Chapter 8 - The Blade Lizard and the Train Man

On the day I was supposed to subjugate the Blade Lizard with Myu, I was made wait for Myu at the eastern gate, the same one we met at last time.

『"——I'm going to meet up with friends and head to the meeting location."』

And like that, it was my turn to wait. Well, that's fine by me.

I opened the inventory and confirmed what items I had, four sets of Iron Arrows+10, other than that there were Enchant Stones and various recovery items, Antidote and Paralysis potions.

Oh right, I learned something interesting. The name of the NPC that was hired to take care of the field appeared to be Kyouko.

After talking with her I learned that she can also deliver the items to other people on my behalf as well as purchase items from NPCs for me. I thought of having her purchase additional material items and having her deliver potions to Magi-san.

Also, one more thing. This morning when I was mixing items on the field my 【Mixing】's level increased up to 30.

After using 2SP I upgraded it to 【Dosing】, with this I could use monster meat to create medicines.

And so, it could be said that my Senses have grown splendidly.

Possessed SP12

【Bow Lv18】 【Hawk Eyes Lv28】 【Speed Increase Lv11】 【Discovery Lv8】 【Magic Talent Lv29】

【Magic Power Lv27】 【Alchemy Lv20】 【Enchant Arts Lv6】 【Dosing Lv1】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv19】


【Taming Lv1】 【Craftsmanship Lv21】 【Synthesis Lv21】 【Earth Element Talent Lv3】


It was a Sense build adjusted for combat purposes. The reason 【Dosing】 was used rather than 【Earth Element Talent】 was for the sake of equipping items.

Even though they were on similar levels, one of the Senses was a stage higher, and the DEX increase value was high for crafting-type Senses. Originally my main wasn't magic so I don't benefit much from INT and MIND stats.

Well, I've quite the margin when it comes to SP I can spend, the amount of SP I acquired exceeded 20 and even though I checked the new Senses, I didn't find anything attractive.

The best ones, were 【Snake Eyes】 Myu told me about, bad status resistance Senses as well as different types of resistance Senses.

From operation-type Senses, the ones which managed operations there was 【Action Restriction Release】 Myu took, 【Swimming】 【Step】 and 【Climbing】. Other than that, the knowledge-type Senses; 【Survival】 and 【Linguistics】, also ones for relations with NPCs; 【Haggling】 and 【Purchase Increase】. Those were some specialized Senses.

Being able to acquire more Senses was a good thing, but all of them had very limited applications.

Although I was interested in them, there was nothing I needed from among them.

"Well, the Senses you don't need to think too deeply about are the best."

I was waiting for Myu and the others while staring blankly at the sky. Occasionally, I've felt gazes from around focused on me, the moment I looked around, everyone faced away all at once. Although that seemed to happen many times, it must have been my imagination after all. Once again I looked at the sky inadvertently.

After a while, *klop* *klop* *klop*, a sound of fast footsteps reached my ears.


"Hm? Dowahh?!"

I had been embraced from the side. I withstood the weight of the other party, then complained to them.

"Myu, you... approach normally. It's embarrassing to do such a thing in front of people right?"

IMG_0004"That's cause! You finally replaced your clothes after such a long time! Both your bow and your equipment are new!"

"Yes yes, your comrades are looking over here."

The women who stood behind Myu were either dumbfounded, smiled wryly, or for some reason they made ecstatic smiles.

"Also, seeing Onee-chan in new equipment made me kinda happy."

"That's fine, but stop calling me that."

("But you have a female body, won't it be weird if I call you Onii-chan?")

Myu moved closer to me and whispered, although I tried to argue with her...


("Or maybe, you want people to think your little sister's family is weird? Just speak as if you were my Onee-chan.")

("Then you should have introduced me as your friend right?")

("I wanted to introduce my Onee-chan to them. My older sister I'm proud of.")

Geez, being told that it's hard to refuse. Myu likes me to the point where she wanted to brag about me. It can't be helped, let's do it properly.

"Um... have you finished talking?"

"Yup. Luka-chan, we finished."

"Today, we were supposed to bring Myu's acquaintance crafter to Second Town, is it this person?"

"Yup, my real family!"

"Nice to meet you, I'm called Yun. My little sister has been in your care."

Somehow, everyone was surprised. I see, so I was the main reason for that.

The woman in chainmail equipment who stood in the centre had a different kind of black hair tied behind her back and a two-handed sword at her waist. Even though she was a woman she was about as tall as I am.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Lucato. Among companions I'm called Luka."

With Lucato's greeting as a trigger, Myu's comrades introduced themselves to me.

A prideful magic-user with small round glasses, and thick eyebrows was called Kohaku.

The magic-user wearing a fancy two-forking hat was Rirei.

With purple hair and hybrid black-coloured armour made of cloth and metal, Toutobi.

The girl with mismatched eyes; right eye blue, and left eye red, as well as long canines as her features, Hino.

Together with Lucato and Myu they made up a party of six.

Since all of them were at a similar age to Myu's, I was relieved in a lot of ways.

"Now then, we can't keep standing here and be in the way, we can continue talking as we move."

"Yeah, you're right."

We left the town through the eastern gate. For some reason, from behind I felt regret, and gazes full of envy. Once again, I want to think of it as a coincidence.

"I have heard about it before, about Myu's family member who is playing this game as well."

"Well, I have some spare time during summer holidays, and I started playing to meet our older sister."

"By older sister, you mean Sei-san?"

"Yeah. Though I say that, I've met her only once in the game. She doesn't contact me at all."

Thinking of which, even though I started playing to meet with Sei-nee, I've been fascinated by crafting and the bow.

"Sei-san is doing her best in another party. We have passed by each other several times."

"Is that so."

Well, as long as she's all right. If there is a need for it, she will contact me through friend list.

"It's about time to organize the party and register each other as friends."

"Ah, you're right. Are we going with all seven for the boss?"

"No, if we do that then there will be a penalty. One person will leave the party and Yun-san will enter instead. In fact, we can hunt the boss with five people."

"Understood. For the time being let me at least help out with the small fries."

I too wanted to raise the level of my bow, that's how I felt. Lucato didn't reject it.

I registered everyone as friends, and formed party with them.

The rearguard Rirei was removed from party and replaced with me.

For the time being, I called out to Rirei whose position I took.

"Nice to meet you, can I call you Rirei?"

"Likewise. Fufufu, thank you very much for showing me some good stuff when we first met."


Rirei was staring at me with a hot expression.

Seeing that, the girl with odd eyes grabbed her neck and pulled her.

"Please don't mind her. She welcomes only girls entangling with each other."


"The so-called 'yuri'."

"I found some new material. Fufufu, such a slender body, like a kitty-cat..."

The one who showed a wry smile, was Hino with distinctive long canines.

That's a very nice smile, Rirei-san. She's been staring at me with an ecstatic look for a while now, my intuition told me that she's a dangerous person with a different vector from Gantz and Cloude.

"Now then, let's proceed."

"Ah, Lucato. Wait a moment, can you distribute this to everyone?"

I opened a trade screen stopping Lucato who was about to depart.

"What? Onee-chan, it can't be that you're bothered about paying? I explained about Onee-chan before in detail convincing everyone already."

"Ain't na problem, na need to worry. You're one of our's relative. We can bear carrying ya."

Following Myu's remark was Kohaku. Is that Kansai dialect? That's a bit unique. Well, for me having to depend on someone makes me feel unpleasant too.

"Well, just take this for now. The recovery should be sufficient with this, and I want you tell me your impressions on how comfortable using those items is later."

In trade, I forced a large amount of Bluepots and various Enchant Stones to Lucato.

"W-why do you have so much of those?!"

"Wha-what happened?"

After she checked the item she received, Lucato raised a confused voice, Hino asked anxiously.

"...a hundred of the luxury Bluepots and unknown status rising items."

Everyone was surprised. Nono, Myu you already knew about Bluepots. Though speaking of which, you don't know about Enchant Stones.

I told them how to use the Enchant Stones, and what the keyword, as well as briefly explained the types of enchants activated by each colour.

"W-we can't take luxury Bluepots and such valuable items like this!"

"Hm? Is that so?"

Come to think of it, status rising-type of items made from monsters are very rare. So items that raise status might be quite expensive.

In my case, I made it from cheap materials so it would be a rip-off.

"I want some impressions on these items usage. They're one of the new items I'll be putting in the store I intend to open. Well, as well as a thank you gift for today's escort and my regards for accompanying Myu in the future."

"I understand. But let me say, Myu is our important companion. We will continue getting along well in the future."

So she felt similar. I'm glad such nice girls have gathered around Myu.

"Fufufufu... beautiful sisterly love... as this rate it'll bear forbidden..."

"You, you should restrain yourself a bit."

Somehow, there seemed to be a fool and the straight man exchange but let's leave it at that. Otherwise it might come back to me and hit me like a boomerang.

Along the way we kept hunting the enemy properly and proceeded with seven people.

Because my weapon's performance was better, even without an enchant I easily defeated Mill Birds and Goblins. As usual, I couldn't defeat slimes that easily, but it seemed like I was dealing some damage. If I spent some time on it, I think I could defeat it.

Even so, Myu's comrades were amazing. The Big Boar which took us a few minutes to defeat was taken down without us taking major damage.

"You're all amazing. I've been hunting Big Boars before, but we haven't been able to defeat them so easily."

Although before I was being carried as well. Taku and the others might be able to do the same thing now.

"Nono, not at all. Our magic-classes cannot hunt them solo, from the ones who can kill a Big Boar solo it would be only our vanguards, Myu-chan and Tobi-chan."

"...not at all, I can't do such a thing. I can only use the worst tactics and attack it from behind for a critical hit. The one who's strange is Myu. She can fight with the Blade Lizard alone."

Hey, Myu, you can fight with a boss mob alone?

"Ehh, it's normal for me to challenge a Blade Lizard before going to sleep. Even if I die the death penalty will be released as I go to sleep, I don't level up nor gain experience. Just by doing actions I'm leveling up even if I don't defeat it. The complex movements from a fierce fight are optimal for leveling up."

"Dat way of thinking's weird! In VR there's pain as well. Fightin' while bein' aware of 'at's insane. Moreova, the percentage of your win is weird! 's a real cheat!"

This little sister of mine leveled up so much she was able to defeat a boss mob who's supposed to be defeated in a group huh.

And although it didn't take long, with ease I spoke to Kohaku who was the straight man.

"Um, sorry for having Myu burden you in so many ways."

"Well, she's very reliable."

And in such a peaceful atmosphere we proceeded towards the Blade Lizard.

"Even so, even though we've heard from Myu that you're a crafter, you can fight quite well."

"Is that so?"

"As expected of Myu's Onee-san. You're quite a gamer."

Ahh, I wanted to correct Lucato's remark. I'm an older brother, also I'm not playing games all that much. I held down the words that seemed like they would unconsciously leak from my mouth and spoke appropriately.

"Well, it's that. With a bow I can attack from a distance and defeat enemies while not allowing them to approach. That's how it is."

"Fufufu, even if bow's garbage, you're a bow-holding cupid. You can make anyone fli『"Stop 'dat!"』."

Rirei and Kohaku made a comical scene behind me, but just as Rirei said, the Bow was treated as a mishappen Sense. However, Lucato muttered 'is that so?' curiously.

"Um, Yun-san. I've got a question, how far can you shoot with a bow?"

Such a question. Honestly, I didn't know. I confirmed along the way that I can normally hit the targets 15 metres away.

With the bow's attack correction as well as the 《Long Range Shooting》 and Enchant I might be able to shoot as far as 60 metres which was the limit of 【Hawk Eyes】.

However, I can't expect it to hit. If I make sure it hits, it'll be about two thirds of that.

"I don't know, I haven't tried it."

" that so."

My 'I don't know' was taken negatively. Lucato made a slightly regretful expression.

"Can you try hitting that from this position?"

"Eh, that?"

I looked towards it. That was probably the Blade Lizard.

The distance was about thirty metres. It was an about 2 metres long lizard curled up and sleeping, its scales were about as sharp as a sword was. The gaps between there were wide, but the scales seemed to be hard. Looks difficult.

However, I could aim for the gaps between them at this distance.

"Wait, I'll pull it so prepare for combat."

"Eh, from this place?"

I applied a triple enchant on myself and aiming towards the sky, I released the Art 《Long Range Shooting》. The arrow that was released from the bow as I made such a form drew an arc and was stuck to the back of Blade Lizard. The advantage of this way of shooting was that the time between shooting and the moment it hit was extended, like this we could prepare ourselves before we engage with enemy.

"It faced this way! It's coming."

When the Blade Lizard faced this way, I shoot for the second time. It pierced through the gap between the scales on its shoulder.

Just as I declared, the big lizard stood up on its limbs and came at us with full force. I continued to shoot like a machine.

"——《Rapid Fire Bow - Second Form》"

When the Art's cooldown ended, I triggered another Art.

After taking two arrows in my hand, I released both of them at the same time. I surprised myself with my own fantasy-like movements. One of the arrows hit a scale, the other pierced through its nape.

The moment the lizard entered the range of magic attacks I fell back, deciding to leave it to Lucato and the others.

"Fuu, unexpectedly that scraped off some HP."

The long distance attacks with arrows shaved off 10% of the lizard's HP.

"Fufufu, that was wonderful, Yun-san. It's as if you are a battle maiden from fairy tales."

"Well, thank you."

"Yeah, there's no choice but to fiercely embarra『"Won'tya stop 'dat! Rirei!』...geez Kohaku. I'm properly guarding her aren't I."

With a fearless smile Rirei responded to Kohaku who retorted to her despite being in middle of battle. That was some classic manzai comedy. In the middle of combat Hino tried to calm Kohaku saying 'calm down calm down'.

Rirei running out of control, retorting Kohaku and Hino who followed up. That might have been a good combination.

However, it was a bit painful as Rirei continued to watch me feverishly.

I ignored it, and continued to observe the battle against Blade Lizard.

The four vanguard members cooperated accurately damaging the Blade Lizard. When they saw it prepare a dangerous attack with its tail everyone moved away, with that timing Kohaku unleashed her fire magic.

Lucato taunted it, Hino shattered its scales from the flank by using a large hammer, Myu happily followed up hitting the exposed flesh and Toutobi aimed for weaknesses to get critical hits. When everyone switched to avoiding attacks Kohaku attacked with fire magic. With a stable formation they continued to deal damage. At this rate it'll be done soon enough, I thought.

"Rirei! Why are you looking away! You need to guard her properly!"

"No, you're wrong. There's something in the distance."

Rirei was looking in the opposite direction from the boss. Her expression was a serious one, different from the one earlier.

I looked in the same direction. It was still small, but I knew it was a player. It gradually grew, it seemed like he had a large amount of monsters behind him.

"That guy, he's pulling monsters."

"What did you say, his clothes' characteristics?"

"Umm... red."

I plainly answered Rirei's question who stood next to me.

"?!! Train Man is coming!"

Rirei yelled loud enough to have everyone in this location hear it. What's a Train Man, I shouldn't be the only one who was reminded of a certain unique romance novel that's been a hot topic once.

"That' ain't a train! It's a MPK'in PK'er!"

Haa, Kohaku can even retort to my thoughts?! What!

"Restructure the party! Hino and I will attract the big ones! Toutobi reduce the number of small fries. Kohaku and Rirei wipe them with magic! Myu continue attracting the boss to you."

"I can reduce their numbers with ranged attacks!"

As Lucato gave out precise instructions I gave her a proposal.

"You can't. If you attack as you are now there will be a penalty."

"So what should I do!"

"I'm sorry, please take Blade Lizard together with Myu! Don't worry about the small fries and the Train Man."

There were five Big Boars, as well as a huge number of rats and birds pulled. Could they win against so many opponents?

"Luka-chan, what to do? I can win even alone."

Myu intended to defeat the boss who had 70% HP remaining all alone. I get it, I'll support you and we'll defeat it together. We organized the party, it was just me and Myu together.

"Hey, Myu. Honestly, can we win against it just the two of us?"

"Hm? Easily, I could even defeat it alone you know?"

Myu made a provocative smile, but hearing such a cheap provocation I laughed.

"Myu, there's no time. Let's hurry up and defeat it so we can help Lucato and the others. I'm pretty generous so I'll use quite a lot of items."

"How reliable. I leave my back to you."

"Leave it to me. Also, take this! 《Enchant》——Attack, Defence, Speed."

And I applied enchants on Myu. Attack, defence, speed, the three enhancements. And I recovered my MP from 20% to full by using an MP Potion.

I continued to cast Enchants, it was time for next step.

"Now, you lizardy bastard. I'll be your opponent! 《Cursed》——Defence."

I stretched my hand to the Blade Lizard and chanted a curse. Myu's sword which was strengthened with an enchantment tore through the weakened defence of the scales as if they were paper and shove off its health.

"Onee-chan, this is amazing!"

"Stop the pointless chatter! Watch out for its tail!"

"Got it! My body is as light as a feather!"

While standing in front of the boss, Myu showed sharp swordsmanship and occasionally she avoided irregular tail attacks after which she launched counterattacks. It seems like she could feel the benefits of the Enchant.

I moved as not to hit Myu with the bow and took the lizard on.

"Myu. Target change."


After I moved to the opposite side from Myu, I signaled her. The moment she saw my signal she loosened her attacks and took distance. That moment I hit the Blade Lizard with all my firepower.

"——《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》!"

It was an art I learned at the bow's 15th level. An art with emphasis on the firepower. The released arrow cut through the air with a loud noise and pierced the lizard's side.

"Target's heading this way!"

"Roger! Change!"

The target was changed to me, the Blade Lizard directed its head towards me, who was a short distance away, although I couldn't move because of the arts cooldown, using the opportunity Myu approached Blade Lizard from the other side.

OSO_v01_289"HAAa——《Fifth Breaker》!"

Enchant, cursed and a big Arts' technique. In conjunction of all these elements we all invested in, it would surely shave off the Blade Lizard's HP.

What remained was half of its HP. Even if it's difficult for Myu alone, together we can defeat it. Just when I thought so, I saw Lucato and the others collide head-on with a flock of monsters.

The Train Man who was in front passed by Lucato's side and was clad in black aura.

That must have been the penalty for joint struggle. A disadvantage that occurs when you try MPK'ing. His strength fell drastically. In the worst case, Train Man will be involved in the fight at melee. However——

"Myu, careful!!"

Suddenly my body moved. Myu has become the Blade Lizard's target and couldn't pay attention to anything else. As I entered between the Train Man and Myu, my body has received things which were flying towards her.



What was stuck to my belly, were throwing knives. It wasn't a fatal wound.

So there was no reason to fall because of a single attack from a player. Rather than that——

"Don't let your guard down!"


As Myu looked away from the Blade Lizard, she was hit by a tail swipe and after her body received it, she was flung into a tree.

"Gahaa?! Bastard... fucking around like that."

I put the anger I've felt for a while now into words. Why did this guy do such an action. I understood that, the moment aura emanating from the Train Man's body disappeared.

The joint struggle penalty appears when people present fight together. To remove it, you need to become hostile with other players. It was a simple theory. That's why here and now it turned into a three-way struggle.

And, after regaining his speed and forcing the monsters on us, the Train Man plunged into the woods.

"Onee-chan, I..."

"Don't mind it, rather than that, let's hurry up and finish the Blade Lizard."

In order to have it take its eyes off from Myu and have its guard drop I received damage I didn't need to. Currently after taking on Blade Lizard's and Train Man's attacks I had 10% HP left. After falling because I didn't have a defence enchant on, luckily, I haven't 【Fainted】.

"I'll heal you immediately——《High Heal》."

"Geez, why are you making such a tearful expression."

"But, because of me..."

"You're all worn out after taking a hit right. Hurry up and recover."

Although it was less severe then mine, she received damage. It can't be helped. I took out my trump card, a High Potion and used it on Myu.

Mine and Myu's enchants had ran out already. Lucato and the others somehow endured but it was dangerous because of a huge number of small fry. Right now the target concentrated on those girls, that means we need an early conclusion.

"Myu, can you lure him somewhere!?"


"Let's strike back at once."

"Y-yup! Then I"ll guide it to that tree!"

The place Myu specified, was by the roots of a single tree.

"I'll make preparations for something big. Can you endure?"

"Leave it to me. I've gotten this from Onee-chan after all."

She took out a yellow Enchant with her hand and activated it. Myu who had her speed raised started to play around with the Blade Lizard without restraints. The lizard who lost half of its HP had the scales on his body stand up making it harder for people.

In the specified location I spread Magic Gems. I hope it goes well.

"Myu, preparations are done!"

"Roger! I'll head over there!"

Myu rushed towards the tree at full force. I poised with an arrow from a distance and waited. And when Myu rushed towards the tree and she kicked off it.

She jumped over the lizard's head and used the tree's branch as a scaffold. It was the so-called triangle jump.

Although I was surprised by that superhuman movement, I acted how I was supposed to.

"Blow up, you lizardy bastard. ——《Bomb》!"

As it bumped its head against the tree, multiple bombing has occurred under the belly of Blade Lizard who searched for Myu. Although it was a weak magic if it was just one shot, a chain attack occurred with the same timing.

As the bombing happened, its HP was reduced all at once. I didn't think it would take it down completely, that's why at full force.

"《Enchant》——Attack, 《Cursed》——Defence."

IMG_0003"《Fifth Breaker》!"

The strengthened Myu landed on its back, and launched five consecutive hits on the weakened Blade Lizard, as a result of the physical statuses difference the attacks crushed the scales and reaped its life.

We defeated the Blade Lizard.



Even though we defeated the Blade Lizard, the battle continued.

We went to help Lucato and the others to deal with large amount of birds, rats and nasty Big Boars.

Since we were divided into two parties, if we attacked unskilfully there would be a joint struggle penalty. In order to avoid that, I used enchants and cursed, and Myu was supporting others with recovery.

3rd party heals, such assistance was performed frequently in other games. If you act in that manner in this game, joint struggle penalty doesn't occur.



My cursed lowered the Big Boar's defence, and one blow of Toutobi's dagger in the vital point dealt critical damage and killed it.

"It's ovaaaaaa! Imma done. I'll neva forgive tha Train Man!"

The one who raised a loud voice, was Kohaku. It seems like everyone else was just as angry as she was.

"Come on, I'm already fed up. This is such dangerous melee combat. I would have died three times already if not for the items we got from Yun-san. Well, thanks to that my combat Sense's level went up greatly."

"Indeed. When I tried using Enchant Stones I was really surprised. My defence has skyrocketed with a buff and my attacks got stronger as well."

The one who said so, were Hino and Lucato. Those two were attracting enemy's attention by actively standing in front of the Big Boars. Because of that, they were able to experience how Enchant Stones for attack and defence worked.

"Hearing you say that means that it was worth coming prepared. But I didn't think we would use that many potions."

I was tired and crouched down. In order to restore MP after using my enchants, as well as to restore Kohaku's and Rirei's MP I generously used MP Potions. I was almost out of items I could use.

"Everyone has it so nice, your combat Senses leveled up. The only thing that leveled up for me was 【Recovery】 and 【Action Restriction Release】. Let's try leveling up the same way next time."

"...the risk is too high. Also, this time we managed to do it thanks to items we were given by Yun-san. Maybe if we buy some next time..."

As Myu made a thoughtless one-sided declaration, Toutobi returned a realistic response. Well, she had only one way thinking, but everyone smiled wryly forgiving her for that.

What was spend this time, was hundred Blue Potions and five types of Enchant Stones, twenty of them per person. I thought it was unlikely all of them would be used. Moreover, I passed MP Potions to others.

A hundred of Bluepots 500G each, 50k in all.

Since I'm going to sell Enchant Stones for 7500G each, it was 750k for hundred. As for MP Potions, about twenty was used? Twenty times 1500G each, 30k in total.

"...a 1M spent in just a moment huh."

That moment, the air around froze. In my case, I was the one who made the items, they were items I created by collecting materials for a few days that's how it felt to me. However, the surrounding atmosphere felt different.

Their glittering eyes were honestly scary.

"W-what? Um, the items that were used this time... that's if I sold them in my shop... is what I mean."

"Is that true? What you said just now."

Everyone who was sitting down stared at me. Even Rirei who was staring at me with such feverish expression before.

"Um, is 1m too expensive? S-sorry about that. Then I'll cut the price more than..."

"Not that! It's the other way around! It's too fair a price!"

Is that so? Since I'm broke, that's a lot of money to me.

"If everyone chips in and we're able to acquire such items, we can engage in difficult battles to have our levels skyrocket, the efficiency would be really good! If it's me I would pay the money without the hesitation."

Like that, Lucato's manner of speaking strengthened.

I see. 167K per person and they can buy it. Well, it was similar to the price as I paid for repairing my armour and if they can explosively increase their leveling efficiency it's a fair price, is what it means?

"...also, I'm curious about that explosion. What was that attack you used on Blade Lizard? That magic-like item-like thing. A landmine?"

Toutobi pointed out. Although it had a flashy effect, there was no way she saw the Magic Gems. Hmm. It is an item, but I don't intend on selling it. If I were to sell it, that would be 50k each. This time, it was just a remnant I had used to experiment with bombing attack.

"A trade secret."

I somehow managed to squeeze out those words, Toutobi backed out obediently.

"Fufufu, by the way, that landmine cheat, how much did it cost?"

"Ah, that'd be 450kG."

"450k... dat's an absurd splurging. Also Rirei, landmine cheat has a different meaning."

Rirei asked and Kohaku retorted to her.

Well, that's true, using 450k just to take down 30% of Blade Lizard's HP was absurd. I thought so as well.

Moreover, I was currently in a state where I had no gems on me. Like this I couldn't make any accessories with gems embedded in either. That means I need to procure them from somewhere, price-wise it wasn't all that nice for me.

"Well, there's a lot I want to ask about, so forgive me. Also, what's a landmine cheat?"

"...landmine cheats exist in the webnovels, a 『"Take this and blow away"』 type of thing that overwhelms the enemy?"

Toutobi-san, thank you for a polite description. It seems like something as stupid and mishappen as what I did. I understand it well.

"I don't know if that's a cheat, but the last move Myu definitely looked like one."

I mean, that was a triangle jump. Also, it seems like running on the walls and three dimensional movement by kicking off objects seemed possible. Also, running over water's surface or running vertically like a ninja.

"That's normal. If you level 【Action Restriction Release】 you can easily jump two metres into the air."

"Myu's an authentic cheater. Before that, she jumped overhead of medium-sized mobs and cut their brains like bamboo shots."

It's hard to understand it if it's said like that. In a nutshell——First, jump up; second, rotate vertically above the move; three, slash the mob's unprotected head, Four; land behind it. Those were no longer human actions. O' little sister of mine, you have stopped being human.

"Doing acrobatic attacks on a boss mob, what are you aiming for."

"To be a Paladin!"

"If what I imagine is correct, a Paladin shouldn't be that mobile."

Everyone around agreed with me. Really, you're really troublesome.

"...haa, he came again. What do we do."

Toutobi who was wary of the surroundings realized it quickly. As I turned around, I caught a sight of a guy.

A man wearing bright red cloth armour. It was the appearance of the guy who pulled monsters once again.

Since it was such a hassle to defeat the monsters, I've put it into a corner of my head, but when I recalled it anger sprung from nowhere.

"Onee-chan, what to do? Are we running away?"

"Yeah, there's three Big Boars and lots of other mobs. Running to the town is a good idea."

It felt unpleasant, although I wanted to complain to him directly, talking with him would be a pain in the ass too. The moment he entered melee range with us he would escape once again.

Suddenly, I've come up with a way.

That's right. Train Man's method is to gather monsters by using his speed and then to push them onto others then run away proud with what he did.

In other words, the strength and the weakness of that strategy was speed. I muttered in as low as possible voice.

("I hope this works. 《Cursed》——Speed.")

I applied it aiming at the Train Man. It seemed to be applied properly, a dark-yellow colour was emitted from his body and he slowed down all at once.

"All right, let's go."

And like that, I proceeded into the Second Town with a smile of satisfaction. I felt like I heard a man's scream from behind, you reap what you sow.

"H-hey, Onee-chan. What did you do? Somehow, that guy, he's been knocked down by monsters!"

"Oh, he must have sprained his feet, isn't he just tired? Look, he got what he deserves."

"That's right, a guy like that should just beat the mobs he pulled by himself!"

Hino believed the shameless excuse I made even though everyone else knew well that wasn't so.

"Fufufu, Yun-san's quite wonderful. Just by looking at him with your cold eyes that guy's been thrilled 『"Ya' sayin' jokes like 'dat again. Won't ya stop it!"』...fufufu."

Kohaku and Rirei really do get along well.

"What a pity. Yun-san, won't you enter our guild when we make one?"

"That's right! Onee-chan! Come and join us!"

Myu has clung to my arm. Well, it was a situation which normally would make boys jealous, but having silver armour pressed against my arm hurt.

"Since I want to leisurely enjoy playing this world, I will have to refuse."

Although I apologized, Lucato didn't seem like she was disappointed. Looks like she expected that answer.

"Well, let's leave jokes at that, we have arrived. With this the escort request is finished. Although I've said we will escort you, we made you enter battle. I'm sorry for that."

"I don't mind. My level has increased and I had fun as well."

"If you say it that way, then my heart's at ease. Welcome then; to the Second Town."

After we left the forest, there were wide pastures and beautiful streams.

It was a rural town flooded with single-floored wooden buildings.

In a few places old people gathered and drank tea in the sun, in other some children were running around.

"'s a peaceful place."

"The Third Town is dealing with things like ore, this place deals with cloth and leather, as well as wood. We're fighting with mobs in the nearby forest to raise our levels.

"But since the boss is too strong we can't beat him. That's why we spoke about trying to go north and south of the First Town before that."

Lucato explained, and Myu provided supplementary information. I see, all mobs other than boss are of a reasonable strength, but if you have a strong boss that entices people to explore different locations. So the management encourages people that way, they're good.

"Well then, that's as far as we go. We're going to hunt some."

"Dat's right. We've defeated a lot and got plenty of items. Let's sell this and purchase some recovery items."

"Onee-chan! I'll be back for dinner!"

Myu said so and walked alongside Lucato, I parted with them——and then she came back as if recalling something.

("——Onii-chan, when you covered for me you were really cool.")

She whispered those words into my ear so that only I could hear them before chasing after Lucato and the others with a mischievous smile. Good grief, I smiled wryly and mixed in a sigh.

And then, I explored the town alone in order to find 【Carpenter】 the quest NPC.

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