Elvenblood (Elf of the Fresh Blood (鮮血のエルフ)) written by Fujiwara Yu (藤原 祐) and illustrated by kona.
Published by the Dengeki Bunko, it has currently two volumes.

This series was dropped and will no longer be translated because it's too depressing for me.

- krytyk

 Story Synopsis

What was left for the boy, was just the girl. And what the girl chose, was just the boy——

Human siblings living in a remote village, elven siblings living deep in the forest. The peace of theirs, who should not have been friends, should have continued forever. However, when the elves suddenly started an invasion on the human world, the feelings of the four were torn apart and they took different paths. Eventually the human boy——Imina, and the elf girl——Ellis, stood on the battlefield. The sword he holds is crimson. The same colour that had flowed on it, and will flow on it from then onwards...

The sharp, blood-coloured dark fantasy begins here!

EB_v01_CoverVolume 1 (Full Text)

EB_v02_CoverVolume 2

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Preamble
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Interlude
  • Afterword

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192 thoughts on “EB

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  1. Danny

    Hi, can you please tell me when volume 2 would be translated? Its been nearly two years since last update or has the translator dropped this novel?

  2. Error_404

    Krytykal do you know if there is an other group that is translating Elvenblood?

  3. JustALolicon

    ;-; just came to this site again afterba long time to see if this is updated but..... ;-; such a good ln I hope someonr can continue this.. ;-; the for all the hard work tho

  4. DigitalAlliance

    is this LN end at vol 2?Its been a long time and still no vol 3. Could u do me a favor by updating the Vol 2 illustartion?( u dont have to). Anyway thanks for translating this, its truly a new genre for me hahhahah

  5. PIXY

    this series is depressing indeed, after i read the volume 1 you translated, i read (decipher is better word) the volume 2 raw with my not so good japanese language understanding, i can not stop shedding tears when reading this because of how sad and depressing the story is, so i can at least understand how you don't wanna translate it anymore, anyway thanks for the volume 1 translation

  6. Khader

    Please make a announcement that you dropped it in the next blog post atleast other translators who are interested might pick it up. It's a waste for a good story to have it's TL go dead

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        I'm pretty sure people just don't know how few actual translators there is. They often think that translators have nothing to do and jump at the first opportunity to pick up a novel to translate... Moreover, Elvenblood's difficulty doesn't help. It's the hardest book I translated so far.

        1. khader

          Sure politely asking as to make an official announcement here was a mistake i guess....and @Aorii I'm pretty sure that there was not an announcement like that i remember @krytyk saying that he is not translating it for a while

          here is the evidance ( although he said he would drop many times but never announced that he officially dropped it )
          and as for Mr @krytyk please make a note of that not all people are as retarded as you think we do understand they have their own IRL to handle and please try to decrease your narcissist personality that will help out a lot and as far as other people taking up this series it's not written fact that they won't pick it up
          that's all i have to say about this topic
          Cheer's and Have a nice day/night where ever you live ^_^

          1. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Woah, it's been a while since I saw so much bitterness in someone. What part of what I wrote was narcissist? I just stated that there's practically no real translators out there aside a few active ones I can count on the fingers of one hand (two hands if I count the ones who are semi-active (one release per month or two)). I don't count the people who drop text into machine translation engines as they are incapable of translating a proper, non-digital format novel, not to mention something of Elvenblood's difficulty. Moreover, in general translators don't pick things because people tell them to, unless they are aiming for donations or attention. Throwing tantrums because you cannot get something is not the way to go.

            As for "it's not written", it is - in a huge font on Elvenblood's page. People read that and suggest to other translators for picking up, talk about it. But that doesn't mean anyone will pick it up - it's extremely unlikely.

          2. rozen maiden

            Well, From the english translation, i think it's pretty hard to be translated ( like in-war vocab, poem like sentences and despair in its plot ). I'm sure it's very hard to translate this novel ( It's on Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari difficulties after all ) Many had been trying to translate that novel and no one survived.

          3. Virtual Livestock

            Have some air with your salt buddy, you're making the ocean jealous.
            The only complaint I have is that I got to read the first one because now I want to read the rest that much more... my only hope is that there is a Kylo Translator out there somewhere to finish what Darth Krytyk started.
            No need to get so pissy just because something you like was dropped, just find something else (on that topic Only Sense is currently the only thing to really get attention, I do believe that there should be another series done but Only Sense alone is still something to be thankful for so I'll use less salt when saying, please start something new up Krytyk... please...)
            That's all from me, thanks for reading this... and if you didn't then you don't even know you're getting the thanks so it's your loss MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

        2. Nyururin

          Than your just plain ignorant I have read alot of good translated work by people who do a really goodjob at it and update regularly,you say you only need a hand to count but just now without thinking I thought up 13 groups updating on a regular basis you must not read much web novels or light novels and I'm also pretty sure no official announcement was made

          1. krytykkrytyk Post author

            What I understand by translation and what you understand by translation differs. /shrug

          2. Zana

            "I feel self-entitled to benefit for free off your hard work and time, and it is my birthright to receive regular, timely updates from you despite my complete lack of contribution and whatever concerns or troubles you may be having in your life. How dare you provide for me so slowly while others have done better!"
            This is essentially the attitude you are taking, Nyururin. I am ashamed to be even of the same species as you. A dog would have displayed more wisdom and virtue.

        3. Breaker

          @krytyk Replying to your other comment (which doesn't have a reply button for some reason?). Pretty sure you're not in the head of said other TLs. Yes there are few of them, but it doesn't mean they won't pick it up someday. Many TL do it because they like a novel and want to share it around, but most people have enough respect to not steal someone else's work. It creates friction and is bad for everyone.
          By not officially dropping Elven Blood, you are deterring other potential TLs from picking it up. I personally (this is my opinion) would rather have 1 chapter per month than no chapter at all. Besides, somebody might just start TLing just because they like Elven Blood... Is the probability high? No. Is it possible? Yes.
          Anyway, thanks for the work you did on Elven Blood! I understand that a novel as dark as Elven Blood is not everyone's cup of tea.

          P.S. I'm pretty sure what Khader meant by "narcissist personality" is that you said "Moreover, Elvenblood's difficulty doesn't help. It's the hardest book I translated so far." which can be interpreted as "Its too hard for anyone else." While I had to read 3 times to understand why he said that, I can see why he would come to that conclusion.

          P.P.S. Yes I know you dropped it, its written up there. Before you reply about it, that's not my point. Also, maybe make it red so its easier to see?

          1. krytykkrytyk Post author

            First, replies have a limit and only first two or three have a reply button, that's normal.

            Second, I have dropped the series, but I don't have any duty to find a new translator for anyone or to report anywhere to anyone, sorry.

            Third, I'm not deterring anyone from picking it up, what am I, Gandalf? "You cannot pass!"?

            Four, the reason I say the probability of Elvenblood being picked up is so low, is because there isn't many people around who can actually translate. Yes, I know there's tens of those webnovel translator wannabees, but this isn't the case where you can copy paste from ncode and into google/other mtl, there's only several people who can actually TL. Moreover, the writing is very difficult (it's hardest to translate novel from everything I worked with). Next, it's dark - the only translator who does this kind of guro-dark thing is EEE, in fact he likes the author's work but he won't pick it up. So yeah, those points don't help. Though I don't exclude possibility some mtler will try to challenge it just to spite me (and probably burn himself in the process).

            And no, it's not like I intended to say "Its too hard for anyone else.", it's just not something some home-grown mtlers can do.

  7. Ashley J. Williams

    This is the most interesting light novel I ever read, it has been years since I found something that interested me so deeply. It's very well written and translated and finally it's something original, I can't stand anymore the japanese stories they are almost always the same and there are very few translators that try to bring us something new. Krytykal you have my most sincere compliments and thanks for have done this please keep translating the novel. xD

  8. Mors

    Hey krytyk, thanks for translating this series, it's quickly become one of my favourites in the dark fantasy genre. (The illustrations don't often match the tone though, too... "cute". I'd've wanted sharper angles, not just bloodspatters on moeblobs, but I digress.)

    I have made a draft epub for Elvenblood volume 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ioimdh9zs9fvo4/Elvenblood%20Volume%201%20-%20Fujiwara%20Yuu.epub?dl=0

    This is the first time I made an epub, and I don't know enough about css to make it responsive for all the Kindle etc reading devices, but it looks fine for me with calibre viewer in desktop (after disabling its default options that override all image css settings, heh).

    Hope you don't mind, and that it's helpful to the rest of the leechers!

    1. Mors

      Updated the opf file in the epub a bit more with the metadata so calibre etc can scrape the name/author/cover properly. Link's still valid!

    2. Bareus

      We already have an epub for Elvenblood v1 here. But if you think your version is qualitatively better than the current epub, you're free to post it there again. I will check it later.

      Also, if you're going to make other ebook files, please post them in the aforementioned link.

  9. Gabnary

    Uhmm *Thinking*, I see the tag Romance and my mind yells, "YES! Read it now!!!", but then I see the tag Tragedy... this is scaring me from reading this. My heart can only handle soo much lol. Not my first time reading Tragedy, I just find it hard when the wife or girlfriend dies because after that the Romance is gone... I'll think about it haha :p

  10. Shadow

    Woah..,.,dark.Whats more,the hero is twisted.Sweeeet.
    Looking forward for next volume.

  11. Seishirou Kotaro

    Elf... this one definitely get into my reading list,,, when the volume 1 complete

  12. NEJi

    Loving the translation so far, always nice to see fan translation. Having pretty average understanding really hurts reading raw sometime, Lol. Keep up the good work. :)

  13. Steven

    When are you going to post next chap? I really just can't handle waiting much lonher

      1. RevolverOcelot

        great, as long as there's a release date i can plan accordingly, time to pick up a hobby to kill time, perhaps coin collecting

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I don't intend on quitting translations, don't worry. I just don't have time now :3.

  14. RevolverOcelot

    wooo, im excited to see the rest of the story, but the chapters seem pretty long, so i must have the patience of a thousand buffalos. Anyways seems really cool and interesting, thanks for translating!

    1. RevolverOcelot

      I realized im actually not all that patient, i'm too excited to see what happens next, gyaaaaaah i can't wait! but i have tooooo, hope the next chapter comes out soooon blaaaah.

  15. KirishimaChan

    well good stuff

    i wonder if anyone already translate this light novel because i interested to do it

  16. Shiina Kochiya

    Krytyk, do you plan to prepare a site header featuring artwork of Elvenblood as you have with the other series you've translated?

    1. Shiina Kochiya

      Wait, whoa, one just showed up as soon as I posted my comment. kljfhsdagkjdhslakghlskdhgksda

  17. acouvis

    The sharp, blood-coloured dark fantasy begins here!
    sigh... Always blood-coloured... Why can't it ever be a color like mauve, capri, or phlox? Whens the last time you ever saw anything described with phlox? It'd be unique!

    1. The one typing this

      So original it would also require a google search to know what flox is XD

  18. Daike1234

    For now, I'll wait for the translation of volume 1 to read it. i just hope its not feels.

    Its not feels right?
    is it?
    is it not?
    Pls don't be!

    1. Lifeman120

      Plz no feels, I'm at handling feels D': , let there be epic fights and romance plz

  19. Ophis

    Wait! Am I understanding this right? Elves, imoutos, darkness, and... imoutos?! Hell yeah, I'm all hyped now. Just waiting to see if it's harem, then we're ready to go.

    PS: I'm relieved to see that it's not another VRMMO! Dark fantasy for the win!

  20. Bareus

    So you finally revealed it, hu
    Peace of theirs, who should not have been friends should have continued forever.
    The peace of theirs, who should not have been friends should have continued forever.

    However, when the elves suddenly started invasion on the human world, ...
    However, when the elves suddenly started an invasion on the human world, ...

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Well, they found out from the clues, no point hiding it any more, nya :3.

    2. Shin

      However, when the elves suddenly started invasion on the human world, ...
      However, when the elves suddenly invaded the human world, ...

      Doesn't sound as wordy.

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        Original literally says "started invasion" so I'm staying true to it :P. I don't hesitate to go liberal, but I don't unless it's necessary.

  21. Zeeke

    Is the author "Fujiwara Yu" with "Kona" as the illustrator xD?

    That symbol comes from from their novel after all.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Heck, the symbol was up for two days now. People finally got to work :P.

  22. happinezz001

    would any one fill me in on what the hell are the clues i'm currently having a headache

    1. Yascob99

      I just realized maybe it's a hint. Does it occur in 2060 or something like that? It could be just to mess with us as well.

  23. Evil Twin2146

    First peanut buter jelly time, then mao from Gj-bu, then nyan sheep and now a piggy bank, may I inquire as to where you get these gifs and why?

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          No one said it'll be easy :P

          PS: 3/4 of them is just me screwing with everyone. The real ones is that blood splatter and description.

      1. Evil Twin2146

        The peanut butter jelly time was from Family Guy when Brian and Stewie dress up in banana suits to sheer up peter. I guess it was a bit obscure for everyone else. But also, are the point eared elf/demon/cat people the protagonists of the story?

  24. Blahto Blahtoto

    So basically we have to wait 5 years to know what this is .............. *puts sunglasses on Bring it on!!

  25. joshua

    A story of an elf trying to find her lost Rainbow sheep and falls in love with a shepherd.
    No, seriously. what's with the milliseconds going the wrong way!
    I see.... it is a story about time travel. Go back in time to when the counter was zero!!

    Time travelling rainbow sheep.

    Ok. I give up

  26. nero12

    pointy ears means elves right? RIGHT!? Anything with elves is always good, whether it be Loli elves or Onee-san elves.

  27. Evil Twin2146

    At first I saw a timer and was like, "Now I know when its going to be announced", then I realised... it's going up.

  28. Takatathien

    Hmm, if you like a LN that is ongoing and have many volume, may I suggest you to try Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!?
    It is not a typical harem LN because of all the comedy and brilliant ways that the MC used to get through the story. I believe it would be to your liking if you are into adventure type LN

  29. virian22

    guys maybe you could continue Knights and Magic... currently the series needs a translator..

    1. Dragon

      I would be happy as well if you were to take this Novel as a project.
      The Novel si currently at 5 volumes, the first two have been translated by Skythewood
      and I would like to read mmmmmoooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeee!!!

    2. Le Berino

      I agree with this please I do hope you could translate this
      if not please try doing kenja no mago (magi's grandson) the translators were having a hard time in updates this following days/months

      1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

        Mind, that I won't pick up translations after others, I'm not interested in continuing what others give up on. Well, just look forward to it, I've got just one series I'm interest in now, but there's still lots of time until I decide.

        PS: If the series suggestions start to annoy me, I'll indiscriminately delete them posts.


        One more issue, heck. There's lots to write about this time. I have decided on the next project, it's still secret though. But I'll tell you this, it's grimdark, high fantasy story.


        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Maybe I should announce it soonish, these are going to continue coming otherwise.

        1. Carlos

          That's sad. I read the first volume and even with my lacking japanese reading skills the story was good and interesting.

  30. Charles

    I am looking forward to this very much it looks like it could be very interesting.

  31. bleboo

    Good Luck with this new project and thank you. I hope you have time to rest and enjoy yourself first

  32. kenshi96

    Can you please translate CTG(CtG —Zero Kara Sodateru
    Dennou Shoujo— - Hako).I have the raws of vol1.I posted the sypnosis of it in Bakatsuki.It has vibe like Elysion and Sao.I thought you might be interested.

  33. charasuu

    So, Ehmmm...
    >slave heroine
    >battle of domination

    Well, this remind me of manga called "Big Order"...

  34. happinezz001

    I've readed the official synopsis from MF Bunko J it kinda resembles campione if based on the character dialogue on the site where the MC is one of the few people that has a rare ability and where all the other wielders of the same ability are completely self centered and crazy

    1. seeq

      That was my first thought too. But i doubt there will be these crazy kissing scenes like in Campione

  35. Daike1234

    I wonder how many kings there are. DON'T TELL ME THAT THERE ARE 7 OF THEM! oh damn. if that happens there might be something about number 7..

  36. Zeenu

    Thant actually sounds pretty cool~
    Kings sending assassins, the target enslaving said assassins, the target trying to kill said kings with said assassins~

  37. kio

    wooww sound interesting!!
    but it' seem even the author is same with antimagic, illustrator kinnda different eh,

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      The illustrator is best known for Gekkou and Gekkou SS, I think. He doesn't seem to have as much experience as Kippu for example, but I guess we can look forward to the future.

      1. KadiKadi

        This is by the Gekkou illustrator? The hell. Wouldn't have guessed, it looks kinda different.

  38. Troll-ED

    I love antimagic.. but I dont really like the heroine.. why must harem protagonist all are so dumb/dense..
    I love the romance, but the romance quality in AA is mediocre.. more like serious story bloody ecchi romance.. i didnt know how to express it..
    I wonder about the protagonist in this LN, if it's harem at least the MC should be perverted enough, Takeru is way too pure..
    I mean like Trinity Seven, it is harem but I like the protagonist a lot.., also hetare protagonist is no good.. just my opinion..

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      That's because AA isn't about romance. It's not a high school love comedy. It's serious shit. Comedy is there, romance is there, but it's only background. The author definitely isn't one who needs to appeal to readers with fanservice, although he does do that sometimes.

  39. JanJanitor

    What irks me is his bed hair. On some pics he looks nice and on some pics it make me doubtful if its the mc himself. On another note, i really want to see how the author would show how their relationship transform. Will it be just like parthner or would be rito and yami-ish relationship. well that still far in the future. Wish you luk in the job. Maybe get a raise or so.

  40. guildy

    Gonna think this will be harem with increasing female slave (like Monster Girl) .....
    until the story decide to take a dark turn somewhere and become serious

  41. Haha

    Theres a bunch of mangas with similar plot with this one that i found bad.. so im not getting my hopes up on this one... but who knows., maybe the author can make this interesting in his own way!.

  42. NP-3228

    You would think with a vanquish factor, it would, well, vanquish people. Not turn people into slaves; with chains too! Well im curious, not hooked, just curious. You go enjoy ur break Krytyk, if you can call it that.

  43. victorrama

    Ugh. My eyes starts to bleed. I wonder what this is though.
    We have Imoutos. We have VR. We have Justice. We have Darkness. We have Fluffiness.
    What else is there....?

    1. Fayte

      Super hard core action? No, we got that... cheating! We don't have that... wait, we do...

  44. Ophis

    I only needed to read till the end of this sentence:

    "Vanquish Overload (ヴァンキッシュ・オーバーロード) is a light novel series written by YANAGIMI Touki (柳実冬貴)"

    To already think "okay, I'm sold." LMAO. Seriously, if this LN turns out to be half as good as AA it''ll be a great reading already. :D

    PS: Even the title is already awesome~

  45. 411

    looks very interesting..... agh makes me want to read it already... if only there is at least an editable RAW i would have read it already #sigh

    well guess i'll just wait patiently and enjoy antimagic for the time being

      1. 411

        da yo na~ and even if i get one i can't read without furigana and dictionary so... muri desu ne~

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          I don't really know any series other than books for children that use furigana everywhere... oh wait, there's the seikoku no dragonar huh.

          1. Owl

            What are you still here for? Our permission to leave? You know you'll never get it, so if you want a break, run for it!

            Shoo, go enjoy yourself, recharge your batteries, shove snow down your girlfriend's neck, get kicked in the nuts...

            Maybe not the last 2....

            Seeya later, have fun!

  46. Kurogami

    Hmm.. Vanquish Overload, is it your new project?
    this seems interesting, i hope to see some of the chapters in the future... Xd

  47. Sanngrior

    sounds like a very interesting story, but since i have yet to get around to reading antimagia this will have o wait for me :s

  48. Caleb

    That puzzle was sooo annoying :P Way too many parts. But I must say the synopsis to this series seems nice so I'm all in for it.

  49. George129

    Found the description of this novel...this is gonna be so darn interesting!!
    Thanks for your hard work krytyk *thumbs up*.

  50. baka

    please do Dawn traveller, the scanlator who was doing it has dropped it because of life issues. Please its different from most and interesting.

    1. BlazingKyogre

      Ehh.....Just so you know it's korean. It's questionable whether Krytyk can understand that.

  51. debergue

    No...! No!! Nuuuuooooooooooooo!!!!!! It's 3 evils potatoes ! their invasion begin ! Protect your wife, husband, children and plates, THEY'RE COMING FOR US !!

  52. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

    *looks at Recs; laughs*
    *suppresses urge to provide a rec of his own, considering the TLer has his own ideas*

    This sorta reminds me when you dropped Aorii's Daybreak onto the site with nary an explanation in sight.

  53. Takatathien

    I don't know if you already have a plan for the new project or not (heck, I am not even sure if THIS is an indication for a new project), but if I may, I want to suggest you to this series

    Ore ga Heroine wo Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku

    There are already 10+ volumes out in Japan and the raws can be find online (I can send it to you if you like), and since the story's premise is very interesting, I think the majority of us readers (leechers) would love to read this

  54. Yukino

    Skythewood is translating Overlord but they say that the translator will only translate up to volume 2 which will finish today according to the schedule. If they really drop it then please consider the series Krytykal sama~. It's kinda dark but extremely interesting nonetheless.

      1. Yukino

        Well, don't know why but I pretty much call any translators or FF authors with sama~

        As for this page, it's not like I loose anything so I'm fine with any outcome. If it's trolling then it's fine. If he take the novel I suggest that's great. If it's another interesting novel then that's also great.

        1. Eldau

          Yukino, There was a notice on Skythewood's blog about someone translating onwards from vol. 2, which will be hosted on his blog. I can't quite recall, so i'll just take a look.
          "Volume 2 is done, will be taking a back seat as an editor. Do continue to support the old vanguards and the new up and coming translators for Overlord. Volume 3 will still be updated here." - From The Overlord page.
          And the schedule says Overlord Saturday. (I can see by the timestamp if it is correct that this was done after your comment)

          Well the conclusion is we might have a mystery project on our hands, but it isn't Overlord, and i think i saw a comment by Krytyk that he dislikes picking up series previously done by others.

          Krytyk, i am looking forward to seeing what you will be putting up in this page. (I haven't quite decided for honorifics yet)

          1. Akugelap

            cocayln team already working it with Sky as their Editor. translation will be post at Sky blog every Saturday if got no problem.

  55. Blahto Blahtoto

    Cookies and Biscuits: The Battle for Milk. I think that's what this is :))

    1. Kaiser

      Please translate Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan, there are already 2 volumes translated for it so you can see for yourself that its a pretty good series. It would be really nice if someone picked it up and continued on.

      1. Takatathien

        Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan is already being translate by KLSymph. I do not recall reading him saying that he would drop it.

          1. Kumo

            Shomin sample is being translated over at Guhehe, they have 3 chapters done so far.

    2. qwe

      the original fmp is a masterpiece, and im hoping to see more of that