There was no afterword in the first volume, but it appears there is one in the second. According to the editor, I can write whatever I want, so right now I’m in the middle of thinking of what to write. Please wait.

I know. Let’s talk about my favorite games. Although slightly, they had an influence on this work so it’s not completely unrelated.

As you can probably imagine, my favorite genre are RPG. Square Enix-type games and Tales series for sure, but I also often played Wild Arms series. I played to the point where I sacrificed my sleep time. I sure was young back then.

On the other hand, I rarely played RPGs that had world similar to our modern world like Persona series..

I don’t know when did this happen, but at some point in time my craving for such games had disappeared. I used to preorder a new games from Tales series when it was announced, then waited impatiently until it the day it went on sale. But right now, even if I see an article on the new about them I only skim over it.

Even when a new RPG gathering attention from entire world was announced, I was not excited in the least. Although, I think the love for RPGs inside me still hasn’t changed.

However, in exchange for that, there were games that made me obsessed about them. They were Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls Series. They’re great fantasies. Although, Dark Souls is a little too dark for my taste.

TES right now has an online game. However, there is no Japanese version (as of 2014/09) so I can only play in English, so it might be quite a hurdle for someone like me who knows English only up to middle school level. But I won’t give up! Even if it’s an English version I… There were days I used to think so.

So, you see. Speaking of the number one game that has my attention right now...don’t say you aren’t interested, just listen.

Since you are going out of your way to read an afterword, I’m sure you aren’t indifferent, so I shall announce it!

Its title is “Deep Down". Ever since I saw the trailer my excitement won’t stop!

But well, it’s that. “Don’t play, write continuation of the story!”, right. I know it. I just wanted to dream. Dream of my future self where I have a leeway when it comes to contents of my pocket and time…

Oh right, speaking of dreams, this Summer (of 2014) Universal Studio Japan opened that. Y’know, that. The thing that’s being mentioned all over the TV!

Yes, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter"!

I wonder just how many among you who read up until this point have went to visit it. ...I’m truly envious.

Rather than being interested in attractions, I just want to daze off in that world’s atmosphere. To me who loves fantasy, that place is my ideal space. So much that I would love to live in there.

I’m sure it would stimulate my sense. Possibly, it might become something to write about. Is how I’ll put airs of a writer.

Right now, going in there is my number one goal. And I want to buy a lot of things. I definitely need to buy a wand! And then I’ll shout incantation! I also want a robe, if possible, about four types of them. My dreams sure are expanding. Well, it will take time though.

I wish I hit big at a lottery~. I didn’t buy any, though.

Well, like this I who have a disposition to escaping from reality have one more hobby, that is to watch beautiful images. I watch the fantastic and nostalgic images I gathered from the net and think “I wish I could go to a place like that" or “I wish I could live there" I daydream.

Did you see the cover page? Continuing from the first volume, Fuji Choco-sama drew it!

Fuji Choco-sama’s illustrations seem to be spreading even beyond the curtains of the world, making me see the parts of the world that were not drawn, they are incredibly charming and I love them.

And my delusions are advancing at great pace.

I’m an insignificant novelist who wearing jinbei walks around that world to look for things to write about. I asked Sanzen-Sekai’s shop manager and was allowed to leave books in a corner. I was invited to an orchestra for a festival so I whimsically showed myself. Not knowing where to go I just jumped onto a train and watched the city dye in the evening colors.

Yeah, I want to go there.

And so, borrowing this place I would like to thank you, thank you for showing me that wonderful world, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for drawing the cover and the illustrations inside.

Fuji Choco-sama, thank you very much! Please take care of me from here on as well!

Then, for the last.

On this occasion, I would like to thank you for your purchase. Thanks to you, I have gotten closer to my goal. Please continue like this, and take me to Universal Studios Japan.

Please take care of the next volume as well.

8 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. flannan

    Apparently, Elder Scrolls Online now has a Japanese version (which is apparently also locked to Japanese server and can be bought only in Japan for some reason).
    ESO's European server is also full of people who are bad at English anyway, so I don't think the author would have so many problems playing in English.
    I wonder if the author got to play it in the end. Getting to see beautiful landscapes is probably the only part of The Elder Scrolls series that properly transferred to MMORPG anyway.

    Krytyk, thank you for the translation. It's pretty good.

    1. krytyk Post author

      I played plenty of ESO myself, maxed out two characters at one time. My brother still plays it from time to time.

  2. rooislangwtf

    Thanks. Crazy that we still don’t really have an update on Deep Down, the except for Capcom extending the trademark in 2018. So it’s probably still in development.

    1. krytyk Post author

      And this was written in... uh *checks volume 2 release date* late 2014, too.

  3. Name?What name?

    dayum!! as one of Harry Potter's fan, i will support the writer dream through buying the light novel (when it is available in my country)


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