60 Skill Enhancement

Hmmmm… let’s eat something Western for today’s lunch.

I decide the lunch as I look at the ingredients listed on our refrigerator’s display, take some out and start cooking.


“Onee-chan! Details!”

“How much details?”

“All of it?”

“Are you sane?”

“As a list..”

“Ahh, okay. Welll...”


So, she wants me to explain the main points. If I was to explain the circumstances it would turn fairly long, but I would still manage.


I read a book in the library and learned of Nether’s existence.

My Alchemy’s teacher is a granny, so I asked her about the entrance to Nether and was introduced to a church person.

The person that was introduced was an important person and she taught me the location of the entrance, although she warned me that it isn’t certain since only Immortals can see it.

I went over right away and got beaten up horribly, so I took some time to level up.

After the event ended, I took Ske-san and Alf-san with me and retried it.

We managed to safely get past the enemy and arrive at the old temple. After I found the entrance and went inside, as royalty I ignored the trials and arrived in Nether.

I was taken straight to the chancellor, then when I sat on the throne just as I was told to, there was that announcement.

For the time being I stopped thinking and went to Stelura-sama's statue to pray and evolve.

After that, I joined up with the two who finished their trials. And here I am now.


“I see. Then you didn’t confirm your Skills yet?”

“I think I will check my equipment and Skills after eating.”

“Your equipment changed?”

“It changed and its no longer gray.”

“HEEE! So, is it good enough for using?”

“Values have changed so I should be able to?”


I chat with my little sister about the game as we eat a meal, and also write down information on the BBS.


“Oh, something weird appeareth.”

“Management sure has it hard...”

“Well, whatever. Can other players go to your home, Onee-chan?”

“Who knows? I didn’t check the details of the housing system yet...”


That is part of what I need to confirm. It would be a very lonely house if I couldn’t call anyone inside.

I should be able to make a field there… should I cultivate Alchemy materials? Well, first I need to confirm things.


“Still, you can decide a family name, right?!”

“The only one I decided was middle name, the family name is one I heard from the chancellor and already existed.”

“Is that so? A family name that already existed in Nether… maybe I shouldn’t say it too lightly?”

“I’m curious if people on the surface know it, if anything.”

“Then I’ll go ask a few Residents.”

“Do that. You can tell me results during dinner.”

“Got it~.”



I finish my meal and while reading boards, I leisurely exercise my body before logging in.


Right away I get to check items I can set-up through the housing menu, oh, there is a Stellura-sama’s mini statue that works as a portal. By setting it up, it becomes possible to teleport from it.

Let’s make the condition for entering the house be “being a friend”. Any friend will be able to come to my house from a portal.

A statue costs 500k, huhh. It’s nice that it’s possible to purchase things using deposited money, but it feels like my deposit will go empty.

For now, it’s necessary so I purchase it. The place to set it… let’s place it at the front entrance. Looks like I got registered with the portal. Might as well set this place as my revival point.


High-priority purchases for housing are a kitchen for housing, as well as Alchemy pedestal for housing… and a field.

Furniture is also listed, but they are sold for real money. It appears that it’s possible to make furniture with crafting skills, so let’s use that. I will order furniture at Primula-san’s and Dantel-san’s places.

For the time being, let’s quickly prepare a mini statue. Housing is pretty much end content stuff, after all. Let’s take my time with the other parts. My money disappearing in millions at a time is a bit too much on me.

There isn’t enough money to level-up the shed that is the Outsiders’ respawn point, so I leave it be.


Hm… Might as well go and ask Chancellor to teach me right away… I’m curious about Book of Eibon. And for a change of pace from it, I can have them teach me swordsmanship. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Let’s stay in Nether for a while and deepen my relations with everyone while at it.


Now that it’s decided, chaaarge… into Evernight Castle next door.

I catch a maid and ask her for the chancellor’s location.


“Chancellor, teach me language right away. I also plan to learn swordsmanship during breaks.”

“Ohhh, I don’t mind. Improving oneself is a great thing. How young. But Sire, first you need to know that you shouldn’t teach it to surface-dwellers.”

“Is that so?”

“Surface has its own pace of progressing… is all I will say, ehm.”


Well, there must be reasons. It is a pain to teach anyone, so I have no problem staying quiet about this, so it’s all fine.

I have him teach me plenty right away.


In real, about 15 minutes have passed?



〈«Magic Linguistics»’s understanding increased to 10%.〉



And there, I saw a log text pass by the corner of my vision. That was faster than I thought...

Two and a half hours of talking with the Chancellor. About 10 hours ingame.



〈«Magic Linguistics»’s understanding increased to 100%.〉

〈«Magic Linguistics» reached the limit of its growth, «Wizardry Linguistics» was unlocked.〉



“Nn, «Wizardry Linguistics» was unlocked.”

“As expected, Sire. You learn really fast. Will you continue learning «Wizardry Linguistics» now? In which case, I will have you say an oath on Stellura-sama. That you will not spread this knowledge.”

“On Stellura-sama?”

“I think that humanity has yet to understand «Wizardry Linguistics», you see.”


Which means that normally, everyone stops at «Magic Linguistics»? If they are unable to decode it, it means there are no instruction books… and learning it from scratch in a library would be hell.


«Wizardry Linguistics»
A special language passed on among few.
Magic is the version that has been generalized for everyone’s use, and Wizardry is its predecessor.
While more powerful than magic, its users are limited.
If you grow close to certain high Inhumans, then maybe...


...Looks like I need to have Chancellor to teach me this.

But speaking of high Inhumans, it’s not just the chancellor… other players can just search for one to teach them. No need to hesitate.


I spend 10SP and learn it. I have 54SP left, hm?

It’s already a third tier skill, but there’s further «Ancient Divine Linguistics» above that, yes? I will lose more SP…

I swear an oath on Stellura-sama, it’s still before 3 p.m. in real so… I continue.


〈«Wizardry Linguistics»’s understanding increased to 10%.〉


...Although I assumed that would be the case, it’s turned harder to raise.

Earlier I did 100% in two and a half hour, but now it takes me three hours to get 10%? It’s nearly 6 p.m..

Umm… in real, six hours is one day in game and 20%. In other words, to max out «Wizardry Linguistics» it will take five days in game, which is 30 hours in real. One day and six hours it is.

Alright, let’s do some swordsmanship!


“Chancellor, it appears that there is a long way ahead, so I will take a break. Swordsmanship time.”

“Hmm, then let’s go to the training grounds. She should be there.”


We head to the training grounds that are in a corner of the castle’s grounds. It's the knights' training grounds, naturally.

Although I say “knights”, it’s not just armor people. There are Zombies and Astrals, there are bones in there too. We walk to where those people of “knight” job are.



“My, Chancellor.”

“Do teach Sire swordsmanship.”

“I am Svetlana Granin. Please call me Lana, Sire.”


She shows a splendid curtsy.

Lana is a beauty who has semi-long blonde hair reaching a little below shoulders and slightly sharp blue eyes. Her level? She’s 100, as if it was only natural.

Looks like it’s fine to call her without a suffix since I’m the king here.


“My race is Astral-type, Einherjar Swordmaster.”


...Einherjar, is she. I know that one without even researching.


“A hero, are you?”

“An ex-hero. Here, I am merely one of Astrals. It was in the Empire, too.”


She laughed embarrassedly and stuck out her tongue as she said it. Quite a mischievous person, isn’t she?


“By Empire, you mean Dinight?”

“So it still exists?”

“Yes. Although, we Outsiders are having a hard time with the sea and none of us reached it yet.”

“You are having problems with enemies in the sea? All you have to do is to slash them along with the sea itself.”


As expected of a hero swordmaster. She says absurd things like it’s nothing. ...Nn? She probably hasn’t gone to the surface since coming here, so this means that she did that while still being of live human flesh? ...Tch, this is why heroes are…


“Now, first let’s confirm. I received information from Chancellor, but I want to check it with my own eyes.”

“I’m still at 30, so be easy on me.”


First I tried shooting magic on a target. Wait, what about swordsmanship?

It was unknown what the durability of the target is, and how strong I have  become, but… the target’s durability did not decrease at all?




Chancellor and Lana seem to be able to tell.


And next, I was made to defend from Lana’s attack.

I know that she’s holding back, but she is clearly aiming for the bare line…Also, my rapier is creaking from the incoming force?




She comes at me from the back and from the side. If not for the Silver Key’s effect I would have been cut. My set effect that is Reaction Speed Enhancement is also big in this case.


“Hm… I see...”


After continuing for a while until she was satisfied, next was confirming range.

The chancellor is to use Dark-type magic, which I am to reflect. There is no problem with Dark since I absorb it even if it hits me.

In order to reflect the【Dark Ball】that the Chancellor shoots, I respond to it with【Royal Reflect】. When I do, I feel a resistance like I never felt before. This time it’s less creaking and more like crackling that comes from my rapier...

More strength than usual was necessary and it was difficult to reflect it at the angle I wanted it to.


“I think that it’s matching Sire’s current state.”

“Likely so. Normally a sacred treasure would reflect it with ease. Still, it has no intention of letting it pass. It will block the attack as long as Sire reacts well enough, as expected of sacred treasure.”

“Then, let’s have Sire master that form. Even I could not master it… rather, I did think of it, but a defensive form did not match my nature. While it is deficient in attack, our Sire has magic to cover for that.”


I’m an amateur when it comes to martial arts, so please teach me starting from basics.


Basically, there was an ancient form that has become the base of the form that Lana uses. But since her ability to reproduce it was poor and it was hard for her to use it, she has arranged it in actual combat to make it easy to use for herself.

The fact she arranged it in live combat exposes her personality, when I mentioned it she answered reasonably with “Swordsmanship is all about killing, there is no point if it cannot be used in actual combat”.

Apparently the fact that her own life is at stake made her forego all needless movements or something like that. After coming back home she recalled her movements as much as possible and by repeating it, she made her body remember them.

That’s a pure martial artist character setting there.


“Please look first. This is the basic form, and this one is the defensive form. And this my personal stance for close combat. I will have you learn this one, Sire.”


The posture was only a little different, the centre of gravity was moved a little forward for the sake of having someone slash at you, but since I stay in long range it won’t be necessary for me.


“From my perspective «Enten-style Princess’ Self Defense» is purely for buying time. Parry in close combat, reflect in range; correct?”

“Yes, that is ideal.”

“Then we will adjust as you learn the basic stance, Sire.”


“My Goal - Graduate Apprenticeship”
Make your swordsmanship master, Svetlana, acknowledge you
      1. Unlock and acquire the skill.
Requester: Svetlana
Completion Reward: Title


I received a quest, let’s learn without rushing, from the basics.

The chancellor left me to Lana and went back, I mingle among the knights and start training.


Let’s take turns between Chancellor and Lana for a while. A form will likely take time, but what is the Skill treatment? I’m really looking forward to it.




And so, I holed myself up in Nether for a few days going back and forth between the two. Today is the fourth day, Wednesday.

I finish breakfast and log in.


I walk while watching blooming Crystal Lotuses lined up next to the passage between the royal palace and Evernight Castle.

I only tweaked some layout in my housing menu but did not add anything. In general I only moved between the Chancellor and Lana so I have no clue about anything else.


“Chancellor, let’s continue.”

“We are nearly done, aren’t we. I cannot teach you «Ancient Divine Linguistics»...”

“Is that so?”

“That one is the domain of the Outer Ones, it’s aged, to say… Above all, it’s a language that originally was not necessary...”

“This book is too special, isn’t it. I will ask one of them to teach me in the near future.”

“Please do so. Now, let’s begin.”



〈«Wizardry Linguistics»’s understanding increased to 100%.〉

〈«Wizardry Linguistics» reached the limit of its growth, «Ancient Divine Linguistics» was unlocked.〉



«Ancient Divine Linguistics»
The oldest language of origin, said to have been lost in the distant past.
If only I could get in contact with them, those who have existed since ages past...



It’s promoted to a Rare Skill… in other words, it costs 16SP… I had so much SP, but it’s all taken from me.

I feel like Lana’s will also take 16 of me...


Well, I will take them.

I guess I won’t be able to read it yet, but might as well check.



〈A specific requirement was fulfilled, you acquire “One Who Peaks into the Abyss of Sorcery”.〉


Hey… it’s not enhancement of equipment or Skill unlocking, but acquirement?


«One Who Peeks into the Abyss of Sorcery»
You have begun to decode a super-ancient grimoire containing forbidden knowledge.
Part of the grimoire’s knowledge flows into you...
Your Max MP and MP Recovery Speed receive a big increase.


The moment I started to understand words, it force-acquired itself… So it’s not Race-related, but a normal Skill? Its effect is plain, but outstanding.

It’s really fun when improving myself progresses nicely. This is the real pleasure in a game.


Now, it’s a little early but let’s have lunch, then go to Lana’s place in the afternoon.




I finish lunch and head to the training grounds.

I sometimes see Alf-san at the training grounds, too. But at this time he is not there today.


“Lana, I came today too.”

“Good day, Sire. We will provide you maximum support.”


I not only train form, but also do some practice combat. Seems like my Skills go up with just this. Well, I think that game-wise it’s hard to level up this way, but as long as it isn’t 0 exp, my level will go up eventually.



〈«Clad in Death» reached level 20. “1” Skill Point Acquired. Effect has increased.〉

〈«Automatic Recovery Trait» reached level 30. “2” Skill Points acquired.〉

〈«Automatic Recovery Trait» reached the limit of its growth, «Recovery Trait» was unlocked.〉

〈«Life Absorption» reached level 30. “2” Skill Points acquired.〉

〈«Enten-style Princess’ Self Defense» reached level 30. “2” Skill Points acquired.〉

〈«Enten-style Princess’ Self Defense»’s Art【Royal Sphere】was acquired.〉

〈«Super MP Recovery» reached level 20. “1” Skill Point Acquired.〉

〈«Slender Sword» reached level 25.〉

〈«Slender Sword»’s Art【Ekriksis】was acquired.〉



Skills without Arts are displayed in the log even if they have no notification set.


Explodes the pierced target from inside.

【Royal Sphere】
Defends from all directions.


【Ekriksis】has fairly nice firepower. As long as you manage to pierce in. When it is avoided, the explosion will not activate. In other words, when it’s avoided it turns into a normal thrust.

During【Royal Sphere】’s effect duration, an effect that looks like a membrane appears around me and blocks attacks. While it’s useful against AoE magic, it has a long cooldown… Well, it’s better to have it than not, so that’s fine.


As for «Recovery Trait»… it’s just as the name suggests. The effect changed from affecting only automatic recovery, to one that affects all recovery. This is an Immortal-specific Skill, so it costs 3SP. Let’s acquire it. Its priority is quite high, a must-have Skill at this point.



And the result of enhancing myself and training with knights was...



〈«Kokon Musou1Means “Unparalleled in history” - Single Sword-Style» was unlocked due to your actions so far.〉〉



Farewell, my 16SP. Rare Skills eat my SP without mercy...



〈Do you wish to acquire «Kokon Musou»?〉


Of course… and there.


〈«Kokon Musou» and «Enten-style Princess’ Self Defense» cannot exist at the same time. Please confirm «Kokon Musou» well before choosing.〉



Management sure is emphasizing on it… Let’s do as they say and check it.


«Kokon Musou»
An ancient swordsmanship style arranged by Sword Princess Svetlana from an ancient martial art.
A super-practical swordsmanship style that focuses only on defending oneself and slashing the enemy.
In exchange for not having any cooldowns, it requires the user to learn motions (forms).
The better the reproduction the higher effect it has, but its Arts lose all semi-auto support.
【Ex Basic Form】


In other words… it loses all support from the system? I’m doing it the manual style in the first place so I don’t need it, but...

What interests me more, is the flavor text saying “An ancient swordsmanship arranged by Sword Princess Svetlana from an ancient martial art.”... Sword Princess Svetlana makes me curious, just how ancient is she?

...Ah, ahhh, right. Svetlana who is here is already dead. I don’t know how long has passed but “There was an ancient martial art, but Svetlana’s swordsmanship is already ancient, too.” is what it means?

How many centuries need to pass to be judged “ancient”? It might be a four digit number...


Still, this is a big gamble...


“Is something the matter?”

“«Kokon Musou - Single Sword-Style» was unlocked, but I’m troubled whether to take it.”

“Hm? That Outsider called Alf is one thing, but there is no need for you to worry, is there? Sire. While «Self-Defense» can deal with any situation, it’s wide and shallow stalling for time. It’s something like my Basic Form.”

“Since you are mentioning Basic Form, this means you will teach me other forms?”

“But of course. I have shown you right at the beginning, haven’t I? As long as you learn the basics, other derivations are for specific applications. If it’s you, Sire, then you should master it right away. From here I will teach you【Airflow Form】and【Water Current Form】, as well as【Mirror Form】.”


So, she will teach me three forms.

My «Enten-style Princess’ Self Defense» disappearing will hurt me SP-wise, but…it can’t be helped?


“From what I have seen of Sire’s movements, there should be no inconvenience for you. If anything, there is a high possibility that it will be easier for you than using «Self-Defense».”


Cooldowns disappearing is extremely big. Although there is a need to trace forms, it might be actually fun if I think of it as of RP.

Alright, let’s take it. I could only recover 4SP, so I’m on minus six… farewell, Self-Defense.



〈«Kokon Musou» was acquired.〉

〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, “Title: Successor to Ancient Swordsmanship” was acquired.〉

〈“Athamé of Divine Protection” has adapted to its holder.〉



“My Goal - Full Mastership”
Make your swordsmanship master, Svetlana, acknowledge you.
      1. Acquire six “Forms”.
Requester: Svetlana
Completion Reward: Title Update


Successor to Ancient Swordsmanship:

The proof that one has acquired the Kokon Musou Skill that Sword Princess Svetlana has been most proficient in - the Single Sword-Style.

It seems that there are successors of it on the surface, but it has already devolved into mere child’s play.

Allows for using forms’ effects at full specs.


Most likely it continued in dōjōs and among knight troops on the surface… but it seems to have deteriorated. Its effect must be low.


It’s 3 p.m., hm? Let’s continue learning those three, important-looking forms.

By the way, «Enten-style Princess’ Self Defense» disappeared from my Athamé, being exchanged for «Kokon Musou». Apparently it increases the effect of each form derived from【Basic Form】.


“Then first, for【Airflow Form】legwork is the main focus. Most of it is included within【Basic Form】, so it should take no time. It is the easiest derivation.”



〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, «Kokon Musou»’s Extra Art has been added.〉



“Then next is【Water Current Form】. This one specializes in parrying any non-magical attacks. While the form itself isn’t very difficult, using it in actual combat might be another matter. But since you have experience with «Self-Defense», there is a high possibility it will feel easier to you than before.”



〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, «Kokon Musou»’s Extra Art has been added.〉



“Finally, there is the【Mirror Form】. It’s a form that specializes in reflecting any ranged attacks. Whether you can handle it in actual combat is another thing, however. This form is very difficult to use in combat, but with your spatial awareness, Sire, surely… you will master it better than I have.”

“Aren’t your expectations heavy.”

“I only put my expectations where it counts. If you master it, Sire, you will manage even if you are surrounded. By all means show me and charm me with it.”


She’s all smiles, this person. Serious, isn’t she… I will do it though. It’s the form I want the most.



〈Specific requirements were fulfilled, «Kokon Musou»’s Extra Art has been added.〉



“As expected, Sire. You learn fast, have dexterity to move as you please, and you have perseverance. You also move your upper body well. It is fun to teach you.”

“It took me more than a half day to learn these three...”

“That is plenty good, even scary. There are three more derivations of the basic form, how about it?”


It’s nearly 7 p.m. in the real world. Let’s stop here. But before that, let’s ask about the remaining forms.


“The remaining forms are【Anti-Human Form】and【Anti-Monster Form】. As their names suggest, they are offensive forms specialized against humans and monsters. There is also the【Defensive Form】. It’s a form that focuses on defense. From what I saw during combat practice with you, Sire, it will not have its turn. Please do your best with Water Current and Mirror.”

“Understood. I want to go to the surface soon, so let’s leave it at this for now...”

“I will be waiting for you at any time, so let’s continue when you are ready.”

“Please take care of me at that time.”


There is still time until dinner, so let’s confirm how my Skills work.


In【Ex Basic Form】there are... multiple Arts.

There are【Sword Technique Enhancement】【Slash Enhancement】【Leg Strength Enhancement】【Defense Enhancement】【Parry Enhancement】and【Reflection Enhancement】Arts which are enhanced depending on the currently used “Form”.


When【Ex Basic Form】is used, all six Arts are active, but their bonus value is low.

During【Ex Water Current Form】,【Sword Technique Enhancement】and【Slash Enhancement】are lost, but【Parry Enhancement】’s bonus values skyrocket… noted. There is no change to other values.

【Ex Mirror Form】also loses the same two, but its【Reflection Enhancement】skyrockets. Same as the previous one, other values are unchanged.


It’s certainly very strong, but… that is under the assumption that I manage to use “Forms” properly. If I can’t, the bonus values are all zero. This Skill is all up to how precisely I can recreate the motions that are in my head.

And the reason there are deviations in the form that appears in my head, is possibly due to my low level of my Skill...

The chancellor and Lana spoke in a very interesting way. “You learn fast, have dexterity to move as you please, and you have perseverance. You also move your upper body well.” that is.

Can’t this be taken as “You learn fast (INT), have dexterity (DEX) to move as you please, and you have perseverance (SPI) . You also move your upper body well (body control).”? In Chancellor’s case, can it be that the teacher’s INT affects teaching? It’s up to how easy to understand one teaches, and good an understanding the student has..


It is a game, so there should be stat values among the internal data. Every time we act, I think our actions must be consulted with them...

And since muscle training has an effect, how about form practice? If I do it, won’t the form image’s precision in my brain become clearer? My real self will learn it too, so maybe instead of the usual core training I should switch to form practice...



What I’m curious about…… is Athamé’s【Element-Focusing Loop Mechanism】.

Death, Light and Dark were simply Instant Death and Curse, Light and Dark elements. The blade changes between white and black, but Death’s color is denser than Dark.

The problem is Spatial. I don’t know what it does. Compared to other elements, its blade deals about 40% less damage. By the way, I like its colors the most - it looks like the night sky. It’s deep, dark blue and has white star-like points floating over it.


What is the image you have when you hear “Spatial Element”? At the very least I know that the blade does not deal direct damage.

Dimension slash? If it was possible it would already happen though. That probably isn’t it.

...Speaking of which, the inventory is a Spatial-type thing, right? Destroy the target’s inventory and make items spill? That would be too sadistic… so probably is not it. I believe in you, Management.



“Oo...ops. Hm…?”

“That was splendid, Sire.”


There was a rogue bullet going my way so I deflected it, but this needs to be verified.


“Lana, is there anyone good at magic around?”

“Of course there is.”

“There is something I want to verify, so join me in it.”


First I have them shoot magic which I parry and reflect, I switch elements around as I do so.

As a result, it turns out that matching the incoming element with my own makes it easier to parry. And above all, Spatial element parries everything easier than even matched elements.

In other words, in exchange for weaker direct attack power with the blade, it receives a bonus adjustment to reflecting. While it is Spatial, it’s more like a Spatial barrier.

While at it, I had Lana help me try it against close combat attacks, and as a result… it was also easier with it. It seems to give a bonus adjustment to both parry and reflection.


When attacking with the sword I need to use Death or Dark, Light against Undead. For everything else, I should use a Spatial blade.

A Spatial blade takes about 5% of my MP. Compared to that, other elements consume almost no MP. I think Death costs nothing because it’s my own element.


That should be about it?

I say thanks to the people who joined me for testing, then return to my royal villa and have dinner.



“Onee-chan! They say there’s update tomorrow!”

“Hee, is “that” system coming?”

“They say they’re adding it~.”


Feels like there will be more chuunis now.

Should I use shortcut words? Some spells can be long.


I have dinner and a bath, then log in before going to sleep.

Now that I finished what I had to do in a hurry, let’s confirm what I was curious about.


[Material] Crystal Lotus Rarity: Ep Quality: A
Phantasmal flower growing in Nether which is said to reflect the true nature of one who touches it.
Since it can be only acquired in Nether, it’s longed for by medicine-makers and alchemists.


When I plucked it, it shone with white light...

I scoop some water from the lake that is connected to the river.


[Material] Water of Recollection Rarity: Ep Quality: A
Water from a river in Nether, extremely rich in magic power.
Since it can only be acquired in Nether, it’s longed for by medicine-makers and alchemists.


Let’s scoop some of it into Gushing Flask.

What’s left is soil and that gathering point in the corner.


[Material] Pure Soil Rarity: Ep Quality: A+
Pure soil, extremely rich in magic power.
Since it can only be acquired in Nether, it’s longed for by medicine-makers and alchemists.

[Material] Moon-Netherlite Rarity: Ep Quality: C
Moon-Clearlite which had been continuously exposed to moonlight in Nether where it’s constantly night and which altered it.
They are useful as a material for making Magic Catalysts, ones gathered in Nether are extremely valuable.


My «Mining» is low which is why its quality is really poor. I guess it’s good enough that I can even gather it.

Also, those fruits...


[Material] Holy Punica Rarity: Ep Quality: A+
White pomegranate which is regarded sacred as the symbol of revival.
Pure white pomegranates are very rare.


The reason they are all of high quality, is most likely because they are gathered within the castle’s grounds. Their rarity is high purely because they are goods from Nether, where normal people cannot enter.

Nnn… let’s carry them to master’s place. She will surely tell me how to treat them on the surface.

I scoop water into a large empty bin and also gather five of each material.


Then using the mini-portal at my home, I jump to Starting Town. It’s been a while since I came to the surface. Hello, o’ Present World.

Now then, let’s head to Granny’s home.


“It’s been a while, Master.”

“So it’s you… looks like you managed to get to Nether?”

“Yes. And now I have things I want you to take a look at, Master.”

“Things that can be gathered in Nether? I can imagine a few, but… let’s see what will you show me.”


I lined them up one by one on the counter.


“I heard rumors of these, but to think I would see them myself… hmm… I will tell you what I know, ‘that fine?”

“Please do.”


Crystal Lotus is a phantasmal flower which links with a person’s soul, making it sought after by the country itself.

Water of Recollection which is rich in Magic Power, is sought after by those called “witches”.


“Holy Punica will be sought after by the church; Pure Soil and crystals are also limited in supply, as such there will be plenty of those wanting it. Be careful when dealing with these.”


“Did you become able to see the colors of souls? O’ king of Afterworld.”

“Yes, I did.”

“It will serve as an estimate whether you can trust someone. If you are going to church, pass them directly to Lucianna. Do you intend on distributing those?”

“I believe that from here on Outsiders will bring back materials other than Moon-Netherlite. I guess there will be no problem if I distribute some water?”

“Feels like other Witches will flock to you… good grief. With that said, it’s no wonder since it’s Water of Recollection”

“If there is anything you want from these, I will give some to you, Master.”

“I sure have a good disciple. Let’s have them, except for lotus and fruit. Ohh, also… next time you scoop water, use a magical vessel. It’s a waste otherwise.”


Granny said so and went into the back to move water onto a large vessel. It’s a vessel made with Magiclay, isn’t it. 

She did mention before that things with Magic Power should be held inside containers with Magic Power… didn’t she.


“Let’s make some Magiclay with Pure Soil, Water of Recollection and an Orb mixed in.”

“I won’t stop you, but… that will be a really luxurious vessel only available for the owner of the production area like you.”


By the way, there was an interesting word that she has been mentioning since earlier.


“What kind of existence are witches?”

“Ahh, so you don’t know. Let’s see… they are women who go through certain studies, have a slightly special Magic Power and use that Magic Power in order to create what is called “Witch’s Brew”.”


In the distant past, Witches researched and managed to create highly effective potions.

However… there were few Witches, which resulted in the amount of them crafted being very low. They only ever reached royalty, dukes and marquises at most.

There, as a result of establishing crafting in a way to make it possible for anyone to make them, the overall quality of potions fell.

And in order to make a distinction between these and the highly-effective ones made by Witches, witches’ potions were called “Witch’s Brew”.


“Witch points at one who has finished their studies and had her lifespan drastically extended. In order to become a witch, one needs to find a master and be acknowledged as a disciple. A witch’s recipes are being succeeded by their disciple. Even if you went and stole their recipes, it will be for nothing since they require a witch’s peculiar Magic Power.”

“I see. But first of all, potions have no use to me, so… it’s good enough that I learned that witches are no enemy.”

“Are they enemies in your world?”

“Rather than enemies, they are detested I should say. The image each person has of witches can be very different.”

“Don’t touch them in here. In general, they are an object of admiration of all potion-makers. There are too many people you will make your enemies that way.”

“I will remember this.”


Speaking of which, I heard from my little sister that my family name is famous enough to be known even by children, but what about Lana? She’s the hero of the South I guess she isn’t known on this continent?


“Master, do you maybe know the hero, Svetlana?”

“Svetlana… you mean the great hero of the South? Even kids know her. That’s a sudden question.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Wasn’t it about 600 years ago…?”

“I see, quite some time has passed.”

“And yet she’s famous, there are picture books about her around.”

“Picture books? Maybe I should show her some...”

“...You, you can’t have...?”

“Yes, she was in Nether. I’m learning swordsmanship from her.”

“...Spare her seeing those picture books. She’ll die from embarrassment.”

“What a shame. Let’s just tell her about it. ...Now then, I will leave for today.”

“I will get to making something right away, too...”


Let’s bring her materials sometimes.

I leave the store and log out.


Apparently there is an update tomorrow, so I will log in after the maintenance.


My swordsmanship’s master’s name is Svetlana Granin, which is a Russian name.

Apparently in Russian, family names change with gender.

However, in the case of XX noble house, it would be troublesome if the household’s name changed, so it’s ignored in this case.

Name: Anastasia Atropos Nemeseia
Race: Aversa Princess Woman Lv30
Job: Ruler of Afterworld
Job Name: Highest Judge
Element: Death
Genus: Aversa’s Highest Immortal
Family: Aversa Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 27


«Slender Sword Lv25» «Kokon Musou - Single Sword Style Lv3» «Light Armor Lv32»
«Luminous Magic Lv28» «Spatial Magic Lv24» «High-Class Magic Ability Lv33»
«Sensing Danger Lv28» «Intuition Lv28» «Butō Lv34»
«Cook Lv24» «Alchemycraft Lv19» «Collecting Lv14» «Mining Lv7»
«Appraisal Lv32» «Disassembly Lv29» «Identification Lv33» «Discern»
«Ancient Divine Linguistics Lv1» «Spatial Awareness Ability Expansion Lv4» «One Who Peeks into the Abyss of Sorcery»




Monster Skills:
«Darkness Magic Lv28» «Necromantic Secrets Lv36» «Clad in Death Lv20»
«Physical Resistance Lv47» «Physical Immunity Lv43» «Magic Immunity Lv28» «Falter Resistance»
«Magic Power Optimization Lv8» «Wild Instinct Lv9» «Survival of the Fittest Lv9»
«Life Absorption Lv30» «Super HP Recovery Lv31» «Super MP Recovery Lv20» «Recovery Trait Lv1»
«Supervising Undead Lv37» «Aversa Royalty Lv21» «Royal Authority Lv41» «Aversa’s Highest Immortal»
«Soul Chaser» «Darklight Eyes» «Sword of Judgement» «Judge»


Elegant and Calm Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.
Liberator of Belstead:  A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town East of Starting Town.
Liberator of Inbamunt: A commemorative title given to the first to liberate the town South of Starting Town.
Cook: A title given to a full-fledged cook.
Alchemist: A title given to a full-fledged alchemist.
Alchemist’s Disciple: You have become a disciple of the Starting Town’s Megan.
Stellura’s Blessing: Reduces cost of Spatial-type magic.
Ruler of Afterworld: You have the right to order members of the Afterworld and your Death Penalty is lightened. Evernight Castle is your home and you can expand the Afterworld.
Owner of The Silver Key: You will surely receive benefits regarding space and dimensions. Allows equipping of The Silver Key.
Owner of Book of Eibon: You will surely receive benefits regarding magic. Allows equipping of the Book of Eibon.
Successor to Ancient Swordsmanship: Allows for using forms’ effects at full specs.


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