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Yaay, something new! A teaser! Applause, pachipachi pafupafu!

Yeah, I took a few hours to do translate and introduce a new teaser project. Yes, TEASER PROJECT. Because I like teasing just as I like bullying.

So, the teaser project. As some of you might have caught on what it might be, it's Antimagic Academy author's - Yanagimi Touki's - new light novel. Last Bosses in Heroless Worlds. Much out of curiosity of how will it be taken, and whether it will bring out starving Antimagic ghouls from their caves.

Right, to repeat again - for the time being this is a TEASER PROJECT I did not pick it up. I might, or I might not. Probably will also translate chapter 1 as a part of teaser (prologue is way too short even for a teaser), but that's later. Anyway, enjoy.

Next, of course back to translating OSO. Do not despair, my fluff addicts.



Back to the Era of Cute

Yes, it's been a while... but we're finally back to OSO. Cute and fluffy, especially fluffy this time - adventures of young high-school girl, Yun.

...And I'm out of things to talk about, aside from a small insignificant notice I'll do in a moment. But for now, links to Prologue and Chapter oneoneone1111.

Now to the small notice. The next release will be a little special, although short. Look forward to it.


The True End

This is what many of you have been waiting for.

The true end of the story comprising of the actual last chapter and the true epilogue.

Afterword will be done once other chapters are done, which means not now. I do plan on doing them in the future (most likely the order they will be done will be depending on my preferences). But for now I will focus on different projects, meaning OSO. Yes, next release will be that of Only Sense Online.

Among other news, two days ago we had a release of Yanagimi Touki's new novel series! Yaay! I read it on the first day it came out and will be sharing information on it elsewhere (I keep spoilers out of my blog). But to say, it's a very good novel, the writing gives off a strong antimagic feel.

Well, that's about it. Remember to purchase the books to support authors and publishers by purchasing the books. Don't be nubs, dish out those monies.


Yes, The Main Volumes Are Complete

Basically that.

Uh. I'd like to thank everyone wishing me to come back to health. I'm feel much better already, though a little sleep-deprived.

Now back to release stuffs. This is it for all 13 volumes of main story. Next I will be translating More After from Another Mission 2, it's a fairly big chapter, but nothing like the monstrosity the chapter 4 was. The second epilogue is really short, too.

So, yeah. The links. That'd be: Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.

Like always, make sure to support the author and publisher. Even if no more books from this series comes out, you gotta pay the toll.


More Releases

I.e. krytyk tries to squeeze as much time out of his schedule as possible, while under a blanket and scared of cold outside.

So here we are, chapter 6. Coming up next is the Epilogue, the epilogue is chapter-sized so don't expect it right away. Especially that I caught a slight cold again (damn the running nose). Anyway, link.