Chapter 15

A girl


"I'll stop being a girl."

"... what?"


The day after the maid incident, I called Shion-san to my room and made that confession with a serious face.

I've had enough.

It's true that I thought it would be fun acting out a girl.

But still!

It doesn't mean I want to embarrass myself in front of people!

It doesn't mean I want to wear those frilly clothes and say master this, mistress that!

If anything, I'm in another world now, I want people to say that to me.

I need Ilya.

To keep my identity intact, I need Ilya.

I'm sure now.

And as expected, my confession made Shion-san look like she didn't know what hit her.


"Are you listening, Onee-chan?"

"Yeah, you regularly say some incomprehensible things..."


Exasperated, Shion-san threw herself onto my bed.

Nono, having a girl throw herself onto my bed, this is quite a situation.

However, since I'm acting a girl right now, it's also completely meaningless!


"Please listen, Onee-chan. Actually... I used to be a man!"

"..... haa. Oh, were you."


That reply leaves something to desire. But could you at least not sigh before it!


"Please try your best to imagine and listen!"

"I'm listening, I'm listening."

"I've told you that I'm a man."

"I'm. A. Man. Riiight."



I've taken care to speak softly for so long now, I slowly became unable to stop!

"Th-that's right! So if you throw yourself onto my bed, I-I-I might attack you! That's how much of a man I am!"



Alright, I'll teach you how scary men are just a little bit!

... is what I tried bluffing with all I had, but Shion-san didn't react.


"... i-if you say nothing, I'll be really, really troubled."

"No, you see, I thought 'try attacking me then' and waited."


Shion-san rolled over onto her back and put her plentiful body on full display for me.

What are you rolling over for, Onee-chan!

And what's with your breasts!?

This is violence!


"... what's the matter, Alice? Not going to come?"


The way she gives me that feverish look, Shion-san is staggeringly sexy...

I reflexively swallowed.

I'm getting a little dazed here, I think.

No, this is bad.

Or is it?

Shouldn't I rather be happy that my reactions are still normal?

Ahh, my thoughts are in a mess...


"O-Onee-chan, if you say that, I can't help it. I-I'm not going to regret... this."


I got up from the chair I'd been sitting on and slowly approached the bed.

My heart is strangely loud.

My head is pounding.

Eh, what's this?

It also feels like a regular headache.

What, was I this tense?


"Alice... isn't your face too red?"

"N-not true. Onee-chan, that bluff is really weak!"


Crossing the room felt like walking along the Great Wall of China, but I finally reached the bed.

There, I grasped Shion's face with both hands.

Ahh, somehow Shion-san is really beautiful.

I've always thought of her as my reliable family. But seeing her like this, she's a beautiful woman after all.

Then the world turned.

Eh. Wait. What?


"Alice...? Hey, don't tell me!?"


Shion-san shifted her gaze to my abdomen.


"Stupid! Why aren't you keeping track?

"...keep track?"


Of what?

Is there something with my abdomen?

Come to think of it, there's this slight discomfort... !?




As I looked down, my face turned pale.

I was bleeding like never before.


"Wha? I... was I shot? A sniper? Eh? Am I going to die?"


So fantasy worlds have snipers too, after all!?

Furthermore, the lack of pain makes it all the more scary!?


"Don't be stupid. Come one, we're going to the toilet!"


Shion-san nimbly got up from the bed and dragged me away by the hand.

Hey, dragging shot people by the hand, that's too much!

In the first place, I have healing magic!


"Hey! You're dragging me too much!"


But Shion-san didn't hear any of it and just kept dragging me to the toilet.

Being taken to the toilet by a girl, can I still call myself a man...?



After accomplishing the mysterious bleeding, my clothes were changed and I was put to bed.

Shion-san was really gallant.


"... uhm... am I beyond hope?"


Is it a bad illness?

And I was just reborn...


"What are you saying... Be more careful, Alice. Really, you're playing stupid too much."


Nono, I don't think I am.


"Does it hurt?"

"Hm? Not in particular, no."

"Good. But your face is still red, so you're still not alright."

"Ah, do I have a fever?"

"Seems so."


Fever, huh.

I see, so that's why I was dizzy.


"... eh? I wonder if I did something to catch a fever..."


The only time I stayed up late was the night I went to the ruins.

Other than that, I shouldn't have unreasonably strained my body...?


"Hehe, Miss I'm-a-man Alice, do you have something to say?"




Why are you looking at me mischievously, Shion-san?


"Oh, well. I guess you said something weird because you're under the weather. Take it slowly, Alice."

"Eh? Ah, yes...."



Leaving behind those vague words, Shion-san turned to leave.

But before she disappeared, she turned around once.


"I'll come check up on you once in a while. Also, to commemorate today, I'll tell mom to make something delicious, okay?"



Leaving behind a smile, Shion-san left the room.






Well, yeah, let's calm down.

I'm not an entirely ignorant brat, either.

I believe to know about things somewhat.

And based on that, the answer the events so far lead me to is...


"My period..."


As I said it out loud, my head felt lighter and lighter and I really passed out like that.



When I woke up, my physical condition seemed to have improved a lot and nothing felt strained.

The pillow was wet from tears though.

Thanks to that, my head was a bit painful.

I was a bit curious, so I went to the toilet once more and then changed clothes.

I was lent quite a lot of clothes, partially because Aunty is a Tailor.

I would've been fine with anything, but if I wore something strange, it would affect Aunty's reputation.

A Tailor also has a Tailor's pride, I guess.

Ahh... but I'm going to wash them myself...



"Ah, are you alri-woah!?"

Shion-san came while I was folding my clothes, but when I turned around, she was exaggeratedly surprised.

"... is something the matter?"

"Ah, no but... Alice, your eyes... are a bit scary?


Certainly, I feel a bit hollow myself right now.

I wonder though, what kind of eyes am I making?



"W-what's the matter?"

"No, I just figured. Thinking about it, it's obvious. Of course god wouldn't take half measures when reincarnating me."


When I got up after putting my folded laundry into a basket, Shion-san drew back a few steps.


"Besides, I've started to wonder if that wasn't all a dream in the first place. Yeah."


The eighteen years in that world, I mean.


Like that could be the case!

I'm not growing senile here!


"I-I don't know what you're thinking, but if you're gonna be an adventurer, keep better track of your body, okay? Otherwise you'll be in deep."

"... I know."


I know that I know nothing.

I need someone who will support me.

Which leads me to Ilya again.


"Onee-chan, I think I'm going to save up money and go to the royal capital."

"The capital, huh. Certainly, I understand why you want to go."

"I also think about entering the combat tournament there."

"... I'm surprised you know about that. The combat tournament, huh. It's not even three weeks anymore, is it."

Then it'll be before my condition worsens again, right? I'd call that a good chance.


"Do you really know what you're getting into there? People die in that tournament. Of course I'm against it."

"Eh... people die there?"


Although it's a tournament?

I must've made a stupid face, because Shion-san laughed, as if she'd seen it coming.


"Nobody is blamed for accidents during the matches. Rather, it's the savage kind of tournament where the crowd is excited when people die."


Woah, looks like it would really be better to do something about the peace and safety permeating my thinking patterns, after all.

But still, saving up a fortune of 400.000 Rook is not realistic.

And yet I need Ilya.

No matter what anyone says, I need her.


"If it gets dangerous... I'll surrender."

"If you surrender, you'll have to offer the winner something of appropriate value. Currently, you have nothing, so if you're fighting a man... I don't have to speak further, do I?"

"That's low..."

"Hehe, I think a bit more self-awareness would suit you nicely."


Exasperated, Shion-san folded her arms and highlighted her breasts.

Yeah, self-awareness would suit you nicely, too, Onee-chan.


"... besides, you're not going to fight monsters. It'll be people."

"Yes... I thought as much."


I know what she wants to tell me.

Can someone spoiled like me really fight against people?

Thinking about it, I get no image at all.

I get the feeling that I can, but it might be impossible.

Could I shoot people with my magic?


"Alice, there's a good occasion. In three days, the guild here in Rinnal is doing a bandit hunt. Many of the skilled adventurers in the area are going to participate. I intend to, too, so, Alice——"


Shion-san stopped speaking once and gave me an emphasizing look.


"Are you going to come, too?"


A bandit hunt.

The other side will definitely consist of people.

And probably... the request will be dead or alive.

Of course, they will try to kill us without hesitation.

I will be faced with the killing intent of humans, not monsters.


"... let me participate, please."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes... it's dangerous, so I'd be worried about you otherwise, Onee-chan."


Like she was taken by surprise, Onee-chan suddenly had a baffled expression.

And then she blushed just a little bit.


"So cheeky.... Alice."

"Ehehe, probably, that's how little sisters are."


Also, it looks like I probably can't return to being a man...

This life in another world really gives me a lot to think about.

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  1. azwar

    i dont think alice in previous world are 17, the way he thinks and act, and no sport boy act like(so he was a NEET for 1000% sure never even touch a girls hand)...and i am really sad about this last part really?a girl??i thought he is gonna turn out little boy-ist...but its absolute girl never ever a man again, haah(wryly)..well lets see where its end

  2. Kadi

    ... why does everyone think Alice was your average shut-in NEET before "reincarnation"? The way I see it, she was active and semi-successful with the soccer team, which suggests she had an idea of teamwork and interacting with people... the NEET period may have lasted as little as two months?

    1. Abravalis

      Indeed he was semi successful. They lost in the last tournament of his highschool life... but it doesn't state at what stage (so was is finals, qualification rounds? etc.). Also the period of time since he became a shut-in isn't explicitely stated. It says "I enrolled in university this spring" in chapter one. So the time can be anything from a few weeks to almost a year (or 3/4 if you will cause the reading suggests it's still the same year). But I think it's more than just two months, since he played a variety of games and MMOs in general are quite time consuming.
      And to be honest I only pulled out the cliché NEET for these kind of storys in my comment XD but considering the topic "touching him(her)self": in chapter one he did state that it's alluring to play as a girl. So we COULD still accuse him of that desire... at least if he'd be less shocked with his current situation and his "male heart" is still intact haha XD
      Also his ability to communicate with ppl should have been proven in the negotiations with the slavers. Although it's still a bit unbelievable that he pulled out his inner "salesman pro" ^^

    2. Neo

      They need to reread his bio.

      He was a football player but lost then concentrated studying to get into a good university in Tokyo.
      But got too burned out thus losing motivation and SLOWLY becoming a NEET.
      Then Discovered VRMMORPG, got addicted and never attended classes except for the opening ceremony.

      Did I miss something?

  3. Name

    And that guys is the only reason that I hope I'm never reincarnated/transported to another world as a girl.

  4. Anon

    So he's a girl now in body. What about mind? How long can he resist? I bet it will be very tough for him to get back to his old NEET life. I would welcome being in his situation.

  5. Loco15

    -"Reads 1 time."
    -"Gets it's dose of fluffiness"
    -Re-reads a second time to catch errors"
    -"Forgets what was doing halfway and immerse in fluffiness"

  6. Oddmoonlight

    I hope Alice can gain a different element for pvp use. If people know she's(he's) got only lightning they'll probably wear anti-lightning gear and that spells defeat for someone... Seems like Alice finally understands that she is %100 a girl now.

  7. Dread

    why did it has to stop hereee!!!!
    and it start to amuse me more, after all OSO still need more days to come..

    oh well,, i really thank you for translating this wonderful webnovel kadi :D

  8. NP-3228

    Ugh....Just when he decides to stop acting like a GIRL, he is finally hit with the reality of being a girl.

  9. Michelangel07

    Haaa... I wonder why some MCs feel it's wrong or hard to kill humans. They are still killing monsters so what's the difference? Death is Death. Even monsters have family, children to take care off and a social life.

    1. Sanngrior

      ye but he struggled killing just the monsters.

      in our world in peaceful countries your brought up in a way that has no connection to killing whatsoever and made to develop a mental block towards ever doing so.

      unlike this new world where it seems to be normal and common place. he took quiet a bit of damage from his first kill being a little puppy (the petit panther) that i currently doubt he is capable of pointing his magic directly at another person.

      he was after all just another neet who barely interacted with his surroundings,not a soldier or anything :S

      1. Owl

        Even soldiers get freaked out sometimes. Can you imaging blowing half of someone's head off, and the body is still staring at you? Or going about your own way then stepping on something you realize are body parts? It can be quite creepy. Hell, just take a walk through a morgue at night, you know those guys are dead and are not going to get up, but it's still really creepy.

    2. John Smith

      For the same reason that a lot of people will have little problem driving over a cat or a snake on the road, and continue driving afterwards as if nothing happened, but will have an accident trying to dodge a (human) kid that runs on the road.
      We, humans, favor our own species above all others

    3. Abravalis

      It's a psychological phenomenon. People normally have an aversion of killing their own kind. If I remember right there was also once research conducted on the willingness to shoot something depending on the shape of the shot object. They tested it with a head / round shape and the result was: the more human-like the object got the more the ppl of the test missed. Meaning something like a football was hit quite accurately. Something like a watermelon (depending on size and shape) less accurately. And puppet heads got even more missed shots. And the shooting ppl were trained soldiers if I'm not mistaken. So as you can see it's in the nature of man to have an aversion to kill other humans. You would need training from a young age to override that. Or some big trauma that makes you indifferent towards it.

      On another note: so he finally realized he REALLY is a girl now. Just wondering why he hasn't touched himself yet. Isn't that like the ultimate dream of like 99% of NEETs in anime and storys like this? XD And I wonder how long the story will run in term of in-story-time. Will we see Alice get 20? How long will she be in that world? Will the hormons in her body eventually make her love a man? Will we see a pregnant Alice? o0
      Or will the author pull one over us and make Alice into a Futanari with some kind of transformation magic or a magic coffin (Dark Souls 2 yes I mean you)? hahaha xD then he could still be a man....

      1. Sanngrior

        there must be something wrong with me that i didnt already know about then :x

        the more human-like (though its usually a human) my target the better my accuracy gets... i mean i am pretty indifferent about everything normally, even seeing death of living creatures, but i didnt think my accuracy going up was abnormal.

        ...i think ill stay reading alice's fluffy adventures and put off seeing a psych for a while longer :S

        1. Abravalis

          Are we talking real life accuracy? Or game accuracy? XD Cause if it's RL accuracy: what job are doing that enables you to shoot ppl? Soldier? Hitman? Random Psycho (the sort we see series about in TV :P)? And being indifferent about everything would be a soziopathic trait although that alone doesn't make you a bad person ^^
          And enjoy the fluffiness XD

          1. Sanngrior

            no job, i just had chances to fire a rifle before, and the only times i managed to hit the target were when it was human shaped.

            when it comes to throwing things i always screw it up except when i am aiming for some1 then i become able to throw on target, even use just enough energy so they catch it and not get hit etc.

  10. iLikePotatoes

    hahaha poor guy he thought he could turn into a girl and not get all the things that come with being a girl.

  11. nierror

    A girl like Alice trying to act like a man would only further highlight her femininity.

  12. ratatoskr

    now i'm interested in how alice would stop 'being a girl'. does she mean it figuratively or literally, it would be awesome if she could freely switch gender though..haha
    oh, and thanks for the translation as always..


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