Still early in the morning, when bird songs announced the dawn a single carriage drove down Silver Horn’s main street together with the sound of horse hooves.

The carriage with kingdom’s coat of arms flapping off of it rode straight towards the Silver Towers, seeing that, the citizens wondered just what was going on.


Feeling a light stimulate her pupils, the girl’s consciousness swaying beneath the surface of the dreams, slowly resurfaced.

On top of a bed with canopy, Mira raised her upper body and adjusted the thin raiment that slipped off her, then opened her small lips to inhale deeply and urge her brain to awaken.

However, as she lost to the remnants of sleepiness, her vision was cut off and she fell on her back to dive back beneath the surface of dreams.

Then after a while, when her consciousness started to stir, a muffled rhythmic sound started to reverberate inside this top floor room, where even bird’s voices did not reach.

Mira’s consciousness was almost forcibly awoken by the discordant sounds disturbing silence, her unfocused empty gaze drifted around as she raised her body and was puzzled upon seeing the unfamiliar, luxurious-looking room.

“This place is…"

The high tone voice which spilled out, made Mira’s memory gush like geyser from the back of her head. At the same time, a sense of loss akin to dizziness has struck her and “oh, that’s right…" she muttered as she became conscious of the situation she was in.

Mira slid on top of the bed using her small body that she still was still not used to, and put her hips on the edge of it before taking a deep breath. That moment, a pair of beautiful legs peeking out from beneath the outfit entered her sight. The light entering room from between the curtains lit the skin up, making it appear even whiter and more prominent, which caused Mira lose her words.

Her cheeks were dyed red as if she was a young adolescent boy as she stared at her own skin and touched it to check the sensation. It was young girl’s skin with the perfect elasticity and softness, she could also feel the touched place. An electric signal reaching her brain had signalled that this was continuation from yesterday, and her consciousness started awaken completely, rising as high as the ceiling.

"...Still, what’s the noise the first thing in the morning?”

When her head cleared up, Mira got curious about the baffling rhythm that continued to sound before she even woke up and started listening carefully.

*thunk thunk thunk*. After a blunt sound as if something was being knocked on, she could faintly hear someone’s voice. Realizing there were voices of multiple people, Mira left the bedroom to check what was going on.

When Mira approached the door she became able to hear the voices clearly and tell their intentions based on the unorganized vibrations of the air that reached her ears

“Mira-sama, are you here? Mira-sama.”

“Litaria-sama, is Danbulf-sama’s disciple really here?”

At first Mira heard the voice of a refined woman and a man’s voice she didn’t know.

“There is no doubt. She had the Tower of Summoning’s Master Key and we found a witness who said he saw a silver-haired girl enter this tower last night. In which case, she must have spent the night here.”

“But couldn’t she go to spend a night in an inn afterwards?”

“If she had the Master Key then there was no reason to stop at an inn. All necessary equipment is here, I clean everything every day so there should be nothing lacking.”

Furthermore, another voice that felt more like that of a girl rather than a woman could be heard from beyond the door.

There was one voice belonging to a man and two female voices. One of the female voices was somewhat familiar but Mira was unable to clearly remember whose voice was it. I’ll know once I see her, and as if to prove this, Mira opened the door.

“Oh, it’s Litaria and Mariana.”


After slightly looking up at them, Mira confirmed their identity and rubbed her still drowsy eyes while glancing. That moment, her eyes met with the eyes of a man wearing military outfit, standing upright in the back. On his right shoulder there was an armband with Arkite Kingdom’s emblem.

“You are…?”

“Mira-sama! What is this appearance of yours?!”

“Please look the other way!”

For an instant, Litaria stared with astonishment at Mira’s almost-naked appearance in the door before nearly hugging Mira’s body to block the man’s gaze. At the same time, as the gaze of the man wearing military uniform was nailed to Mira’s limbs peeked out from under the thin raiment, a girl with fluttery and glittering sapphire twintails wearing a maid outfit had forcibly turned the man in military uniform in opposite direction, resulting in a blunt sound.

The man took a posture leaning forward as he stared right at the wall. Behind his back, Litaria lifted Mira and carried her inside the room.

“What is going on?!”

The door closed and Mira was put down on the leather-covered sofa. Not sure why was she forcibly brought back inside the room, she stared upwards at Litaria in confusion, seeking answer.

“That is my line. This might be the Sage’s apartment, but it is always possible visitors come. You can’t go out looking like this!”

A little angry, Litaria admonished Mira for her appearance. Hearing that, Mira looked down on her body. Certainly, the Raiment of Celestial Maiden could not be called proper clothing and it could not serve as underwear because of how see-through it was.

In the past, Mira usually wore casual clothes when at home, and the only other thing she had that she could wear now were the combat-adjusted robes she took out to change into yesterday. The Sage’s Robe she was originally wearing was also robe for combat. If someone asked if she had any more comfortable clothes than the ones she was wearing now, she would say NO. Rather, the other robes she prepared were for wearing outside and she had no intention of wearing them in her room.

“Unfortunately, I had nothing else to wear, you see.”

Mira said as if it could not be helped.

“You can use this. You should hide your skin at the very least or some lustful pervert will assault you.”

Litaria answered and took the red and black robe that was on the sofa, then put it on Mira.

After squirming for a moment inside the robes Mira passed her head through the neck of the robe and realized that the size of the robe didn’t match her at all. She dragged the sleeves low and not even fingers could be seen peeking out from them. It was not just that, the robe that perfectly fit Danbulf was too wide, because of which a big hole was open down to the chest, displaying yet another kind of bewitching charm from a naked body.

“It’s all loose.”

“It belongs to Danbulf-sama, of course it won’t fit you.”

While saying so, the maid girl took off one of the hair clips she was using to tie her hair and used it to tie the robe at the neck. The hair clip with a red ribbon attached to it that was attached to her chest now made her look even more feminine.

“Looks sloppy..."

Mira was disheartened to see one of her favorite robes lose its dignity with a single hair clip.

“Mira-sama, is it true that you are Danbulf-sama’s disciple?”

The maid girl asked as she adjusted Mira’s collar and stared at Mira, it could be seen in the eyes that she was clinging to the slivers of hope.

“Mm, indeed. I heard of you as well, Mariana.”

The maid was so close that Mira could feel her breath on herself. She had clear-sapphire blue hair and eyes, her stature was close to that of Mira and she had swaying butterfly wings on her back. These wings were the proof of her being of the Fairyfolk, a race that retained childish appearance even after reaching maturity and and possessed wings that were not physically to fly, but instead captured mana in the atmosphere allowing her to fly.

And this fairy was Danbulf’s aide, Mariana.

“I’m glad. Danbulf-sama…"

As she made an expression of relief, her eyes moistened and several tears trickled over her reddened cheeks as if to cool them down before falling.

Mira lost her composure seeing the girl suddenly start crying, and wanting to do something, almost unconsciously she extended her hand towards the girl’s cheek. But before touching the cheek, Mira understood the meaning of the girl’s tears, she retracted her hand and with no better idea what to do with it, put it on her own chin.

The source of these tears were the girl’s feelings towards Danbulf, who suddenly disappeared. Feeling an emotion similar to guilt from deceiving the girl, Mira hesitated before touching her.

Touched by her tears, for an instant Mira considered saying the truth, at the very least revealing it to Mariana. But desisted from doing it. How would Mira explain so that Mariana understand? Would she not receive shock hearing that her master, Danbulf had turned into this appearance? Would she accept it and could they continue the relationship they had until now?

Up until now Mira only treated Mariana as an aide, but now Mariana cried for Mira’s sake and become a person with sense of self, which is why Mira still didn’t know how to act towards her now.

The selfish wish of not wanting to be rejected by the girl who yearned for him so much, and the feelings of not wanting to worry her any longer clashed. The words that naturally almost left Mira’s throat have slowly turned back to silence, she used a selfish excuse to put a lid to her emotions.

After staring at her hands hidden in sleeves, feeling miserable, Mira looked up. Responding to that gaze, Litaria wiped Mariana’s cheeks while whispering to her “great news, isn’t it".


“I’m sorry, I have calmed down...”

When Mariana put her feelings in order and calmed down a familiar rhythm sounded in the room.

“Um, Litaria-sama, Mariana-sama. Is it all right now?”

A moment after knocking, a man’s muffled voice has sounded. The man in military uniform who was forcibly turned around had come back to his senses and resumed his mission given to him by the king.

“Yes, we will come soon.”

Litaria answered the voice and turned her gaze towards the goal of the visit that was Mira. The person herself, swaying oversized sleeves moved to sat down to on the sofa, after which she leaned back and stretched.

“So, what is it? That man is one of the country’s soldiers, isn’t he.”

“Yes. After I met with Mira-sama yesterday I reported what happened to the king, Solomon-sama. It appears that the king wishes to meet Mira-sama as soon as possible. The man outside is a messenger that has come from the capital to welcome you.”

“Hooh, Solomon, huh…"

The king of Arkite Kingdom, King Solomon. He was a player and the founder of this nation. At the same time, he was Danbulf’s close friend who invited him to this country. To Mira he was someone she was friends with even longer than Luminaria has.

However, not having a way of knowing that, Litaria and Luminaria treated Mira’s brazen behavior of calling the king’s name without honorifics, as something stemming from her young age and trying to act adult. Finding it charming, the two smiled. Furthermore, Mira’s way of speaking which was the same as Danbulf, was taken for something like that of a child trying to imitate a parent. But Mira had no way of knowing this.

“Luminaria-sama is still in Lunatic Lake, I believe you will be able to meet her after the audience.”

“Hm-mm, I see. Then I should make haste.”

If Solomon was there, there was a possibility he was a player just like Luminaria. Coming to such conclusion, Mira stood up from the sofa in order to respond to his summons.

But as she tried to move towards the door, she was stopped by Litaria and Mariana.

“Please wait, Mira-sama.”

“Mm? What’s it?”

“You might have put on a robe, but we cannot let you go like this.”

What Litaria was talking about, was the robe which was so long that the ends of it were being dragged on the ground and Mira’s hands did not reach the end of the sleeves. In other words, she spoke of the current state of the robe.

“Please stay put, Mira-sama. We will quickly adjust everything.”

Mira saw a suspicious light appear in Litaria’s eyes, but was unable to escape from her hands and was captured. After that, joyful-looking Litaria and Mariana, who took out a large amount of ribbons from nowhere, started raising the robe’s hem and roll up the sleeves.

Although Mira attempted to resist, the two splendidly cooperated to hold her down, adjust the robe and decorate her.


“The problem is underwear.”

“Yes indeed.”

When the two finished adjusting the outward appearance, the recalled that this robe was all that Mira wore and started to deliberate what to do about the inside of it. At the same time, the girl who was turned into the two’s dress-up doll felt a chill run down her spine at full power. It was because of the word she did not even want to think of.

Mira’s skin was now hidden by the robe, but she started pretty much naked in the first place. She had no memory of wearing underwear. In other words, she was in the “no-panties, no-bra” state now.

The two women would never allow the girl in front of them to remain in such state.

After losing herself in thoughts for a moment, Mariana appeared to come up with something and said “I have something. Please wait a moment.”, opened the door of the bathroom elated Mira had rushed into yesterday, and entered it.

A moment later Mariana returned carrying something in her hand. At a glance it looked like clothing made with white material, but Mira couldn’t tell what was it. Still, she felt like it resembled something in her memory.

“My, it looks just right. Now, Mira-sama.”

Although Litaria spoke as to prompt Mira, she just picked Mira up with her two hands and easily raised her up for Mariana to say “excuse me" and nearly-forcibly put the clothing on Mira. There was no room for Mira to display her will at all.

Mira looked at the thing she was made wear and recalled what was this half-pants-like clothing. It was underwear often worn together with goth-loli outfits, they were what people called bloomers.

“Why was something like this in my...in master’s quarters, nhm…?”

The first words she managed to squeeze out, was the first question that appeared in her head.

Certainly, there were equipment items in the game that were categorized as underwear, but Danbulf had no such hobby as gathering female underwear and Mira had no memory of leaving anything like this in the apartment. Of all underwear items, he only had the set of seven different-colored fundoshi he acquired at Kawakami festival.

“Danbulf-sama’s bathroom is large and feels great.”

“It is splendid, but…"

“It’s my change of clothes.”

“I...I see...”

With these words Mira completely lost any will to resist and dejected, completely turned into a dress-up doll.


The robe decorated with a multitude of ribbons had the hem folded until it turned into something like a flare skirt and the sleeves were rolled back, then tied down with ribbons. At a glance it looked like an exhibition of some kind of misguided mahou shoujo, but Litaria and Mariana nodded in satisfaction in response to Mira’s appearance which was their accomplishment. Mira however, displayed an inverse expression to theirs, a bitter smile overlapped a wry smile on her face and she stiffened.

“Now, Mira-sama, let’s go.”

“The messenger is waiting.”

“I want to change clothes.”

“We cannot allow the messenger to wait any longer.”

“It’s not like I made him wait.”

“It was your fault for looking like that..”


Unable to find any chances of convincing the two Mira gave up and lowered her gaze to look at her mahou shoujo-like turned robe and said “mm, how sloppy" and heaved a large sigh.

“Let’s go.”

Litaria moved first and opened the door beyond which, stood the man in the military uniform in the same straight pose as when Mira first saw him. Although, this time he was blushing a little.

When Mira walked outside the room, Mariana followed her and closed the door behind. The man looked from top to bottom at Mira’s appearance wearing a ribbon-covered robe and showed surprise at how much she changed, but at the same time he recalled Mira’s earlier appearance with large amount of bare skin displayed and was reminded of his emotions from back then.

Noticing this before anyone else, Mariana glared at the man so intensely that even a dragon would fall silent. Although the man standing upright flinched a little, he immediately cleared his throat and put his right hand on his chest in salute. It was the way Arkite Kingdom’s military saluted, but Mira made a strange and cramped expression at the sight.

The reason for that was because this military salute was something everyone thought up together when they were elated after Arkite Kingdom won the first war, despite being thought to be in desperately bad situation. So to say, it was thought up when they were kind of drunk. Mira recalled that it made quite the sight when the entire army saluted like this together during war, but faced with the salute one on one she could only put a forced smile on her face.

“It is pleasure to meet you for first time, I am Arkite Kingdom’s Combat Vehicle division’s vice-commander Galet Astol.”

“I’m Mira.”

“Danbulf-sama’s disciple, Mira-sama, yes? I have brought a verbal message from the king for you.”

When Mira concisely answered, Galet continued without changing his posture.

“Everything is already settled. Mira-sama has already agreed to go meet the king.”

Litaria spoke and peeked into Galet’s face, who avoided meeting her eyes.

“Ohh, is that so. Thank you very much. The carriage has been prepared in front, let us go at once.”

The man said while recovering a bare minimum of a serious expression and hurried to guide Mira to the carriage as if he was running away from something.


“Please be careful on the way and take care.”

“Mira-sama, if possible I would like to hear the stories of Danbulf-sama on some other day, would you mind?”

“Hmm-mm, I guess. I will tell you some the next time we meet.”

“Thank you very much, I will be waiting.”

“Mm, see you then.”

Mira waved her hand lightly to the two to mark the parting and got onto the carriage, then started thinking desperately over how can she explain to Litaria what happened with Danbulf.

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