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It's been a while!

A really long while. Yeah.

So, what to start with... I guess the overall situation? Basically I've been REALLY busy with work for entire months and had no time to translate at all, it's gotten better now - much better, but I still haven't been able to pick up my interest in translating stuff. Is it age getting to me, is it burnout, or is it other stuff that steals my attention (games)? Who knows.

Of course I don't intend to quit translating, I plan to continue translating novels until at least OSO is complete (including future releases), also AMA short stories - I didn't forget about that, folks.

In any case, translations are continuing. Knowing myself, sooner or later I'll get mysterious motivation and catch up in no time, especially that I've upped language skills by a lot in the meantime. Also, I've been thinking of doing something different to motivate myself, but it's still at concept stage.

Oh yes, what you're here for is a chapter, and a chapter you'll get. Here you can move onto cuddly Yun adventures chapter 2.


PS: Thanks Aorii for keeping this blog alive while I was hibernating.

Back to the Era of Cute

Yes, it's been a while... but we're finally back to OSO. Cute and fluffy, especially fluffy this time - adventures of young high-school girl, Yun.

...And I'm out of things to talk about, aside from a small insignificant notice I'll do in a moment. But for now, links to Prologue and Chapter oneoneone1111.

Now to the small notice. The next release will be a little special, although short. Look forward to it.


Merry Christmas, Sorry - No Christmas Release

Basically what it says upstairs.

I haven't had much time recently, especially with holidays coming, lots of work, lots of shopping, lots of cooking and such. As such, unfortunately I don't have and won't have any Christmas release this year.

Next release... I'll try to prepare one for the New Years, no promises there though.

Now, that aside... a new volume of OSO has been released! Yayy. You can see few of the illustrations on the illustrations page for OSO SM2. Yes, RL Toutobi is so damn hot.


 Edit: No New Year's release either. This chapter is just too damn big. About 50% into it so far. Look forward to the release.


And We're Caught Up With OSO Again

OSO_v09_Cover.jpgSo, I've had the epilogue and afterword done for nearly two days now, but I've decided to wait out a little before releasing. Anyway.

With this I'm caught up with OSO, and can now switch to Antimagic without being bothered by half-done volumes. Yay? YAY! I know everyone's been waiting for it. Well, don't expect insane translation speeds, but we're slowly moving towards THE END.

Links for OSO: Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.

I will probably release Antimagic's prologue rather quickly, but the chapters themselves are huge. The entire volume is rather huge, so it'll take time for each chapter to be translated.

Make sure to support the authors and publishers by purchasing the books in original language. Don't count on English releases, they might - or might not come.


P.S. from Bareus: Epilogue and afterword have already been edited. So to those of you who make ebooks from this - go for it!

A Ride Towards The Sunset


Yes, a release. Just one chapter, although I was hesitating whether to release right away or do epilogue and afterword first. But oh well, this will make another release in a day or two so I guess it's fine.

So, uh, yeah. Nothing to talk about so I'll get into the link right away.