Short Story 2


Myu: "Summer! It's over! But, it's the seaaa!!"

Toutobi: "...M-Myu-chan. That's a bit..."

Magi: "Isn't it fine? It's autumn now, but in the game world of OSO the seasons are unchanging in the fields. Because of the difference with real, sun is really dazzling here, isn't it."

Lucato: "I'll prepare the parasol now, okay. After that we can swim in the sea and we have a beach ball as well."

Magi: "Thanks. Even though the sunlight is really strong, the big advantage of a game is that you don't have to worry about sunburn."

Myu: "You're right. Also, how long are going to stay there! Why don't you come here! Onee-chan!"

Yun: "M-Myu. Don't... (Don't call me 'onee-chan'. I'm a man.)"

Myu: "What is it? Onee-chan?"

Yun: "(Why——of all times it doesn't get through to her nowwww!)"

Toutobi: "...Yun-san, are you okay?"

Yun: "Y-yeah. I'm fine, I'm fine."

Magi: "Even so, all of you sure have nice swimsuits there. It took some time to pick something from what Cloude prepared."

Lucato: "Still, we get to wear swimsuits we normally don't get to wear. To say, that would be one of VR's advantages."

Yun: "I'm not wearing it... I can enter water in my usual equipment and swim well enough without any discomfort."

Magi: "C'mon Yun-kun, saying such things again. Don't hide, change clothes. You're hiding it under that hoodie right? It's all girls here so there's no need in acting reserved here."

Yun: "P-please spare me from thattt."

Toutobi: "...Yun-san, if you look at us with such upturned eyes, it's really troubling."

Myu: "Somehow, I'm really tempted to bully Onee-chan."

Lucato: "But, why is Yun-san so unwilling?"

Yun: "No, that's... (I chose something as close to normal as possible, but I don't want to be seen in a swimsuit!)"

Magi: "It's because Yun-kun is shy. But, I can somewhat tell what's the reason."

Yun: "Ehh?!!"

Magi: "Yun-kun normally isn't bothered by it, but she's a girl after all. You're bothered right——by your breasts' size."

Lucato & Toutobi: " "Ahh, I see." "

Yun: "W-what is it!? Don't look at me, don't look!"

Myu: "Today Hino-chan, Kohaku and Rirei didn't come so Onee-chan ended up on the bottom of hierarchy didn't she."

Yun: "(Even if my game character is female, it's based on male body so it's obvious I'll have no breasts! Right from the start!)"

Magi: "Well, a girl's breasts' size is a part of her individuality so let's not touch that topic, since she's wearing the swimsuit, let's play!"

Yun: "Haa, I feel like I'll be swept along with the flow at this rate."

Myu: "Okay then, let's do some beach ball first! Though, there's no plastic so it's a ball made with leather!"

Yun: "A brown-black beach ball... and it looks hard too."

Myu: "Let's go then! Rule is 'anything goes'! Who'll be the referee?"

Lucato: "I'll be the referee then."

Myu: "Let's draw a line on sand. ——《Sol Ray》!"

Yun: "Amazin'. Light magic's converged ray of light scorched the ground brown..."

Magi: "For teams, let's make it me and Yun-kun against team of Myu-chan and Toutobi-chan, is that okay?"

Myu: "I'll be serving then! There, Onee-chan."

Yun: "Got it. Pass to Magi-san."

Magi: "Oh, you're skilled. Shoop, toss."

Yun: "Anything goes, then. 《Enchant》 ——Attack!"

Toutobi: " that's how it is. ——《Side Step》!"

Myu: "Tobi-chan you're too fast! ——《Light Shield》!"

Toutobi: "...I'm sorry. Attack!"

Yun: "Myu, using defensive magic to toss isn't fair! Magi-san, 《Enchant》 ——Speed!"

Magi: "Woops, I made it in time."

Lucato: "Yun-san and Magi-san, you are handling it thoughtfully aren't you. Myu-san's team can be rather said to be leaving everything to stats and arts. Yun-san and Magi-san are making a feint right before attacking which Myu-san easily gets fooled by. Aaah, she's receiving it again using such acrobatics."

Myu: "Ah, another feint! I won't make it! ——《Light Shield》! Tobi-chan, go up!"

Toutobi: "...yes!! Toss!"

Myu: "And, even without a sword I can slash with a hand! ——《Shock Impact》!"

Yun: "Hiee?!"

Myu: "C'mon Onee-chan, don't avoid it."

Yun: "I can't take on that kind of attack!"

Toutobi: "...the attack with a ball flashed with light as it pierced in."

Magi: "I thought a sight of a ball stopping and rotating on the ground is something that can be seen only in anime. Also, the sand's turned red and melted..."

Lucato: "Myu-san, while it certainly is 'anything goes', that's dangerous so be careful."

Myu: "I'm sorry, Onee-chan. All I thought of was winning. Are you okay?"

Yun: " legs gave out."

Magi: "Yeah, having a fastball approach you from the front sure is scary. ...hey, Yun-kun?!"

Yun: "Why... phaa?! Salty!"

Toutobi: "...are you okay? Seems like you were covered by a wave there."

Yun: "Yeah, I'm fine. I've had a swimsuit hidden under assumption that might happen. Also, it'll dry by itself."

Lucato: "But it'll dry very slowly if you continue wearing the hoodie. Isn't it better to take it off?"

Yun: "No, it's fine! R-rather, why is Myu closing on me while moving her hands like that?!"

Myu: "Don't mind me, don't mind."

Yun: "But you're super scary!"

Myu: "There's a chance now that Onee-chan's legs gave out and can't escape. Surrender and unveil thy swimsuit!"

Yun: "Uwahh?!"

Magi: "I see, this kind of choice. As expected of Cloude's fashion sense. Instead of emphasizing breasts, charming others with body line! The hidden swimsuit appearance is a sight to behold."

Toutobi: "...Yun-san, very cute."

Yun: "Don't call me cute! I'm not happy about that at all!"

Lucato: "Sport swimsuit with a skirt and hot pants, huh. It's a simple type with low exposure and patterns, but the minor detailed embroidery is very nice."

Yun: "Don't analyse it Lucato! That's not it! This, I just picked it since it seemed to me like a tight fitting tank top, there's nothing behind this choice!"

Myu: "Being told that by blushing Onee-chan I feel like I lost as a girl."

Everyone: """I agree."""

Yun: "Don't agreeee!"

61 thoughts on “Short Story 2

  1. Wolf Hikari

    Myu: "Being told that by blushing Onee-chan I feel like I lost as a girl."
    Everyone: """I agree."""
    Yun: "Don't agreeee!"

    Well... Be a boy for Yun, then. ' w')/

    1. Kaede

      I'm sorry to the people who don't like BL but if i had to chose who to ship Yun chan with it would be Claude... but thats me only because i like BL ;D
      I really can't see him with Emily nor Magi because they seem more like older sisters/friends (friend zone for them! Muhahaha )

        1. krytyk Post author

          Wow, I'm starting to wonder if OSO's popularity comes from vast possibilities. From straight, incest, through yuri incest, yuri, yaoi... and so on.

          1. Sonoda Yuki

            I won't deny it's part of the appeal; you can ship Yun with just about anyone. Mostly, I suspect, it's that we're somewhat tired of OP characters, a healing-type LN is rather novel, and that cute (read: Yun) is justice.

          2. krytyk Post author

            Continuing, people can take Yun as a both male and female character...

            Well, probably all of the stuff we mentioned...

          3. kelth

            Obviously, the true answer is an achieved harem! Paired with Cloude for what its like for a women to be physically desired and dominated, as Cloude dresses Yun up and has fun. Paired with Taku to experience what its like when one is in an intimate, accepting, open, and intense relationship, as the two give themselves over to each other completely. Paired with Myu to see what its like for two close sisters to cross the forbidden line, as Yun spoils Myu, who passionately embraces her older sister. Paired with Sei-oneechan to be the one who is spoiled, and finally, us viewers watching as perverts. A man can dream....

          4. Lucasnox

            If we pair female yun wearing boys outfits as a reverse trap (trap) and lyly wearing a sailor outfit

            Then we have inception levels of trap cuteness

  2. Vina

    I got 0 idea on what the swimsuit looks like from the description since im sell learning English & when i try to check it all i find are school swimsuits,help? ;-;

    1. Yoshiwa

      I think it would be somewhat similar to Hideyoshi's swimsuit from baka and test when they cleaned the pool
      (not sure about the spelling)

  3. Liedral

    Speaking of short stories.... ever since we were waiting for LN2 to be released I've been hoping for the short story about Yun experimenting with potions and getting turned into a child to show up officially, however 3 LN later it still hasn't shown up so it probably won't. Got to ask... any chance you'd be willing to translate that one chapter? It seemed like a hilarious one what with Yun trying to hide her child form only to get chased down by Myu.

    1. krytyk Post author

      It's not in canon+, moreover it overlaps with volume 3 in which Yun makes boost tablets so no.

  4. bladerain

    Speaking of which, although Yun is female in-game, he's still a man at heart right? Even though he's practically like a mother who worries about others. Also, the proof here is that he's not feeling anything at those girls in swimsuits. Myu is an exception.

    1. krytyk Post author

      If you check volume 4 last chapter, he was certainly conscious about Magi's boobs. Though, he's a she in OSO, it'd be hard for him to get physically aroused over a girl...

      1. Sonoda Yuki

        I don't think that it's hard, but that it's not that noticeable. details aren't family friendly so let's leave it at that.

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      If they are female, they will simply feel as if they have failed more as a woman.

      Men will quickly find that gender need not be a barrier to Love.

      1. krytyk Post author

        Waow, you're getting dangerous there, I believe you need to distance yourself from Yun for a while!!

    2. Liedral

      Maybe or maybe not considering Yun constantly retorts that she's a man. Not Yun's fault that it's not that believable.

  5. Liedral

    I'm surprised Rirei didn't go to the beach with them. Feels like it'd be a perfect scene for her favored yuriyuri chances. Man.... too bad there isn't a pic of yun in a swimsuit

  6. GGFBank

    Okay, I normally avoid trap but Yun maybe my first excepti.... no! it must not! /feel like walking on a thin ice here

  7. lesstea

    Yun: "(Even if my game character is female, it's based on male body so it's obvious I'll have no breasts! Right from the start!)"

    I thought his in-game body was a trap?!?! **shocking truth**

  8. Anon7

    IT'S THE SEA~! Mmm, justice is sweet as always. Thanks for sharing...

    Ah, small question...just how do you properly read Lyly's name? L-A-I-Y-L-E? Lili? Lailai?

  9. Loco15

    Damn it!! Where is my illustration of a flustered Yun in a swinsuit!!? And in a flutery cute sport swimsuit no less!! GAAAH!!

    Thanks for the short story and all of your translations!!

  10. td

    Thank you for the justice.

    Nitpick on the 4th line from the bottom: tight fighting or tight fitting?

    1. krytyk Post author

      Damn, I'm starting to suspect some malicious spell checker is playing prank on me, seriously.

  11. Sanngrior

    and all trace's of evil stares from passing players disappeared as all the hidden male spectators collapse to their knees, resting their arms on the ground.

    nyahahahahaha! lol

  12. Jay

    Infinite compassion for Yuu here. Though I question why he let himself be dragged to an all girls beach party when it was obvious that such a thing would happen. Though I guess it wouldn't be surprising if he was forcibly dragged there by certain people. He's too easily flustered and pushed around.

  13. Bareus

    haaaaa~ there it goes, the last remnant of justice... until next release (or is there another short story?)
    Because of difference with real the sun is really dazzling isn't it."
    Because of the difference with reality the sun is really dazzling isn't it."

    Yun: "P-please spare from thattt."
    Yun: "P-please me spare from thattt."

      1. krytyk Post author

        I thought so as well, thus bareus' version has been groriousry rejected :D.

          1. Khern

            This page is the 5th result when I enter "groriousry" on DuckDuckGo

          2. Evil Twin2146

            Decided to check how they go know ad now its 2nd on DuckDuckGo and 1st on Google

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