Epilogue – Working Gels and Guild Hall

Some time after safely completing the quest and obtaining the 【Guild Emblem】 we passed it to Cloude, and we have evenly divided the reward between the three of us.

Myu used the reward money to repair equipment that had been damaged during the battle with the boss, and to improve it, and Sei-nee saved it for later.

And I made an initial payment for a higher level furnace I wanted——then leisurely thought of how to use the remaining gold.

"Yun-san, I have finished today's harvest."

"Oh, thank you. Leave the items in the box as usual."


Kyouko-san the NPC came in and called out to me as I stood by the counter and was calculating the amount of money I need to pay for a higher level furnace.

And behind her, there were two creatures, a blue and brown Gels.


"...? What is it, Yun-san."

"So, how are they?"

"They're hard workers, very."

Saying so, Kyouko-san returned to her job as the salesperson, she picked up the Gels which were by her feet and put them inside of the pots by the window. The Gels happily trembled, and the tip of their bodies inside the pots could be seen, as if they were looking outside.

"Well, they can be used like that too."

They were a water element's Aqua Gel and earth element's Earth Gel. The two Gels were synthesized anew by using the Slimes which survived the guild quest as a base.

Since I had no use of Slimes I changed them to Gels, and further synthesized them with the 【Slime Nucleus】 I had. As a result of passing them to NPC Kyouko-san, the two started to work as loyal subordinates of hers.

"No way, to think they had a use like that."

Although I left the field management to Kyouko-san, what I regularly see is the Aqua Gel which takes in the water well in its body, and sprinkles it over the field. It was quite a spectacle as it made a small rainbow on the field. Also, after the harvesting is finished, the Earth Gel takes in Soil, Bone Powder and Mulch, and mixes the fertilizer with grass uniformly inside of its body.

Appropriately moistened and with a good amount of air inside, the soil became optimal for farming and constantly yielded high quality herbs.

When I saw the field being cultivated so easily, and compared it to my previous efforts with a hoe, I was happy, but on the other hand I had doubtful feelings. After seeing this fantastical and comical scene two, three times, I fell in love with it and before I realized I already took a screenshot of the Gels.

"If I could make humanoid synthetic mobs, I could sell them to Lyly."

I felt it would be interesting to pass a mob like a Golem to help Lyly plant trees in his personal field. No, if anything, I'd make a town in the field, give the synthetic mobs specific instructions making up a pseudo-monster town, that's romance, it would be fun to watch.

"Well, it's not mine so that would be impossible."

I didn't own a personal field like Lyly did, but imagining it costs nothing. Also, all the 【Slime Nucleus】 pieces I had were all used up.

"You really love that Heat Gel, don't you Zakuro."

Zakuro had its chin on top of an elastic organism, a Gel that continuously emitted heat. Moreover, whenever Zakuro moved the sight of it dragging it together looked like a young animal carrying its favourite stuffed animal or cushion.

And since that Heat Gel cushion had a Slime Nucleus synthesized in, improving its AI, from time to time it moved as if trying to escape. At times like that, Zakuro chased after the escaping Gel as if it was prey, but since it was still a cub and had very short legs it only could look like playing around rather than hunting.

It seemed like the other two Gels were looking at that situation, or maybe not, it was hard to tell.

And the last 【Slime Nucleus】 was——

"Yun-san, hello."

"Welcome. Mami, Minute."

After my acquaintances visiting the 【Atelier】 called out to me, Mami's triangle hat was raised and a wind elemental Gel showed itself as if saying 'I'm here too'. This one too, had its inorganic reactions changed after synthesizing the AI, and was fulfilling its role as a pet now.

"So? How was it afterwards?"

"I love it. It's so soft."

"Really. Recently she's been putting it on the head to enjoy the vibrations."

I imagined that situation as Minute smiled strangely, and responded with a smile as well.

"Also, about Gantz. He looks envious of the fact we can touch it,if he touches it he might deal damage to it and is in conflict. And, whenever he tries to communicate with his own pet, he's swallowed by it which is really interesting."

"Can't he just take off the 【Martial Arts】 Sense..."

"'If I take it off, it'll be like I lost' is what he said, 'then, I need to master an Arts that allows me to deal no damage.' and he's rushing it, trying to fulfil different conditions to master a different Arts."

For example, there's a 《Finger Attack》 Arts that can be learned by doing a hundred attacks with a finger, it can be learned on a slime while making sure a chain combo does not occur.

The Art that allows to attack the enemy with open hand 《Palm Strikes》, is a progress from the finger and can be obtained by touching Slimes with an open hand. But his reason to do it was a little weird.

"We want to raise our levels now, and need recovery items. Please give us the usual recovery items for mages."

I sold the items to the two 【Atelier】's loyal customers, and saw them off waving a hand. Maybe I should raise the level of my combat Senses as well. And thinking that, I took some time to prepare equipment for hunting and left the store.

In order to do some leveling, I went to the portal, a transportation object in the centre of the town, and faced towards the sounds of construction which could be heard even among the crowd.

After finally obtaining a 【Guild Emblem】, the construction of the crafting guild's hall has began. Currently it was just the building's skeleton, but since the amount of space secured was three times as big as the surrounding buildings took, my chest was filled with expectations.

"There's a lot of change going on eh."

"Ohh! Onee-chan came to see it too?"

When I turned around after hearing a familiar voice, I saw Myu and Sei-nee there.

Just like me, the two came to look at the crafting guild's guild hall, the three of us lined up and stared at it.

"I look forward to it, the guild Magi-san and others make. They'll be doing a lot of things right?!"

"That's right. There's talk that there will be auctions, so we 【Eight Million Gods】 are looking for items to put up on it too. Everyone's really motivated."

"Sounds interesting! The three of us... no can do. After this I have promised to go with Luka-chan and others."

"Ehehe" after saying it herself, Myu recalled an appointment with Lucato and others from her party, and laughed bitterly.

"We'll go on adventure the three of us again, right."

After she spoke abruptly, I blanked out for a moment but nodded soon enough.

"Of course. But before that, go and don't make your party wait."

"Yup! Now then, Yun-oneechan, Sei-oneechan. I'll be going!"

Hearing my answer, Myu shoot out like a bullet and left while waving her hand greatly. Running backwards is dangerous. I thought as I saw her off, waving my hand.

"Myu-chan went off, but, want to go for some hunting with Onee-chan?"

"Hmm. I wonder. I'll refrain myself this time. I want to raise my combat Senses by myself a little."

I see, a shame. And even though I felt Sei-nee shrugged her shoulders with regret, I separated from her.

Not only myself, but the surroundings changed as well. Training their Senses, everyone progressed. The sound of the construction, was the sound of change. While listening to the pleasant sound, I transferred to the optimal hunting grounds for my level.


Name : Yun

Weapon : Black Maiden's Longbow

Secondary Weapon : Magi-san's Kitchen Knife

Armour : CS No.6 Ochre Creator (Outerwear, Underwear, Torso, Waist).

Accessory Equipment Limit 2/10 ▪ Rugged Iron Ring (1) ▪ Substitute Gem's Ring (1)


Possessed SP25

【Bow Lv31】【Hawk Eyes Lv42】 【Speed Increase Lv23】 【Discovery Lv30】 【Magic Talent Lv42】【Magic Power Lv45】 【Enchant Arts Lv18】 【Dosing Lv24】 【Earth Element Talent Lv14】 【Cooking Lv22】


【Alchemy Lv30】 【Synthesis Lv30】 【Engraving Lv1】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv32】 【Taming Lv6】 【Linguistics Lv15】


Obtained Items:

▪A pickaxe used for mining and 【Mining】 EX-Skill

▪Synthesis Crafting Kit for 5 Items

▪Synthetic mobs of three colours (fire, water, earth Gels)


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  1. Icewind

    When I read the title 'Working Gels and Guild Halls" I honestly thought of a scene that the NPC in the Guild Hall were Gels!! Imagine!! A Guild Hall.... With cute gels walking here and there working hard as NPC!!!

  2. WinterFrost

    why did his enchance art level is so loow... Like, he kept using that like hell

    1. Jericho0the0reap

      On the one hand, it's Enchanted Arts, which is a derivation of Enchant. IIRC derivations of a Sense take more use to level up, but that might have been specifically for going back and advancing the original Sense again.

      On the other hand, shrug.

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      At this hour? Three. But three days hence, thrice over, and three becomes four.

      Cryptic speech aside, Volume Four is released on the Twentieth day of the Second month of the Two Thousand, and Fourteenth year since the epoch of the current era according to the Gregorian Calender and Japanese Standard Time.

      Superfluous speech aside, roughly nine days.

      1. krytyk Post author

        And god knows how manu days until I start translating it. Still swamped with work, still AA to finish.

  3. Bareus

    Finally..... I finished it.... the last batch for now... :D
    it would be nice if someone can give me some feedback, if the mistakes I'm pointing out are really mistakes, or if I'm just writing bulls**t here... same goes for my attempt to correct them.


    And I, made an initial payment for a higher level furnace I wanted——and leisurely thought of how to use the remaining gold.
    -> remove the first comma

    Kyouko-san the NPC came in and called out to me as I stood by the counter and was calculating the amount of money I need to pay a higher level of furnace.
    Kyouko-san the NPC came in and called out to me as I stood by the counter and was calculating the amount of money I need to pay a higher level of furnace.

    And behind her, there were two creatures, a blue and brown Gels.
    And behind her, there were two creatures, a blue and a brown Gel.

    "They're hard workers, very."
    -> I have no clue, if this "very" at the end is legal or not... only thing I could come up is replacing "very" with "indeed" or something like that...

    Since there I had no use of Slimes I changed them to Gels, ...
    Since there I had no use of Slimes I changed them to Gels, ...

    ..., Earth Gel takes in soil and Bone Powder, Mulch, takes in the fertilizer mixed with grass into its body and mixes them together uniformly.
    ..., the Earth Gel takes in soil and, Bone Powder and Mulch, takes in the fertilizer mixed with grass into its body and mixes them together uniformly.
    (ok, the end was a little bit confusing, but I hope my version is not too far off the original...)

    ..., has had its inorganic reactions changed after synthesizing AI, ...
    ..., has had changed its inorganic reactions after synthesizing the AI, ...

    He looks envious of the fact we can touch it, but if he touched he might deal damage to it and is in conflict.
    He looks envious about the fact [that] we can touch it, but if he touches it he might deal damage to it and is in conflict.

    ..., the construction of crafting guild's hall has began.
    ..., the construction of the crafting guild's hall has began.

    And even though I felt it Sei-nee shrugged her shoulders with regret, ...
    -> remove "it" ? I don't really know what you mean with "it" or if something is missing here...

  4. Inuzuka

    Will we ever find out what that green ore is that Yun found, or what it's used for?

  5. Junky

    Incidentally, what happened to that unique bow that 15 effects could be added to? I recall that it wasn't even included in the items that Yun received from the event. Did I miss something?

    1. krytyk Post author

      Nothing really. He has it, but he doesn't use it.

      He needs to fill it with reinforcement materials, and considering he has none, he doesn't bother with it atm.

  6. PhilippeO

    Thank you for translating !!!

    Its quite surprising that even with putting four different Craftmanship skill on unequipped slot, Yun still couldn't put [Taming] as active Skill.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Yun just went out to hunting, so he's not going to use Taming as his companions aren't ready for combat yet, that's all.

      1. JARM (Just A Regular Me)

        Is it posible that Yun is simply misinterpreting how [Taming]/pets work? And is more like: They are not ready for combat BECAUSE he doesn't take them to hunt and get experience.

        I gather this from how they grew after making their contracts; stronger=growth, not the other way around.

        1. krytyk Post author

          In short, no. I won't go into it as for why because that would go into webnovel spoilers.

      2. PhilippeO

        Ah, i don't mean that. My surprise is that the game play differently from what i imagine. My assumption before is strong player pick less than 10 Skils they liked and continously improve them. I thought that 10 Active Skill limit will make a player using Skills as Build / Class earlier on. i am just surprised that many player develop more than 10 useful Skills then constantly changing them. I thought Yun who more into crafting would have less than 10 Skills that actually useful in adventuring/hunting.

        I'm surprised that Yun who choose to be craftsman, has so many Skills that can be used for Hunting/Adventuring. He uses Bow for archery, Enchant for support, Discovery for finding thing etc.

        Its even more extreme in her older sister, who has many more skills that she has to rotated its use, using only MP increase skills after MP is exhausted.

        1. krytyk Post author

          Yun uses enchants for crafting, discovery for finding nodes...

          Also, all Senses add a passive bonus to stats, I'd guess for example the bow gives big bonus to DEX, which in turn is useful to crafting too.

  7. lirg123

    Did Yun ever offer to lend out his high lvl crafting tools to the guild for a small taxs or rent them out?

  8. Owl

    "Selling Heat Pads for long winter journeys!" :)
    "Wind Gels for comfort in the desert!"
    "Meet the new Earth Gel massage chair, best cure for a hard day's work!"

    Why bother synthesizing them into animated NPCs when they function perfectly well as furniture.
    You can get a whole line of products from them! (Wind Gel + Water Gel Fan/Humidifier Combo?)

    Change the Huge Slime into Gel and you might even get a new form of personal transport!

    1. krytyk Post author

      Or don't change the slime into gel, and travel INSIDE of the huge slime!

      1. Owl

        "Travel in comfort in the harshest deserts or the most hellish wastelands inside your personal "Slime Car"!"

      2. addict

        The inside of the slime is their stomach, basically u get in and start to get digested, why do you think it was so funny when gutts got swallowed?

        1. randomcommentguy

          maybe if he can modify that? like a huge slime that has healing properties or something

  9. Faye

    "Sounds interesting! The three of us... no can't do.
    ==> "Sounds interesting! The three of us... no can do.

    you can't use double negative

  10. anonymous

    it is only slavery if the slime or other crafted creatures are as self aware as Kyouko.

  11. Rosid

    Thx for new updates :D
    I want Magma or Lava Slimes IoI, wait it will become Lava Gel ? ahahaha

    Lava Slime >> Lava Gel >> Lava Man [have form like sandman] >>Lava Golem >> Lava Warrior >> Lord of Hell [imagine Thanatos From Ragnarok, but the body look like gigantic magma golem with human form and more hard, hot, sturdy and Fast, fast because he/she have ultra Heat barrier like aura always envelop his/her gigantic body, then from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypersonic_speed you can see if you have speed 25++ mach you enter speed more fast than High-hypersonic speed, it's called Re-entry and it make phenomenon, it will Ablative heat shield; small or no wings; blunt shape if you have this speed. so by having ultra Heat barrier aura He/She who i label Lord of Hell in this case, can enter speed from Subsonic,Transonic,Supersonic,Hypersonic,High-hypersonic and Re-entry speed with easy]

    is it Possible to have this kind of Evolution tree ? hell it's Really will Possible :D just need some imagination :D

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      Lava Slimes/gels sound like a hellish new kind of Napalm. I'm all for it.

      From what I can tell though, the element evolution chain is
      Water > Ice
      Fire > Flame
      Wind > Storm
      Earth > ??? (has anyone even derived this one yet?)

      Well, it might branch, but I have a feeling you'd have to synthesize a flame slime with an earth-type elemental gel to make lava.

      I'm still hoping on an All Elemental Gel.
      I just remembered about Light & Dark element.
      Maybe if you combine all 6 elements it's called a Magic Gel

      1. addict

        From what I can tell by the slime experiments earth goes - mud》sand
        I dunno if its possible to get multiple elements, when experimenting when combining multiple slimes, regardless of element it just becomes slime (goes back to basic) + light》healing but we have yet to meet any dark magic, pet or mob, so I guess it's gonna be used as a surprise later

  12. jacobpaige

    Is he just not taking the higher level derivatives of his abilities or what? Its mildly frustrating how much of casual player he is. If he were even a tiny bit more serious then he'd have several dozen rings specialized for his various roles. Seriously, if he just enchanted all of his equipment he'd probably be 2-3 times stronger than his level would indicate. Add full modification of his event bow and he'd be one of the heaviest hitters in the game, not to mention one of the richest if he bought up the rest of the fields and used a gel army to farm them. And if he didn't care about being the strongest, then selling enchanted equipment would make him stupidly rich even faster.

    Still, I really like this series. It kinda reminds me of Recettear.

  13. Courage

    So there are no higher sense versions for Hawkeyes ? Thank You Krytk : ) Forever grateful.

    1. archidsky

      There is...
      It's snake eyes if I recall it correctly.. The one used by the mage who try to revenge his friends who get killed by Zakuro in vol 2

    2. TheOneAndLonely


      I have asked multiple times not to spoil stuff on the blog~ thanks~.


  14. Inuzuka

    Alchemy Lv30 and Synthesis Lv30. That doesn't feel like a coincidence, maybe Alchemy and Synthesis combine to make a new skill?

  15. Sonoda Yuki

    All she's missing is another air gel and a nucleus to create a bigger, badder, better mob. I wanna know what it'd take to make a sentient/shapeshifting slime-family type mob, À la Lily, from Higure's Monster no Goshujin-sama.

  16. Bareus

    So..... I'm a tormentor? Ok, then I will behave like a tormentor and give you this :P!

    ... I need to pay for the higher level of furnace.
    -> ... I need to pay for the higher level furnace.

    Since there I had no use of Slimes I changed them to Gels, ...
    -> Since I had no use of Slimes I changed them to Gels, ...

    A times like that, ...
    -> At times like that, ...

    After she abruptly, I blanked out for a moment but nodded soon enough.
    -> a verb is missing after the "abruptly" I think...

    P.S.: My re-read begins in the next week probably... or maybe this weekend :D

      1. Fenrir-Bandit

        It is "After she abruptly spoke, I had blanked out for a moment but nodded soon enough"

    1. krytyk Post author

      I suppose it's planned that she'll take it at the beginning of volume 4.

    2. Sonoda Yuki

      She doesn't have see through, or Hawk-eyes derived sense either.

      If alchemy or synthesis had one, she also has more skills upgrade, unless those take Lv50 to derive

      I wanna see her upgrade to sorcery, but she hasn't leveled up enough, I think.

      1. kawaiikotori

        Yup . That did ne cool. Imagine she has heat seeking vision. Perfect PK ability. Mwahahahaha

    3. Someguy

      I hope Yun experiments with maxing out the basic senses though, to see if certain hidden Arts/Skills can be unlocked.

      1. Owl

        When humans make little humans and make them work, is it considered slavery?

        Guess it all goes down to how sentient they are.

        1. SandTiger

          given how little most people use their heads, using that logic then 9/10 people are just disposable mobs

  17. bladerain

    If Yun finds some human mobs, can't she make synthetic mobs using drops specifically obtained only from them?

    1. krytyk Post author

      Slimes are simple organisms, so the recipe to make slimes is simple. Humanoid organisms wouldn't be so simple to create. Probably the easiest ones would be golems and undead I guess, still they would need a more detailed and more complicated recipe.

      1. anon

        Water: 35 Liters. Carbon: 20 Kg. Ammonia: 4 Liters. Lime: 1.5 Kg. Phosphorus: 800 g. Salt: 250 g. Saltpeter: 100 g. Sulfur: 80 g. Fluorine: 7.5 g. Iron: 5g. Silicon: 3 g. And 15 other elements in small quantities

        1. Anon37.258

          Please tell me you didn't have that memorized and had to look it up before posting it...

          1. randomcommentguy

            I'm willing to bet he memorized that just for the unlikely chance of freaking people out.

            Some of my not-so-normal friends do that

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