When dinner party which ultimately turned into something like a strategic meeting was over, Mira, Mariana and Cleos returned to the Tower of Summoning. It was already ten at night and feeling faint sleepiness on her eyelids, Mira yawned lightly.

(“I should call it a day, take a bath and go to sleep, mm.”)

When Mira thought such a thing as she stood in front of her room and tried to take out the Master Key, Mariana hurriedly opened the door before her.

“Ohh, sorry about that. Mariana.”

“It’s nothing.”

Mariana responded shortly like it was nothing. However, even though she did something as simple as to open the door, her expression overflowed with joy from being able to serve - to do what she has been waiting all this time for.

“I’ll be going to do preparations for tomorrow and then go to sleep. Good night, Mira-sama, Mariana-san.”

“Hooh, is there anything you need help with?”

“Oh no, it’s nothing that would require troubling you, Mira-sama. Tomorrow there is a lecture for contract applicants on precautions, so I only need to do simple check on teaching materials.”

“Hm, I see. I don’t know until when will it be, but I leave this tower to you.”

“Yes, leave it to me!”

Cleos answered strongly and returned to the office first. Mira saw him off, entered her apartment and then headed toward the changing room.

“You too, Mariana, you can go back. Make sure to rest in your room.”

“No, it appears you are to enter the bath, Mira-sama. I will wash your back.”

When Mira opened the door to the changing room and turned around, there she saw Mariana stick right behind her back and answer with an extremely serious look in her eyes.

“There is no need to go that far.”

“I will wash your back.”

“No, like I said…"

“I will wash...”

“Mm-hm, fine. Let’s do so, then…"

Losing to Mariana’s pressure who refused to back down at any cost and maintained her posture, Mira acknowledged it with a bitter smile.

(“Well, just having my back washed should be alright. There is no need to force myself to refuse, mm.”)

Even if she was his aide, Mira felt it might have been too much to ask her of so she refrained from it, but if Mariana wanted to do it so much, then there was no need to refuse.

As for Mariana, after being unable to serve all this time she focused on Mira’s every single move as if to disperse all the desire to serve that she accumulated.

When Mira tried to take off her Magic Robe Set’s coat and put a hand on it, Mariana supported her quietly from the back and folded it on a shelf carefully.

When Mira put a hand on her one piece dress, thanks to Mariana’s helpful hands she undressed easier than when she had put it on.

Then when Mira was left with just a single pair of panties on her, she quickly took them off and entered the bathroom.

After she finished sorting the clothes that Mira took off, Mariana put a hand on the hem of her own clothes.


Mira was bewildered.

Naked Mariana was carefully and thoroughly taking care of her. Mira herself did her best not to see Mariana, who trusted her, in that kind of way and had her gaze wander around - behaving clearly suspiciously. The more she thought about it the more sensitively her nerves reacted to the presence behind her and she was losing the ability to make proper decisions.

As a result, Mira’s bath time has been completely dominated by Mariana.

“I will wash the front as well.”


Mira only consented to all words Mariana said and surrendered her entire body to washing.

A certain soft thing sometimes touched her back, arms and shoulders. In the corner of her eyes appeared pale skin color. While fighting against those things that stirred bad urges inside her, Mira felt slightly ticklish from her entire body being washed and suddenly stiffened sometimes.

Then about twenty minutes later, Mira managed to somehow succeed in enduring, although she was at the very limit of her self-restraint.

She did not think that Mariana was this cute, but this event had half-forcibly made Mira become aware of her cuteness.

After that she was unable to say she would wash Mariana’s back as thanks, and while telling her to take her time resting, Mira rushed out of the bathroom as if to escape.

In the changing room, prepared as a change of clothes was a simple, thin robe.

(“As expected of her…")

Grateful for Mariana’s attentiveness, Mira put the robe on and sat down on the sofa in the apartment, then started enjoying an after-bath Apple au Lait.

While playing with the hem of the robe that had a good in touch texture, Mira started thinking about various things related to Summoning, then before long Mariana finished bathing and came out with her cheeks flushed.

“I will finish washing these clothes today.”

“Mm-hm, please do.”

Wearing a robe similar to that of Mira’s, in her hands Mariana was holding her maid clothes, neatly folded Magic Robe Set and panties. Thanks to this appearance of Mariana’s and the term “washing clothes", Mira was reminded of the Sage’s Robe.

“Speaking of which, when I came last time I think I left a single robe.”

“If it’s that, then I have washed it and put away in my room. I will go bring it.”

Mariana said so, bowed and returned to her aide’s room.

(“I guess I’ll go prepare for sleeping, mm.”)

Mira leaned on the back of the sofa, stretched lightly and stood up.


After finishing sleeping preparations for the time being, Mira was lying on the bed when Mariana returned with the robe in her hands.

“I brought it.”

“Mm-hm, thank you.”

While receiving the neatly-folded Sage’s Robe Mira focused on one more thing that Mariana was holding. Its surface was cloth. It was big enough to be an armful, was decorated cutely, was soft-looking and had cylindrical shape.

“What did you bring there with you?”

“A pillow.”

Mariana answered as if it was perfectly normal. Confirming that it was really what it looked out to be, Mira wondered what did she bring that for. Although, there could be only a single reason for it.

“Can it be you intend to sleep here?”


She answered instantly as if it was obvious.

“But, you see. As expected I can’t sleep together with a girl… We are a man and a woman.”

“Right now Mira-sama is a girl. I believe there is no problem?”


Being told so Mira was made to think it was not a problem. But since she started growing conscious of Mariana, spending a night together with a lovely girl like her would make Mira fight against the desire inside her. To Mira, Mariana was someone she could not lay a hand on out of desire.

However, Mariana’s recognition was different. She devoted all of herself to Mira. First of all, to Fairyfolk the Fairy’s Blessing was such feelings given form, Mira was already both her master and her spouse.

“You don’t want to share a bed with me?”

Mira remained silent as her brain was unable to keep up. Mariana cast down her head and asked, lonely and sadly.

“It’s not like I don’t want. However...um.”

Of course that was not the case. Mira immediately answered. The problem of her desires aside, above all - she was embarrassed. If she was told beforehand that they would sleep together, she might have resolved herself a little.

But to conclusion, if that was how much Mariana wished for it, there was no choice but to agree.

Mira resolved herself and “fine” she consented. Then moving from the middle of the bed she lied down on the left side and moved her pillow a little.

After placing the pillow in the opened space, Mariana gracefully slipped onto the bed.

“I am very happy to meet you again.”

When their two heads lined up on the bed, Mariana murmured in trembling voice. When Mira turned in the direction of this voice, she saw tears in Mariana’s eyes.

(“I neglected her for thirty years, after all…”)

Mariana suddenly made a spoiled wish of wanting to sleep together. Although it was easy to say “thirty years”, but it was a very long time to live through.

“I’m sorry.”

Looking up at the canopy that had angels dancing in paradise embroidered on it, Mira apologized yet again.

Then the next moment, Mariana’s hand touched Mira’s belly.

“What is it?”

Trembling in response to this ticklish sensation, Mira turned her gaze toward Mariana. That moment, Mariana moved closer and right next to Mira’s face. As Mira panicked at this sudden happening, Mariana’s hand reached even deeper.

(“What...what kind of situation is thissss?!”)

“Mira-sama...one more time.”

When Mariana murmured so into her ear, her hand passed by Mira’s belly and overlapped with Mira’s right hand. Then at the same time she closed her moist eyes, a pale light leaked from the bed.

“What, so that’s what you wanted.”

Feeling somewhat relieved and somewhat disappointed, with unstable feelings Mira squeezed back Mariana’s hand and then let go to join their hands again between their heads. As the two stared at the small wings symbol, Mira’s and Mariana’s gaze naturally met.

“What did you think...it was?”

“Ugh...nothing really.”

When Mira turned her gaze away in a hurry, Mariana chuckled and squeezed Mira’s hand a little strongly.

The Fairy’s Blessing was the proof that they were strongly bound. As Mariana refreshed it time after time, every time she smiled happily. Seeing that, Mira reproached herself for imagining impure things all the time.

Mariana was pure. She yearned for Mira in pure manner. When Mira understood that anew, she felt her bad feelings burst and her spirit grew bright.


“What is it?”

“It’s nothing.”

Mariana said so and smiled childishly.

“What was that?”

“I just wanted to try it once.”

Glowing with faint light, the two talked about what they like or hate, their recent hobbies and other trifling things. Eventually, the two were naturally invited into the land of dreams in no order in particular.


Morning of the next day. Mira woke up in a very refreshed manner. And even though she just woke up, her head was clear. Recalling what happened the previous night, she blushed a little embarrassed.

“Nnh, she’s already up?”

Turning her gaze right next to herself, Mira settled her sight at the trace left behind Mariana which was her pillow. When she opened the menu from the bracelet, she confirmed that the current time was a little past eight in the morning.

After stretching slightly, Mira took a sweeping look at the scenery seen outside the window.

Squinting just a little she looked at the lively cityscape with satisfaction, then noticed a faint and gentle sound coming from the living room.

It was the staple of a happy morning. Enticed by this sound, Mira opened the door of the bedroom.

“Good morning, Mira-sama.”

Preparing breakfast in maid outfit, Mariana said a greeting as usual. On the table inside the living room filled with savory scent, there was tableware for two. Mira who had an admiration for such morning scene, stood there for a moment forgetting about time.

“Did something happen?”

Seeing Mira look in her direction with a fervent gaze, Mariana asked what happened. This voice brought Mira back from delusions to reality and,

“Ngh...no, it’s nothing. Good morning.”

she said and looked away as if to hide something, then immediately escaped to the toilet. As expected, she could not say she was having delusions of the two living a newlywed life. After raising her robe and finishing her business, she admonished herself for being carried with the flow of the situation and braced her emotions tightly.

When she returned from the restroom, there waited Mariana holding a washed and ready outfit.

“Now then, Mira-sama. Here is your change of clothes.”

Not being given any time to refuse, Mira was passed underwear and when she stretched it in front of herself, she was at a loss for words. The panties she was passed were decorated with lace and ribbons, being of extremely girly and cute design.

“Now, Mira-sama.”


Although Mira hesitated, she was prompted by Mariana’s somewhat expectant gaze and put those panties on.

After that, Mira took off the robe and turned half-naked. Watching such appearance of Mira’s, Mariana smiled satisfied and suddenly spoke.

“By the way, Mira-sama. I did not see upper part of underwear in the laundry, did you not use any?”

Last night when Mira entered the bath and now too, Mira only wore panties for the underwear. Thinking that there would be problems with only that, Mariana asked the question.

“I don’t know how to put it on, you see, mm. I do have some, though.”

“Do you have it with you now?”


Mira answered shortly and out of the item list she took out the bag with change of clothes, then opened it. Inside the bag there were several pairs of underwear for changing into, and they were split in two places. For used and for unused.

(“Oh right, I forgot to take out the ones for laundry.”)

“Are these for washing?”

After seeing the bag, Mariana immediately noticed it and took out several of randomly thrown in pairs of panties. All of them had very simple design.

“Mm-hm, can I ask you to?”

“Of course.”

Answering as if it was natural, Mariana simply folded them and brought a laundry basket from the changing room.

“Is there anything else?”

Being asked so, Mira took the itemized early prototype of mahou shoujo outfit and Sage’s Robe Replica that she threw directly inside the item box. Although there was no need for them, the prototype outfit was something she received from the maids and into which they put their feelings. That outfit that felt like it would curse her if she treated it roughly. As for the replica, some child might be happy if she gave it to them.

“This too.”


Mariana received the two outfits and after putting them inside the basket, she peeked inside the bag and took out several brassieres.

“The size...looks just fit.”

“It’s because castle’s maids choose it for me.”

Mira answered so and honestly said that although she was taught how to put it on once, she forgot it. Next, Mariana took one of the brassieres in her hand and stood up.

“Then, I will teach you.”

Being overwhelmed by Mariana’s pressure as she said so and drew close, Mira was made to obediently receive her lecture.

Since it was also something pointed out by Amaratte, Mira listened carefully to Mariana’s explanation despite the slight feelings of shame she was exposed to.

To show as an example, Mariana put it on her once, then had Mira take it off and try multiple times to make sure Mira remembered it.

A few dozens of repeats later. Mira finally acquired the ability to put on a brassiere.

When Mira said her thanks, Mariana displayed joy that there was something she could teach Mira, and smiled happily.

After the underwear turmoil, along with the flow of events Mira had the Magic Robe Set put on her and together with Mariana, she sat by the seat to enjoy a relaxed meal.


When Mira’s cheeks loosened as she drank an after-meal cocoa, there was a sound of a bell ringing at equal intervals. This sound repeated as if to notify them of something.

“Nhh, what’s this sound? Is it that thing from yesterday?”

At almost the very same moment Mira asked a question, Mariana stood up.

“It’s magic communication ring bell. I will go answer.”

Mariana opened a closet by the door. There, was the same device that Mira saw yesterday when Cleos received an emergency magic communication.

When Mariana twisted the device’s lever, the communication connected and just for an instant there was a high pitched sound that went past the room.

“This is Tower of Summoning, aide Mariana here.”

“Arkite Castle, aide Süleyman here. Is Mira-sama currently there?”

This call had come because part of the documents that Mira brought back have been deciphered, but a slight problem had appeared in regards to that, and she was asked to come to the castle.


“So... you are leaving already.”

At the same time the call ended, Mariana lowered her gaze in lonely manner.

“When the business is over I will come back right away. Thank you, Mariana. As long as you think of me, this is the place I belong.”

Feeling a little bashful, Mira spoke of the feelings she had noticed over that one night. Mariana nodded slightly and after approaching Mira, she took her right hand.

While the Fairy’s Blessing shone, the two smiled at each other in silence.

In order to go to the castle, it was faster to travel in the sky. However, since it was cold in the sky, she told Mariana that a heavy outfit was necessary and the two rummaged through the storage. There, Mariana found a perfectly suitable coat. It was a fur coat that was surprisingly soft and whiter than fresh snow. It was something from Danbulf’s era, so while it was too big for Mira’s current appearance, there was no problem if it was only used for enveloping herself to stop the wind.

Next, the two headed to the Energy-Refining room and there they took out elemental Magic-Sealing Stones that were to be a souvenir for Solomon and Magic-Sealing Bomb Stones that could be used for Summoning contract.

(“I wonder what is the problem. I hope it’s not something troublesome.”)

The moment it was said there was a problem it was certain that it would be troublesome, but Mira prayed it was something of low level of troublesomeness as she picked up things that could be needed.

“Well then, shall we go?”

With a happy tone of voice Cleos spoke as if to hurry Mira up.

The magic communication was currently set to be heard on the entire floor. Since they were not used for personal matters, this was more convenient. Because of that, Cleos heard in the office that Mira was going to the castle and thinking that they might as well go together, he waited for a good moment and came to pick her up.

“If possible, I wanted to teach you how to tie your hair.”

“Mm-hm… that’s something...for the next opportunity.”

Holding ribbons in her hand, Mariana muttered disappointed from the bottom of her heart. It was something that happened when they finished preparing everything, for final touches Mariana combed Mira’s hair and has been deliberating on what hairstyle should she make for Mira. In that moment Cleos came to the apartment and “I’m going to the academy so let’s go together.” he said.

Mariana glared at Cleos hatefully.

Filling a chill on his back and trembling, Cleos jumped into the elevator.

“Well then, I’m off.”

“Yes. Please be careful.”

When feeling a little bashful Mira said so, Mariana smiled softly.

Feeling the spring atmosphere from the two, Cleos wondered if something happened between the two last night, puzzled.


In front of the Tower of Summoning. Beside them there was a carriage smaller than normal which was not tied to any horse. It was about big enough to let one person to ride on it, was made with wood and metal, and had a door and windows in it.

“Mira-sama, you can’t ride on Aizenphard-sama.”

Cleos stood in front of the carriage and once again he reminded Mira, then he set a Summoning’s emergence point on top of the box-like carriage.

“I know…”

Before sulky Mira managed to come up with a fitting summon for flying in the sky, Cleos activated his spell.

【Summoning: Garuda】

When the magic circle dispersed while releasing wind, on top of the carriage reflecting light, and sparkling in rainbow colors was an enormous eerie bird.

“Hooh… A Garuda, huh. So you’re going to ride a Garuda, mm?”

No, what I’m going to be riding is this wagon. I’m having Garuda carry it and fly.”

While Mira said so as she looked up at Garuda who was as big as a small house, Cleos opened the door of the carriage he called a wagon and answered a little proudly.

So to say, it was a carriage for the sky use. A bird carriage it could be called1A play on kanji here, carriage is written 馬車 which combines the words “horse" and “wheels", so Mira here switches kanji for horse to “bird", it won’t make sense in English anyhow.. And since it was flying in the sky it was a difficult question whether it was really a carriage2Same as above, this time nitpicking about the fact it doesn’t use wheels despite having 車 in name, but Mira displayed great joy at this idea.

“Ho-hooh!! I see. In this case it won’t matter just how cold the sky is and your butt won’t hurt!”

When she peeked inside the wagon, she saw it was equipped with a small table and a comfortable seat. Just by seeing it she could tell it was splendidly made and comfortable.

Getting on the wagon, Mira enjoyed the comfort of the seat and “nice, how nice” she repeated.

“Normally it’s for a single person’s use, but Mira-sama is small so if we squeeze ourselves we might be able to ride together. How about it?”

Seeing Mira act like that, somewhat fatherly feelings welled up inside Cleos and smiling even more gently than usual, he said so.

“Is it really okay?!”

“Yes, I think it should be all right.”

When Mira asked back with an innocent sparkle on her face, Cleos said that it should work somehow and entered the wagon. As Mira cheerfully squeezed herself into the corner, a space for one person to sit has opened up. Sitting there “looks like there is no problem” said Cleos and closed the door.

“To the capital, Lunatic Lake.”

When Cleos knocked on the wall and declared, the sound of wind smacking the walls started to resound inside.

“Is it gonna fly, it’s FLYING!”

Mira excitedly looked at the flowering plants stroked by the wind outside the window. As several gusts of wind appeared, they felt a light sense of floating and the scenery outside continued to descend lower and lower.

Gradually and gently, with every flapping of wings the altitude increased and Mira stood up to cling onto the window, then glanced below.

Watching such appearance of Mira’s, Cleos felt loyalty much similar to desire to protect that sprouted inside him.

“Ohh! The tower is already so small. Nice, how nice. Where can I get this thing?”

“This wagon? You see, this is…"

When Mira moved away from the window for the time being, with an expression full of expectation she asked him. Cleos prompted her to first calm down and sit, then answered that it was something the castle’s craftsmen made for him, and if necessary they probably would make one for her.

Eager to go and ask once she arrived, Mira took our two flasks of Apple au Lait and passed one to Cleos, and together with him she enjoyed comfortable travel in the sky.