The forest path on the road leading from Silver Horn to Lunatic Lake. A single carriage quickly drove on the only paved public road there was along with a loud clunky sound of horseshoes.

This carriage structured to be pulled by two horses which was used for transporting important people whenever speed was required, was called the “long-distance carriage". Although it was not something normally used for guests, it showed just how fast King Solomon wanted to meet Mira.

Sitting inside this rocking carriage and looking at the sights outside, Mira said “Mm, this is amazing, how fast!”, enjoying her first carriage travel.

Back during the game times, players used Flying Continents whenever they wanted to travel long distances, but now, the option in the menu to use them was no longer available. It used to be one of the system commands that appeared in the menu, but the command button itself was no longer there.

However, even if the command was still there it was dubious as to whether it would be possible to use Flying Continents in this world. If it was just like with the situation surrounding her and everything turning so real, then there was no doubt about it. As such, Mira decided to enjoy the situation instead.

It has been nearly two hours since they left Silver Horn, Mira seemed restless and her gaze wandered all over. The reason for that, was the natural phenomenon she had already faced the day before.

Even more so, that the small vibrations of the carriage had stimulated her lower abdomen making her sense the impending crisis more than ever. Because of that, finally unable to bear it Mira peeked out at the coachman seat.

“Mmhey, is there a powder room around?”

“Powder...room? I haven’t heard of such thing before, is it some kind of store? We are almost at Lunatic Lake, once we reach it I’ll buy you whatever you need.”

“No, it’s not a store…but yeah, there might be a powder room at a store, especially if it’s a restaurant... "

“A restaurant, is it. We haven’t eaten breakfast yet now that I think of it. Understood, it might be a little late for a breakfast, but let’s eat something once we arrive at Lunatic Lake.”

“Wait, I was just joking! I meant a privy, PRIVY!”

“Unghh...my apologies, but I don’t know if there’s a store named like that in Lunatic Lake.”

“Come on! I meant lavatory, toilet, restroom! Arhh...I don’t care anymore, just stop here and I will quickly finish it in the tree shadow!”

“Eh...aa...AHH! So that was what you meant!”

If it was the body she used to have she would be able to bear it for a bit longer, but the girl’s body had quickly appealed her it was at the limit, and Mira instinctively felt it - at this rate she would leak.

She impatiently poked the back of the man in military uniform who acted as the coachman, Galet, then pointed to a random place in the forest prompting him to stop the carriage.

The two horses who matched their breath have slowed down gradually. However, Mira did not wait until the carriage completely stopped and just jumped off it, moved to a nearby tree and raised the hem of her skirt. But then, she saw bloomers covering her lower abdomen and her movement stopped, of her hands only, that is. She stomped the ground restlessly while bearing the urge.

(“How do I even take this oooff?!”)

Although she was in a hurry, the bloomers she was made wear by force have stood in her way. Of course, from Mira’s perspective it was the first time she wore underwear like this, and she did not put it on herself so she did not check how did it work. There was no rubber band on her waist, but when she tried sliding it down she was prevented by her pelvic bones. She thought of tearing the bloomers off for a moment, but changed her mind on the verge of doing it. She could not just tear something that was lent. But even more so, she could not leak into something she lent, so she started to grow even more impatient.

Mira put a finger on the bloomers at the waist and tried to pull it to the side, but it did not work.

While feeling sweat come out from all pores of her body, she looked at the place she put her slender fingers at. And then she wondered, “Why didn’t I realize something this obvious?” and smiled wryly she recalled in how much panic she was.

Right at where the laces by the waist were, there was a string tied in a bowknot. It was something easy to spot once she calmed down, but because of all the firsts she experienced in this new body that she was not used to and the new situation, her brain’s processing speed has dulled. No wonder.

Knowing how it worked there was no problems left, but she has already reached her limit. Mira quickly untied the string, lowered the bloomers down to her knees and crouched, then was relieved upon feeling a sense of liberation.


After overcoming the problem for the second time Mira thought she has mastered her new body, but she quickly realized she made a huge mistake. When she was about to raise her bloomers, she recalled that women wipe themselves after finishing.

(“What do I do?”)

She did not have any paper or anything that could replace it. Just in case she opened the item box, but aside from food, she only found Energy-Refining related items and materials.

After closing the item box, Mira started searching for something in the surroundings that could work as a replacement. In the middle of the forest she saw light pass through the foliage and could hear little living beings emit whispering sounds. Then, from between weeds she saw some colorful flowers peek out.

Once she finished looking around the forest for once, Mira picked up a white flower with big petals and crouched again in order to use it instead of paper.


“Nmm, sorry, I made you wait.”

As Galet happily pet the two horses, Mira suddenly appeared from behind him and spoke with a little lively voice.

“No, I’m sorry not to have noticed.”

Galet turned around and changed his expression to a serious one, then lowered his head and apologized.

“Mm, I don’t mind. It was my fault for using bad wording.”

Mira was happy about her own growth and made a bright expression. Seeing that, Galet was relieved and he opened the doors of the passenger car.

“Let’s eat breakfast in Silver Wand first.”

“Mm-hm, let’s do that.”

While Mira sat down in the carriage, Galet checked on the state of the harness and jumped back onto the coachman’s seat.


About an hour after the powder room incident. The carriage had smoothly moved forward and they were close to reaching Lunatic Lake. However, the only thing that went smoothly was the carriage because Mira was facing an anguish she did not even imagine.

(“What’s going on, it’s stinging and throbbing.”)

Inside the carriage she rolled on top of the seat, feeling a burning pain in the groin that she had never felt before.

When she started feeling discomfort, based on the location, she first thought it was a woman-specific problem.

However the pain gradually grew bigger until she was finally unable to bear it and took of the bloomers to confirm the source of the discomfort. There, she realized the reason for it.

(“It must have been poisonous…")

The reason she came up with, was that petal. Or rather, there was no other possible candidate for a reason. Though if it was a female-specific problem she would not be able to even imagine what could it be.

After making a guess what was it, Mira checked her item box for something that could be used. There, she selected a certain item from among those that she always kept on her and took it out.

It was a healing item called the “All-Purpose Ointment" which was capable of removing abnormal status and heal wounds to an extent.

While feeling a slight resistance, Mira curled up in the corner of the carriage and full of hope started applying the ointment, then waited for it to take effect.

Soon after, her prediction proved to be correct and the ointment managed to remove the symptoms of poisoning caused by the petal, detoxifying Mira.

Relieved, she rolled around on the carriage’s seat and muttered “I’ve had enough...".


About ten minutes after the petal incident. The carriage gently stopped and Galet peeked inside the carriage from the coachman’s seat.

“Mira-sama, we have arrived at Silver Wand. Shall we go to a restaurant? Or should I buy something for you?”

Mira thought for a moment and,

“Might as well go to a restaurant this time.”

while usually she would immediately tell him to bring her something, she answered differently.

Up until now she has been living a life where VR replaced majority of her daily life. It was an era where it was rare to walk under the open sky, where everything starting from work and ending at shopping was done in VR, having the purchased items sent home.

However, this world was different. Mira walked through the forest and met with people, the carriage rocked under her. When she first realized it, she thought the current life to be overwhelmingly inconvenient compared to the previous one. However, now she started to enjoy all of it.

Having everything too convenient was something that made a human close their hearts, is what Mira felt, and thinking she wanted to experience as many things as possible, she got off the carriage to straight under the blue sky.

Silver Wand. It was a town located in the middle of the way between Silver Horn and Lunatic Lake, it was placed in the valley between two mountain ranges and was known to be a town of farmers, foresters and miners. Because it was located between the capital and the city with the country’s main military power, it managed to become a fairly big town with flourishing trade.

The place Mira was in at the moment, was a parking lot in the town’s business district. On a broad lawn there were several stables one next to another where carriages stopped.

Although normally parking lots required paying a fee, the one that the long-distance carriage stopped at was the kingdom’s-exclusive parking lot which did not require a fee. In other words, it was a parking lot for the carriages used by royalty, nobles and other people related to them.

Therefore, it was no wonder that they gathered gazes of people at the parking lots and the vicinity.

But even that aside, the girl exuding a special atmosphere gathered especially much attention. She had white skin and glossy, silver hair, strong-willed eyes and was clad in a robe covered in ribbons. People lost words seeing Mira’s appearance. Or rather, they were unable to find words fitting to describe this girl.

Surrounded by the scenery of Silver Wand, the town surrounded by mountains, Mira looked up at the sky and grandly stretched her body to loosen its tension.

In the corner of her vision she saw a bird flying horizontally whom she chased with her gaze, then looked at several places in the forest where birds have took away from and chased those with her eyes as well. Before long, her body started turning around without Mira herself realizing it at all.

Hearing Galet’s voice in the distance as he proceeded with formalities, Mira finally lowered her gaze and realized an abnormal atmosphere was adrift in her surroundings, so she looked away and stared at the lawn.

(“They’re looking at me. They must be laughing at my clothing, I’m sure of it.”)

There was no way that her appearance, like that of some anime character could fit in this fantasy world. Mira assumed so, and when she tried to escape from people’s stares, Galet finished talking about formalities and returned.

“I’m sorry for the wait. Do you have anything you would like to eat, Mira-sama?”

When Galet asked this, Mira attempted to hide behind him and responded with “let’s go with your recommendation". And to move away from this place as soon as possible, she poked his back.

“In that case, I will guide you to my usual place.”

The appearance of the girl poking Galet’s back to hurry him to do something made the people feel heart-warmed like they were watching a parent and child.

After leaving the parking lot, Mira and Galet entered the main street, then eventually moved into a lane before arriving in front of a house that also doubled as a restaurant.

“It’s this place, it might be small, but I guarantee the taste.”

Mira looked up at the wooden-made building. The store’s name “Evening House in the Street Corner" was written in big letters on the building’s swing doors. The doors were the type that could sometimes be seen in wild west movies, which allowed to see well inside the restaurant, but with Mira’s height she could only see the ceiling.

“You come for the first time in a long while and call our place small, you sure are rude.”

Suddenly, a female voice called out to them from behind making them turn around. There, stood a woman in her twenties carrying basket with groceries in both her hands, and who glared at Galet. Although plain, she was a beauty with chestnut hair flowing on her shoulders from under a kerchief. On the white-blue apron she was wearing was embroidery saying “Evening House in the Street Corner", proving that she was from this store.

“Oh, Shelly. It’s been a while.”

“It really has, good grief. You need to show up more often…hm? Who is this cutie?!”

After placing the basket with groceries on the ground she looked up right next to Galet and her gaze stopped at Mira. Then she raised her hand spontaneously, put it on Mira’s head and pet her all over.

“Wha-, stop it!”

Brushing away Shelly’s hand, Mira concluded that this woman in front of her was the type who would treat her as a kid, so she hid behind Galet and used him as a shield.

“This girl’s sooo cute!”

Shelly looked over Galet’s shoulder at Mira who was on her guard, reminiscent of a small animal, further stimulating Shelly’s motherly instincts.

“This is Mira-sama.”

“Heee, so you’re called Mira-chan. How cute. Mira-chaaan.”

Shelly’s expression further loosened and she approached Mira slowly, closing the distance between them.

“Shelly, Mira-sama is troubled so please leave it at this.”

“That’s right, you tell her!”

Remaining still hidden in his shadow, Mira agreed with Galet. This appearance of hers further caused Shelly’s rampage to worsen, but Shelly has managed to hold herself back by prioritizing not being hated by Mira.

“Hey Galet, what are you doing here with Mira-chan?”

Focusing herself to change her soft expression back to normal, Shelly looked at Galet with suspicion.

“I’m in the middle of bringing her to Lunatic Lake, but we haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

“And thus you came here. Good job.”

Shelly picked up the groceries basket again, opened the swing doors and guided the two in.

“C’mon, the counter seats are empty so sit there and wait. ...Wait, are you still angry, Mira-chan?”

Seeing Mira still remain in Galet’s shadow and vigilant, Shelly made a little regretful expression.

“I don’t think Mira-sama would get angry with just this much.”

Just like Galet said, Mira was not angry. But she was embarrassed to be treated like a child.

However, making a woman have such lonely expression was against her wishes, so stepped out from behind Galet.

“Just don’t treat me like a child.”

Said Mira. However, to Shelly it looked like a little girl trying to act like an adult and an impulse to hug Mira took her over.

“Mira-chan, so cute!”

Despite being told off a moment earlier, Shelly just threw away the basket with groceries and leaped at Mira with a strong momentum. Being hugged tightly, Mira was unable to shake off this direct display of love and just said “just do as you like..." and heaved a sigh.

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