After parting with Solomon, Mira confirmed on the map what is the distance to the objective.

A a single maid - Lily watched her from behind a pillar as she did so. Wanting to hear the impression on the Magic Robe Set, she finished her morning work at double the usual speed to make time to stand ready.

(“Ahh, the fluttering of the robe is just as we calculated. The thighs that can be seen peeking from time to time are wonderful. The skirt is neither too long nor too short, moderately raised upwards and continously swaying in perfect angles. Just as calculated.”)

Lily observed every nook and cranny of the Magic Robe Set as it changed with movement. However, it did not continue for long. Due to the abnormal aura Lily exuded, she gathered attention from the surroundings, as a result, Mira followed everyone’s gazes and found her.

“What are you doing?”

“...Ehmm...a check-up, perhaps?”

Being stared suspiciously by Mira, Lily moved away from the pillar and answered inexplicably with an inexplicable pose.

“What’s this about again?”

“More importantly! It appears you haven’t eaten anything, Mira-sama. How about a breakfast together? If possible, during that I would love to hear the impressions on the outfit…”

"...Well, all right. Let’s go.”

Mira agreed, and led by Lily she entered the maids’ compartment.



(“Why did so many of them gather, I wonder…”)

In the maid compartment’s dining hall, Mira was surrounded by over a dozen of maids.

“Are there any problems with movements?”

“Have there been any issues with the size?”

“We put emphasis on the comfort of touch for the inner fabric’s texture, how does it feel?”

Due to questions coming one after another Mira, was not able to eat her breakfast; the colorful french toast giving off a fruity scent had to wait.

Being unable refuse flat out, she answered the questions one by one. As a result, it took over an hour since entering the dining hall to finish her breakfast.

After the meal, Mira drank some of Apple au Lait and heaved a sigh. Most of maids have reluctantly returned to their duties, and the only one to have finished her work at this point was Lily.

Hearing that Lily’s little sister was attending the Arkite Academy, and that their father died during the Defense of the Three Gods’ Countries, Mira was able to learn some more about Lily.

“Speaking of which, I met with Sage Substitute Amaratte and she seemed to take liking to these clothes, mm.”

“Oh my, Amaratte-sama has?!”

While putting the empty bin on the table, Mira recalled Amaratte and mentioned her. When she did, Lily who seemed to fall in a daze before making a dazzlingly bright expression as she drew closer to Mira.

“M-mhm… She asked me to pass on that she would love to order a set of clothes. Is that possible?”

“Of course! We have already been into…uh, umm. If possible, we would love to undertake the order!”

Suddenly, Lily’s eyes shone dangerously, but it lasted only an instant. Immediately recovering a serious expression, she accepted the order in high spirits.

Although Lily and others were interested in decorating Amaratte, due to her being expressionless, they were hesitant to act. However, Mira’s mention provided some decisive information. There was nothing that could stop Lily and others once they received an official permission.

“Hmm, I see. I will tell her the next time we meet.”

“Could you, please? Could you tell her to inform us when she has time, since if possible, we would love to measure every nook and… to take precise measurements of her?”

“Got it.”

Mira stood up and after giving her thanks again she left the dining hall. As for Lily, she immediately ran over to the people related to arrange a meeting regarding Amaratte’s outfit.”



(“After experiencing Cleos’ wagon, I’m not really up for traveling like this, mm…")

Mira was at the plaza in front of the Arkite Castle’s main gate. It was a small plaza with walls in the back, which separated the upper-class’ district and the castle. There, she took out a fur coat and looked up at the sky, recalling the comfortable travel in the sky in Garuda wagon.

“Have to bear it until mine is made.”

Muttering so to convince herself, Mira set her summoning point in front of herself.

【Summoning: Pegasus】

As the spell’s activated, the magic circle that appeared in front of her rose up to the sky and several lightning strikes struck the ground. Then, from between them a pure white figure clad in lightning has appeared. Once last pieces of the magic circle formed wings, the carrier of lightning - Heavenly Horse Pegasus had descended upon the ground.

Pegasus quietly neighed as she folded her wings. Then the moment her eyes met with Mira’s, she turned away.


Although there were exceptions, most of summons that did not require Rosario Summoning Circle did not speak. With that said, even if they were unable to speak, they could still show what they want to say with their attitude. Yes, just like Pegasus right now.

“It’s been a while, were you in good health?”

Mira walked up to Pegasus and spoke to her while peeking into her face, but Pegasus only turned her head in the opposite direction.

There was no words of answer. But Mira happened to know what is going on. She looked somewhat similar to Mira’s own little sister when she was angry.

“Are you angry, mm?”

Maybe, she thought and spoke to him. When she did, Pegasus turned her head to Mira displeased and glared at her. In her eyes, there was the loneliness of not being able to meet, and frustration of being left for such a long time.

Even if she could not understand everything, Mira could tell from Pegasus’ look that she was angry.

(“She was a spoiled girl back then, too… It must be because she was left alone for thirty years, mm…")

“I’m sorry. Although it might sound as an excuse, these thirty years I was not here, in this world. I came over just recently, you see. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t contact you.”

Mira earnestly apologized. After she did, the next instant she felt an impact. Pegasus rushed headlong at Mira. Knocked over, pushed and rubbed against by Pegasus’ head, Mira quietly hugged Pegasus to her chest.

Pegasus squinted her eyes, now clear of sadness and shedding big tears.

While Mira panicked at this sudden happening, seeing that Pegasus was so lonely made her feel very ticklish. With her arms turned around Pegasus neck, Mira dearly caressed Pegasus’ mane.

The tears wetting Mira’s chest were very warm and seemed to have permeated even inside her heart.



Judging that it was about time Pegasus has calmed down, Mira stood up and faced her.

“So, I have something I want to ask of you, will you listen?”

When Mira said so, Pegasus quickly stood up and stared back at her before nodding.

“I see, so you will. Actually, I wanted to ask you, if you would let me fly on your back.”

The moment Mira said this, a sparkle appeared in Pegasus eyes’ she widely opened and she immediately leaned over in front of Mira. Then as if to hurry Mira, she pushed her waist with the tip of her mouth.

“Ohh, so you’ll let me ride you. Good girl, mm.”

Looks like she agreed. In joy, Mira gently pat Pegasus head before putting on the coat and straddling Pegasus’ back.

Pegasus slowly stood up as if to enjoy Mira’s warmth on her back, then spread her wings widely. Finally, she turned around to look at Mira as if to say everything was ready, asking for directions.

“Well then, Pegasus. Fly over that way.”

While brushing the soft mane, Mira pointed her finger in the South-Southwest direction where the Fayth Woods were. Pegasus neighed loudly to show her acknowledgement and flapped her wings, gradually increasing the speed of her wings.

Then, along with a light sound of hooves and of wind passing by her ears, Mira felt the gravity weight on her as they danced into the sky all at once. Unlike how it was with Aizenphard, there was nothing that blocking view below Mira, so she could see the plaza in front of the castle’s gate really well.

“Nice, very nice. It’s really comfortable, mm.”

The coldness that was bothering Mira, was no longer a problem thanks to the fur coat. And it was especially nice to be able to enjoy the sight beneath them. Because Aizenphard was so big, it was hard to see what is under.

Pegasus ran in the sky in a very happy mood. The trajectory she had drawn, was filled with tiny electrified particles that seemed to display her emotions and created a river of light that could be seen even in broad daylight.

Mira hugged Pegasus’ neck with one hand and glanced Lunatic Lake, which was growing smaller every second. What was reflected in her eyes, were the Five Pillar Institutions other than the academy.

Let’s try visiting them the next time I’m here. Thinking so, Mira took a look around at the world spreading in all directions.

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