The top floor of the Tower of Summoning. It was made the same way as the one in Tower of Wizardry and the split of rooms was also the same; without hesitation Mira headed straight for her own apartment.

In the corridor which had a red carpet placed on the floor, there were black armors on display, much similar to a Dark Knight’s one. They were items Danbulf once received as a reward for his achievements in a war he once participated in.

Between two of these, there was the door to his own apartment. After taking a glance at the armors, Mira extended her hand to the heavy door in front of herself.

“Oh right, right, I forgot.”

Her hand stopped and thinking that she needs to get used to it, Mira took out the Master Key from the item box and held it against the door. And then, a clicking sound came from the doorknob, as if the door had rejoiced for the return of its owner.

Mira’s warm skin touched the cold doorknob and turned it to enter her quarters, there, she felt something was off.

First off all, she immediately took off her boots at the entrance and left them near there since there was no shoe rack. Back when it was still a game there was no need to take off boots, so now that everything turned real, it felt uncomfortable for Mira and made it hard for her to calm down with boots on.

After revealing her bare legs, Mira moved around the familiarly-constructed quarters and her gaze focused on the rug made, with the Magic Beast King Grankaex’s fur which covered about 80% of the room’s floor. This rug shining in golden-color was very soft, but at the same time incredibly tough and not even doing combat training on top of it could make make a scratch on it. This rare item was something Danbulf received as his part of loot from when he and other Elders went on a tour to exterminate the Magic Beast King, and had further processed by a crafter.

The Magic Beast King-class drops were materials that could be made into top-class equipment, so when Danbulf asked a crafter to make a rug out of if it, the crafter asked about ten times “are you sure?” thinking it was a huge waste to make it into a rug.

In a way, it was a memorable item which now lied down on the ground, as if submitting to him. Other small items were also familiar things she gathered when she was still Danbulf.

However, the places she put them and their current location have slightly changed.

“Must have been Mariana, huh.”

Mira had an idea who might be the person who was the source of this discrepancy. It was Tower of Summoning’s Elder Danbulf’s aide.

It was a simple conclusion based on the fact that there were only two people who could enter this apartment. One was the Elder himself holding the Master Key, and the second was the Elder’s aide. And the owner of these quarters was gone for thirty years now, so the only remaining person was Mariana, who must have cleaned it like she always did, Mira conjectured.

Mariana, whom Mira knew what that kind of person. She always segregated things that were inside the room. When Danbulf went to hunt and came back with new spoils, and put them in a random place in the apartment, the next time he logged in those new items were categorized by type and stored away. Whenever the rooms were untidy, it always turned back nice and clean the next day.

After becoming an Elder, Danbulf hasn’t cleaned these quarters even once. Mariana’s personality was very methodical and caring, closely resembling some kind of childhood friend-type heroine.

The source of the discrepancy Mira felt was the location of those small items, but she already knew that Mariana kept moving them and that it has not started just now. According to Mariana’s setting, she was interested in divination and feng shui, so Danbulf just let her do as she liked, and this was the result.

It was possible that Mariana kept doing this for these last thirty years, Mira thought and unexpectedly worried about her.

However, Mira’s body appealed to her with tiredness, urging leave this problem for tomorrow, so she started tracing back her memories. Back when this was still a game, she would just log out when she turned sleepy and slept in her own bed, but this time it was different. She could not log out, so she had to sleep here, but the problem was that she had yet to use this apartment to sleep in, and did not know what was where.

Thinking that there should be a bed in one of the few rooms that were inside his apartment, but not knowing which one was it, Mira started checking them one after another.

The first room was the collection room. It was full of rare items that he gathered from all over the world, lined up on next to the other

The second room was the Energy-Refining workroom. It was full of wisdom on the topic of Energy-Refining techniques that Danbulf had developed.

The third room was a storage room. There, lied lined up equipment such as weapons, armor, and energy-refined items that he made through experiments. If people who knew Danbulf’s personality and how he scattered his items at random were to see this room, they would definitely burn up with desire to have Mariana.

When Mira opened the fourth room, she felt the familiar physiological phenomenon in her lower abdomen and stiffened.

It was not like she forgot about it, although she wanted to. She already started to feel the ripples build up before she arrived at the Silver Horn.

But Mira did not want to acknowledge this no matter what. After all, she knew that if she did “that” with the body of a girl like this, she could never turn back.

However, that was no problem that could be solved by enduring it. If anything, the more she endured the worse it was for the body. In fact, she desperately avoided thinking about it, but with the body’s preparations to do it complete and the required facilities in front of her, the bells warning her of the limit started to ring.

Mira resolved herself and closed the toilet’s door. A moment later the sound of flowing water could be heard.

(“Luminaria will laugh like mad at this, mmgh.”)

Imagining Luminaria’s expression at such time Mira smiled bitterly and taking a look back at the toilet, she unconsciously put a hand on her abdomen.

“Well, this is perfectly normal. No matter how anyone looks, I just did what had to be done.”

Muttering to no one in particular, Mira convinced herself.

After overcoming the harsh peaks of this first-time experience, her expression turned into a clear and refreshed one.

It was not like she did not have any wicked feelings, but that could not be helped since she had a perfectly healthy mind and healthy vigorous body, yes. In all honesty, there was no doubt that she felt a little excited, so she decided she might as well accept and justify it.

After that, caught up in the moment and in state of elation, Mira opened the door to the fifth room that was the bathroom, took off all of her equipment, turning naked and took a bath.

(“It sure takes time to wash my hair when it’s so long.”)

Feeling the sleepiness ease up thanks to the bath, still naked, Mira used a towel to dry her hair of the moisture.

After placing the towel in the first place that came to mind, she put her little butt on a sofa made of leather and opened the item list. She tried looking for some clothes to wear at home.

When Mira got out of the bath, she realized that her robe was dirty with blood and dirt. Although she wasn’t obsessed with cleanliness, she had absolutely no intention of wearing that robe right after taking a bath.

After looking through the list of items, her gaze stopped at a single icon.

It was an item called “Raiment of Celestial Maiden".

When Mira completed a Daoist-exclusive quest “Legend of Celestial Maiden" she received this special equipment as the quest’s reward. It had an effect of boosting Daoist skills, but the looks of it did not fit Danbulf’s appearance at all, so she put it away for the time being.

When she was still Danbulf, she put a lot of attention to her equipment’s appearance, valuing the dignity and style of a spellcaster above item’s stats. That was her creed, which is why no matter how good the item was, she would not wear it if it did not look good.

But how about now? Thought Mira. It was a thin, fluttery and flawless garment and might not look out of place on her, a girl, now. She imagined how she would look wearing it.

Thinking she might as well try it, she took out Raiment of Celestial Maiden out of item box and wore it.

At the first look, the outfit looked like a large baby-doll underwear. The skirt extended up to the calf of her legs and the sleeves up to the middle of her arm. The material reflected a little peachy color and had good in touch texture, it was fit the name of Raiment of Celestial Maiden. It was equipment not only Danbulf, but also all other male characters would have trouble wearing.

“Mm-hm, this is nice.”

Through the window separating the room from the darkness of the night outside, passed a little of light, and although it was not very bright it was enough for Mira to check how she appeared in the clothes. She used the window like a mirror and seeing the girl wearing the cloth on her bare skin, she smiled with captivation. It was a smile that included a little of lust, but with Mira’s appearance it appeared closer to that like a devilish girl. There were too many innocent features in her appearance.

Afterwards, Mira further searched the quarters and managed to find her original goal that was the bedroom. Also, she took out several robes for changing into and threw them sloppily at the sofa to wear them later. They were clothes she used when she was still Danbulf. These well-decorated and colored robes were full of dignity and high-class, making them his favorites he kept separately.

At first Mira wondered what to do about laundry, but decided to leave everything to Mariana and just left the clothes she took off as is.


Mira approached the window, looked at the lights in the distance below and yawned lightly. When she put a hand on her hip and stretched, her eyelids grew heavy. She checked the current time in the menu.

The clock displayed 10 p.m.. Normally, she would be starting to work seriously at this hour, but due to walking a long distance through the forest, tiredness accumulated in her small body. The bath only woke her up temporarily and now, she let out a second yawn and rubbed her drowsy eyes.

In any case, Mira’s goal here was not just confirming what was going on with her home base, but also meeting another player who has been in the same situation as she was - Luminaria. Concluding there was nothing else she could do now, Mira headed towards the bed that appeared to have been sucking her in and fell on top of it. The soft and elastic bed gently repelled the girl. The bed, most likely tidied up every day by Mariana, appeared to be like personification of Mariana’s heart longing to meet with her master.



Lunatic Lake, the capital of Arkite Kingdom. Near the lake shaped like a new moon, by the central portion of it there was the Arkite Castle where the king lived.

That day, King Solomon had completed his daily duties and leaned back on the leather-covered chair, then, seeing the desk full of documents he kicked the desk with annoyance. As a result, the wheels attached to the chair carried Solomon near the window while releasing a quiet sound as they rolled.

Lit up by the light made with Abstract Magic, Solomon used his fingers to touch the silver bracelet he had on his arm and glared into space.

The window displayed inside the empty space visibly only to the owner of the bracelet was filled with list containing white and gray letters.


This was a window Solomon checked every day. In it, Danbulf’s name had appeared in white.

Solomon raised his head and turned the chair around to look at the night outside, ruled by darkness and quietness. Beyond the mountains faintly visible far in the distance lied the Heavenly-Demon City Silver Horn. It was the city of this country’s heroes. When Solomon recalled nostalgically the sight of that city, a reserved knocking on the door had returned him to reality.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

A man who opened the door and bowed was one of Arkite Kingdom’s messengers. The man took a step forward into the room with a piece of paper in his hand.

Using just his expression, Solomon prompted the man to continue. The messenger spread the paper and started reading it.

“Reporting. From Spell-Clad Knights’ Graya-sama. “We have confirmed the appearance of monster herd near the country borders. With help of young girl adventurer we have exterminated the herd. However, an unknown monster managed to escape and we are still in search of it. PS: The adventurer’s name is Mira. She was a beautiful young girl with silver hair.” Is what it says.”

After receiving the report, Solomon furrowed his eyebrows just slightly, not enough for the messenger to notice. All the monsters herds that appeared were composed of the monsters that have already been living within the Arkite Kingdom. There should be no monster that knights in charge of defending the country not know, so the unknown monster marked a clearly unnatural situation.

“It might have joined the herd as it moved, or... Hmm, no idea.”

Solomon heaved a sigh and gave up on thinking about it. And when he raised his head, his eyes met with the messenger who was still holding the report.

“Is there something else?”


“Very well, speak.”

“We received magic transmission from the Tower of Wizardry’s aide Litaria-sama. She reported, that a girl called Mira has appeared in the district and claimed to be Danbulf-sama’s disciple.”

“His disciple...you say?”

Solomon lowered his gaze at the window shown by the bracelet. Displayed on it was Danbulf’s name. It was a name that for thirty years has been displayed in gray color.

That was the name of the legendary hero and his best friend displayed in white, and a girl who named herself to be his disciple. Also there was an adventurer girl, who together with Spell-Clad Knights exterminated the monster herd. And both these girls introduced themselves as Mira.

“That sure is plenty of overlapping coincidences.”

The fatigued look in Solomon’s eyes caused by the office work disappeared, instead, a strong and joyful sparkle lit inside them.

“Send an envoy to Silver Horn immediately. Tell them to politely summon that girl called Mira. I leave personnel selection to person in charge.”

“Understood. At once.”

Looking away from the messenger who rolled the report paper and left the room, Solomon once again looked outside window and stared towards the city beyond the mountain.

Contrasting with the mountains that appeared to absorb all light, the lake next to the castle which was a symbol of Lunatic Lake had sparkled ephemerally.

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