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Krytyk's Status Update

Hello World

It's been a while since there was a post from me, so I decided to take opportunity now - especially that a new OSO volume released today.

I'm still busy with work now, but better times are coming - judging by the work schedule I have. So don't despair, I'll probably drop an OSO release within a week or two. I should have more time in October, so I plan to move on with the story.

In any case, I'll try to get at least one chapter out within the near future, to start with.

PS: OH, I completely forgot! Today, OSO's author has released a first volume of his new novel, in English the title goes "Monster Factory - Demoted Knight Opens up a Monster Ranch" (ーモンスター・ファクトリー ‐左遷騎士が始める魔物牧場物語‐) and appears to be a slice of life story about a knight doing farming/cooking stuffs in a fantasy world. Honestly, I don't have time to even read it, but it might interest you.

PS2: Updated OSO main page with chapter titles, this is all I have time for, for the time being.


Yaay, something new! A teaser! Applause, pachipachi pafupafu!

Yeah, I took a few hours to do translate and introduce a new teaser project. Yes, TEASER PROJECT. Because I like teasing just as I like bullying.

So, the teaser project. As some of you might have caught on what it might be, it's Antimagic Academy author's - Yanagimi Touki's - new light novel. Last Bosses in Heroless Worlds. Much out of curiosity of how will it be taken, and whether it will bring out starving Antimagic ghouls from their caves.

Right, to repeat again - for the time being this is a TEASER PROJECT I did not pick it up. I might, or I might not. Probably will also translate chapter 1 as a part of teaser (prologue is way too short even for a teaser), but that's later. Anyway, enjoy.

Next, of course back to translating OSO. Do not despair, my fluff addicts.



Yes, release. Yes, cute. Yes, swimsuits. Yes, geass... wait what.

OSO_v08_073CSo, the first release in a while. I decided to use my day off to finish up a chapter and the colour illustration and release. Moreover, I'll add an extra, but I'll write about that later.

Overall the current situation still hasn't changed, I'm still busy with work and I won't translate much but still, I managed to finish up the chapter I started nearly two months ago. The colouring was quite quick - just three and a half hour of work... oh well. My blood sweat and tears are on the right side.

So, first, the link to Chapter 2 of OSO's Vol 8.

One more thing concerning OSO. Volume 9 has been set to be released on 20th of May, not so fast but on the other hand, it gives me time to catch up with Vol 8.

PS: I forgot to mention, DarkoNeko has been working hard on a new OSO wikia, despite adding stuff all alone he's amassed quite an amazing amount of info in there (wow, so diligent, much impressed). If any of you feel like it, you could check it up and help out if willing.



ISHS_v02_CoverAnd next, long long ago in a distant galaxy... not. When I still had lots of time and was still young (two and a half month ago, before OSO 8 came out) I ended up translating a small part of a certain novel. In the end it didn't interest me enough to continue translating it (volume 2 had turned the story in generic direction (doesn't mean the story is bad by any means)) but I translated a prologue and a chapter, so it's a splendid novel teaser for people interested. The novel's name is "Izure Shinwa no Houkago Sensou (Ragnarok)", with some creative translation (required here) it would mean "A Certain Time's Mythological After-school War (Ragnarok)" with "Izure" meaning unspecified time in the future when referring to an event happening ex. "he will come back sooner or later". Yes, that part of the title doesn't make much sense in original.

Anyway, the teasers links: Prologue and Chapter 1.

Now, a warning. Izure Shinwa will NOT be translated by me. It's STRICTLY a teaser. If anyone is interested in picking it up, go on. I repeat, I WILL NOT TRANSLATE IT ANY FURTHER. Don't ask about it or request me to translate it.

PS: I think some of you already know from various sources (the spoilers on 4ch), but AntiMagic Academy ends with Volume 13. Well, a bit of a shame because it had the potential to continue, but on the other hand, it's great that it has a proper and not drawn out end.


Current Status Update. Not-a-Release.

AMA_v12_CoverConsidering it's been a while since I made any post at all (nearly 2 months now), I thought it's about time I updated people interested in translations on situation. I mean, the comments get more ridiculous lately, peoples' imagination is a terrifying thing.

Well, there isn't anything dramatic happening, really. I didn't retire and I didn't drop OSO. I'm just being busy with work of which there is a really considerable amount, and thus I don't have time to translate. I'll be back to translating OSO once I have time again. That's about it.

By the way, AntiMagic 12 comes out in a few days, the HQ cover appeared and it looks so damn good (on the right). No, I'm not going to pick it back up for the time being, but I'll buy and read it on the release day so I might drop some spoilers on the irc channel, I am a super-fan of the series regardless of whether I translate it or not y'know. Below, there's the translated summary for the volume.

And as the twilight descends upon the world...

The 35th platoon is separated by Kiseki, and as the world is eroded by her, Sougetsu brandishes Innocentius. In this hopeless situation, the platoon members continue to fight so that Takeru's wish comes true. And, Lapis once again...

Yes yes, ikr "why did you bitch out!". Again, it's against my policy to translate something against wishes of the original publisher, especially that it might get picked up, that's one. Also, I don't want any problems and I don't want to make problems for the guy who's hosting this blog either, that's two. So for the time being it's wait-and-see.

Anyway, basically, the current situation is "I'll be back!". Once I have time again, I'll pick translations back up.