The section ahead of the bridge was one filled with things related to monsters. Other than documents and samples, it also had elaborately-made statues.

As for samples, they looked very fresh as if they were about to move any time. Moreover, there were real monsters among them from time to time, which raised Hinata’s heart rate.

With that said, all of those monsters were removed in no time by black knights so Hinata only focused on defending herself as she watched their combat.

As for Mira, while leaving the combat to black knights she stared with interest at the lined-up shelves. On the shelves there were monster materials she had never seen before and what seemed to be armament made out of those materials, also, there were research documents on those monsters as well.

“If it’s documents from this place, then most of them have been copied during the previous investigation. Other than monster characteristics were written there were also methods of fighting them and ways to use their materials. Just like Mira-sama now, Solomon-sama also displayed a fair amount of interest.”

Cleos explained cheerfully. Solomon actually loved combat just as much as Mira.

“Hooh, is that so.”

If he had displayed interest in it, then there was no way Mira would not. Therefore, she decided in her heart to ask him to show it to her later.

The monster research section was very spacious unlike the previous sections. The reason was that there were many samples and statues of monsters that took a lot of space, as a result there were few shelves, making the overall view better. In addition to that, the erosion by plants was lighter, which was also a reason.

The three progressed according to the section’s guide map. Compared to the previous routes, this one was very even and they arrived at the next obstacle unexpectedly quick.

There, was a gate blockaded by iron bars. Beside it, there was a towering stone slab that was this time’s mechanism. However, the text written on it was something Mira did not see ever before, she had no idea what to do in this situation.

“And, what is this mechanism?”

Mira furrowed her eyebrows and looking up at the stone slate, she asked Cleos like so.

“That’s...during last time examination this is furthest we reached. What is ahead of here is unknown. Apparently the text on the slate is in ancient Spirit language. Since there was none who could decode it, we turned back from here.”

Cleos stood beside Mira and looking at the stone slab the same way, he recalled what happened back then and answered.

“Hmm, ancient Spirit language… Was Süleyman also unable to read it?”

“Yes. Although it does have similarities with modern Spirit language, it was impossible to decode the majority of it.

Süleyman also had deep knowledge of Spirit language. However, even with that knowledge it appeared to be impossible for him to decode ancient Spirit language.

“Then what are we supposed to do…"

Grumbling so, Mira grimaced and glaring at the slate “ancient spirit, mm?” she murmured and stroked her chin with her finger.

Spirits who lived in this world naturally had a long history and culture. The ancient Spirit language was something Spirits used in the distant past and among the current age’s Spirits there were few who knew this language.

In other words, there was no one among her contracted spirits who knew it, it was when she thought so, that Mira recalled a certain Spirit’s figure in the back of her mind.

After it flashed in her mind, her actions were swift. Mira immediately changed Arcana Restraint Circle into Rosario Summoning Circle and commenced activation of high-class Summoning.

『”The star-eater who seeks the heavens holds the color-changing bow at the sun, she nocks a lightning and releases it into the empty sky.

As she shoots the seats of honour one after another, the forgotten heroes at the ends of the sky fall into a dream and removed from cycle of death and rebirth, they doze off in the rain.

It is a cold and blue illusion remaining in the memory of the sky, one of the dead sleeping in the cage of Akasha in the distant crevice of this world.

On this day, it falls from the stars and enters the hand that succeeds the history.”』

【Summoning: Rainbow Spirit Twinkle Pam】

At the same time Mira activated the Summoning, two magic circles shone colorfully and spiraled to create a rainbow pillar.

“Mastaah, I request an embraceee.”

The one who appeared from this dream-like pillar along with such words, was doubtlessly a little girl. And this little girl was jumping like a rabbit as she pestered Mira for a hug.

“Heeere you go, what a good girl.”

Holding the little girl in her arms, Mira rocked her lightly and pat her head spoiling her.

A little girl who appeared from a rainbow pillar. This girl who was clad a dazzling outfit like that of a queen and had a fluttering, soft and wavy blonde hair, was one of high-class Spirits, the Rainbow Spirit Twinkle Pam.

“I see. As expected of Mira-sama.”

Seeing Pam embraced to Mira’s chest making a happily limp expression, Cleos instantly came to realization.

In contrast, Hinata was dumbfounded in more ways than one. After influx of immense amount of mana which mixed in together and surpassed her understanding, the result that manifested was a pampered little girl. It could not be helped she would not be able to understand it right away.

A Rainbow Spirit. Ever since the ancient times, they were existences that continued to reincarnate while retaining their knowledge.

When Mira contracted her she was still a freshly-reincarnated baby, but thirty years have passed since then. Although Mira though she would grow a fair amount since then, but a Spirit’s growth was slower than she expected.

“Hmmm… I wonder if she can decode it.”

Pam’s too pure and innocent smile was so bright it made even a shadow of knowledge disappear.

“Pam-sama’s knowledge itself is certain, so how about we have her take a look?”

“Hm, well, since she’s already here.”

Nodding in response to Cleos’ advice, Mira lowered her gaze at Pam who was acting spoiled by her chest. And then, her eyes met with Pam’s who looked up at her.

“Mastaah. It has been a whiiile.”

“Indeed, mm. Were you in good health?”

“In very good heaalth.”

Pam’s innocently-blooming smile made her existence into loveliness itself and Mira unconsciously smiled, then as if to dote on a grandchild, she rubbed her cheek against Pam’s.

“I see I see. That’s excellent.”

While saying so Mira put down Pam in front of the slate. Then, she pointed at it and,

“So, Pam. Can you read what is written here?”

she gently spoke to her. Told so, Pam looked up at the slate and after staring at it intently she suddenly turned around and pestered Mira to pick her up.

“Umm, you see, umm…"

In Mira’s arms, Pam spoke so as if to sort her words and started explaining the result of decoding the slate.

Written on it, just like they thought, was the method of solving the mechanism.

The content said they needed to turn ten statues to either left or right in a certain order.

According to what Pam read, on the latter part of the slate there was written the statue order, but it was not written where those statues were.

“It might be better to split up and search for the statues that way.”

“I agree. Let’s do so.”

After they finished listening to the results of Pam’s decoding, Mira and Cleos said so and summoned few dozen of black knights, then released them into the section. It was not for searching the statues. It was to exterminate monsters that could get in the way of searching for them.

The group of black knights found monsters that were running all over and decimated them. While watching the scene of rough and overwhelming numbers overpowering everything, Hinata thought that there was a long and steep road ahead of her before she masters spells, then smiled bitterly.

Not waiting long until extermination had ended, the three finally started solving the mechanism.

“The first one was, if I’m not wrong, a statue of a four-legged black beast. Was it?”

When Mira murmured so as to confirm, Pam whom she was carrying on her back responded with “that’s right~”.

“Then...let’s split up and search, mm.”

Facing the sight of countless shelves, samples and statues, Mira said so with a sigh.

“Then I will take this direction.”

“I will search that side!!”

Cleos and Hinata immediately nodded and split in their own directions before they broke into a run. After seeing them off, Mira reseated Pam on her back and ran up to a high place.

After a while “I found iiiit" sounded Hinata’s voice. Then a few seconds later, a “I turned it to the riiiight" the voice continued.

“Mira-samaaa. Was the second one a four legged white oooone?”

From another distant location Cleos’ voice reached her. Mira confirmed with Pam on her back and “that is riiiight" she answered in loud voice.

Like that, with a truly analog method the three manipulated the mechanism.

The more Mira looked at the monster research section, the more her adventurous spirit was stimulated. However, she was not fit for searching things. This isn’t it, that isn’t it, as Mira walked around looking at statues, something in her brain started to grow numb.

“That’s, well, that. A panda. Panda panda, panda madam.”

A fox, a dog, a cat and a bear. Smacking the head of statue of each Mira searched for the objective. Regardless whether she was on the verge of Gestaltzerfall​ or just grew childish with age, Mira’s recognition ability decreased considerably.

“Mastaah. Turn that black spherical one to the left~.”

Pam did a great job Instead, however. She was full of curiosity and her gaze ran all over, and when she found statue required for solving the mechanism, she told Mira about it.

“Ohh, that one. Good job.”

Mira responded to such Pam’s voice and finally recognized the statue correctly. And “I found iiiit" she raised her voice after which she spread her legs and clung onto the statue.


Along with a yell Mira put her strength in and turned the statue to the left. Then, the statue stopped with a sound of a click.

Like this, after a while longer of solving the mechanism. Mira finally found the last one. It was a statue that looked like an oni with two horns growing from its head, and it stood next to the slate that Pam decoded.

After waiting for Cleos and Hinata to join them, as the representative, Mira turned the final statue. When she did, the iron bars that sealed the gate were all released and when the path to the next section was opened, the three cheered loudly.

“That was great help. Good work.”

Once everything settled down, the moment Mira was to dismiss Pam.


Pam charged into Mira’s bosom and started crying in loud voice. Then tightly squeezing Mira’s robe, she asserted that she doesn’t want to go back. Although she did not mention it, she was lonely not being able to meet Mira for all these thirty years.

“There there, what a pampered girl you are, mm.”

With those gestures Mira noticed Pam’s feelings and quietly embracing her, she gently pat her head. When she did, the crying stopped all at once and Pam smiled happily.

“That’s great, Pam-sama. I can understand those feelings.”

Cleos who watched Mira and Pam’s exchange said so in deep emotion. The loneliness from being unable to meet someone for thirty years, and the joy of reunion. The feelings of wanting to be always together. Cleos who also felt similar emotions agreed with Pam from the bottom of his heart.

(“Ehh?? He can understand her feelings? Eh?? Cleos-sama is...a pampered boy…?”)

Naturally Hinata did not know the true meaning and understood Cleos’ words just as he spoken them.

Learning Cleos’ new aspect (or so she thought), Hinata looked at Pam who looked very happy as she was embraced to Mira’s chest, then moved her gaze to Cleos. And “I think that’s nice" she muttered and made fond smile.


Ahead of the gate they passed was filled with lush greenery. The plants that were the subject of the research here had managed to give roots using some opportunity, and over a long time they propagated greatly making this a result. But even despite this, the shelves which had various spells cast on them were lined up safely even in this thick forest.

“The air is so clear~.”

“Indeed it is fresh, mm.”

Pam joyously frolicked on Mira’s back. Yes, this place was the “Sixth Section” that contained research on land plants and which was their destination where the documents of their their objective were.

“How do we search this now, mm.”

There were trees that grew tall and mountains of shelves that did not lose to the trees. Facing this difficult to describe sight, Mira said so and smiled bitterly. Not only there was a troublesome number of shelves, but also the greenery that covered them and hid the complete picture of the section.

And, in the middle of such green-filled scenery Mira looked at a guide map that stood there like it was natural.

“Nh, this is…"

When they brushed away the vines that covered it, the guide map showed itself looking just like the other ones. However, when they looked well there found a slight difference.

This guide map properly had the breakdown of the section written there.

When she found it, Mira took out the memo she received from Solomon and compared the document titles with the guide map’s written content. Cleos also seemed to have notice it and started looking through the guide map.

“This “Ancient Species and Rules of Divergence Caused by Evolutionary Process” looks like it would be in “History” section.”

“And this “Sediment and Climate Classification-caused Plants Distribution Map” also looks like it will be in the same place.”

Mira and Cleos confirmed with each other, then started looking for the location “Adelheid Report #47” which was the last one.

Based on the title, the content was unknown. However, there was something on a breakdown that sounded like it. It was the place in the deepest part of the section labeled as “Delegates’ Summaries”.

“That place feels fishy, mm.”

“Yes, it feels highly likely.”

The two looked at the same place that was “Delegates’ Summaries” and nodded to each other, then confirmed the routes leading to “History” and “Delegates’ Summaries” locations.

“Then, let’s split and search. Would you help out as well, Hinata-sensei?”

“Of course!! We are searching for documents, yes??”

When Cleos turned around before Mira and requested Hinata’s help, she nodded without second thought.

“I’m sorry to involve you with my private work, mm.”

If they learned the rough location and split up, it would not take long. As she looked at the two, Mira was relieved that she did not come alone after all.

“Oh noo. It’s only natural to help.”

As she answered so, there was not a single cloud in Hinata’s smile, it was a face of a person of pure character.

“Now then, you two take care of the one that sounds like it will be in “History”. I will search in the deepest part. Do you remember titles?”

“I have them memorized. Please leave it to us.”

“Yes, leave it to us!!”

Cleos answered confidently, Hinata answered full of motivation.

“By the way, I heard that everything here cannot be carried outside, what do we do??”

Hinata suddenly asked a question, puzzled. In response, Mira muttered “ohh, that’s right" and she passed the bundle of papers she received from Solomon, to Cleos and Hinata.

“It’s paper that copies text just by pressing against it.”

Ah, copy paper!! I see, I know now!!”

Hinata knew the existence of that paper and immediately realized the goal.

“That’s how it is. Well then, see you later.”

Mira said so and following the guide map she headed toward the “Delegates’ Summaries” in the back of the section.


Over ten minutes later of traveling with Daoist abilities. Mira arrived in the location the document that was her objective apparently was.

“Where do I start searching from, mm.”

Although they narrowed down the location, it was still enormous and the number of shelves was also enormous. Mira grumbled so, brushed away the vines and examined the inside.

“So much books~.”

“Indeed, there’s so much books, mm.”

While looking after Pam who smiled innocently, Mira went up the stairs and walked on a small bridge to another side, then started inspecting the countless shelves one after another.

“Nuh, it’s this.”

She started searching the “Delegates’ Summaries” and when she toured about half of the location, Mira finally discovered the document that was the objective.

The anti-theft spell activated when one took the documents from the shelf and moved more than ten meters away for a certain period of time. In other words, there was no problem as long as she did not move away from the shelf.

Holding the document Mira sat down on the ground nearby, then took out the bundle of papers and started working on copying.

Mira copied one page after another. Pam must have grown lonely as she got off Mira’s back and this time entered under Mira.

“Hey hey, don’t move so much.”

While adjusting the paper that slipped, Mira calmed Pam down and continued her work.

Copying went well for twenty, thirty pages. Pam watched it all this time, but apparently she got bored and she slipped from under Mira and started to wander around.

“Don’t go too far.”

Mira instructed Pam who, like a child she was, ran around curiously.


Answering so, Pam started playing within the range of sight. After confirming that, Mira gently murmured “good girl good girl" and continued her work.


“Phew, this would be all.”

Mira finished her copying work, stood up and stretched to loosen her body. Then she put the bundle of copied paper in the item box and returned the documents back to the shelf.

At that point, Mira noticed.

“Nhm? Where’s Pam?”

She realized Pam was nowhere within her range of sight.

With that said, if the Summoner focused their consciousness they could sense where the summon was. Therefore, Mira said gently “What a troublesome girl, mm” and searched the surroundings.

And then, Pam’s response came from above her. When she looked there, she saw multiple shelves piled up one on top of another and she thought that it certainly was interesting-looking place to play in.

(“Hm, it certainly isn’t far, mm.”)

Even if Mira could not see her, she was not far away. She certainly did as Mira told her to.


Turning upwards Mira called out to her. A moment later Pam’s face peeked out, the moment she saw Mira a smile bloomed on her face and she jumped down.


Mira hurriedly spread her both arms and caught Pam, and the next moment her expression cramped.

“Mastaah, I request recitation of the book~.”

While saying so with a carefree smile, Pam held a single book in her hands.

“Pam…where did you take this from?”


When Mira calmed her emotions and asked, with a smiley face Pam pointed far up at the pile of shelves.

Looking up where she pointed and seeing a shelf glowing with red light, Mira leaked “Oh no" and looked up to the heavens.

Immediately after, a sound of an alarm like a few thousands of bells started to ring.

“What a troublesome girl you are!”

Mira laughed it off like so, then embracing Pam she used Daoist abilities to the fullest to run.

Escaping the guardian golems that started falling from above like rain and passing by the defensive walls that suddenly appeared to stand in their way, Mira dashed at the “History” section where Cleos and Hinata were.

“It feels like I’m flying~!”

Trees lining up together, flowering plants overgrowing everything, as well as tall mountains of shelves. While Mira avoided those or at times used them as scaffold, Pam in her arms raised an innocent voice.

“Theeere, up you go!”

Mira smiled to Pam who acted like that and using one of Daoist’s abilities - 《Sky Striding》 she kicked off in mid-air far above the ground and continued to run. When she did this, Pam greatly rejoiced and laughed happily.

And while Mira ran above the forest without particular reason, suddenly, a Garuda’s appearance was reflected in her eyes.


Looking at it well, on the back of the Garuda circling near the ceiling she saw Cleos and Hinata clinging to it. Apparently Cleos summoned his Garuda.

When she waved her hand back, the Garuda forcibly repelled the golems that continued to fall like rain, and flew right under Mira.

“Your hand!”

“Sorry about this.”

Taking Cleos’ hand and descending on Garuda, Mira changed the hold on Pam. Then, she was impressed by the unexpectedly comfortable back.

“Let’s escape all at once. Please hold on.”

When he said so, Garuda increased the speed, then avoiding nimbly the golems attacking from above and cannon fire from below, sometimes shaking them off, flew toward the exit.

“Umm, Mira-sama. Did something happen?”

Cleos said and turned his face toward Mira. His expression said he wanted to confirm if something happened on Mira’s side.

“Ahh, as you can see.”

Receiving that, Mira quietly showed Pam and smiled wryly.

“I see, I understand now.”

Pam was tightly holding a book. After confirming that, Cleos reflexively smiled seeing Pam’s bright smile.

And like that, they somehow managed to safely circumvent the giant tower of shelves and only half of the way was left. Almost everything below was blocked by defensive walls and countless disgusting tentacles extended from the ceiling.


This sight looking like some low quality movie made Hinata reflexively let out a twisted scream. However, Cleos and Garuda were not worried by those obstacles and shook them off, flying into the entrance.

The big hall where the knight statue and warrior statue were. Landing there, Mira and others got off from Garuda with faint smiles.

“Book has disappeareeed~.”

Pam in Mira’s arms said sorrowfully and her shoulders slumped in disappointment. It was something that happened due to the mechanism that forcefully returned items that were carried outside the section. Therefore, no items of the collection could be carried outside.

“The saving grace is that it happened after I finished copying.”

Muttering so with a sigh, Mira peeked inside the deepest level. Apparently it was still on guard as the inside was a horrible sight.

“What about you two?”

Turning away not to look at it, Mira asked Cleos and Hinata.

“It’s all right.”

“We got it perfect!”

The two took out bundles of paper from their bosom and answered seeming to have enjoyed it.

“Ohh, you did well. With this the mission is over!”

Mira received the copied paper from the two, relieved.