To those whom I'm meeting for the first time and those whom I'm meeting again, hello. I'm Aloha Zachou.


You who have taken this book in your hands, A-san in charge of editing, yukisan-sama who prepared wonderful illustrations, Hani Kuraun-sama whose comicalized version is serialized in the Monthly Dragon Age, as well as the great many people who have seen my work on the internet, I'm really grateful. Currently, serialized in the Dragon Magazine there's a spin-off work of OSO "Silver Goddess" where our protagonist's little sister Myu is the lead, so I would appreciate it if you tried reading it.


This time, it's almost entirely new episode that can't be found in the web novel. I wonder if you enjoyed it, I hope you did enjoy it.

I'm glad that I had an opportunity in the sixth volume to deliver you a story and anecdotes about fairies I put aside before and didn't have the chance to include in the web version of the story.


This time little joke materials have become the motif of the entire volume.

The one with crocodile-head boss was quite a minor one.

The motif had been taken from one of "Godzilla Series" movies, one with the giant monster Biollante.

To me, Biollante was a monster I felt connected to when I was a kid.

It's about something that happened with my older brother when I was very young. The two of us siblings took turns trying gachapon, as kids with shine in our eyes we hoped to get Godzilla the monster of justice as we stood in front of the gachapon. However, among the capsules we got from inside, there was one eerie object.

What came out of the capsule, was a monster with an incomprehensible head, its lower body looked rugged like rock and it had four thin tentacle-like limbs——there were two Biollantes. That's right, a double.

At the time, even as kids who didn't know the story background and didn't see "Godzilla versus Biollante", we brothers fell into the despair in the reality where we have received a duplicate of two creepy objects.

Currently, considering it as a game and manga setting and learning the background story I ended up taking a liking to it, thinking that Biollante's design isn't all that bad. And was able to settle down.

And one more. On the stage of making plot, the reaper had a common design of a skeleton in a robe wielding a scythe. What twisted it around, was once again my brother's appearance.


"I've got free time, got anything interesting? Like jokes or stories that can be used for my book."

『"There is one. Want to watch "Rats Died" song on NicoNico?"』


As a result, I didn't understand it at all.

"Sorry. I've got no clue what is that supposed to convey, I somehow survived listening to it once. The only good thing is the promotion video I guess. What's with that mask, so cool."

『"Apparently it's about the rats that died first and foremost when the plague was spreading. Also, that's a plague mask."』

"Hee, is that so."

『"It seems like that pointy tip using a bird as a motif was made to counter strong odours and as an charm against disease."』

"Wait a second, my brother."

『"What is it? Was it a good story? My brother."』

"If that mask is related to plague, it can be used for Grim Reaper's design. And if the motif is a bird, I can put bird feathers and stuff to his cloak."

『What, scary! In that case, you should add a bird beak's motif to the sickle as well."』

"I'll use this! All right, I got the design."

『"That's great. If something like that appear it would sure scare people."』

That's the true story behind how the Reaper's design was settled. From time to time thanks to interesting conversations with my brother I find such things and we share information. Just recently we've had lots of laughter with "Explosion of MTG box purchased for birthday".


From now on as well, please do take care of me, Aloha Zachou.

In the end I would like once again to thank you, readers who have taken this book in your hands.

I look forward to the day I'll meet you all again.


July 2015, Aloha Zachou

11 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Sarthex

    I will take a full set of three please! (Myu-Yun-Sei). They can gladly become my little sisters, they are all too adorable. --- Sarthex

  2. SeikenDrop

    That's some interesting info about the random reaper.

    Looking forward to future volumes, also, where can i find a book of this novel? It might be good to add this on my shelf :D

  3. libraryrocker

    Thank you very, very, very much!!! Yun is awesome... mobs love her? XD XD XD

  4. Bareus

    I wonder if that is how Aorii gets some of his inspiration while writing/world building for Daybreak :3
    And was able settle down.
    And was able to settle down.
    -> or something else missing?

    1. Aorii

      All writers are inspired by other pieces of fiction they've read/seen/encountered~
      Although much of my worldbuilding/characterbuilding inspiration comes from reading encyclopedias and biographies =P

        1. Aorii

          No, but a quick lookup told me that I'd agree with everything it says. Because American history is terrible and we rarely learn about all the unforgivable sins it committed in history class.

          1. Sonoda Yuki

            I dunno about all, but my College American History course was pretty good on owning up to America's faults, big and small. Then again, my professor largely didn't use the text book, instead regularly assigning primary sources to read from.

      1. Sonoda Yuki

        Also, it's the first post or commit I've seen in a while. I'm going to feel optimistic about the remaining time to release.


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