The Milete Forest near the Arkite Kingdom’s borders. On plains spreading near this forest there were large flames burning up into which the knights threw large numbers of Goblin corpses. The black smoke rising up to the sky from the flames was very dark, and despite rising up to heavens, these flames felt as like they releasing a wriggling miasma from hell.

“Mira-dono, is it. I’ll remember it. Still, I didn’t know summoners were this powerful.”

“This much is normal.”

The Spell-Clad Knights captain Graya has left all of the clean up to his subordinates, and the ex-Sage Mira who was responsible for the mountain of corpses, also left all the cleaning to others. With the corner of their vision the two watched knights work busily as they continued to talk.

“Even if they’re just goblins, to be able to annihilate this large group of them so one-sidedly at your age means you must have had a great teacher.”

Said Graya and stared intently at the sword held by the Dark Knight that stood beside Mira.

“Hm-mm, well, something akin of that.”

She had no such thing as a teacher, but it was better to leave it at that. Thinking it was a pain to think of excuses, Mira nodded with a confident expression. At the same time, one of the knights ran up to Graya.

“Reporting. We were unable to find the monster that escaped. The pursuit team has returned for the time being. The search team continues the mission.”

“I see. I’m curious about this unfamiliar monster, but it can’t be helped. We will have the search team continue while we will return to base for the time being.”

After receiving the report, Graya called the messenger and gave out orders. Meanwhile, the knight who came to report had fearfully inspected the Dark Knight.

“Curious about him? It’s summoning spell’s Armament Spirit, a Dark Knight.”

Graya spoke in voice full of confidence, as if he was boasting about himself.

“Summoning? That’s unusual. I did hear about Armament Spirits…but I did not expect them to be this intimidating.”

“Yeah, I was surprised as well.”

While the two were talking, Mira focused on a certain wording in their conversation.

That is, them saying that Summoning is unusual. Certainly, when it came to the amount of summoning spellcasters, they were one of the less popular spellcaster classes. By the way, the most popular spellcasting class were Holy Mages, which were a class that used healing and support spells, and were essential to any party, which was the reason for their popularity. Still, summoning was not as unpopular as to be labelled unusual.

When it was still a game, the moment you selected Summoner class, you received access to the bare minimum of required skills.

And the Summoner’s basic skill was the 【Seal of Contract】. It was a skill allowing you to form a contract with the spirit you beat and then summon them as servants, but this skill had no attack power at all. This was the reason why summoners were called a high-difficulty class, and also the reason that deterred people from playing it.

Just beating Armament Spirits was not very difficult. You could call a friend or hire a mercenary to do it. However, to make the Armament Spirit a summon, it was necessary to for the Summoner to completely beat the Armament Spirit on their own.

Of course Mira too, or rather, Danbulf, walked that path. She brought a large amount of healing and bomb items, then spent about two hours exchanging blows with an Armament Spirit at the “Ancient Speladius Battlefield" before she finally managed to contract it. Like that, she acquired a Dark Knight, a basic spirit summon who was very easy to use, and to whom she had a lot of attachment, a partner who was with Danbulf for a long time now.

However, this was not something anyone could do. Players who read the instructions on the bulletin boards often judged it too difficult and avoided picking summoner class.

Still, it was not like there was no Summoners around. In fact, there were plenty of people who looked up to Danbulf and made new characters to become Summoners, there were also people who decided to pick Summoner class after reading stories of his various feats.

However, according to what the two knights were saying, the Summoner class has become unpopular again, which made Mira worried. Especially that since thirty years have passed, it was very likely to be true.

Thirty years. It was not a short period of time. It was beyond Mira just how many things might have happened in the meanwhile.

“Mm, there is something I want you to tell me.”

Wanting as much information as possible, Mira has asked Graya several questions while knights were preparing for returning to base.


“Farewell then, be careful on your way back.”

“That’s my line, is what I want to say, but it appears that you are far more skilled than we are, Mira-dono, so I can’t refute.”

Said Graya and laughed in loud voice, then extended his right hand.

“Thanks to you this time’s incident has been much easier to deal with. With your great skills I would love if you came and worked our weaklings until they’re usable.”

“Mmm, then, if I have time maybe I will come pay a visit.”

Mira responded to Graya’s half-jokingly made proposal and squeezed his hand, then smiled cheerfully.

“Sure, we’ll be waiting.”

He responded and together with other knights headed back to base. A moment later, a tragic but brave scream sounded from among the knights.

Mira stood in the middle of plain where the remains of the burnt goblin bodies were, and organised the information she acquired.

Graya had politely answered all the questions she asked. As a result, she mainly acquired information on the Arkite Kingdom’s current situation.

Out of nine Sages who fulfilled role of Elders and were the cornerstone of the country’s defenses, eight of them were missing and their duties were taken over by substitutes who managed the towers on their behalf. In other words, Danbulf was not the only Elder who disappeared thirty years ago.

Apparently, within a year since Danbulf’s disappearance, all Elders have disappeared from the Silver Towers. But luckily, one of them, the master Wizard “Luminaria the Disaster", was said to have suddenly returned ten years after her disappearance.

The disappearance of all Elders has been kept secret by the higher-ups of the country, but with Luminaria’s advice as the basis, the country had officially announced the disappearance of the Elders. Even now, Elders’ aides and the tower’s most skilled researchers continued to act as Elders substitutes, managing the towers. However, the difference between the Elder substitutes and the missing Elders was large, and the substitutes were at their limit.

Elder Luminaria, it was a very familiar name to Mira.

She was a spellcaster just like Mira, and one of Mira’s best friends since the official game service has started, and with whom Mira worked hard together to improve herself.

Luminaria had long, vibrant crimson hair and features displaying strong will, she was tall like a model and had plentiful breasts. That was the Luminaria that Mira knew well. And since on the inside she was a man, they were able to talk about dirty things together without restraints, though he still had fresh memories of the discomfort caused by her appearance when they talked about dirty stuff.

Just like Danbulf, she disappeared thirty years ago and was in the same situation. In other words, Luminaria, also a player, disappeared at similar time as Danbulf and had appeared again.

And Danbulf too, had now reappeared, although after a different time. Though, his appearance was now different.

Mira decided in her head as to where to go next. It was highly possible that Luminaria, who was in the same situation, was the very same player that Mira knew. Mira might be able to learn something on the current situation from her.

The goal is the Arkite Kingdom’s Heavenly-Demon City “Silver Horn". The land where all spellcasters of the continent gathered in.


When Mira started walking from the grassland into the path through forest towards the Silver Horn, the blue sky seen between the branches began to get tinted itself with vermilion color. She checked the current time in the menu window which was displayed in the space in front of her, and found that it was past five o’clock in the afternoon.

According to her memory, it took about an hour to reach Silver Horn from the plains, but she hasn’t traveled even half of the way. The reason for that was simple, Mira kept making detours. She stared curiously at butterflies sucking the flower nectar, got creeped out by worms that appeared from inside earth and such. It was all because the sense of presence that was not there when this was still a game, had stimulated her curiosity.

Right as she was about to close the menu, Mira recalled that she put an apple pie inside it before. She was starting to get hungry, so she touched the icon with her finger and it appeared on her hand like some magic trick.

Mira squinted and stared at it. This apple pie was in the item box for a week already, and according to the current time and date, it was something purchased thirty years ago, but she could not find any changes to its appearance.

Slightly hesitant, she moved her nose right next to it and was able to smell the sweet scent of vanilla spreading in her nostrils, and at the same time, her stomach squeaked.

Resolving herself, Mira opened her mouth wide and bit into the apple pie. At the same time, a crunchy sensation and the apple’s sourness and sweetness filled her mouth, clearly stimulating her sense of taste.

In which case, this time she opened the item box to take out Apple au Lait. This one, was an item that could be said to be all spellcasters’ very basic equipment. A drink made out of milk with apple added into it, itraised recovery speed of Mana which was the source of all Magic Power.

Smelling the faint scent of apple, Mira sipped some of the yellow-tinted white liquid.

“Mm, tasty…"

Reflexively, she leaked her impression of the taste. The two food items she tried were perfectly fine when it came to mouthfeel, taste and how they felt in the throat. If anything, Mira, who had never eaten an apple pie in real world, was very impressed and felt like it was the tastiest thing she ever ate. Apple au Lait was also something she had yet to see in the real world, but the sweetness and taste of it were to Mira’s liking.

“Phew.”, Mira exhaled and watching the clouds flowing in the sky, she felt the world with all her senses.

The feeling of wind swaying her hair, the scent of greenery tickling her nose, as well as moderate exhaustion from physical exercise. And the tastiness of apple pie and Apple au Lait.

Countless signs of realism surrounded her without asking for permission. This much of circumstantial evidence and her careful grasping of the current situation made it more and more likely that this was reality.

There, Mira had arrived at a certain answer for the time being.

That she needed to act from here on while taking it as basis that this world was real. Even if she turned out to be wrong, it would just turn into a good laugh. It was not a problem. However, if this really was reality and she did not treat is as such, she might end up doing something that cannot be undone. She might die for real if she is careless, and she might kill someone who will not come back. There might be a situation where she leaves someone to die, only to be tormented by regrets afterwards.

The first thing for her as a human living in this world she needed to do, was to quickly meet Luminaria who should know something. And thus, she turned her gaze back to the forest path and started walking.


After a while, it appeared in front of Mira.

A gray body and ferocious eyes. Saliva dripping from its protruded canines. It let out a low-tone growl as it approached its prey. Mira knew the appearance of this beast.

It was a Sabre Dog, a monster that was said to be the first hurdle of novice players.

These surroundings were Sabre Dog’s territory. There was no one else around her, and she, a weak girl, moved far from the town to walk the forest path. It was a foolish action that could be called a suicide.

No matter who looked at her, it was impossible for anyone to judge her abilities based on her looks. At most, they could suspect she was a spellcaster due to the robe she wore. However, even if she was a spellcaster, the young girl looked to be still a trainee. If there was an adventurer nearby, there would be 100% chance that he would jump in between her and the Sabre Dog.

And that was also how she must have looked to this Sabre Dog. He decided that her small body marks her a weakling.

The Sabre Dog was above a meter tall and even an adult would be in danger when meeting him without any prior preparations.

The hunter’s eyes were filled with lust for blood, having no intention of letting the easy prey which appeared to escape, he carefully closed the distance between them.

Facing him, Mira protruded her hand. She attempted to use a skill in the same way she always did, that moment, the Sabre Dog’s eyes were dyed with fear. But at the same time, something collided with his body and turned it into a red flower dyeing the trees behind.

In the game, Sabre Dogs were a just a little higher above the lowest ranking monsters, in other words, they were opponents weaker than goblins. What Mira did to him, was using her secondary class’ basic Daoist spell 【Daoism - Heaven: Impact Wave】. It was a spell that only sent an impact wave forward to attack enemies, but when used by a spellcaster on Mira’s level, it was a spell lethal enough to easily erase a weak enemy.

“No problems it seems.”

Mira already used Summoning before, so she tried to experiment with Daoism this time. And through this experiment, she was convinced that she was able to use spells in the very same way she used them when it was a game.

After protecting herself from danger like that, Mira continued to walk without turning to look back.

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