The practice field was filled with hot atmosphere from students’ youth, hard work and actual heat caused by Wizardry. In this place overflowing with young vitality. At the moment the students were split in pairs and performed practice combat training.

“How nice, that’s youth for you, mm!”

Seeing this scenery from the corner of practice field Mira grew all excited. Wizard vs Wizard. There were surges of flashing light and explosive flames, blowing wind and walls of soil suddenly appearing. It was a scenery impossible to see in a school in reality, something possible only in a magic academy.

To Hinata this was a familiar scenery of a normal class. However, seeing Mira who enjoyed herself with this sight she wondered just what kind of life did Mira live when she was training as a disciple and her expression trembled slightly. Trained by a hero like Danbulf to become this powerful at this age could not be achieved with ordinary amount of effort. Hinata thought that surely, Mira did not have time to play and must have practiced every day from morning till night.

(“Maybe that is why she peeked inside the school… But now she’s free, everything is ahead of her!! I need to teach her plenty of things!”)

Getting even more fired up, Hinata peeked at Mira’s face from the side as she was fascinated by the sight of the training combat practice, and resolving herself she squinted gently.

While Hinata continued to expand her misunderstanding, Mira grew interested in the way students were using their spells.

It was Wizardry which was used as a feint. One of the students released two types of a fireball, one that burst in flames as well as one that quickly thinned out and immediately disappeared.

The flaming balls that immediately disappeared were released in great numbers and from among them, there was a single real fireball. Also, the disappearing fireballs were used to restrain the opponent and lead their movements. Sometimes the student changed element and his aim, too.

Although several types of attacks were used, they were all low level Wizardry, simple attacks like fireball that struck enemy directly. However, it was the first time Mira saw the phenomenon of fireballs disappearing in the mid-flight.

“Hey, Hinata-sensei. Is that Wizardry they are using 《Blaze》?”

It was faster to ask this kind of thing. Thinking so, Mira asked Hinata who stood next to her and was fired up to act.

“That’s right! 《Blaze》 is Wizards’ very foundation after all. During combat practice everyone properly trains basics.”

Hinata said and strongly nodded in response. Having the position of a teacher of Summoning, Hinata had few of her own classes and often helped other curricula out thanks to which she had knowledge from the entire school.

Hearing Hinata’s answer, Mira understood that she did not mistake the type of spell after all, and focused on a certain point that appeared in her head and did not make sense.

“It looks like there are two types of it, one that disappears in the middle and one that explodes. Are they different spells?”

Mira put it into a question, in response to which Hinata tilted her head puzzled and thought for a moment before she spoke.

“Mira-chan, do you know Wizardry’s basic activation process?”

“Mm-hm. Selection, targeting, consumption and activation, right?”

Wizardry’s basic activation process. This was the flow of actions required to cast a Wizardry spell.

First it was necessary to select a spell. Next, it was necessary to select a target. Then, to consume the necessary mana. Finally the flow ended with activation. It was different from Summoning and also different from high-level Wizardry which required a chant.

“So you have not only knowledge of Summoning but also Wizardry! It’s like you say. The ones that explode are like that, but the disappearance of spells in the middle is a phenomenon that happens when you activate a spell without a sufficient amount of mana. When a spell is activated without enough mana, it cannot be maintained until the end and disappears in the middle. But in exchange, it spends a small amount of mana and used mana changes into an effect faster, so it’s used for feints and restraining opponentss.”

Finally being able to do some teacher’s work, Hinata explained this looking a little proud.

“I see, mm. To think there was a technique like that!”

This explanation left a big impression on Mira. Back during the game times, tricks that relied on activating spells without sufficient amount of mana were impossible. There was only a choice to use a spell or not to use it. Without exceptions, upon using a spell it always consumed the exact amount of mana. However, now that everything turned into reality, this rule has crumbled. There was no way spellcasters would ignore the new possibilities that lied there.

“Then, what happens when you use Summoning while reducing mana consumption?”

Mira once again asked with eyes filled with expectation. That moment, Hinata’s cat ears fell flat, her smile was clouded as she stared into the distance and she opened her mouth.

“Just a part appears...like...a head...an arm…a leg... and then just disappears.”

Just a single part comes out and then disappears. If she matched timing maybe she could use a shield, but summoning an unmoving object just for an instant did not pose any threat. That was the current state of Summoning spells used with mana consumption restrained.

"Is...that so…"

Hearing Hinata’s answer Mira hung her head disappointed. However, she learned a new technique. In order to get used to the sensation of restraining mana consumption, Mira summoned a Dark Knight anyway.

(“Hmm, half. No, about a quarter even, mm.”)

Mira moved a little from the spot and stared at an empty space without anyone nearby.

【Summoning: Dark Knight】

She imagined adding the sensation of restraining mana consumption to her usual process. Then, a magic circle smaller than usual had appeared and from inside appeared a head of a Dark Knight who released a powerful presence. The moment Hinata’s eyes met with that of this black knight, she released a quiet scream and an instant later the head disappeared.

(“So that’s the sensation of consumption restraint. It’s not too hard, mm.”)

With a single experiment Mira grasped the feel for reducing consumption. It was very similar to using a different spell that used a different amount of mana. To Mira who acquired numerous spells, it felt like she acquired yet another spell.

Judging there was no problem, Mira thought of searching for other possibilities. Her personality made her try something once she got interested in it.

【Summoning: Dark Knight】

This time, a hand holding a large longsword appeared through a small magic circle. The second experiment was in regards to selecting the part that appeared. And the result was a success just as Mira thought.

(“Hmm, this also went well. In which case.”)

“Hinata-sensei. It might be a little dangerous, so could you stand back?”)

“Eeh? Y-yess.”

Although it was only a part of it, the Dark Knight released a tremendous presence that scared Hinata a little, so she moved not just a little but quite far away.

Taking the experiment results into consideration, Mira built a new spell process. Then, she glared an empty space without anyone in it before she kneaded mana to give it form.

【Summoning: Dark Knight】

Receiving Mira’s will, a small magic circle appeared in mid-air from which once again an arm holding a black sword appeared. However, it was different from last time. This arm swung the sword heavily.


This sight made Hinata reflexively raise her voice. The next instant, the arm struck the ground powerfully with the sword and disappeared a few seconds later leaving without trace.

“Hm, looks like a success.”

Acquiring a satisfying result, Mira muttered and stroked her chin with her fingertips.

Witnessing the scene that shattered her common sense, Hinata reflexively ran up closer and near the spot the black arm appeared, she lowered her gaze. Remaining there as a certain proof was a large gouged scar in the surface.

Summoning’s activation process was: selecting emergence point, selection of a summon, consumption of mana, activation. With this, one could summon a Dark Knight. However, that was just summoning it. After that it was necessary to give instructions for the summon to attack or defend. And this was something that made it much different from other spell schools. In case summoning was cast with decreased mana consumption, the summon disappeared before one could give it instructions and could only be used for a bluff.

But it was different for Mira. She possessed superior technique that allowed her to tweak everything from selection to action, and in her case she was able to instruct a Dark Knight to act before it was even summoned, which is why she was able to make the arm swing a sword the moment it appeared.

“What was that, Mira-chan??!”

“Hinata-sensei, it’s not over yet.”

When Hinata ran up to her with a surprised expression, Mira told her she was still in the middle of experimenting and once again turned her gaze toward an empty space.

【Summoning: Dark Knight】

The spectacle that unfolded next had further cornered Hinata’s common sense. This time six arms appeared in a circle and swung their swords down into the center of it. The impact was tremendous and into the air rose a cloud of dust that seemed as if it was caused by an explosion. And nearly at the same time, the cause of it disappeared - leaving an even larger crater behind.

Hinata was not the only one who was at loss for words seeing this experiment. Wizardry curriculum students who were inside the same practice field stood dumbfounded seeing this abnormal power.

The students started observing Mira ever since the first Dark Knight’s head appeared. An object releasing enormous magic power suddenly appeared, there was no way they wouldn’t be curious. Then seeing the phenomenons that appeared one after another they were completely fascinated.

They realized it, that this girl in front of them was the Summoning curriculum representative who snatched first place during today’s examination assembly. Hinata standing next to her only backed up this theory.

The Wizardry curriculum’s students already heard the result of the examination assembly. And on the inside, they rejoiced that the nasty guy, Kairos, had lost. Although they were not satisfied with Wizardry curriculum being in the second place, Kairos acted arrogantly even to others from the same curriculum. Their reaction could not be helped.

The girl in front of them was the person who gave Kairos a lesson. And when they saw her with their own eyes, she was very cute which made their evaluation of her go through the roof.

(“In this case, if I try it a little more I should be able to use it in actual combat soon. Hmm, mana consumption regulation, huh. With the removal of game system, there is now more things that can be done instead. I need to try various things later, mm.”)

Mira felt a good response from her experiment results and noted it down in her mind as research to do.

Afterward, when Mira turned her face toward the practice field to look if there is something else she could use, her eyes met with those of all students and she reflexively took a step back.

Realizing after all this time that she gathered attention, Mira turned on her heel and rushed out of the training building.


As the students saw off Mira’s back dumbfounded, Siegfried set a fire under all of them. Next month we beat that girl and take back the first place, he said.

Among the students there were some who were suspicious. Was that thing just now really Summoning? That was how different was the level of Mira’s Summoning as compared to Summoning they saw up until now. However, they were unable to deny what happened right in front of them and they returned to training. At the very least, they needed to overcome what they just saw. They needed more time than they actually had.

The students witnessed Mira’s strength, and yet they did not give up; hearing Siegfried’s voice their will was put on fire and they restarted their training. We can’t remain as losers like this, they thought. There was a light in their eyes as they aimed at a very distant goal as high as heaven. This was the original appearance of the Wizardry curriculum. Led by Luminaria, the hearts of the students who chased after her back were encouraged by the spectacle that happened in front of them, and they overflowed with energy.


Mira who left the practice field as if escaping, was then guided around by Hinata and shown a spellcaster’s school life.

Other than the method of acquiring low level spells, the academy also taught general education as well as various combat abilities and crafting techniques, it was a place that condensed knowledge from the entire continent. Students of the school selected what matched them and learned it. And when they reached the specialty school division, the taught content was even deeper. the achievements students display proved that it is the best training institution for anyone who aims to become a spellcaster.

There are various experiments regarding to spells held in here and even spells that Mira didn't know were created, furthermore, they were researching new techniques that allowed combining different spells. The spells Kairos used were combining already existing spells to improve their appearance, the technique to do that was called 《Spell Synthesis》.

With her eyes sparkling at the current state of spellcasting and its progress, as well as new techniques, Mira continued to throw questions at Hinata. What is that? What is this? How? What to do to? Faced with such barrage of questions, Hinata’s teacher-self throbbed and she explained to Mira the knowledge in detail, which she acquired as she went around other curricula to help out.

Wizardry curriculum was currently very passionate about Spell Synthesis.

Holy Magic curriculum was currently in middle of preparations to pilgrimage between holy sites. In order to acquire new Holy Magic they would all travel to various areas and visit Gods’ temples.

Onmyou curriculum did not have the sufficient amount of Spirit Leaves used for making talismans and it was a problem for their training with middle-class and above.

Exorcism curriculum has become able to use air pressure to shoot Holy Water and they were developing what would become Holy Water Guns.

Assimilation curriculum has discovered that not only the spellcasters’ aptitude but also their personality affected the assimilation rate and were researching just how strongly it affects spells.

Necromancy curriculum worked on rock dolls that could carry items and developed tools for them to use.

Daoism curriculum learned close combat right after enrolling in the school. As a result, all of its students had tight and well-trained body, and currently they were searching for a method of fighting against armed opponents.

Abstract Magic curriculum was developing spells for manipulating weather and creating light that could be used for growing vegetables.

Summoning curriculum, she already knew that Cleos was gathering applicants for acquiring Summoning and every day headed with them to an old battlefield so that they form a contract with an Armament Spirit.


As they toured various curricula, Hinata explained everything proudly. Then, when the guidance was over for the time being, the late after school hours came dyeing everything vermilion. In the academy there were very school-like club activities, in the school yard sport clubs did their best, and in the rooms the setting sun lit - there were students spending their time as they pleased.

“As expected we couldn’t tour everything within just a day, but how was itt?”

“It was very well-spent time. Thank you, Hinata-sensei.”

Hinata asked a little nervously, in response to which Mira floated a satisfied smile and answered.

“No, it’s me who should thank you for the examination assembly. T-this is my thanks.”

What was on the palm of Hinata’s hand she extended, was a single silver ring. Mira gently closed Hinata’s hand.

“I acted today for the sake of Summoning’s future. You need not thank me.”

“But, I asked you to do thiss.”

“In that case, how about you guide me around next time there’s a chance? There is still many things I would like to see.”

Mira said so and smiled. Hinata recalled Mira’s appearance when she was guiding her around and recalled once again how the two met. Mira’s appearance when she peeked inside the school.

“Yup, leave it to me. I’ll take you everywhere!!”

Her cat ears standing upright in high spirits, Hinata decided in her heart that next time Mira comes, she would go and apply for a permission to guide Mira around into areas she would normally be forbidden to enter.

“See you then.”

“See you againn. I will be waiting any time.”

Exchanging a farewell with her, Mira started walking through the middle of the school yard.

Hinata whispered “thank you" toward her back and full of motivation, she broke in a run toward the Summoning curriculum. Mira created body-strengthening equipment, so it should become busier now. I will prepare for that, she thought, believing that it would surely lead to answering to Mira’s feelings.

With a strong light dwelling in her eyes, Hinata dashed through the corridor despite her position as a teacher. On the way, she did not notice Siegfried who smoothly invited her for a dinner.


While watching the students do their best with club activities, Mira suddenly moved her gaze away and looked toward the sky that was dyed crimson. She intended to only peek inside the school a little, but a lot of things happening overlapped and she spent nearly entire day in it. It was nearly the time for the curtain of the night to fall, it was too late to sight-see a different place.

Mira wondered what to do now as she passed through the school gate, there, a single figure ran up to her in a trot and the moment it was about to outrun her, it turned to her.

“So you were still around I see.”

It was the girl in red kerchief who spoke indifferently, Amaratte, one of the Nine Sage substitutes. She too finished her business in the school and was about to head back.

“Mm-hm, well.”

Amaratte was not bothered by the fact Mira was a little surprised, and she leaned forward bringing her face into super close distance before she tilted her head puzzled.

“By the way, Mira-san. Is it your preference not to wear underwear?”

After staring at Mira’s breasts, Amaratte retained her posture as she looked up at Mira and continued with “or is that your fetish?”, then she rolled up Mira’s skirt next.

“You are wearing it down here.”

Amaratte smiled with disappointment and corrected her posture before sending a gaze asking “why?” at Mira. In response, Mira shrugged lightly ignoring the fact her skirt was rolled up and,

“I don’t know how to put it on.”

she answered honestly. Hearing this unexpected answer, Amaratte smiled faintly. Although the surroundings were in slight uproar over the sudden rolling up of a skirt, the two were fairly negligent when it came to things like this and did not notice that.

“Is that so. I shall teach you then.”

The moment she said so Amaratte unbuttoned her clothes, which made Mira stop her hands in panic.

“What are you doing?!”

“LIke I said. I will teach you. I will remove mine once, watch how I put it back.”

As expected, there was no way Mira could agree on this. It meant that she was to look at Amaratte’s breasts from up close.

Normally she would happily agree, but the location was the worst possible. She could not allow a girl show her naked upper body in the middle of a street. That was what Mira’s gentlemanly heart warned her.

Mira said that she will have Lily teach her later and somehow managed to convince Amaratte.

“Please don’t forget the matter from earlier.”

“I know that.”

Amaratte spoke, fixated on the maid troop’s specially-made mahou shoujo outfit, in response to which Mira answered and waved her hand.

A moment after showing a slightly happy expression, Amaratte activated 【Necromancy: Rock Bear】. In a blink of an eye, a large bear made of rock appeared in front of Mira.

“Well then, let us meet again.”

While saying so, Amaratte jumped on the bear’s back. Then, the Rock Bear started to calmly walk the street. The citizens did not seem to be bothered by that and looking cheerful, they chased after her with their sight.

This overtly sudden happening made Mira see Amaratte off in daze, once again, she was made aware of the differences between the game and reality.

Originally, it was impossible to talk freely with Alfina the Valkyrie or the Sound Spirit Leticia.

Things that could not be done in the game could be done now. Seeing Amaratte’s actions just now, Mira realized that she might be able to ride her summons. Based on the citizens’ reactions, she also suspected that it might have been common method of traveling for Necromancers.

(“Can this be that I won’t have any trouble traveling from now on?”)

There was no Summoning type that was specialized as a mount. However, this was something that applied when this world was a game. There were plenty of summons that appeared fit to be ridden on.

This is something that has to be tried. Mira thought so, but she recalled Amaratte’s appearance from a few moments earlier. The reactions in the surroundings aside, she stood out quite a lot.

Mira who was bad with such situations suppressed her throbbing emotions and concluded she will have to experiment next time in a place where she won’t stand out.

(“Now then, what should I do now, mm.”)

She acquired a lot of new knowledge so she wanted to organize it. But since it was getting late, she decided to search for a place to sleep in.

The first thing that came to her mind was the castle. However, she had come to a world that was like a fantasy story. By chance an inn had caught her eye and she thought that staying at inn was a staple fantasy event, and Mira’s curiosity strongly attracted her to it.

To add to that, a normal room interested her. A familiar inn like the one Écarlate Carillon members designated, one that also acted as a bar. Mira had up until now stayed in the tower’s apartment, castle’s guest room, slept in a carriage for royalty traveling in secret, and in a room of Summer Lantern - an inn that was like some grand hotel. However, all of it was far from what could be called “normal”.

(“Spending a night at a nearby inn. This is one of adventure’s charms.”)

A casual chat with the inn’s owner often described in stories, a meal in a lively dining room. Feeling something like an admiration for such events, Mira broke into a run as she started to search for a typical inn as the darkness drew near.

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