The man in white robe explained a summary of what the Spell and Ability Examination Assembly is, and it seemed to be mainly for the guests sitting on the seats outside the stage.

First, the time limit given to representatives was ten minutes and during this time they were to display spells.

Attack spells were to target the armored mannequin that was specialized in elemental defense.

These two were the main rules.

And according to the supplementary explanation that Hinata gave to Mira, this Examination Assembly was attended by the country’s Board of Education and nobles who were funding the Arkite Academy, there were also some experts and the school chairman. Other than that, there was also the student council, parents’ association and graduates.

The main criteria for spell examination were difficulty, effect and casting speed, but ever since a few years ago spell’s appearance has also been strongly taken into account. The reason behind that, was that the number of examiners who did not understand spells well had increased. No matter how highly difficult spell it was, if it looked uninteresting it would be scored poorly.

The examination assembly would become an example for rearing future spellcasters and at the same time, it was a basis for splitting expenses. Hinata too at first said that this examination decided which facilities they could use, but it seemed like depending on spellcasting curriculum’s standing the priority each class would receive has been made an unspoken rule.

Sometimes influential nobles and merchants, as well as adventurers came as guests to the examination assembly. It was a great chance to display one’s strength to gain an influential patron or backing just in case.

The representatives were mainly recommended from among students by other students of the same curriculum, and in case there were several candidates, a selection exam was held. And when there was no person qualified, teachers had acted as representatives instead. In other words, the reason Hinata had appeared every month was because there was no Summoner qualified to take part.

With that said, Arkite Kingdom was a country that had the top class research organization. If there was no one qualified, they just had to ask the place that had people qualified for it. In the past this happened just once, and a researcher from the Silver Towers took part in the examination assembly.

And of course, the researcher has been unrivaled in the examination assembly.

Because of that, there was an occurrence where next month all curricula have been represented by researchers. The assembly hall has been turned by the researches into experiment grounds and completely desolated. Ever since then, it has been decided that people affiliated with the tower were unable take part.

This time Mira participated as a single adventurer who received a recommendation from a representative.

By the way, Abstract Magic could be used by any spellcaster and as such, it was granted a set amount of money for expenses, and did not take part in the examination assembly.

“Well then, we shall start with Wizardry curriculum which had received the highest marks during the last examination assembly. The representative, please come forward.”

The man in white robe acted as the programme director and called Kairos in. After a short delay, Kairos moved into the middle of the stage while acting all affable towards the guest seats. At the same time, the assembly hall was filled with applause. The examiners and guests were looking forward with expectation to what will they be shown, and focused on Kairos. That only showed just how popular Kairos was.

“Last time Wizardry curriculum has shown us wonderful water Wizardry which overwhelmed others with high scores. What kind of spells will they show during this time’s examination I wonder? I look forward to it.”

After turning in the guest seats’ directions and explaining shortly, the man in white robe moved to the side of the stage. However, on the way there Kairos called out to him to stop.

“Hey you, it’s not just “last time” but “last time as well”.”

“Y...yes. That’s right, my apologies.”

“Be more careful.”

This exchange spoken in low voice not only did not reach the guest seats, but also other representatives. However, Mira guessed based on their expressions it was nothing good and felt sympathy for the man in white robe.

Kairos muttered “this is why commoners are no good” and faced the armored mannequin that was set up. Wizardry was a spellcasting school whose spells were almost all specialized in attack firepower. In regards to simple attack power, it was not an exaggeration to say that they were the very top of all spellcasters.Which is why inevitably, Wizardry would be aimed at the armored mannequin.

"I would like to thank everyone very much for gathering here for us despite your busyness. I am Kairos Bellrun and I will act as the first representative for the examination assembly.”

Turning in guest seats direction, Kairos bowed elegantly. For some reason he spoke as if he acted as everyone’s representative, but there was none who would point that out. Other representatives already gave up and it was something normal to them, as for Mira, she did not have the leisure to think of it.

(“Should I call Alfina? No, but, she might sulk that she was made into a spectacle, mm. Might as well destroy the ceiling and…")


Mira continued to think of which of her high-class Summoning would be a good display and had a personality fit for showing in the examination assembly.

“Please behold. The shine of Wizardry!”

Kairos grandly declared and moving his left leg half a step back, he protruded his right hand toward the armored mannequin in a pose. And then, when he converged refined mana in his hand a magic circle appeared in front of him.

“Burn all of those you touch, o’ flame of heavens!”

Along with his voice, the magic circle shone in red color. Then, a fist-sized small crimson flame had gathered there, which expanded grandly. When it had expanded to a size of a human head, it flew toward the armored mannequin while leaving a flickering tail behind it. Finally, the ball of fire split into countless smaller parts which assaulted the armored mannequin. At the same time they struck, a roar rang out and the flames dispersed leaving the armored mannequin marked with a slight burn.

Upon seeing this display, voices of admiration sounded from the guest seats.

Furrowing her eyebrows as the echo remained in her ears, Mira looked toward the middle of the stage.

Kairos was waving his hand toward the guest seats as if to say it was just the beginning and started preparing the next Wizardry spell.

This time, he started converging magic power in his both hands.

“It appears that you have enjoyed the first demonstration. In that case, I invite you to an even greater feast of flames!”

It appeared that the reaction of the guest seats improved his mood, as his voice showed he was in high spirits and he exaggeratedly raised both hands high.

“O’ army of flames dancing in the sky, heed your king and strike down the enemy!”

Once again along with his voice, a magic circle appeared. With Kairos as the starting point, fireballs appeared around him in circular shape and after expanding to a certain size, they were shot forward one after another. The balls of fire flew forward with a roar and struck the ground, the wall and the armored mannequin. The sounds of explosion continued to repeat in equal intervals and the stage has been filled with flames, dust and smoke.

(“Hmm. That’s a really rough spell… His point of impact and timing are complete rubbish. 【Wizardry: Scorching Heat】 is a much more efficient area of effect attack.”)

Just as Mira pointed out in her mind, Kairos’ Wizardry was fairly bad when it came to efficiency. It might have been effective on low level monsters, but it was easy to see through and not fit for actual combat.

However, the numerous flaming bullets that sparkled like a meteorite shower had the examiners in the guest seats fascinated. It was something one could not do with their physical bodies, a phenomenon only possible for spellcasters. The spectacle that spread in front of them was truly worth being called a feast of flames. However, from Mira’s perspective this was merely something like a lavish nobles’ party. They basked in luxuries until they ran out of money and then all of it burst like a balloon.

Kairos’ Wizardry completely ignored efficiency and actual combat effectiveness, it only focused on appearances. Nearly ten years since they entered into armistice, this was the current state of the examination assembly.

Once Kairos’ demonstration had ended, the examiners started to score it. These scores were added once all representatives’ demonstration ends, but with exception of a few examiners almost everyone gave him near-perfect scores.

On his way back, with an expression full of confidence Kairos looked in Hinata and Mira’s direction and made a twisted smile. Completely disheartened, Hinata’s cat ears fell flat. Seeing that, Kairos seemed to have gotten into even higher spirits and returned to his place with satisfaction.

After that, representatives walked into the center of the stage in the order based on the place they took last time and displayed their spells.

The second participant was a Holy Mage. For opening demonstration she used 【Holy Magic: Shield Skin】 on herself which could negate a certain amount of elemental attacks and had an assistant attack her with spells, then appealed that she was unscathed. Afterward, she used 【Holy Magic: Arch Gate】 to release a beam of powerful light, attacking the armored mannequin.

While it was very simple, the torrent of blinding light had left the examiners with a very good impression.

The third participant was an Onmyou spellcaster. The first thing that was shown was 【Star Talisman: Rite of Wood - The Forest】1It’s one of these Japanese things that just don’t have clear translation due to large amount kanji that don't make up a particular meaning. The original is 星符術:木之一式・樹木林 (Seifujutsu: Ki no isshiki - Juumokurin). In no time, multiple trees had grown on the stage, and following that 【Star Talisman: Rite of Fire - Madder Fox】2星符術:火之一式・狐々茜 (Hi no Isshiki - Kokoakane) spell had created a flaming fox which drew angular trajectory as it leaped between the trees until it struck the armored mannequin and dispersed with an explosion.

The fourth participant was a Daoist. To start with, the Daoist used 【Daoism - Earth: Flame Clad】 to dwell fire in both of their hands and displayed martial art moves. The flames were less condensed than they normally would be and matched the movement of the Daoist’s fists, decorating the air with crimson color. Finally, the Daoist struck the armored mannequin with their fist and released the flames, then simultaneously struck with 【Daoism - Heaven: Impact Wave】 at super short range, grandly making the flames burst.

The fifth participant was an Exorcist. After opening the lid of a single flask of Holy Water, the Exorcist threw it into the air. At the same time as 【Barrier: Evil-Repelling Circle】 was activated, the flask shattered and together with the Holy Water inside it, the pieces of the flask scattered all over and fell down. Then, the ground on which the holy power fell started to shine and a faintly-shining membrane had appeared. Following that, the Exorcist threw several flasks with Holy Water at the armored mannequin and activated 【Exorcising Divine Law: Pale Flames of Atonement】.

A blue flame flickered silently as it covered the armored mannequin and the ground.

The sixth participant was an Assimilation spellcaster. By using 【Assimilation - Insect: Spider】 the spellcaster dwelled the abilities of a spider in themselves. Then aiming at the armored mannequin, bound it with countless spider threads before immediately switching to 【Assimilation - Magic: Blaze Hound】 and generated flaming claws on his both hands. When he touched the thread with those claws, like a fuse, the flame moved through the thread and assaulted the armored mannequin, enveloping it with crimson flames.

The seventh participant was a Necromancer. The spellcaster created a human-sized golem with 【Necromancy: Rock Golem】 and had it charge onto the armored mannequin. Then the moment an intense sound of impact rang out, they 【Additional Burial: Fusion Rebirth】3The first part is very literal, 追葬 means burying another person into the same grave as someone was already buried in. I assume this spell has something to do with pouring additional artificial soul onto the golem (the golem being a the “grave” in this case) to make it surpass soul capacity and explode in flames. to burn the surroundings with a pillar of flames.

Like this, seven representatives had finished their demonstrations.

On the stage, the armored mannequin looking a little burnt had waited for the last representative.

“Following, the Summoning representative, please come forward.”

The voice in the man in the white robe calling Mira had sounded, it was finally time for Summoning curriculum. Raising her head in response to this voice, Mira had decided who will she summon.

(“All right, it’ll be “her”. Although I am a little worried...well, it’s the best choice now.”)


Hinata looked anxiously at Mira who took a step forward. Mira turned around to such Hinata, looked up at her and,

“There is no need to worry. This much is a mere child’s play.”

she said, then smiled to blow away Hinata’s unease. Hinata gasped seeing Mira’s confident smile and feeling pathetic for being so discouraged despite being a teacher, she encouraged herself.

“Yup, do your best Mira-chan!”

Receiving Hinata’s cheer with her back, Mira stood in the middle of the open space.

When the man in white robe moved to the side, all gazes in the assembly hall focused on the single girl. Since Mira was very bad at dealing with being in the center of attention she smiled bitterly as she casually protruded her right hand to the right and made an 《Arcana Restraint Circle》 appear in mid-air.

At the same time, the guest seats stirred. Hinata who was a Summoner, opened her eyes wide upon seeing it.

Arcana Restraint Circle was a highly difficult spell that was used by high-class Summoners to reinforce summons. Although Hinata knew of it, she recognized it as one of abilities she could not master. In other words, it was a spell that no one in the academy could use.

It was a spell that almost no one in this place had seen before. And Mira had used it with ease.

Among all that, the school chairman, teachers and experts, as well as just a few of academy graduates looked impressed and eagerly waited for the next step.

Maintaining her hand protruded, Mira reversed it and ascended the restraint circle to a summoning circle. That moment, several voices that seemed like screams had sounded. It was because the summoning circle contained an extraordinary amount of magic power.

“What...a Rozario Summoning Circle?!”

The school chairman reflexively stood up at this unexpected sight, his eyes dyed with astonishment as he stared with awe at the carefreely-posing girl.

“Hey...what’s that? Wasn’t she supposed to be a Summoner?”

“That should be the case. Although I am not certain, I believe that is a high-class summoning circle.”

One of the guests had instinctively asked the butler that was standing next to him, and the butler had answered the question, shaken. The butler used to fight in wars in the past, and back then, he did witness how high class Summoning was used. His hollow memory had been revived with the sight in front of him. The summoning circle in front of them was strikingly similar to the one in his memory.

From all directions came voices of those whose understanding could not keep up. On the other hand, Mira did not mind any of it at all and faced the summoning circle, then started to speak words with her little lips.

『”If you hear this voice, if these feelings reach you, will you awaken? I want to hear your voice, I want to you to sing with your voice. Your voice sounding like a bell, is what I once again wish to hear on this occasion.”』

【Summoning: Diva】

At the same time Mira’s chant had finished, the summoning circle shone like sun and the next moment, it shattered like glass. When the dazzling pieces rained like stars, a new existence was already there.

It was a woman whose white skin was clad in thin, sky-colored garment. Her glossy light blond hair was reminiscent of the highest quality silk as it fluttered, and she felt very ephemeral. However, her eyes which dwelled a strong will gave her cutely facial features a graceful sharpness.

“Ahhh, I finally meet yoouu, my songmaster.”

The woman who appeared from the summoning circle, seeing the girl in front of her immediately recognized her as her songmaster. Then making a ladylike bow, she looked at Mira with tears in her eyes.

“Mm-hm, it’s been a while. Right, Leticia.”

Leticia was the name of the woman in front of Mira. And just as the name Diva suggested, she was a high-class Spirit who governed over songs, tunes and similar.

“I have been lonely for the looongest of timess. ...My songmaster...did you shrink?”

“No, rather than shrink, I think I changed quite a lot, but…"

“That sooo…? Ah, right. I created a Songmaster’s Sooong.”

Leticia slightly tilted her head in puzzlement, but immediately lost her interest and with a smile like that of an innocent child she started humming a song.

(“I knew it...so that’s just how her personality was.”)

After all the thinking and worrying, Mira chose Diva, but she was still concerned. This Leticia here had a fairly fickle personality. Back when she was summoned while it was still a game, she would start talking or humming to herself without regard to current situation.

Seeing her act same as usual, Mira recalled the event where she contracted Leticia and smiled bitterly.

But Mira aside, everyone in the surroundings lost their breath. It was also because the amount of magic power inside Leticia was great, but even more important reason was that just her slight humming was a tune that resounded deeper in their hearts than anything else they heard in their entire lives.

“Ahh, I’ll listen to that next time. More importantly, could you sing 【Green Forest Melodia】 for me?”

“Songmaster’s request, receeived.”

Leticia stopped swaying her body to the sides as she hummed a song, then immediately nodded in response to Mira’s request. Not only people in the guest seats, but also the representatives felt as if they were suddenly awoken, then regretfully turned their gazes toward Mira. Why did you stop her? They thought.

However, the next moment everyone who thought so realized that their rash feelings were foolish and brushed them aside.

Receiving Mira’s request, Leticia spread her rainbow-like wings created with magic power, then started to sound numerous tones. Unlike the previous humming, this wave of melody overlapped countless sounds into one harmonious melody. Then, Leticia sang while matching this melody. Her singing voice was gentle but at the same time strong enough the shake the air, sounding a tune like a goddess.

Unlike Dark Knight or Valkyries, Leticia’s ability was mainly focused on supporting from the rear. Her songs had various effects such as healing or encouragement.

The song that Leticia sang this time, Green Forest Melodia, had an effect of mana recovery - in other words, it healed the mind. Now that this world had turned into reality, this song also had an additional effect which put the listeners at peace of mind.


About four minutes since Leticia started singing, the song reached its finale. Then, very naturally, all the guests stood up and gave a grand applause. The praise welling up from the bottom of their hearts has been given to the two in the middle of the stage.

(“Looks like it was very well received. Oh, thinking of which…")

While the sounds of applause came from the surroundings, Mira recalled the other representatives’ performances. They first showed something off, then brought their display to a finish by attacking the armored mannequin. Believing this to be a normal flow of the examination assembly, Mira gave instructions to Leticia who waved her hand to the guest seats while saying “Thank youuu”.

“Leticia, use 【Requiem of Fury】 on that armored mannequin.”

When Mira spoke so, Leticia had immediately,

“Request, undertakeen.”

answered so, and turning her face in the armored mannequin’s direction, she released a very short, single sound.

The people who finished giving their applause wondered what is it this time. The next instant, they looked in complete silence at the remnants of the armored mannequin which was smashed into bits along with a sound of bursting.


“What was that…just now?”

When someone squeezed out such words, some people who still did not completely calm down, but recovered the minimal amount of thinking capability, called out to the school chairman seeking answers. The armored mannequin which endured the attacks of seven schools’ spellcasters, was blown away without a trace. They have never seen a spell as powerful as that.

The 《Requiem of Fury》 that Mira instructed Leticia to use brought destruction through resonance, and was Leticia’s only way of attacking. It was extremely powerful, but since it put a strain on her throat, it was limited to three uses per day.

At this sight far above his expectations, the school chairman felt a shiver and unable to restrain the emotions welling up inside him he spoke “wonderful!”, which was something everyone in this place felt.

Then once again sounded loud ovations, hearing them Mira realized this was the end and “good work" she called out to Leticia before dismissing her. Right before leaving, Leticia said “I want to sing Songmaster’s Sooong" and threw a tantrum, so Mira answered with “Next time I’ll listen when it’s more calm". As a result Leticia nodded with a smile and left.

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