it’s easier that way. But I can’t summon one yet...


After two sets of smashing in every direction, everything ended. Everyone returns to their positions, and I change #1 back to Owl.

We tried to lure roots again, but they stopped coming. Looks like they were exhausted. What remains is the main stomp attack and chopping the tree down.


“His last life is nearly half down. The end is within sight...”

“Yeah… maybe I should go to the frontlines too, eh?”

“There is no reason not to, is there?”


Cecil-san should be able to avoid stomps. As one of the top players, he also has plenty of firepower.

As for me, let’s continue attacking with magic as usual. I do think it’s about time the action pattern ends the final stage…




Ah, it changed now?

Although one by one, it started constantly doing stomp in Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern directions...




Other branches are attacking normally, so it became harder to aim at them than when it was doing a regular stomp.

Although it’s effective, having to jump is fairly cumbersome. With that said, it hurts quite a bit if I don’t avoid it...


“#1, use a pillar on the branch that strikes the ground.”



The moment a branch hit the ground, flying #1 activated a pillar on it. This looks to be the easiest one...

Ahh, the Aerial Division also got to action. Then I will leave it to you.




Time delay stomp, is it?

Not only the timing of each strike was shifted, but also the direction sequence was changed. The places where it cancelled each other turned quite scrambled.




“They sure are sadistic to make us jump during a performance~.”


The first branch that hits the ground will probably go up right away, please aim for the other ones that go down~.


As the number of branches decreased, stomp also turned shabby. And when all branches were broken off...



“Oh, entered a special knockdown?”



A special knockdown is a motion that happens when set conditions are fulfilled, or when body parts are destroyed, and is different from normal falter. Depending on the setting, it can require special items…and such. All of this is what makes it literally a “special” knockdown.

Usually it ends up with the enemy not defending at all, giving players a chance to beat it up.




“You were out~of luck~when you were born a plant~”


『“HIhihi… got sum’ wood, eh? Hey. Leave it, your wood... Hey… leave it…”』


Those people definitely aren’t lumberjacks, they’re youkai. Youkai “leave me your wood”.


Triffid extended its shortened branches as it fell apart. What is up with this tree?

Naturally, players have gathered and the remaining 30% of HP was blown away.

Well, in other words… it turned into particles of light, as if taken to the other side.



“『“Victory is ours!”』”




《World Quest: Restore the Island’s Ecosystem! Complete.》

《Checking the quest evaluation………》

《Number of Commander Incapacitations……...0》

《Number of Commander Deaths……...0》

《Number of Officer Incapacitations…………0》

《Number of Officer Deaths…………0》

《Number of Outsider Incapacitations…………6471》

《Number of Outsider Deaths…………0》

《Relationship with Holy Beasts…………Good》

《Target Suppression Rate…………100%》

《Target Subjugation Rate…………100%》

《Clear Evaluation…………S Clear!》

《Furthermore, there is an additional bonus for a Perfect Clear.》

《It is possible to vote for MVP. Let’s select the players that did their best in each category.》

《Reward will be given collectively after the event ends. Please enjoy the remaining time in survival until midnight in-game.》

〈Your Race Level has increased.〉

〈Your Race Level has reached 30. Some Monster Skills were unlocked.〉

〈Your Race Level has reached 30, restrictions have been loosened.〉

〈«Luminous Magic» has reached level 25.〉

〈«Luminous Magic»’s【Lumen Mine】was acquired.〉

〈Your Servant Level has increased.〉



Hmm…? We started at noon, so it seems that we were fighting Triffid for about 4 hours. So the remaining 8 hours are for the closing party, I guess?


Also, there is voting? It seems that it will be valid if you vote before midnight. There is voting for the overall event, and for actions during the World Quest.

Damage rankings are given by the server, so that part is something we cannot decide. I guess I should vote for a player that left an impression.


“Stasha, I’ll give ya this.”

“Oh, the Magic Spice Set was assembled.”


I received the remaining parts of the spices, so I combine them right away.


“Oohh… this is amazing. By all means, I want to bring this back.”

“Hooh…? Hoo, I want to eat curry.”

“There are ingredients, let’s make some.”



When we returned to the center, as expected, it felt like a festival.

I received ingredients from Steiner-san right away, opened the Cooking Kit and started cooking.

At the same time, let’s confirm the Skills. I turned 30, so I also need to tweak «Necromantic Secrets» templates, too.


“Princess, got evolution?”

“I didn’t have one just like you, Alf-san.”

“I see. Well, you already are «High Immortal» so I guess that makes sense?”

“Speaking of which, were you also told that some abilities received restriction, Ske-san?”

“I was~. It’s for the sake of game balance, right?”

“I think so. I turned 30, and it said that some restrictions were loosened, too.”

“Ho-hoon? Even simple calculations say that normally High-class should be at about Lv60, right~? So even if there is no evolution, you still get stronger by having the restrictions removed.”

“For now, maybe I should take some skills that were unlocked at 30...”

“They’re strong~.”

“Did you take something?”

“Of course I did.”


The inhuman-type common skills that I want, are these three.


«Magic Power Optimization»
The monster instinct arranges Magic Power flowing through the body, optimizing and enhancing it.
Enhances all stats. Increase is dependent on the Base Level and Skill Level.

«Wild Instinct»
You who live in the wild have instinct beyond comparison.
Enhances «Intuition» Skill and its derivations.

«Survival of the Fittest»
You cannot live in the wild without being able to sense enemy presence.
Enhances «Sensing Danger» Skill and its derivations.


I think they are very nice. Especially the one that enhances all stats without any special conditions, there is no reason not to take it, is there?


“Maybe I should take «Survival Instinct» as well...”

“The one from Lv20 was it? I think Alf had it. I’ll just die so I’m not takiiing it.”


«Survival Instinct»
The less HP you have the more your stats increase.
The increase is dependent on the Base Level and Skill Level.


HP is the trigger for activation, so Ske-san is, well… yeah. Immortals have automatic recovery, so adjusting our HP is kind of hard… there are few methods for us to recover with, so staying on low HP is kind of too risky.

Alright. Let’s just take those three I learned at 30. SP used is… 9 for all three. I still have plenty remaining, so there is no problem. Acquired.


“Nnn… should I take the Immortal-exclusive…?”

“What did Zombie get?”

“Nn? Is it different for each race? It is «Falter Resistance».”

“That’s nice~. Bones have a garbage Skill called «Falling Damage Decrease».”

“It’s cause… you are light...”

“Zombies have «Falter Resistance» and armors have «Knockback Resistance», so why do bones have «Falling Damage Decrease»… MANAGEMENTTT!”

“Just think that you saved on SP?”

“It’s not a common Skill so the cost is low anywayyy!”



Just 2SP, is it? It decreases the possibility of my action being cancelled when I get hit, so let’s take it.

According to Ske-san, «Falling Damage Decrease» not only decreases damage taken when falling, but also decreases damage when you get blown away and hit into things like walls. 

With that said, his reaction is still “so what?”.


“I feel like I’ll be already dead when I’m blown away, ehh.”

“Well… most attacks that throw you back are blunt, so...”


I acquired four new Skills, but… they are necessary for my build so it’s fine.

Well, it’s about time I add the spices.




I knew it, they noticed the scent of curry. It does have a strong smell. Well, I think it will probably be all eaten by Tomo’s and Rina’s parties.


“Onee-chan smells like curry!!”



『“Right, a natural reaction...”』


Let’s grind my little sister’s cheeks a little.


“How did you make that curry? What about spices?”

“I assembled a Magic Spices Set.”

“I see, so it was that.”


Cooks who came asking about it, started to gather the remaining parts they did not have. Soon after, the scent of curry started to drift from other places as well.

I distribute mine between Tomo and Sugu’s, as well as Rina’s parties. There is about two people’s worth left…


“Yup, it’s great. Speaking of which, I feel like it’s been ages since I last ate curry.”

“Probably the same for me, too.”

“And me too~.”


So it’s been a while for Tomo and Sugu to eat curry, is it? As for Rina, well, we don’t make curry at home too often.


“It’s not just curry powder, but also spice set in containers, dammit!”

“Are they telling us to mix curry ourselves?”

“Try if you want to? I think that is what they mean… Need to exchange for this...”


This Magic Spice Set has light flavors, deep flavors, as well as fish sauce. Miso is of course included, but there is also mirin and ponzu, as well as mayonnaise.

All of it is of C quality, so if anyone wants better quality they need to make it themselves. Cooking has improved taste and buff effect based on the quality, so it’s fairly important.

I only took Cooking because I do it in real, but I have no intention of going all that deep into it, so this set is enough for me.

If I was to pick one…that I would like to put more effort into crafting, it would be Alchemy.


“Oh right, Ske-san. I’ll return the Alchemy Kit to you.”

“Ohh, okay.”


It will probably return to him by itself once the event is over, but I still return it to him.


There are people who are chatting as they eat or drink, and there are people who play around in PvP mode (which is unrelated to PK), everyone is having fun like it’s a festival.

And then, the time to end the festival has come.


“HAA HA HA! IT’S ME! We’re going back.”

“How was it, everyone? It’s time to end the second official event.”




《Second Official Event, Summer Means Camping! Complete.》

《Counting votes…………complete. The ranking has been published.》

《Please select your reward within a month in real world.》

《In five minutes, you will be transferred to the regular area.》



Ranking, hm? Let’s see, the overall ranking is...

Mmm… Crafters are pretty stronk. Ertz-san and others are high up. I’m… pretty high up. Combat players such as Cecil-san and Rina are quite low, if anything. Well, considering the content, single-mindedly crafting will get you more points.

In the World Quest ranking, Officers were in the upper part, and it was pretty jumbled. Players who provided replenishments, the «Mixing» and «Cooking» fields were high up. Also, the Transport field was also high.


“If a month passes in real, you won’t be able to exchange for rewards! Don’t forget!”

“We will ignore you, even if you say you forgot~.”

“If you want to go back right away, you can go through the menu!”


Just as planned, I pick the Magic Spice Set and… a few Gushing Flasks… about three? Also, the Sweets-Making Set, Barbecue Set and Noodle-Making Set.

I put the remaining points on hold.


“Thanks for the hard work, Princess.”

“Likewise, thank you for your hard work, Clementia-san.”

“See you again~.”

“Yes, when there is a chance.”

““Princess, friend registration!””

“I don’t mind.”



I see off Clementia-san, then I register Ame-san and Thorin-san as friends.


“By the way, Ske-san, Alf-san, do you have time tomorrow?”


“Probably gonna hunt?”

“There is a place I would like you to join me in going to, so would you? I think it will also count as hunting.”


“Then, I want to go to the 2 - 2 Area, so let’s meet in Belstead. At what time do we go?”

“We will probably go to sleep for today, so tomorrow before noon would be fine~.”

“Let’s seee… how long should it take?”

“Enemies are 35+, so it should take quite a while?”

“10 a.m. might feel off. How about 8 a.m.?”

“We’re already sleepy and we’ll probably be sleepy after we log out, so I guess that’s fine?”

“Then, eight in the morning, at Belstead’s central square.”



It’s not possible for Ame-san and Thorin-san considering their levels. Though, considering the entrance to Nether is there, we will eventually bring them there.


One way or the other, I did return from the event area to a regular area.

I returned to the place I was in when the event started, then I said farewell to Ske-san and Alf-san before logging out. Let’s stretch my body and go to sleep. The event lasted up until midnight, so I already lost sleep time.

Good night.

Name: Anastasia
Race: Immortal Princess Woman Lv30
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 78


«Slender Sword Lv22» «Enten-Style Princess Self-Defense - Slender Sword Lv27» «Light Armor Lv29»
«Luminous Magic Lv25» «Spatial Magic Lv20» «High-Class Magic Ability Lv30»
«Sensing Danger Lv25» «Intuition Lv25» «Butō Lv31»
«Cook Lv24» «Alchemycraft Lv19» «Collecting Lv14» «Mining Lv7»
«Appraisal Lv32» «Disassembly Lv29» «Identification Lv33» «Discern»
«Magic Linguistics Lv1»




Monster Skills:
«Darkness Magic Lv26» «Necromantic Secrets Lv35» «Aura of Darkness Lv38»
«Physical Resistance Lv45» «Physical Immunity Lv41» «Magic Resistance Lv20» «Falter Resistance»
«Magic Power Optimization Lv1» «Wild Instinct Lv1» «Survival of the Fittest Lv1»
«Life Absorption Lv27» «Super HP Recovery Lv31» «Super MP Recovery Lv15» «Automatic Recovery Trait Lv28»
«Supervising Undead Lv36» «Immortal Royalty Lv41» «Royal Authority Lv40» «High Immortal»


Elegant and Calm Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.
Liberator of Belstead: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town East of Starting Town.
Liberator of Inbamunt: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town South of Starting Town.
Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.
Alchemist: A title given to a full-fledged alchemist.
Alchemist’s Disciple: You have become a disciple of the Starting Town’s Megan.


Necromantic Secrets:

Rabbit, Wolf, Deer, Boar, Bear, Horse
Goblin, Orc, Ogre
Zombie, Skeleton, Living Armor
Golem, Caterpillar, Turtle
Ant, Spider, Snake
Kokekko, Hawk, Owl, Avestruz
Wyvern, Lizardine.


Bronze One-Handed Hammer, Steel One-Handed Hammer, Steel One-Handed Sword, Steel Two-Handed Sword, Zelkova Round Shield, Steel Large Shield, Steel Small Shield


Capacity: 6329

AI Level: 52


Bones: Steel One-Handed Hammer, Steel Small Shield
«One-Handed Hammer» «Light Armor» «Small Shield» «Dance» «Sensing Danger» «Body Enhancement» «Critical Strike Proficiency»
«Super HP Recovery» «Super MP Recovery» «Life Absorption» «Recovery Trait» «Acting in Group» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»


Dog: Steel Two-Handed Sword
«Two-Handed Sword» «Dance» «Presence Isolation» «Intuition» «Covert» «Tracking» «Body Enhancement»
«Super HP Recovery» «Life Absorption» «Swift» «Lightning Fast» «Acting in Group» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»


Armor: Steel One-Handed Sword, Steel Large Shield
«One-Handed Sword» «Heavy Armor» «Large Shield» «Stalwart» «Sensing Danger» «Dance» «Body Enhancement»
«Magic Resistance» «Super HP Recovery» «Life Absorption» «Recovery Trait» «Acting in Group» «Medium Undead» «Armor Body»


«Kick Strike» «Surprise Attack» «Darkness Magic» «High-Class Magic Ability» «Sensing Danger» «Body Enhancement» «Spirit Enhancement»
«Flying» «Super HP Recovery» «Super MP Recovery» «Recovery Trait» «Acting in Group» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»


«Kick Strike» «Avoidance» «Body Control» «Riding» «Sensing Danger» «Walking» «Body Enhancement»
«Super HP Recovery» «Recovery Trait» «Swift» «Lightning Fast» «Acting in Group» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»


«Intuition» «Sensing Danger» «Magic Power Isolation» «Collecting» «Mining» «Appraisal» «Disassembly»
«Magic Resistance» «Super HP Recovery» «Super MP Recovery» «Recovery Trait» «Wild Instinct» «Medium Undead» «Bone Body»
«Physical Resistance» «Physical Immunity» «Survival of the Fittest» «Purification Resistance: Medium»


Racial - Own Skill Addition (Except Worker):
«Physical Resistance» «Magic Power Optimization» «Aura of Darkness» «Purification Resistance: Medium»


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