55 Summer Means Camping Day 6-7

『Restore the Island’s Ecosystem!』

  1. The East apparently used to be a plain. Strike down the big towering tree!
  2. Let’s investigate the Eastern Forest we have heard about from a Ginko. Reconnaissance Phase.
  3. The Scout Division has returned with information. Organize the information and prepare. Preparation Phase.


※Until Battle Starts: 1 day 1 hour

※Time Remaining: 2 days 18 hours


I see. So it’s preparation time. Start of the battle is tomorrow… about 7 am? It’s 6 am now… so that is it.

Now, first… I need to grasp what has changed when I was sleeping and confirm the information that Scout Division brought.


When I get out of the bed and confirm the UI, there I find summarized information from the Scout Division. For now I send this to each officer and check the content myself.

Enemies names and levels, their weaknesses and drops… as well as their location and patrol routes, is it? Plant-types are splendidly weak to Blunt and Fire, but strong against Water and Earth. And «Wood Magic» is inconsequential to them.


“Princess, mornin’~.”

“Good morning, Clementia-san. It will be a war against plants, will you be okay against them?”

“Vines are blunt attacks so it will work somewhat. I’m leveling them in a hurry now~.”

“So «Rope» Skill applied to them?”

“There is a Monster Skill called «Vine Whip», but this one doesn’t really have any Arts, and seems like an enhancement skill for vines themselves?”


Is that a Monster Skill for the sake of using one’s own body part as a weapon? There is no need to purchase new weapons, but instead it makes you raise your Monster Skill? And if you want to use Arts with that, go take a «Rope»-type attack Skill, is it...

«Wood Magic» can’t be used, so she is leveling the vine-related Skills in a hurry.

Clementia-san headed to the Western forest while waving her hands and vines.


As I walked around to check the changes and said greetings to everyone, people started to wake up en masse. Let’s change to cooking for a little.


During my cooking time, Ellie, who also confirmed the changes that happened when we slept, approached me.


“Tasha, there is a problem with insufficient amount of potion bottles, I dispatched people.”

“«Alchemy» and «Glass-Crafting»-types, is it….”

“Based on what we investigated, the reason behind it is glass that is the source material. «Alchemy» is apparently overwhelmingly faster, but has trouble with MP. Alchemists seem to be playing in the sea during their wait for MP recovery, but considering they can’t do anything without MP, I guess it is fine.”


If there are materials and MP, «Alchemy» shows results immediately and creates items. But, if there is MP… is the neck. I was able to mass-produce South of Inbamunt only thanks to that place being within a Safe Zone. This event area has no Safe Zones. As a result, automatic recovery is based only on Race and Skills.

And «Alchemy» is top level among all crafting when it comes to using MP. The reason is, because it completely relies on Arts. Cooking on a frying pan does not use MP, but this does not apply to «Alchemy». And let’s not think about «Cooking»’s【Reaction Acceleration】, I’ll lose if I think about it.


I finish distributing food and take a look around again. My «Cook» Skill went up, but if anything, I would like to level up my «Alchemycraft»… Unlike cooking, it only uses Arts so Skill level is important.

Still, it can’t be helped during this event. There are just too few cooks. It would be nice if their number increased thanks to this event, but...


I wander for a while, and then leaders of Land Divisions approach me.


“Princess, got time now?”

“A strategic meeting?”

“Well, something like that.”


There was no need in particular to move, so we start on spot.


“Just as planned we will deploy divisions in East, West, South and North. We plan to decide on combat, rest and standby time based on schedule, and then leave everyone to themselves.”

“The objective is center-degozaruna.”

“We did think of all grouping together, but it will definitely be hard to fight like that… is what we thought.”

“We plan to leave escorting the Rear Division to the Mobile Division. It should be hard for them to fight in the forest.”

“I see, I understand. Then let’s have the division in charge of East hold a larger amount of consumables. It should be difficult for them to replenish.”

“Then I leave it to you~.”


Musasabi-san’s division appears to be in charge of the East. Let’s relay this to Ellie. There is a need to go around the forest to the East of it, so it will take time to move. Their dispatch will be fastest of all locations, so it will be necessary to pass consumables to them first.


“Also, there are enemies already heading in our direction, so a light defensive battle has started.”

“Land Divisions which were bored are happily fighting them, though.”

“So the enemy side has also started acting. Please fight while saving consumables. The main event probably starts tomorrow.”

“Looks like everyone intends to do so, it should be fine.”


Everyone busily continues with preparations. I also sometimes participate in the combat as I confirm the crafting progress multiple times.


“Hey, Princess! Call the Girlie!”

“...Ahh, Rina, was it. I will call her now.”


Ertz-san was holding a halberd, so he will probably pass it to her. I am also told about some other people, so I relayed it to the four of the Land Divisions.


“Princesss! Call Mead-san and Ske-san!”


Furthermore, I also relay the request from Primula-san.


Most crafters have their regular customers, so they will be distributing items between them. It appears like they got their hands on various nice materials, so after verifying a little they hurried to make brand new weapons.

Starting with acquaintances’ equipment… is the standard here. Once that’s over, they would craft for other people of roughly the same level range.


“Princess, try practice-swinging this thing.”

“Practice-swinging? Well, I don’t mind...”


I was passed a Cobalt HSS-made rapier by Ertz-san.


“It’s… somewhat hard to swing?”

“Your level was in the latter half of 20, right?”

“Yes, 28 now. 29 soon.”

“Meaning, let’s distribute Cobalt HSS among folks above 30. This helps!”


So it was hard to swing due to a penalty for not fulfilling the requirements.

It is a game, so equipment has a requirement for equipping. If you do not fulfill the requirement, the more you are missing the bigger the penalty is… or so they say.

According to Shirabesuki-san, other than level there is also stat requirement.

Ertz-san must have wanted to confirm these things. «Identification» won’t show us anything yet.


Musasabi-san’s division will leave early, then following that Kotatsu-san’s and Ruzebarm-san’s divisions will be dispatched.

I devote the sixth day entirely to preparations and head to sleep.

Two days remaining… let’s do our best.



『Restore the Island’s Ecosystem!』

  1. The East apparently used to be a plain. Strike down the big towering tree!
  2. Let’s investigate the Eastern Forest we have heard about from a Ginko. Reconnaissance Phase.
  3. The Scout Division has returned with information. Organize the information and prepare. Preparation Phase.
  4. Everything is ready. It’s time for battle. Let’s aim for the towering big tree. Main Phase.

※Until Battle Starts: 1 hour

※Time Remaining: 1 day 18 hours


An hour left. First I cook, then rouse people from their beds and it’s standby time.

Let’s get to action right away.


“Sorry to keep you waiting! Farm-fresh delivery!”

“Thank you very much. Let’s get to cooking right away.”


Farm-fresh (from within visual range) it is.

I start baking bread and frying meat right away. When I prepare bread dough before going to sleep, MP is recovered when I wake up, which is nice.【Reaction Acceleration】takes a lot of it.

And while I cook, other people wake up their party members.


Morning~ ♡wake♡up♡?”


“That was a pointlessly nice voice there.”

“Such a low voice.”

“In real I would definitely be covered in goosebumps!”

“But it woke you up, rite?”

“Instantly! Thanks!”


As food is made I distribute it, and while everyone is eating I confirm the progress that happened while I was sleeping as much as possible.

Other divisions have already taken their positions, so the only ones that are here arethe Land Division A and the Mobile Division, as well as the Rear Division. Scouts, Music and Flying are split in four and have been merged into the Land Divisions.


In the sky above the big tree that is most likely Triffid appeared a text saying “World Quest” and a decreasing countdown.

Members who finished eating headed East and secured positions West of the forest, right outside.


“Now, ladies and gentlemen! ARE YOU PREPARED?! It will start up soon!”


“Most likely there will be a line from Princess, though!”


Ahh, I haven’t done it this time yet… have I. Just as Cecil-san says, I feel there might be one.

While crafters continue to make things, the countdown gradually progressed down to one minute.

That’s when «Intuition»’s reaction appears behind me and several people including me turn around. What appeared like a mirage, were animals led by Ginko.

They are clearly event special monsters. They don’t seem to be the same types as mobs.


“Now, are you prepared?”

“Yes, we have prepared as much as we could.”

“I have high hopes. Sorry, but we will be relying on you.”

“We cannot die, so if you get in danger please prioritize recovery.”



And when the countdown has reached 0, a text saying “Ready” appears in the sky. So there was one after all, a line. 


“『“O’ gathered Outsiders, it is time for battle. Let’s break that troublesome tree. May the blessings of the Goddess of battle, Sigrdrífa-sama be with you! All troops, begin attack!”』”


Just as during the defensive battle, players and Ginko’s group were enveloped by red light, which was absorbed into their bodies.



《«Royal Authority» has activated. During this quest, all stats have been increased.》

《You are in a cooperative relationship with Ginko, as a result Holy Beasts will support you.》

《World Quest: Restore the Island’s Ecosystem! Main Phase, begins.》





The combat groups and the Holy Beasts(?) that came with Ginko have charged into the forest.


“Holy Beasts is a term that catches my interest.”



Cecil-san’s and my gaze turned to Ginko who was next to us.


“Mmh? That’s just a name you call us by… is what I thought, but you were Outsiders, were you not. Certainly, Holy Beasts is the name used for animals who can converse and coexist with humans.”

“I see.”


In other words, they aren’t humanity’s enemy, so they are called Holy Beasts to make a distinction, but it isn’t like there is something special about them.

A Lv64 Ginko is pretty strong from a general human perspective… and since it’s beating monsters in humans’ stead, I guess it could be called a Holy Beast…?

In that meaning… Outsiders of animal type could also be called Holy Beasts. Well, they will probably be grouped together with other Outsiders, however. The Outsider factor is just too strong.


“Then, let’s close in gradually.”



Each party gradually spread out to the sides and chased after the combat group that was going in first.

The first, shallow parts are not a problem. The main part will be places where the number of spawns was too high and we could progress any more. Until then, we leisurely move forward.

Then, Cecil-san who is right next to me, receives information from the preceding division.


“Combat has started, but the number of enemies is clearly small.”

“Other divisions also seem to have started combat, but they say they feel there are few enemies.”

“So, the amount of spawns is set for each area, and when you enter the area they flock to you… is it?”

“So if you enter with a large number of people from various directions, they are scattered and we can invade… you say?”

“Or it might just be an event mechanic.”


Both are possible… The further outside the wider the area, so the number of spawns should be higher. In other words, the number of enemies flocking increases, which is why it was impossible for just a few parties.


“With that said, please look at the map.”

“...The area is being repainted?”

“Game-wise, the possibility is... areas where enemy spawns are possible?”

“Makes sense. In which case we need to have everyone move as to repaint the map.”

“Then I will relay this to everyone.”

“Yeah, thanks.”


On the map, with the big tree as the center there is a circular area that is colored. However, the places that players have passed through lose their color and return to normal map’s colors.

Game mechanic-wise, this colored area would be enemy territory. Based on the color, enemy spawns differ, with the colored territory being the spawn area of the enemy. In other words, if we repaint enemy’s territory into ours, we will be able to hold back the spawns.

I relay this possibility to each division’s officer and have everyone act with that as a premise. We should learn whether it’s correct or not.


“Mead-san, could you go around crushing the map together with your Scout Division?”

『“Understood. I will notify everyone.”』


There are many nimble people in the Scouting Division, they are fit for this. Fighting frontally is hard for them, so I have them poke at the enemy from the sides as they repaint the map.

We started hearing sounds of battle since earlier, and now that we caught up with the preceding group we started hearing their voices.


“Swell up, my Magic Power!【Overspell】! Behold, my wizardry!【Hexa Spell】! Prostrate before me!【Ignisplode】! FUHAHAHAHA!”


...Someone’s having lots of fun. That’s a good thing, yup. People in his surroundings look somewhat abashed, but it might be just my imagination.

【Ignisplode】is a Scorch’s level 30 spell. Without doubt, he's from the first batch. And hexa is six explosions in a row. It appears that its shockwave is treated as Blunt, so it’s super effective.



Nn…what is kind of scary is that small amounts of enemy territory are left behind? Should I leave it thinking someone will go take a look…? This often happens in MMOs.

Should I ask someone fast from the Aerial Division to go? But if possible I want the Aerial Division’s fighting power to stay on the frontlines...


“What’s up?”

“In the earlier parts we left some of the area. I’m bothered by it.”

“Ahh, there is. Mmm… if it can act as spawn points, it might be better to crush it right away.”

“Enemy spawn points continue to disappear, so I think the possibility of enemies appearing in the back increases...”

“And we will get attacked from both flanks. Would prefer to avoid that, eh… We are bored here, how about we go fill them?”

“We certainly are bored. Let’s go repaint them.”


We take several parties that were on standby and go to fill the spots on the map. Let’s call Ske-san and Alf-san, as well as Ame-san and Thorin-san.

There is a possibility the enemies will not turn in our direction, but attack the base, so I relay this to Mobile Troops’ leader.


“Please take two parties North. We will go South.”


“There is a possibility they already appeared, so be careful.”



We each hold our weapons and head out.

As expected, the Scout Division did not know the number of spawns and the speed at which they spawn. We need to move with the premise of enemies already being spawned.


Alf-san and Cecil-san’s side’s tank, Raul-san move in front of us.


“So far there is no… no, there is one, heh.”

“There is. Looks like they properly pop up. Just one?”

“Yeah. There is one on spawn point.”


So it indeed works as a spawn point. There was already one that has spawned. It’s a good opportunity, so I would like to observe it a little...


“Cecil-san, how about we watch it for a moment?”

“You want to check whether it will leave the area?”

“Indeed. If it moves to the outside area even when it isn’t found by a player...”

“Yup, we should confirm it ASAP. Agreed.”


Together with Ske-san we summon wolves so that we can react regardless of where the enemy goes.

Let’s relax and wait a little. It would be good even if it did not move.


“It would be nice and easy if it did not move, right?

“I think it will move, though. It would be boring if it didn’t?”

“Certainly. If they couldn’t go outside their area, it would be much easier. We would be able to crush them to an extent and then just progress until the boss?”


Ske-san’s and Alf-san’s, Cecil-san’s conversation was right on point.

After a while, a new mob spawned, and the enemy that was originally there moved outside of the area.


“I see. We will take care of the one that moved.”

“Then we will charge right into the area.”


I had #1 carry a mace and stall the enemy who left the area.

The enemy is… a Plantella Seed Shooter? They mentioned the enemy is attacking by shooting seeds, but… wouldn’t it be a little too grotesque if it encroached humans? Though, kokkes were also fairly grotesque...


Alf-san takes the target and Ske-san fires magic. Looks like the twins attack at an angle that is comfortable to them.

Those seeds, they are faster than arrows. They are being blocked by the shield, but it would be troublesome if they aimed at the rear guard.

It’s also attacking with what seems more like roots than vines. VIT-wise it’s a rear guard enemy, so it doesn’t have all that much HP… does it.





The root was deflected by Alf-san shield, but the seed struck right into Ske-san.

The AI changed below half HP? Did it start aiming for the second highest hate holder?


“Ohh… whoops, that was dangerous.”

“I’ll give seeds to you, Princess!”

“I don’t need them, okay?”



It does attack the person with second highest hate. I start maintaining second highest hate and deflect seeds. Ske-san is an immobile artillery, so we can’t have him be targeted.


“Ah, I can just use a tree as a shield.”


After Ske-san started to peek out from behind a tree and attack, seeds struck the tree and were blocked by it. The way this looks is one thing, but it definitely is efficient so let’s let it be.

But, look at that. It’s a Lich, in some media even called the King of Undead.


It’s a World Quest, so after we beat the enemy, it turns into particles of light and disappears.


“It was a little troublesome, but it’s a rear guard enemy, so just one is no a problem at all.”

“I can use a tree as a shield so it’s easy~.”


As for Cecil-san’s group… they painted the area. Then let’s join up and return. Going around searching for them sure is troublesome...



“So more have spawned!”


I deflected one, but I received a seed to my forearm. You sure do get hit often… my forearm-kun...

Ske-san used【Quick Change】to switch to armor, so let’s have him hold one enemy. I will first target the one that Alf-san has taken target of.


There must have been several enemies who left the area before we even arrived. The spawn number and speed is dependent on the surface area and the speed at which they are defeated.


“We are fighting two of reinforcements here. How is your side?”

『“We are also in combat. We will come your way once we finish.”』



Cecil-san also encountered reinforcements, has he. More spawned than we have thought. So it was correct to crush them right away.

Let’s relay this to the officers of each division, colored areas are pretty much confirmed as spawn areas. Please crush them without leaving any behind… that is.


After beating one, we smash the other one that was held back by the armor.

By the way, I feel a discomfort in the place where the seed hit me earlier. I have a bad feeling about this.

When we almost finished off the second one, Cecil-san’s group came over.


“Looks like you’re nearly done...”

“You are just in time. Please smack it down.”



With two parties, we killed it off in an instant.



〈Your Race level has increased.〉



So my level went up. With this I’m Lv29. Well, more importantly...

I check the back of my forearm… there’s an icon, NOOOOoo. So this is why my HP is being sucked out.

I put away the rapier and using a Disassembly Knife, I carve out the part with the seed. It did not require anesthesia​ like in real, and I did not feel actual pain. If too much time passes, it is possible I would need to have to sever my entire arm, you know? Thinking of the penalty that comes with that, it’s a little...



“See, it actually started encroaching me, so I’m doing a surgery.”


“I had an icon showing, so if you don’t have one, I guess bones are safe?”

“So it’s Zombie-specific? Plants also might be in danger?”

“Very likely. Let’s tell Clementia-san about this.”


Is rotten meat plants’ favorite food? Well, certainly Zombies are no humans, so it’s okay if they are encroached. Isn’t Management a bit too harsh on Zombies? Got some kind of grudge on us?


When I gouged it out and threw it away, the icon disappeared, so I put the knife away.

My forearm’s inner part turned red, but it will regenerate if I leave it be anyway. That is something like a forte of mine...


“Now, let’s go back.”

“Yeah I guess. I think it would be hard for us to go around beating them...”


And so, we rejoin the Western division and return.

I make #1 into an owl, give him magic and make him mix in with Flying Force to poke at the enemy. I’m checking the map and confirming things through the voice chat that comes from the officers, so I have #1 fight and only enhance his Skills.



As we progressed forward, the area gradually turned narrower, enemies turned stronger and more dense.

However, the number of people who can fight at once have decreased, so the number of people who can take a rest has increased making it easier… I guess it is easier?



“Then, without reservations.”


“You said it!”


Sometimes replenishment comes from the Rear Division, so I distribute it.


Division members progress in a rotation, and there are people who are going to sleep, so we have the members on standby to guard them.


“The resistance has grown quite fierce, eh.”

“We crushed their spawn points, so it’s easier than I thought, however?”

“If we went for a single point breakthrough this would be hell.”

“Agreed. Triffid in front, army of small fry in the back and we would be split from the Rear Division.”


Some enemies have spilled into the Rear Division and the Mobile Division did a great job there. If we attacked from one side I feel it would have been a disaster.

As expected, they did not allow us to use the Aerial Division to crush the spawn areas, they have some nasty anti-air fire. Fairellen-san made a satisfied look as she said that she nearly died, so it must have been really harsh.

It’s only natural, but they make us progress through the ground and suppress the enemy. Anyone would think of that, wouldn’t they… like “hey won’t it be fast if we do it from the sky?!”. Of course, it was not allowed. I’m glad no one died. It was a cheap price to pay.



Based on the situation progress, at this rate, we should reach Triffid tomorrow. Most likely that was the set-up to begin with.

Combat continues in a forest filled with a large amount of【Light】. There is a rotation, so we can constantly maintain the combat line and progress little by little.


“Kids, have someone switch with ya! It’s about time to sleeep!”

“It’s also time for me to rest. I leave it to you.”


When I took out a bed, my little sister appeared from nowhere in particular and sneaked in. I have nothing to say.

I go to sleep. In no time we reached the last day, let’s do our best.


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