About the time sun climbed up, the land near the castle started to liven up.

Partially waking up, Mira headed to the toilet unsteady on her feet still not completely awake, and relieved herself. When she returned to the room to fall on the bed, at the same time something bounced and fell on Mira’s hand.

“What’s this…?”

When she tried to brush away the thing that she touched, through her slight opened eyes she recognized a pair of bunny ears and jumped off the bed. At the same time, her eyes stopped at a single piece of paper that fell under her feet.

『We prepared sleepwear, by all means, please use it. By: Maids』

A shiver like she had never felt before assaulted Mira.

Right now Mira was wearing only underwear. This was the reason for it. The bunny costume-like pajama was prepared along with that note. Naturally, Mira pretended not to see it.

What passed through her head was what she heard from Solomon about maids losing themselves in creating clothes for her. This was the first salvo. The pointlessly-fast-at-their-work maids had delivered the first glimpse of their seriousness and quality, is what this could be said to be.

In great hurry Mira opened menu to check current time. Displayed there, was the time of 8:40 in the morning.

It could be said that she was completely late to leave.

As only unpleasant things started to appear in her imagination, she put her guard up and started seeking a move that could be the solution. However, it had been forcibly interrupted by quiet knocking on the bedroom’s door.

“Mira-sama, good morning. I have brought your clothing.”

A lively woman’s voice sounded from the other side of door. Hearing that, Mira had a vision of her fate where she fails to escape.

(“She definitely has it!”)

Mira took a look around the room in hurry, but the only things that she could wear instead were the bunny pajama and the cutely one piece dress she was made wear after getting out of the bath. Although she sought a way to overcome the deadlock, the sign of the limit had come.

“I can’t hear an answer. I wonder if she is still sleeping. Breakfast will get cold at this rate, it appears that I need to wake her up myself. Yes, I have to do it.”

After some monotone acting, the bedroom’s door opened.

The first that the maid saw, was Mira’s small butt.

Falling into a slight state of panic, Mira had for some reason leaped headlong at the bed. That was all. She buried her head in the sand, almost literally.

“Miiiraaa-saaamaaa. Good morning.”

Running up in a trot, the maid raised the high-quality duvet and seeing Mira’s wry smile, smiling, she once again said her morning greeting.

“M...mm-hm. Good morning.”

“My name is Lily, from now on I shall be the attendant maid taking care of you, Mira-sama. Let’s get along.”

“I...I see.”

While embarrassed of her overly absurd actions, Mira held her head in her hands in anguish at the sight of an actual mahou shoujo-type clothing that Lily was holding in her hands.

Using white and black colors as base, it was goth loli-like clothing with a small amount of fabric. It had a white sleeveless one piece with a black flare skirt, as well as a coat with open front, completing the entire outfit. Mira’s will was almost completely ignored and she was turned into a cutely decorated mahou shoujo Mira. Frills and ribbons on her were more conspicuous than ever.

The only thing she was granted, was sparing her from lacy panties and allowing her to wear plain ones like the ones she was already wearing..


After her clothes change finished, Mira was compulsorily brought to one of the rooms in the maid compartment, the only area in the castle where men were banned from entering, and was surrounded by countless maids.

“Here, Mira-sama. Please raise your hands.”

Told so by Lily who held a measure in her hands, Mira raised her both arms. Her eyes had already lost sanity and she has become a mere puppet who listened to all orders.

She was currently in the middle of having her breast size measured. Although pants could be flexibly adapted, a bra had to be properly chosen to size otherwise problems would arise. Lily emphasized this strongly in her persuasion, making Mira give up and mutter “Do as you like…", resulting in this.

With that said, Mira herself did not do any intense exercises these few days so the problems did not surface yet, but she did feel several times for the robe to rub against them. She was half-intimidated not just by Lily, but also other maids saying that if this continued, it would eventually start to hurt intensely, but she had already given up..

“What a wonderful shape. I’m so envious…"

“I see…"

After roughly finishing measurements, Lily moved behind Mira and enveloped her twin bulges with her hands to measure them more precisely.

(“How long is this torture going to continue…")

Against Mira’s will who was there in the body, but not in the spirit, Lily learned her breast size up to details and gave instructions to others. Promptly after, another maid brought a perfectly fitting bra.

“How is it? Mira-sama. Does it hurt or feel hard to breathe?”

“Mm-hmm. I can’t calm down in this.”

“That is all right. Everyone feels like that at first.”

After it was prepared and put on, Mira felt a very slight pressure on her chest and at the same time, she heaved a sigh at the sight of herself.

Maids took care of the important guest who was very indifferent when it came to clothing. Although it did look like they were joyful and had fun time, they were still professionals so both their skill and their cooperation was perfect.

In a brief moment maids measured not only Mira’s breasts but the entire body and grew enthusiastic about finishing even more perfect costu...clothing than the current one, which they based on eye measurements. Mira had yet to realize that the next time she appears in the castle will be the crucial moment.

Seen off by maids, Mira was guided by Lily to the dining hall to have breakfast. She had bread and soup, salad and fruit juice, a very light meal that appeared conscious about balance.

In the corner of the dining a mahou shoujo happily sipped fruit juice. Watching that was a gently-looking granny from the dining hall and Lily with a broken smile. Because the outfit fit her more than expected, the gazes from surroundings naturally gathered on her.

Once Mira finished drinking her fruit juice and raised face she realized that all gazes were focused on her.

(“What…? Am I being looked at?”)

While in flustered state, Mira showed off her wariness by nervously taking glances around, but that only further agitated the desire to protect in women. In fact, Mira’s behavior reminded Lily of a little animal and made her squirm.

Still, to Mira who was not used to people’s stares this was nothing but being conspicuous, and in a bad way too.


After leaving the dining hall Mira was soothed by Lily and guided to the office.

“Solomon-sama, I brought Mira-sama.”

Lily knocked on the door and called out.

“All right, come in.”

“Excuse me.”

After hearing an answer Lily opened the door and bowed. Once Mira entered inside, she closed the door and remained on stand-by outside.

“Hey, good morning.”

“Mm-hm, good morning.”

Mira returned the greeting and tired from the bottom of her heart, fell on the sofa. Seeing the girl’s outfit Solomon hid his mouth with a hand and his shoulders trembled. She glared at the boy sharply.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Mhm. Just enough to fail in escaping from those damn maids.”

When she responded sulkily, Solomon leaked some laughter.

“It looks good on you. As expected of our castle’s maids.”

“There would be no problems with a simple robe, however.”

Mira held the hem of the skirt and smiled wryly as she fluttered it. In fact, it was hard to think that this quality was achieved within just one, two days.

“That aside, it looks like you made what I asked you to last night.”

“Mm-hm. Oh, now that you mention it, I forgot them in the room.”

Mira recalled when was told so. Last night when she returned to the bedroom she found Energy-Refining materials and board which she used to quickly finish requested work.

“A maid delivered it to me after you left the room. With this we will be able to have some meaningful experiments for a while. Thanks.”

“I don’t mind this much.”

She responded as if it was natural and feeling slightly bothered by the unfamiliar sensation at her chest she leaned on the sofa’s back.

“Oh, right. I should give this to you while I still remember.”

While saying so, Solomon threw a bag towards Mira. From the inside of the bag came out a jingly metallic sound.

“Hmm, what is this?”

Mira asked while shaking the bag to make it jingle.

“It’s money, your mission funding from now on.”

“What, something like that? If it’s money, then I have enough not to be troubled anyhow.”

“Oh, really? Did you have it stored in the tower?”

“What are you saying. I have them on han…"

Said Mira and attempted to take out money, but her movements stopped. She attempted to take out 100 Riffs just like she did back when it was a game, but it did not come out. By the way, Riffs were the currency in this world.

“Ah, you noticed? Can it be you didn’t notice until now?”

Solomon smiled mischievously.

In a hurry she opened the status window to check the amount of money she possessed, but the rubric that originally displayed it there was completely gone. A shiver ran through Mira’s brain.

"Where did my money go…"

“It’s the same as with the Flying Continent. Probably swallowed by the waves of the electronic world and disappeared. According to multiple opinions, money weren’t items so they did not enter item box. In other words, they were a separate category. Up until now they were managed by the game system, but now that it is no longer a game, the system no longer works. Well, that’s how it is.”

“What a thing...my...my two millions…"

Half-ignoring Solomon’s explanation, Mira fell on the sofa.

“You saved up quite a bit, haven’t you...well back then I felt the same…"

The two who had their hearts gouged by the Flying Continent issue had once again fell silent for a moment as they looked towards the sky.


“And so, you need to have actual money on you to use it. Well, I’m giving it to you as something like a reward for yesterday. In any case, there’s 100,000 Riffs inside, make do with them well. You’re great at that kind of thing, right?”

Inside the bag that Mira received there were multiple different coins. One gold coin, three mithril coins, three silver coins, four cobalt coins and ten copper coins. The worth of one of each of these coins was, 50,000 for gold, 10,000 for mithril, 5,000 for silver, 1,000 for cobalt and 100 for copper.

“Ten thousand...ten thousand, huh…"

“Ah, c’mon, just forget it. If it’s you, then you’ll have no problems earning it again. I already forgot about mine, I really did…"

Thanks to the game’s system it was impossible to steal money from each other and the death penalty only applied to item box and did not apply to money. Which is why there was no need to store money separately. Which had completely backfired on them this time.

“Now then, I recalled something after saying it myself, but, did you use the item box already?”

Revived, Solomon recalled another change in comparison to the game world from thirty years ago.

“Multiple times, what about it?”

“Based on your reaction, it seems you haven’t noticed.”

He said and picking up the fountain pen from the desk he threw it to Mira. She caught the pen that drew an arc and raised it up to her eyes.

From the looks of it it was a normal fountain pen. Still, considering that the king was using it, it must have been an item made with high-class workmanship.

“What’s about this?”

“Try putting it inside your item box.”

What, something like that? Mira thought and after bringing out the item box she tried to put the pen inside it. However, contrary to her expectations, it passed right through the item box.

“Nhm, what is this?”

After staring at the pen as it lied on the ground, Mira fixed her sight on the item box. There was space inside and there appeared to be no problems with it. Not understanding what is happening, Mira turned her sight towards Solomon.

“I said earlier that it was the system that took care of money management, right? It looks like items themselves were also managed by that system as well.”

Solomon stood up and picked up the fountain pen, then opened his own item box.

“Back when it was a game, fountain and feather pens were in Miscellaneous, swords and armor were in Armament, gems and metals were in Material categories, right?”

While saying so, Solomon took out a familiar sword and showed it to Mira.

“A while after the game turned real, a group of players had gathered to create a research facility where they would attempt to clarify the laws behind this world. There, they investigated and experimented in many ways and found that back when this was a game, items were automatically separated into different categories. And as item box’s name suggests, only things that are categorized as items can be put inside.”

Continuing to talk, Solomon took out a single book from the shelf and held it over Mira’s head.

“Now that the game’s system is not working, this fountain pen isn’t a miscellaneous item and this book isn’t a document item. In other words, they can’t be put inside the item box. By the way, the items that are inside your item box now have already been categorized so there’s no problem.”

He said and put back the sword he pulled out back inside the item box.

“That’s really inconvenient. In which case, does this mean I can’t travel with hands free?”

Mira cried out hearing the truth about it. She was about to go on a travel to find a bunch of problem people, she would definitely need to carry bulky supplies with her.

“But you see, about half a year after we became unable to use the item box, a revolutionary method has been developed.”

“Hooh...and that is?”

As Solomon put on airs and delayed the answer, Mira turned her stare at him to hurry him up.

“They key point is we just need to do by ourselves what used to be done by the system. And so, what the researchers developed was 【Abstract Magic: Itemization】. When you use this spell on an item, you put the item in a category and can put it inside the item box.”

“In other words, as long as I have that spell I can put things in the item box.”

“Exactly. It’s simple, so I’ll teach you now.”

“Mm-hm, I leave it to you.”

After taking a document from the shelf, Solomon expanded it on the table in front of Mira. Written inside, there were details on the procedure of acquiring the spell, so she got to it right away.


Thirty minutes later, having acquired the itemization spell without any problems, she used it on the fountain pen, then confirmed it entered the item box and nodded with satisfaction.

After that Mira tried out itemization on several other things before returning to the sofa to catch a breath.

“Also, about the underground cemetery. Unlike it used to be, all dungeons are now managed by the Adventurers’ Joint Union.”

Solomon moved onto the topic of the mission he gave to Mira.

“Joint Union? What’s that?”

Mira asked in response while taking out the things Mira randomly put inside the item box.

“It’s an organisation created when the game turned into reality, so that civilians and people without sufficient level of strength can’t enter dungeons to lose their lives.”

“Hooh...even a thing like that was made. But isn’t that just because they want to monopolize treasures?”

"There was an incident in the past, you see. ...A child disappeared.”

“Mm-hm, I see…"

Hearing Solomon lower the tone of his voice, Mira was somewhat convinced.

Dungeons was a name for all kinds of fields that spread out on the inside. Inside them slept treasures, but compared to the fields on the outside, far stronger of monsters and wild animals were going rampant inside so they were very dangerous places. And yet, they were still attractive enough for people to enter them with various purposes, who then would fell to the darkness and never return under the light of the sun.

Back when it was a game no one was bothered with it. However, now that it turned into reality, it was an issue they could not let pass.

A child had entered a dungeon. It was to gather special flower material required to make a medicine to save his mother who was sick.

Once the night came, the child did not return so adults mobilized together. As a result, when they entered shallowly inside the dungeon, they saw the child’s corpse which had been partially eaten and hardly recognizable, in his hand he was holding a single flower. When his mother heard of this, she let out her last breath soon after as if to chase him.

The world has turned into reality. The NPCs were now living real lives and their death stimulated emotions, remained in people’s hearts.

Hearing about this incident, players have created an organization that would manage dungeons so that a tragedy like this never happened again. And that was the “Adventurers’ Joint Union".

After people started asking, “I want to enter the dungeon.” or “I want a material from inside the dungeon, can something be done?” the Adventurer’s Joint Union had become an organization that not only managed dungeons, but also mediated requests for strong people to undertake.

Eventually the organization grew enormous and under conditions of not involving themselves in disputes between countries, as well as declaring to help in operations to clear monsters, it was allowed to create branches in various countries.

“And so, naturally you will join the Spellcasters’ Union, right? Here’s a recommendation letter.”

Solomon passed walked up to Mira with an envelope then passed it to her with a smile.

“What, will I be able to enter the dungeon with this?”

Receiving the recommendation letter she raised it up to look at it, then immediately used itemization spell and threw it inside the item box. The recommendation letter was treated as a document item.

“No, that’s really just a recommendation letter. The only ones who can enter the dungeon are union-affiliated adventurers. Also, every dungeon has its appropriate rank and to enter the underground cemetery it’s necessary to be C-rank or higher, was it. As for the rank, you need to complete various requests at the union to have your strength acknowledged and your rank raised. Simply put, it’s something like an adventurer’s guild. If anything, the more surprising is the fact that there was no such basic system out there when it was still a game.”

“That’s true. Raising your rank to undertake more difficult tasks. Those kind of games were quite fun.”

With the appearance of a slightly-game like factor, Mira grew a little more lively.

“This recommendation is a guarantee of your identity and your strength. Normally a newly registered member would start from a G-rank, with this you should be able to start from C-rank. By the way, this is the most even I, a king, can do when it comes to influencing the union’s management.”

“I see. Well, I guess it’s enough.”

Once she finished sorting her item box, Mira put all the items she used for experimenting on the edge of the table.

“By the way, the union has two points of contact. One of them being Warriors’ Union and the other Spellcasters’ Union. Well, like the name suggests, the mediation they offer is different.”

“Mm-hm. So, is there a branch of that union in this city? I need to go and register right away.”

“Yup, there is one. Or rather, there is one in most cities. There’s also one in the city you are supposed to go to, where the underground cemetery is. Although, it takes an entire day since registration until you receive your adventurer’s license.”

There, Solomon smiled meaningfully. Seeing that expression of his, Mira felt a touch of anxiety.

“Is that so? Then I might as well stay another nigh…"

That moment, the disaster from this morning had passed through Mira’s mind. It was unknown what other kind of result of their hard work would they bring if they were given one more day worth of time. Understanding Solomon’s intention, Mira started to think of a plan.

Spending a night at an inn in the city. However, she would have to come back to the castle to get on carriage so there was a high possibility of getting captured. Then again, even if she had the carriage wait outside the city, it would be all for naught if there was a maid waiting there.

After pondering a lot, Mira decided that giving them a day worth time in any way, would end up being fatal, and resolved herself to quickly depart.

“Prepare the carriage right away.”

“Heh heh heh. Everything is already prepared, you can leave anytime.”

Mira swiftly stood up and together with Solomon, left the office.

Then accompanied by Lily, the two headed to the stables. There, they found two horses and a carriage a size larger than the one Mira used to come from the towers to the castle. Waiting on the side of the carriage, there was a maid holding a large basket and a bag, as well as Galet who acted as a coachman.

“Really...we do meet often.”

As she recalled Galet’s expression when he held Armored Jeep’s handle, Mira’s expression stiffened.

“Good morning, Mira-sama. Although it’s not as good as armored jeep, this carriage is also first class! I am very happy to act as a coachman for this carriage.”

Galet bowed and smiling with euphoria, he spread his arms to introduce the carriage, which at a glance, looked very ordinary.

“I don’t care about the carriage talk, just drive safely.”

When Mira made a sincere request from the bottom of her heart, to which Galet answered “of course" with a refreshing smile.


“Well then, take care.”


After shortly exchanging greetings with Solomon, Mira was hugged tightly by Lily before she got on the carriage. And then, the other maid carried the basket and the bag inside the carriage.

“Please be careful on your way, Mira-sama. In the basket there is food for you to eat during travel, and in this prepared in this bag is a change of clothes.”

“M-...mm-hm, I see. Thanks…"

After bowing, the maid got off the carriage. Mira stared at the bag unable to even imagine what was inside...no, she just did not want to imagine it, and she sighed for the nth time.

Relieved the carriage finally started to move, Mira took out Apple au Lait and put it against her mouth.

The scenery moving outside had gradually increased speed. The city seen through there had changed a fair amount compared to the past. Watching the unknown scenery in daze, Mira enjoyed the sweetness spreading in her mouth.


After seeing Mira off, Solomon started to act very busily.

Lesser Demons’ actions hidden behind monster herd advances had too many unsettling factors, which based on his experience Solomon was unable to ignore.

Furthermore, there was that flower field with the white pillar that was their destination. Although it was a location where one could gather a special herb called Angel’s Drop, but to players it mattered no more no less than that. However, with this incident, a possibility that something else had been hidden in that place has emerged.

There was a need to gather a team to investigate it, as well as gather information regarding Lesser Demons. Solomon quickly gave orders in regards to that, then looking at the sky ahead of where Mira’s carriage headed, he smiled.

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