About the time morning bustle in the city calmed down. The main street was so lively that yesterday’s gloomy evening scenery felt like it was just her imagination. And there were especially many people who looked like swordsmen or spellcasters walking around.

On such a main street, Mira quietly moved on the side as not to stand out too much.

“Mm-hm, it’s here.”

After moving for a while in the direction Galet told her to, she found two large buildings made of stone. Above their doors, there were signboards of Warriors’ Union on the left and Spellcasters’ Union on the right.

Mira confirmed the Spellcasters’ Union signboard and extended her hand towards the door. That moment, she heard a loud voice come from the nearby Warriors’ Union.

“Please! I heard you all are strong. Please!”

The Warriors’ Union door opened and a boy about ten years old jumped out of it as if chased away. A robust warrior wearing a metallic armor was making a sincerely troubled expression as he pushed away the boy that clung to him.

“I wish I could help you, but right now the strongest one here is a D-rank. We can’t do what you ask us, boy.”

For a moment Mira thought that the boy was bullied. But looking well, it was just an adult having trouble dealing with an unreasonable child.

The boy had given up and the adults started coming outside to soothe him. Deciding that there was no incident, Mira opened the door to the Spellcasters’ Union.

The union’s interior was well-organized, on the reception hall that lined-up horizontally there was a large notice board and chairs placed for people waiting.

At a first look, the sight could be mistaken for a ward office. Astonished for just a moment, Mira took a look at the scenery around.

As expected of the Spellcasters’ Union, spellcasters were the majority of the people inside it. Furthermore, almost everyone was wearing a robe, but mixed among that there were some outfits that made Mira doubt her eyes.

“Is this...actually normal…?”

The ones who caught Mira’s attention were outfits worn by girls aged about fifteen, sixteen and could be seen here and there inside the union. No matter how one looked, they were mahou shoujo outfits.

She felt embarrassed to be the only one wearing a goth-lolita mahou shoujo clothes, which is was looking around vigilantly. It was because she felt she would feel out of place.

However, from the looks of it, that was not the case. She could confirm a few girls wearing similar clothes to her own.

At this sight, the feeling that she was not alone had expanded greatly. It was the proof that her outfit was not all that peculiar.

Acquiring unfathomable relief from that fact, Mira immersed herself in the sense of freedom she acquired and with a refreshed smile, headed towards the reception.

From among the multiple reception windows, on a free one there was written “New Registrations Reception". It appeared that each reception took care of different cases.

“I want to register with the union, is it fine now?”

Recalling how the ward office was, Mira called out.

“Yes, it’s all right. A new registration, yes?”


Undertaking the reception was a woman with long blonde hair tied with a ribbon in ponytail who had shapely facial features. From her neck hanged a nameplate, written which was “Yuurika”.

Although Mira braced herself wondering what will be the response to her outfit, Yuurika did not seem to be bothered in the slightest, making Mira relieved and allowed her to confirm again that this was normal here.

“Well then, please fill these.”

Seeing the documents she was passed, Mira recalled the recommendation letter she received from Solomon and put it on top of the documents.

“I have a recommendation letter on me.”

“A recommendation letter, is it. I will take it.”

Holding the envelope up Yuurika turned it around, and the moment she confirmed the recommender, she froze.

Although there weren’t many newly registering people coming with recommendation letters, but it was not unusual either. That was because there were nobles who had their personal soldiers register with unions to send them to dungeons and get valuable goods, or high-ranking adventurers recommending newbies with potential. Yuurika herself has received recommendation letters many times before.

However, the recommendation letter this time was clearly different. The girl in front of her came to the Spellcasters’ Union so she was clearly a spellcaster. Even if she was a slender girl, body size did not matter to spellcaster classes. That was because their strength was based on magic power, which could not be seen by naked eye.

That is what Yuurika thought the moment she received the recommendation letter. She thought that she either received recommendation from a high-ranking adventurer she met somewhere, or was a noble young lady. Between the two, she thought the girl to be most likely a noble young lady and intended to confirm which noble recommended her. However, the name written on it was of none such.

The one recommending was Solomon. The king of Arkite Kingdom, King Solomon.

“E-excuse me. Please wait a moment!”

Yuurika’s expression changed from a smiling one and she broke into run toward the back of the union. It was the first time she saw or even heard about a recommendation letter by a king himself. Therefore, Yuurika was unable to decide alone and headed to the union chief’s office for instructions.

Left behind, Mira wondered what was going on, but unable to imagine what was this about, she picked up the pen attached to the reception and started filling in the required information.

“My apologies, I made you wait.”

When she finished filling the document and was looking around the Spellcasters’ Union, a voice called out to her from the reception. When Mira turned around, Yuurika had recovered her composure and the same smile she had when she first entered Mira’s sight.

“I wrote everything, is this fine?”

Mira said and extended the document, Yuurika confirmed that no mention was omitted and nodded.

“Yes. There is no problem. As for the recommendation letter’s case, could you please come with me to union chief’s office?”

“Hmm. I don’t mind.”

Circumstances behind it aside, Mira brought Solomon’s, a king’s recommendation letter. Although to her, he might have been a friend, but in this world he was one of the top authorities. As such it was natural for the union’s chief to confirm, Mira agreed thinking so.

Yuurika left the reception to a staff member nearby and guided Mira to the union chief's office which was on the third floor of the Spellcasters’ Union, then knocked on an especially-well made door. Then, from the inside came an elegant voice answer “come in".

“Excuse me.”

Yuurika said and opened the door.

As expected of the union chief’s office, the interior was calm and of good taste. The furnishings were not too flashy but at the same time colored the room well. Behind an office desk there was a calm-looking bookcase, and the lined up books spoke of the thirst for knowledge of the union chief who was the master of this room.

“Sorry to make you specially come here. I’m Spellcasters’ Union chief, Leonil.”

The man who called himself Leonil stood up from behind the desk and greeted her. His face had well-chiseled features and the wrinkles engraved on him by the time did give him a calm and mature atmosphere.

Leonil then moved to the reception table, prompted Mira to sit down and sat down himself.

“I’m Mira.”

She concisely responded and after taking a breath, sat down in the opposing seat. Finding a good moment, a woman who came from the back of the office brought tea and snacks to place on the table, then after saying a word, returned in the back.

“So you are Mira-san.”

Leonil took the documents Yuurika had extended to him, then took a look at the content to check them. Written down on the documents were name, class, and affiliated country.

“Can it be that you, miss, are the rumored Danbulf-sama’s disciple?”

He asked with a confident expression. At his, Spellcasters’ Union chief’s side, gathered a lot of various information from inside and outside the country. Leonil had a tendency to especially commit himself to gathering information, to the point where he had been organizing a special information gathering agency of his own.

What he caught in his information network, was the rumor of the hero Danbulf’s disciple appearing. The name Mira, summoner class, a lovely silver-haired girl. That was what the rumor said. Knowing that much, it was easy to tell that this girl introducing herself Mira met all conditions.

“Mm-hm, indeed. So the information reached this far already?”

“So that was it after all. In such case, I can understand King Solomon giving his recommendation.”

Leonil made a slightly surprised expression, but placed the document on the desk and pressed the stamp on it. Although he considered confirming whether she was suitable for the C-rank as it was written in the recommendation letter, but he decided that King Solomon’s own recommendation and the fact of being a hero’s disciple was enough. On the other hand, Yuurika was unable to keep up with the flow of the conversation and forgot to make a smile, staring at Mira dumbfounded.

“Um, umm, excuse me! By Danbulf-sama, do you mean THAT Danbulf-sama?!”

It appeared that Yuurika had finished processing the minimal required amount of information. Although she thought it was rude to interject, she was unable to bear it without asking and looked at Leonil.

“Yeah, that Danbulf-sama. The creator of Energy-Refining techniques and founding hero of the nation. The person who was called Danbulf the Army.”

Leonil answered as if it was natural.

It was the name of the Sage whose current state was unknown and hasn’t appeared for thirty years. Such name had suddenly appeared during the conversation and a a person calling herself his disciple appearing with it was a great surprise to Yuurika. Even Leonil himself, if he had the information beforehand, would require some time to confirm the information.

As she chewed over Leonil’s answer in her head time after time again, Yuurika’s expression was dyed with more and more joy.

After a while this rumor will spread in the city. Thinking so, Leonil forbid Yuurika to talk about this and passed the documents including stamp of approval to her.

“Take care of the formalities.”

“Y-yes! Leave it to me!”

She answered lively with an excited voice. Holding the documents preciously in her hands, and after casting a gaze towards Mira, she left the chief’s room to finish the formalities first.

“Now then, from here it’s my private business so I won’t mind if you went back, but if you have time I would like you to talk with me a little.”

Although he confirmed the recommendation letter, Leonil also had interest in the various information Mira could tell him that he did not know. If possible, he would like to learn something about Danbulf’s current status and about Mira herself, so his desire for knowledge was aching.

“Hmm. Well, I don’t mind.”

A person on the position of a Spellcasters’ Union chief had a fair amount of authority. Getting along with him for a little and deepening acquaintance could be favorable to her later, so Mira agreed.

In response to Leonil’s questions she recalled what she said to the Silver Tower aides Mariana and Litaria, and continued to answer while making no sure not to say anything particular. Danbulf was in the Town of Mythical Beasts but it was unknown where he was now. She is capable of summoning Dark Knights on the same level as her master, and so on, she spoke information that there was no problem for others to know.

During every spare moment, Mira poked around the cake that was brought in as snack and sipped tea. Seeing her eat so happily, Leonil encouraged her to take a second one, to which Mira immediately nodded.

“Can I ask something as well?”

After answering to pretty much all questions, Mira put down an empty teacup, and next as if it was her turn, she stared at Leonil.

“Yes, of course.”

Looking very happily he added “if it’s something I can answer, then I’ll tell you anything".

“Well then, it appears you have a zombie uproar happening but, how much do you know about what’s causing it?”

This zombie uproar that has been happening in this area was a phenomenon impossible when this world was still a game, so Mira was very curious about it, she asked with expectation and waited.

“Nn-hmm, the cause, huh… First, in this area there is absolutely no undead monsters appearing. Even if some appeared nearby, that would be inside the Ancient Temple Nevrapolis which is nicknamed underground cemetery. With that said, there is no zombies made of soil and grass in that place.”

Leonil answered while thinking it over, then stood up and went to pick up a pile of papers from on top of the desk to place on the table. From among that, he took out a single one and spread it on the table.

Written down there, were the characteristics of the aforementioned zombies.

They wander around at night and do not attack people, their bodies are made with soil and grass.

During the day they avoid the sun by hiding in shadows and sometimes get hit by carriages.

Confirmed were multiple exceptions to that where they failed to escape the sun in time and they were found in front of the buildings completely devoid of strength.

The reason they are wandering around is unknown.

The place they come from is unknown.

The reason they are not attacking people is unknown.

And whether they really are monsters or not is also unknown.

The answers he had presented her did not satisfy Mira.

“In regards to this incident, it’s not that I can’t tell you, but as you see, it’s simply unknown.”

While saying so, Leonil turned his face towards the window.

“But well, I have something in mind. In the near future I plan to have the ancient temple investigated.”

Despite the current situation, he had a truly happy expression. He was like a detective from a detective story who grew more and more absorbed in the mystery the deeper it gets.

“Hooh, I see. That’s perfect then. Objective I came for is also in there, while at it, I’ll take a look in advance for you.”

“So that was it. Which is why you needed a C-rank adventurer’s license. Well then, please do.”

“Leave it to me.”

Mira said this with confidence and stuffed her cheeks with the last piece of cake.

“Thanks for the cake. See you again.”

“I’ll have you registered as fast as possible, tomorrow morning your license should be ready.”

“Mm-hm, got it.”

Most likely because she ate well, Mira stroked her belly with satisfaction as she left the union chief's office.

After seeing her off, Leonil took the recommendation from King Solomon in his hand and sitting deeply on the chair he started to deliberate.

Introduces herself as the Sage’s disciple, cooperates with King Solomon, and clearly states that she is going inside the ancient temple.

It was clear that she was hiding something, but there was no signs of ill will. She looked like any other girl as she stuffed her cheeks with cake with cream stuck to her cheek, but the gestures and wording she used from time to time strongly deviated from that of a child.

Leonil strained his gaze at a certain sentence, then seated himself deeply on the chair.

“Hmmm. Unfathomable.”

After throwing the recommendation letter on the desk he faced upwards. On the paper that danced to the corner of the desk, there was a sentence that requested issuing of a pass for the forbidden area that was the Primal Forest.

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