Mira spent the night at a small inn she found a slight distance away from the academy. This inn had characteristic stone supports and wooden outer walls, inside of it was warm and classy so despite being small, it had a special presence. The owner was a well-built middle-aged man who managed the inn together with his wife and two daughters.

Just as Mira wanted, the first floor was a dining room and she ate the dinner there. Although it was a small and compact inn, the food tasted excellent and she also completed her goal of having a smarty chat with the owner. Because he was the only man living together with three women, his position seemed very weak. It must have been so weak that he grumbled complaints to a girl who was even younger than his daughters, Mira thought as she sympathized with him.


The next morning after she managed to learn the current situation of spellcasting, Mira woke up comfortably to the sound of birds playing on the eaves and started preparing a schedule as her consciousness slowly awoke.

(“There is still many places I have yet to see, but first…”)

The sight from yesterday was revived in Mira’s head. It was Amaratte comfortably riding on a Rock Bear as she left.

At the same time, something hot welled up inside her. It was a longing to try something that was impossible before. Riding on a summon became Mira’s number one priority that occupied her thought.

She took care of her morning business, proud that she got used to it already, then she wore the Magic Robe Set and left the room. As she went down the stairs, a scent tickled her nose and she peeked inside the dining room with her expectations swelled.

There were also many people enjoying the dining room who did not stay at the inn, which is why many seats were taken. Among all of that, seeing the parents and daughters work together busily Mira felt an indescribable warmth and her cheeks loosened.

This inn that took care of her for the night was called “Restaurant in the Moonlight, Nature Beauty’s Inn", according to the owner Restaurant in the Moonlight was the name of the dining room part and Nature Beauty’s Inn was the name of the inn part1It’s kinda obvious from the English name, but it’s not as obvious when you line up the kanji name - 月下亭風月荘. When Mira asked why was it split, the owner explained that he was managing the Restaurant in the Moonlight and his wife was managing Nature Beauty’s Inn. And their daughters were helping out with both.

“It sure is flourishing this early in the morning.”

Recalling what she talked about with him last night, Mira sat down by the counter seat and called out to the owner like so.

“Ohh, it’s Mira-chan. Good morning! Well, you say so but we’re near the peak now.”

The owner said and laughed heartily.

“Mm-hm, good morning" Mira answered, then tilted her head seeing Muscat au Lait that appeared in front of her despite her not saying anything.

“You’re cute, Mira-chan, so it’s a little service from me. But don’t tell my wife or daughters, okay?”

The owner ran his gaze through the surroundings and raised the corner of his lips. Muscat au Lait was this store’s famous specialty and Mira ordered five of them last night. It seemed like the owner remembered that. He grew a little generous seeing that she really liked his store’s original merchandise.

“Well then, I’ll have it with gratitude, mm.”

When she slightly tilted the glass, muscat grape’s taste and acidity mixed with sweet milk made Mira’s tongue rejoice.

The breakfast menu was bread and strawberry jam, as well as pumpkin pottage and beacon eggs. It was a very typical breakfast. In the middle of her meal Mira had strawberry jam by her mouth wiped by the owner’s daughter while she ate everything up. Although luxurious meals are nice, this kind of common meal fits my nature better. Mira received such a commoner’s impression as she drank up Muscat au Lait.

After finishing her breakfast and leaving to the city, Mira turned toward the gate leading outside and started walking. She decided that a wide space was necessary for her to experiment with spells. Her main objective was riding on a summon to reduce the time to travel. In which case, she concluded flying in the sky and as fast as possible was most appropriate. And for that, she required a as wide space as she could find..


After walking for about thirty minutes, she arrived at the outer wall surrounding the capital city Lunatic Lake. In front of Mira there was a towering, thick metallic gate that she looked up at, which was half-open. This gate was closed at night and opened in the morning. Right now, it was in the middle of being opened.

As Mira waited for the gate to slowly open, she fidgeted restlessly and swayed her body. Other than her there were also merchants and adventurers lined up there who waited to go outside. There were people who looked up at the gate as they opened their mouths as if they wanted to say something, she could also see clearly irritated people there.

After a while the gate finally opened and when the guards gave a sign that it was possible to pass, the people waiting started to move. Mira followed this flow of people and left to the outside together with them, then after following a road for a while she moved away to head to a wide grassland.

It was the Muscat Grassland that spread the East of Lunatic Lake. Just like it’s name suggested, it was a place where numerous muscat grape gardens spread.

Feeling the faintly sweet scent she moved deeper into the back of it and arrived at a location devoid of people. It has been two hours since she left the inn.

(“I won’t stand out if I come this far.”)

It was an open space in the middle of a forest. If it’s here, surrounded by trees and away from the main road, casting even fairly conspicuous Summoning was not a problem, Mira confirmed the surroundings and nodded. Then restraining the feelings that pushed her to action, she extended her right hand in front of herself and then swung it as if to shake something off.

【Summoning Skill: Arcana Restraint Circle】

As her right hand drew a trajectory, on it appeared four restraint circles one after another. Next, Mira reversed her hand and ascended them to 《Rosario Summoning Circle》.

『”Blackness born in the bottom of earth admires light. Whiteness raised in the bottom of heavens admires distant blue.

The beginning is a bird leaving a ripples in pure blue sky. The beginning is a dream, which awakens the memories of a supreme ruler engraved in the cycle of death and rebirth.

The longing that surpasses layers of time.

The folded wings cover the dreams.

Come, rise to the heavens. My beloved child.”』

Along with the resonant voice, the summoning circles shone and overlapped together high in the sky to become a halo that covered the sky. This halo of light gradually increased its diameter to become a gate to call upon the silver-scaled one who surpassed the sound as he pierced the skies.

【Summoning: Imperial Dragon Aizenphard】

The space surrounded by the enormous halo of mana was distorted and a tail as large as a great tree had appeared. The end of the tail that looked like a sparkling blade had shone with dull light of the lives it took as it blended with light. Following that were two rear legs with black claws, a torso clad in silver scales, arms, wings, then finally after the head appeared, dragon eyes shining gold moved eerily as they were turned in Mira’s direction.

The halo of light shattered and the supreme ruler of the blue sky lowered his ferocious-looking head and quietly growled. The Imperial Dragon’s head moved so close to her that she felt his breath on her and upon capturing Mira’s entire figure in his gaze, his eyes rounded and he spoke.

“Father...since when have you become Mother?”2Aizenphard titles Mira “Chichi-ue" and “Haha-ue", a way of saying “father" and “mother" with respect.

The Imperial Dragon who despite his appearance, was a mischievous boy who required a lot of attention, raised his head and asked in a low and calm voice.

“Well, it would take long if I started explaining it… Honestly, I’d prefer if you didn’t touch upon this subject.”

“If Fa...if Mother says so, then I will not ask. I myself am very happy to have a Mother.”

While saying so, the Imperial Dragon squinted and snuggling up to her he growled again. His appearance looked like that of a child acting spoiled toward its mother, and in fact to this summon Mira was in a very close position to that of a mother.

The beginning was an egg that Mira acquired in the ruins in the Dragon Valley. After overcoming numerous difficulties, making it hatch and raising it, the result was the Imperial Dragon growling happily in front of her.

“I...I see. Well...mm-hm, that’s fine then.”

While stroking his head somewhere between eyes and mouth, Mira made a happy look. It seemed to be decided that she would be called “mother” and there were also several things that felt off to her. However, after swallowing all that, Mira looked up at the Imperial Dragon who was over thirty meters large when he spread his wings and her eyes sparkled. Riding on a dragon’s back and flying in the sky, was something many fantasy lovers looked up to. And now, it could possibly become real for her. There was no way her heart wouldn’t flutter.

“It’s been a while, Aizenphard. Were you in good health?”

“Yes. I had no problems with health, however, it was painful not to be able with Mother. I thought you might have forgotten about me.”

Mira spoke to him gently to make an attempt in communication. Aizenphard lied down completely relieved and snuggling up his head against her, answered very lonely.

“Were you such a spoiled boy before, mm?”

As he pushed her body time after time, Mira stopped his head with her hand, consoling him, and asked. She recalled that Aizenphard was a honest and good kid, but he did not act in such a spoiled way.

“When Mother was still Father, you said this: “a father teaches love strictly, a mother teaches love gently. That’s why, don’t be spoiled.” But right now, you are a Mother, so it is alright to act spoiled, yes?”


Finally pushed down by Aizenphard, Mira looked up at the sky as she traced back her memory. It was when Aizenphard hatched from his egg and she started his spartan education.

Normally it was not something necessary, but during his training Mira encouraged him with strict words. It was an action that she did for the sake of making up a good atmosphere for training, but Aizenphard recalled those words. And now that Mira turned into his mother, he sought the gentle love that he hadn’t received before.

(“I feel like I said so, mm… Hmmm, it was a mood kind of thing back then. But in which case, I guess I can’t just reject it flat out…")

Aizenphard acted spoiled toward Mira with gestures unbefitting an Imperial Dragon’s name. Mira recalled the screenshot that Luminaria took for her, called “Dignified Danbulf and Aizenphard extending his wings majestically, standing under the moonlit tower" and smiled wryly.

“It’s been a while, but it looks like you still are a difficult child.”

When Mira muttered so gently and stroked his head, suddenly Aizenphard was clad in silver light and started to shine.

“Mmh, what’s this?”

She raised her hand in response to this dazzling light and squinted.

After a moment when she confirmed this flash of light weakened and lowered her hand, a young man with short silver hair was standing in front of her. This young man looked so handsome that saying he looked like a prince was not enough, words such as angel or god were necessary to give justice to his perfect beauty.

While Mira was astounded by what suddenly happened, the young man whose expression retained some youthful innocence made a smile, then ran up to cling to her. Stark naked of all things.

“Mother, with this appearance I can feel Mother’s love with all of my body.”

This low and calm tone, was the very same voice that Aizenphard in front of her spoke to her earlier. Mira peeled off the young man who embraced her strongly as he growled happily.

“You, are you Aizenphard?”

“Yes, Mother.”

The pretty young man Aizenphard answered with a radiant smile. Mira did not expect him to be able to take human appearance and stared seriously at his transformed appearance.

(“To think a dragon could take a human form, as expected of Fantasy, I guess, mm. In which case, are there others who can turn into something else? That’s something to look forward to.”)

While thinking so, Mira pat Aizenphard’s head as he acted spoiled like a little child despite looking like a young man.

(“This feels totally off, though…”)

Having an adult man snuggling up to her was not a happy event to her at all, Mira heaved a sigh and cursed the words she spoke in the past. Still, Aizenphard was something like her son in whom she put a lot of effort and care to raise. Although she could retract her words and return to spartan training, it was also a fact that she neglected him for thirty years, although it not something she could help. And so, while thinking how should she gloss all this over she decided to let him act spoiled for the time being.

After a while of letting him act spoiled, Mira found a good moment and spoke.

“By the way, there is something I’d like to ask you, is that fine?”

“Of course it is, Mother. Tell me anything you need.”

Aizenphard answered while letting his golden eyes sparkle even stronger. To him who was not called for a long time, being relied on was a joy above all else.

“I would like to fly on your back in the sky. Would you let me ride you?”

The moment Mira said so, Aizenphard opened his eyes wide with surprise and being all smiles and joy he stood up.

“Of course! Flying with Mother on my back feels like a dream!”

So happy that he almost jumped for joy, Aizenphard immediately released a silver light and returned to his dragon appearance. Then, he bent his body low and started shaking his tail like a dog.

“Now, please get on, Mother.”

When Aizenphard protruded his left hand...left foreleg, rather, and Mira used that as footing to run up his back. Moved by the fact she could ride on his back clad in silver scales and wide like an island, Mira confirmed it by taking step after step.

“Now, let’s quickly go!”

When Aizenphard could not help himself and stood up, her field of vision suddenly rose up. Along with shaking like that of a earthquake Mira lost her balance and hurriedly held onto a protruding scale.

“Whoops, do not hurry so much.”

“My apologies, Mother. But I could not wait.”

Even as he apologized, Aizenphard’s voice showed happiness. Seeing his entire body overflowing with happiness, Mira thought it could not be helped and sat down in an easy place to sit.

“Now, Aizenphard, you can fly.”

“Yes, Mother!”

When Mira spoke while restraining her excitement, Aizenphard spread his silver wings and lowered his body a little, then he leaped and flapped his wings at the same time. The forest surrounding the empty space was assaulted by a gale and several inconveniencing blunt sounds of cracking rang out as the forest saw off the supreme ruler of the skies.

“Good, very good, Aizenphard. You’re the best!”

In response to the scenery that was seen from higher with every flapping of his wings, Mira finally reached the point where she could not suppress her excitement and raised her voice.

“I also feel the best!”

Unable to bear it Mira started looking around smacking the ground...or rather, smacking Aizenphard’s back. Being praised by his mother, Aizenphard further increased his altitude.

Eventually becoming able to see the horizon, Mira leaked out a sigh of admiration.

Mountains, forests, settlements, cities, old battlefields, as well as blue sky spreading without end, she enjoyed all of it with her eyes. Unlike the land filled with things made by humans, this world was wide and could be seen to have perceived to have been harmonious with nature.

(“Just by seeing this there might have been a meaning to coming to this world, mm…”)

Mira engraved the world she was living right now in her chest, then set her eyes in the direction the Silver Towers were. She discovered that she could mount summons unlike when it was the game. Having her mood improved by this fact, Mira decided to head for the next destination.

“Now, Aizenphard, head for the towers.”

When she pointed her finger in the direction of the Heavenly-Demon City Silver Horn, Aizenphard acknowledged it with a happy roar. Then, while flapping his wings in order to remain airborne he gradually changed angle and started to shine with faint light.

“Let’s go, Mother!”

Along these words, Aizenphard surpassed the speed of sound in just few moments. He passed by the mountains separating Silver Horn and Lunatic Lake in no time, and clad in supersonic speed’s impact wave he charged in the middle of quickly-changing scenery.

Leaving behind Mira, whom he dropped.



Feeling a sensation as if ground disappeared from beneath her, Mira watched Aizenphard who in no time turned into a small dot. At the same time she started experiencing free fall, with a sigh she annoyingly brushed away her fluttering hair and outfit.

(“Right...of course this is what will happen if he suddenly surpasses speed of sound… I should have told him to fly slowly.”)

Mira summoned Aizephard because among the Summoning she acquired he had the highest compatibility with the sky, but she completely overlooked the simplest of laws of physics. The inertia.

While falling, Mira reduced the speed with 《Sky Striding》. When she looked up, on the other side of the mountains she saw Aizenphard who noticed what happened and that his contours were growing again.

“Motheer! My apologiesss!”

With some tears spilling from his eyes, Aizenphard flew below Mira and received her on his back. Then looking back fearfully, he stared at Mira riding on his back.

His expression somewhat showed that he was low spirits, in response to which Mira smiled and,

“Well, I guess that’s how it’ll turn out. Sorry about that, it was so enjoyable I forgot all about to warn you.”

she said before laughing.

“MOOTHEER! I’m sorryyy.”

Hearing not a reprimand but words of apology, Aizenphard apologized with a teary voice.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Fly slowly next time.”

“Yes, Mother!”

It was just a little failure, this time they gradually sped up until they reached an appropriate speed at which they flew toward the towers.

Aizenphard passed above the the mountains that spread beneath them and above the store in the Silver Wand that Galet had introduced to Mira before. Although the scenery looked like it was left behind slowly, she was flying at a speed higher than that of a long-distance carriage, so in order to avoid the wind pressure she clung to the back of Aizenphard’s neck.

(“It’s cold…")

They were currently at a fairly high altitude and it was colder than on the ground. Even if she was able to block the wind that struck her from the front, she had nothing that could prevent all other wind that stroked her body. Trembling slightly, Mira closed her coat in the front to warm herself just a little.

(“From now on I need to prepare some heavy clothes for flying in the sky.”)

Thinking so, Mira peeked from the side of Aizenphard’s neck and nine towers entered her sight. To think of it, she visited it on the first day she arrived in this world. In other words, it would be her first time ever since that day that she meets Mariana.

(“I only focused on how should I excuse things but... maybe I should tell Mariana everything.”)

Mariana’s thirty years he heard about from Solomon passed by her head. The thirty years she continued to wait for Danbulf. If there was a method to return to her original appearance, Mira thought of returning at that time, but since the Cosmetic Box could not be passed to others due to it being stuck with game setting, it was still impossible to receive it from others. In other words it meant that the possibility of her returning to being Danbulf was nearly nonexistent.

The excuse that Danbulf is in the Town of Mythical Beasts would not work forever. And above all, the feelings of wanting to give relief to Mariana won. Regardless of what was thought about her, how was she looked at, Mira could not continue to deceive the girl who continued to do her utmost for her sake.

Mira who was called “mother” and was flying on her son’s back felt the current, wide world with her entire body as she manly resolved herself to her fate.

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