Only Sense

Only Sense Online (―オンリーセンス・オンライン―) written by Aloha Zachou (座長 アロハ) and illustrated by Yukisan (ゆきさん)
Published by Fujimi Shobo under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko inprint, it has currently ten volumes.
The novel was originally published as a web novel.
It will be translated on this blog only from the light novel sources, as the volumes gets published.

Story Synopsis

Yun is a novice MMO player who equipped only unpopular skills labelled as garbage. However, soon after everyone started to notice the "Strongest" play style which made full use of Support Magic and Items——?!

Volume 1OSO_v01_Cover (FULL TEXT)

Volume 1 Extras


OSO_vSM_CoverVolume - The Silver Muse (FULL TEXT)

Volume 2OSO_v02_Cover (FULL TEXT)

Volume - The Silver Muse 2

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Chapter 1 - Young Beasts and Satiety
  • Chapter 2 - Floating Continent and the Ruins Dungeon
  • Chapter 3 - Inspection and Withdrawal-Battle
  • Chapter 4 - Childhood Friend and Moon Rabbit
  • Chapter 5 - Yukata, Fireworks and Summer Festival
  • Afterword

OSO_v03_CoverVolume 3 (FULL TEXT)

Short Story 1 & Short Story 2

OSO_v04_CoverVolume 4 (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v05_CoverVolume 5 (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v06_CoverVolume 6 (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v07_CoverVolume 7 (FULL TEXT)

Volume 8 (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v09_Cover.jpgVolume 9 (FULL TEXT)

oso_v10_coverVolume 10

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue - Exchange Items and a Small Problem
  • Chapter 1 - Medium-Level Recipes and Unveiling
  • Chapter 2 - Bodyguard Quest and A Ball
  • Chapter 3 - Devil Worshipers and Mansion Intrusion
  • Chapter 4 - Devil Statue and Hideout's Destruction
  • Chapter 5 - Magical Medicine and End of Year Party
  • Chapter 6 - Road Dungeon and Battle in the Rush
  • Epilogue - Homecoming and the Christmas Party
  • Afterword

Volume 10

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Epilogue
  • Afterword

1,281 thoughts on “Only Sense

  1. DeEmerald

    Holy-! Volume 11 is already out! Krytyk, i'm looking forward to your translations of the books! Thanks for all up till now!

  2. Al

    One question for everyone what build do you think sky eyes was made for originally?
    Far sight, night sight, zone casting, and a close range increased reaction time, for a second derivation isn't this a bit much?

    1. sHawke

      Well seeing as the main thing in that sense tree is targeting capacity, it likely for mages and archers also scouts seeing as it helps immensely for support skills, and with sky eyes helping with their reaction times its helping their survivability. Plus its a "first tier" sense that derives at 50 which seems to be a trait of "second tier" senses, and with hawk eyes being used for about 4 MONTHS it derived recently so the exp requirements must've been enormous to get to sense(hawk eyes) level 50. And I'm guessing Sky eyes will upgrade at level 70 -100 or so(no idea personally its just a theory). Plus Bow sense also has seemingly large exp requirements to be to higher levels or we have no basis for comparison, but seeing as Yun only recently got to the third level of bow sense either he is slow as hell leveling it or it has higher exp requirements to level up we don't know. And in fact he shot hundreds if not thousands of arrows at a boss and only leveled a couple times(the great eater of mythical beasts) seeing as the "stronger the enemy the more exp you get" and Yun was lower level or the the boss was easy to kill(it wasn't,it took hours to kill it if i remember correctly)

      1. Al

        Lets see I don't think Yun launched anywhere close to a thousand arrows at that boss early on. As for how long the fight took that was not really clear to me. Besides at this stage in the game i think that the great eater of mythical beasts would at most count as a low level boss by stats. Bow should't have that much higher than any other weapon sense for exp that would be highly unbalanced in a way that could be fixed. Yun just doesn't fight all that much when not being dragged into a party by a friend. Also, while 70-100 for level up could be possible I really hope not because at the current leveling speed Sky Eyes is never going to reach 70.

        1. sHawke

          With the spawned mobs the great eater of magical beasts it would extend the fight by a large margin also with the disadvantages terrain seeing as the bosses back was to the water, and all of Yuns arrows +10 and s/he has at least 3 stacks of them making 3 stacks of 300 arrows or 900 arrows. In total it'll cost her 900 gold for all that ammo, and with iron arrows being 2 damage wit the bow having 40-45 attack her damage is 42-47 plus her stats. So not a small amount but neither a large amount. And now with her bad status arrows we have several stacks(either vanilla or +10 we don't know) of poison,stun,paralysis, sleep,confusion,curse,anger and charm presumably each so that's clear over a thousand arrows she now has. Plus the great eater of mythical beasts has weak points where this the only damageable areas and each eye took DOZENS of arrows to kill one and Yun so let's say took out ten so that's at least 24x10=240x10=2400 yeeeeeaaaahhh that's a lot of arrows...

          1. Al

            Yun didn't have bad status arrows at the time they first showed up in volume 4. So I would say 900 max since the quest came up rather suddenly and most of the crafting at the time was potions and food. Though it still is a lot of arrows

          2. sHawke

            I worded that wrong I didn't mean to imply Yun had the Bad status arrows then,it was late at night when I wrote it but s/he did shoot hundreds if not over a thousand arrows at that boss and the calculation was at the low side as each eye took dozens of arrows not just 2 dozen maybe each eye took maybe 3 dozen or more to take out...but the point still stands Gun has an enormous amount of arrows and her running out would take a long time a least several hours of constant shooting and if I remember rightly s/he wasn't shooting constantly so if her fire rate was 1 arrow a second (and im just using it to simplify calculations her fire rate would be slower due to how a bow works and aiming) with 900 arrows it'll take Yun 900 15 minutes or so to shoot them and s/he was shooting for hours so s/he had far more arrows then 900, since it was said s/he was firing often and it took a long time to run out of arrows instead of just a few minutes...but we were never told how many arrows Yun has

          3. Al

            Ok you convinced me that Yun really did shoot an outrageous number of arrows at that boss compared to leveling but the bow sense really shouldn't have a lower growth rate than the other initial weapon senses. If anything this is a representation of how much more damage counts for experience than anything else.

    2. Doom607

      I belive that to answer your question think of the differt senses than think how many players atually have those same senses as yun thats not many so the key is the senses, for example someone with sky eyes will have better vision and night vision but give them a sense like enchanting or its higher version and you will get zone casting, it all depends on the type of senses that you pick and level/active.

    1. ModoTheGreat

      Let's all be patient instead of putting pressure on Krytyk-dono, 'kay? We'll get the next release when it's translated, I'm sure <3

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        You'll have to wait until I finish antimagic first, unfortunately. Well, I'll get to it eventually.

  3. Juang

    I've read (again...) OSO and in volume 1 prologue says: "The only thing that was left to do——【OSO】's character's appearance edit seemed to have been already finished by Miu." ¿Do you think Miu made Shun's character become a woman on purpose? XD

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      No. Yun checked how the character looks like before creating it. The system feminized it afterwards.

    2. Doom607

      think of it as a auto correct system designed to prevent playing your opposite gender

    3. TheGhostwriter

      Are you from a spanish speaking country?
      Because you used the upside down question mark xD

  4. Starvingbookwyrm

    Anyone know if the turtle dungeon ever got cured?? I can't remember if it said
    If not poor turtle forgotten by Yun😥

    1. Juang

      I think it isn't said, but since Yun made/discovered the Yellow potions, I think someone must have already cured it, but not Yun.

      1. Paul Scolfield

        The last we hear of the turtle is just at the end of the previous volume where yellow pots are found to be the best after some experimenting. So it should still be uncured as the winter event started right after.

    2. Doom607

      it mentioned that Taku was trying it a little after they left and discovered the yellow potions but that doesn't mean that no one can do the quest again or that the quest was finished so yun could go and do it her self!

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        Yeah, he got the yellow potions but not crafted ones. It was the lottery ones.

  5. Memyselfandfantasy

    I know this isn't really the place but yunXmagi I think he should just get fed up with being treated as a girl and expose feeling for her the sweaty chapter made me think yes these two FTF nice life also love the rest of the story.

  6. Juang

    I have a question Krytyk: ¿The mobile furnace and the portable furnace in Volume 1 are the same or are different kind of furnace?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      The same. Gonna fix later, or maybe Bareus will do that for me / *winks to Bareus*

    1. Mr1422

      heavenly in asian means something godly, it is not necessary means to be able to fly.
      since the fox race has 3 stage of 3,6,9 tails...i hope to see zakuro in 9 tails form, but that is a long way to go since he only has 2 now XD
      imagin how fluffy that 9 tails gonna be ?

        1. Mr1422

          that would destroys the point of being a pet IMO. and i don't think yun's embarrassment will let her to touch zakuro anymore....Or....the shop will be overflowing with male players, if you know what i mean

  7. Estectianry

    I could read the raw version. But Kanji is a pain. Love your work, and respect your dedication to find the right words. Cant wait for vol10. Thanks for your hardwork

  8. TheGhostwriter

    Hello Krytyk, i read all the volumes from your translation work.
    I think it's pretty good and I really love the series.


    Here i ask now...
    What does no-good friend mean?
    I try to translate it to german but i just don't find a fitting translation.
    Takumi is his best friend, A childhood friend, but also an somewhat mean and lazy guy who pisses Shun off quite frequently.
    In german "no-good friend" would be translated into something like, traitor or bad/worst friend.

    I don't think that's the intention, but i really got stuck there.

    I think it's either an Word that's only existing in english or japan(ish?) or that there was a major translation mistake/high difficulty.

    Could you describe no good friend as good as possible?

    It's maybe asked quite a bit, but it's so often in your text that i just don't got a choice but asking the translator himself/herself(why am i feeling so forced to get the gender right?).


    So, i'm from germany and thought, because I guess my english is on a high enough Level to at least read english almost always without any Problems and am quite skilled at writing in my motherlanguage, i could translate it into german. Like a Hobby.

    I have finished translating the prologue in the holidays and since then i'm working on refining the sentence structure, sorting lesser known words (for those friends/family of mine who are new to the japanese, Anime or gaming culture) in a glossary (dictionary, don't know if glossary is the right english word, shame on me) and take some artistic freedome to make the Story Sound more smooth in german.

    Thanks for answer in advance!

    1. Dave Gilpin

      "no-good friend" is kinda a English phrase.
      Your friends. But their kinda the friend who always borrows your homework. Comes round your house to hang out whenever they want, without asking. etc.
      Basically that friend who is kinda annoying, you like them but they always seem to be the most annoying person in your life at times.
      Not quite sure how you would translate it though. But hope that helps.

      In this story, Takumi basically uses Shun, and forces problems onto him. Not in a bad evil way but in a more annoying friend way.
      Right now i can't think of a example from another media source, cos most examples i can think of include belittling and/or contempt, which isn't anywhere here in this example.

        1. Dave Gilpin

          To be honest reading what you have discussed with others below, i would possibly go with
          " my annoying best friend"
          Just a thought. As it both shows that their close friends and that some of his character/traits or habits is disliked by the MC.

          1. TheGhostwriter

            That would certainly be a option, but i guess i will go with either describing it or invent a new german word.

            Second one would be epic

    2. Yuki Lain

      In german, "no-good friend" would be "nichtsnutziger Freund" :)
      But with regards to the friendship between Yun and Taku, it's meant more light-hearted and not quite so serious ^^

      1. TheGhostwriter

        Thanks, i was also thinking about "nutznutzig" but i think it sounds quite mean and it's not like shun and takumi are cursing each other all the time.
        I think i need to find the right word for it depending on situation, sometimes rude (unhöflich), lazy (faul), mean/not so fair acting (mies), egoistic (egoistisch) friend.
        Could need some more positiv ones, but i guess i can work around that little collection :)

        Thanks again,

        1. Caudyr

          Yeah, like most japanese words, it seems like this probably covers pretty much all of the connotations of a "no-good friend".

          Though, of course, Krytyk would know better than me on THAT front, heh...but yeah, it certainly seems like it's an "umbrella term" of sorts. ^^

          Probably best to vary your language's phrasing based on the connotations (which you've already decided to do, heh). ^^

        2. Krozair

          Well, I'm from German too and also at a loss for a suitable word for "no-good friend", But I think that "nichtsnutziger Freund" wouldn't fit. For me it would have the meaning of a friend which is unskilled and couldn't do anything right, A friend who can't achieve anything by himself. I think it is best to translate it by means thru describing it. Something like:
          a no-good friend - ein Freund der ständig Probleme und Ärger (bringt / macht / verursacht)

          so long^^

          1. TheGhostwriter

            I think so too.
            Would be nice to have a similar word in german, i could use it often, considering my friends xD

            So basicially you say i should split the sentence into multiple parts, using comma and put the description, one that suits the situation, into an subordinate clause.
            (I love google translate for the names of foreign grammar rules xD)

            For example, the prologue, after Shun said that that he was imprisoned and got forced to help at the collective summer homework.
            And the culprit was my no-good friend Takumi.
            Und der Schuldige war mein bester Freund Takumi, der mich leider regelmäßig in solche Situationen bringt.

            Would that be fine?

          2. Krozair

            reply 2016.10.29 at 15:55

            i'll shortly switch to germen here... as you are also from germany^^
            Ich denke es ist bei einer Übersetzung am wichtigsten den Sinn zu übersetzen. Besonders wenn es für die Ursprüngliche Formulierung kein wirklich passendes Wort gibt. Daher wäre eine Umschreibung die Sinnfollste Lösung. Das ist ja auch die Stärke einer menschlichen Übersetzung. Wort für Wort kann jede Maschiene übersetzen.^^
            Hoffe ich konnte dir helfen und bin ehrlich gesagt auf deine Übersetzung gespannt.

      1. TheGhostwriter

        I would like to pull that of...
        Maybe i run an Experiment and just use the newly invented german word for no-good friend in my translation with a completly normal looking nod to the glossar at the where i briefly explain it and look how my readers react to it.

        Would be epic if i get to invent a new word *~*

    3. Revvaran

      personally i view it as a friend who is so close they are like an annoying younger sibling feel to them yeah there fun but they can also be a real pain in the rear end on occasions even if they are older then you i actually have a few friends like how takumi is explained so that's how i see it

  9. Mr1422

    kryt-san, when will you start trans vol 10, its almost a month from release already :( we're dying here for yun's girly stuff

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It will take a while. I'm not only busy, but also have other translations in schedule first.

      Well, it will come sooner or later.

  10. Ranon

    I hope at some point Yun discovers hybridization and selective breeding for her garden. There's going to be a point where the herbs she's growing just aren't going to cut it for higher level pots.

      1. Caudyr

        Heh, yeah.

        I somehow doubt there's going to be any sort of hybridization or anything like that.

        S/he'll probably just buy more fields and find some way to cope with the fact that Kyouko won't be enough for them. XD

        EDIT: I removed the stuff that could be spoilers, and just made it a general comment instead, heh. ^^

        1. Cristo

          I hope he gets humanoid synthetic mobs to do the job for him. Something like goblins for example.

          1. Caudyr

            Well, he could probably make simple golems. Something similar to what a certain someone uses, or something like that.

            He could probably even go with the "wooden doll" variants, as well...that that certain someone uses.

            Either way, it doesn't necessarily have to be Goblins or something like that...though I do get what you're saying. I kind of hope s/he makes a legitimate golem, though they might not have the dexterity in their hands to easily harvest plants and stuff.

            I do find it strange that s/he hasn't tried to make some synthetic mobs to help out with combat, since s/he's soloing about 95% of the time. We already know it's possible, after all...but s/he just hasn't bothered to try anything other than really simple ones, heh. XD

        2. Rhea

          i know who the certain someone with golem, (just finish reading that actually) but who is using wooden doll?

          1. Caudyr

            It's the same certain someone's "disposable troops" basically. They aren't...exactly...wooden dolls either, but kind of similar to it. You'll see. ^^

  11. Adrimiz7

    I started reading this series about 2 -3 volumes ago and, like all of you, was left wanting more upon getting caught up. That desire birhed an idea which grew into a story. The first draft of that story was just completed today. It's completely different from Only Sense Online, but it and .hack theme songs are what inspired me to write it. Soon, (I hope it's soon) once the editing is finished, I'll be trying my luck at getting published. =D

  12. TheAverageNerd

    I honestly cannot wait for the next translation. I also hope that the series will continue because I am looking forward to what will happen during Valentines day considering everyone in the game thinks Yun is a girl. lol.

    1. Loli_Mamoritai

      Yun love chocolate, so by all mean she will cook / bake / make some chocolate relate foods / drinks.
      And Those foods / drinks will cause a lot of trouble.

  13. Delphinus

    I read chapter two title and wondered what Yun wearing an evening gown would look like. I've been infected.

    1. Delphinus

      Continuing from earlier, Yun in a black dress that fits the body line down to slightly below the hips with slits on the side revealing her legs, a open back. Camila ointment from volume seven chapter three for her hair to this over shoulder. And a short coat to cover most of her back. That's the image I got in my head.

    1. imagelesskink

      That is the katakana name. Just about all of the spell and skill names were english(-ish) words written in katakana.

    2. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Majority of skills are named in English (katakana), the only exceptions are Stick skills used by Mikadzuchi, Yun's bow skills and... Hino's are mixed, I think.

  14. fivestarninja

    you guys accidently wrote volume 9 twice, but good to see volume 10 is being worked on

  15. Mr1422

    Now i have to re-read the whole again while waiting for vol 10 to be translated, my daily dose of girly stuff T.T
    Btw, thanks for the hard work

  16. Kazzy

    Pretty strange...after so many chapters and swimming is barely leveled.. So Yun stop gathering rocks from the river and bought from Crafter's guild?

    1. Mr1422

      enchant stones are his trade mark so there should be no reason to put up an order for that, beside no one would run around picking up stones except her. And just pick up from the river doesn't mean there is a need to swim, unless she decides to go deep. just the river bay is more than enough already.

      1. Alairion

        Yun also gets stones from mining ....kinda like leftovers when digging for precious gems/metals similar to WoW AND OTHER MMORPGS..don't know why it keeps ending in caps every time I type that sorry...tablet logic

  17. Adrimiz7

    I am so glad I took up to reading this story. Thanks for translating Krytykal! More on this later...

      1. Tolin

        Ahem... phone app tried, and this is what it came up with.

        Kinkyu hassei shita itsutsu no kurisumasudanjon. Myu ni tasuke o motome rare, yun ga sanka shita michi no danjon] wa, ikinari no bosu-sen de! ? Semaru [akudo no akuma] to, hokai suru yukimichi. Cho gaido jerrokosutaakushon!

        google translate says:

        Emergency occurred five Christmas dungeon. Miu to be asked for help, Yoon dungeon] of road that participated is a sudden boss battles! ? Approaching the [devil brats], collapse snow-covered road. Ultra difficulty roller coaster action.

        Really not sure how remotely accurate it is, but what I can gather, a Christmas themed dungeon, Myu drags Yun into participating in it where they're attacked in a sudden fight of some kind and an avalanche occurs? Probably a lot of conjecture in there... Some random translation between japanese and other languages also brings up the word 'Prisoner' in relation to Yun, for whatever that might be worth.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          God, don't romaji stuff. It's horrible. And translating from romaji is even worse.

          1. Tolin

            I didn't look any of it up myself, that's just what Google's photo translate thing spat out. I'm curious as to what it would actually translate out to... I agree with the other reply, your avatar is perfect for the reprimand ;)

            In seriousness, thanks for all your efforts in translating Krytyk!

      2. silverconcerto

        I'll start from the top. It should say:

        5 Emergency/Event Christmas Dungeons appeared, Myuu has been asked for help. The Dungeon of the Path (Michi no Dungeon) that Yun has participated in has a sudden boss battle!? Approaching (Devil Children(?)) and Collapsed Snowy Path. Super high difficulty Jet Coaster Action!

        If there are any mistakes, do forgive. I am still a novice learner of the language.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          It's full of mistakes, it feels like google translate. Go learn the proper way for starters, you shouldn't be trying translating until you at least learn 1000kanji, all kana and how possessives work.

          PS: Sorry for being harsh, my S side appears when I see bad translations.

          Also it says:

          Five Christmas dungeons suddenly appeared. Asked for help by Myu, Yun participates in exploring the "Road Dungeon", and suddenly, they enter a boss battle?! They imminently face a "Little Devil" and a collapsing snowy road. Expect highly-difficult roller-coaster action!

          Well, those summaries never work too well in English unless you take some liberties.

          1. Siegfried

            Sounds like they will do alittle bit of sledding. I think sleighs will be a bestseller for Lily.

          2. God Ginrai

            What would you consider the "proper" way? (Serious question, btw, I'm trying to learn)

          3. krytykkrytyk Post author

            I'm not sure I understand the question. The usual way is to memorize characters first, then learn the rest.

          4. Caudyr

            The "little devil" is totally going to be like...Lyly or something like that. Maybe Ryna or Al. Watch. XD

            Either that or it'll be Zakuro, heh. =p

          5. Shirochan

            just a quick question wouldnt 悪童 be translated as juvenile delinquent/bad boy/rascal? how did you get small? i am just curious since i might be mistaken

          6. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Just because google translate or jisho says that, it doesn't mean that's actually the case. For the time being I'm using "little evils" but it's like christmas elves gone bad (grinch way) and want to make everyone's christmas go bad. Or that's at least how I remember it from webnovel (been a while).

  18. Caudyr

    So...a question, Krytyk.

    I'll probably be re-reading the series soon (once again, heh...i reread the series i like many times XD).

    My question is this: I know in the past, when I was reading through I noticed some grammar/spelling errors. Do you want me to let you know about them as I go through it this time?

    If so, is it sufficient to just mention them in the comments for "Full Volume" pages...or would you like me to mention them in the individual chapters?

    Of course, if you don't want me to mention them at all, I won't bother. Just figured I'd check with you before I started simply posting them in each volume/chapter's page. ^^

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Write them down somewhere, if possible - list by chapters since I can't edit the entire volume at once. I'll get to them when I have time to (busy now).

      1. Caudyr

        So...a question then...does that mean that your "Full Text" pages are actually making use of some code to combine all the other pages into one?

        (I'm basically just curious since you said you can't edit it all at once, heh...which made it sound like this was the case)...

  19. Siegfried

    Finished reading Volume 9 and checked on amazon...Wait, Volume 10 is coming out in about two weeks? And Volume 9 was released in may? I think i have to call the police because someone seemed to have stolen my time...probably those Grey Gentlemen...I thought they all vanished after Master Hora caused their demise

  20. Xed

    I thank you for a job well done in this volume.

    I just somehow hope the will be a list of Sense for the readers.

  21. Arthur

    Congratulations on another volume successfully completed. Thank you for your effort and skill, and of course thank you for giving us a wonderful story to enjoy.

    1. Teunayven

      Seconded. I love how adorable Yun is throughout the stories and am extremely grateful for the continued hard work in translating. Thank you so much for 9 completed novels and can't wait to see what happens next in the story. Keep up the good work and enjoy a well deserved break if you can.

  22. JuanPinoy

    I came across OSO from skyetheword's recommendation and so far I am far from disapointed.

      1. Caudyr

        That's quite a long time considering how much time passed between the release of Volumes 8 and 9. wouldn't surprise me all that much if that were actually the case.

        1. zxuiji

          Before querying volume 10 wait for volume 9 to finish being translated. While I'm on the subject what's the average time between translations, I only recently found the site and did a marathon run of reading but haven't found any info indicating a targeted completion date for the next chapter.

          1. Caudyr

            That's because there isn't really one.

            Krytyk has real life stuff to deal with a lot of the time, so s/he can't say when the next chapter will be out. S/he's working on the TLs as time permits, but there's no release schedule.

            Hopefully Volume 9's TL will be finished by the time Volume 10 comes out...but who knows if that'll be what happens. ^^

          2. An avid reader

            Im more concerned with the existence of future content than the speed of TL. Too many good series I've read died suddenly and inexplicably... or got liscensed...

        2. Draigoch

          well, i did calculate of the possible time using the release date of amazon japan xD... vol 8 out in Jan 2016 and vol 9 in June same year. so maybe 6 months is limited of the release date.

          1. zxuiji

            Was actually refering to between chapters but going by that timescale I guess checking once amonth is about right

          2. Alairion

            But as series get longer, it is not un-heard of for the release dates to stretch. It gets harder to come up with new material, real world events interfere, sometimes even health declines...happened to several of the series I really enjoyed. I tend to entertain myself with what-if scenarios while I wait, or check out other series so that I am splitting up over multiple accounts.

          3. Caudyr

            Yeah, but I'm pretty sure there's still quite a bit of material the author could use from the WN, not even counting them adding in other stuff (the Fairy volume didn't occur in the WN, for example, as well as several other tidbits). ^^

    1. Henry

      It seems that OSO volumn 10 will be released on 9/17, much faster than what I expect:)

  23. Tygriss

    For those wondering what [Magic Bow] does and how it works, we already know from Volume 5 Chapter 6 when Myu used the Sword version of the Sense.

    "Letting out a cry like death throes, Garm Phantom jumped out from the centre of the magic barrage and had come at us with an assault. In the end he wanted to take even one person with him. However, because of that the giant wolf has let his guard down.

    Magic Sword》——Sol Ray."

    "《Element Enchant》——Weapon. 《Enchant》——Intelligence."

    From among many players who focused on avoiding, Myu alone had jumped out in front of Garm Phantom.

    Brandishing her sword towards the wolf's forehead.

    The silvery shining sword was wrapped in light and the blade extended a few centimetres. Also, after Zone Enchant's delay time had ended I further put on strengthening.

    I consumed a light Elemental Stone to put an light element enchant and also raised Myu's base magic attack power.

    Myu's long sword's shine had increased further, leaving a white afterglow.


    Kicking off the ground, as if passing by each other, Myu had moved by the giant wolf's head and slashed his neck. Both their movements have stopped and the sword remained stuck in boss' neck.

    The giant wolf swung its leg while Myu was in range of a direct hit. Still, Myu did not let go of the weapon, instead she pushed the sword stuck in the neck further——


    Light overflowed from the point of the stabbed-in sword, piercing through the shrunk rays of light have come out on the opposite side of the neck. The giant wolf's movements have stopped completely.

    《Magic Sword》 was an art that had contained available magic within itself. It gave the sword a bonus of corresponding element and activated magic contained inside with the keyword 【Release】."

    It describes the mechanics precisely. Going by this description Yun can use Magic Bow to imbue a single arrow with whatever elemental magic he has equipped. The arrow will gain bonus elemental damage of the type of magic used and when the Command [Release] is used will activate the magic imbued into the arrow.

    I don't think Magic bow is a class of bow, rather it is a weapon sense that works with all bow types (much like the base sense [Bow]) Magic Bow sense being equipped will probably give Yun a slight increase to magic damage in general however.

    PS: Yes bomb arrows finally.

    1. Razec

      Interesting. It is promising indeed.
      Not only Bomb Arrow, but also arrows being imbued with Mud Pool, Earthquake, etc.
      Magic skills short range being used as long-range. This will be amazing.

      1. Tygriss

        Yeah, It also makes up for the Bows lack of AoE damage. Funnily enough the bow is pretty much the only weapon you could use Earth Element Talent in conjunction with a Magic Weapon sense, since you can damage yourself with Bomb and Explosion magics. Maybe the whip?

    2. Alairion

      I don't think this excludes the possibility of arrows generated by magic. With melee weapons, one made of pure magic is generally weaker than a high class one being enhanced/imbued with magic. However that is not necessarily the case with arrows which tend to be weak in nature do to their high consumption rate.

      1. Tygriss

        This is true, however damage with arrows isn't based on the arrows power alone. The arrows power is added on to the bows base attack power. The arrow itself probably only determines the TYPE of attack (Silver arrows do drastically increased damage against undead, but a change of +2 attack power [Iron arrows are +8 silver +5 if doubled +10] assuming it does double damage is not worth the increased cost, but when you compare (40+5) x2 compared to (40+8) [40 being the base attack of the bow Yun has] the difference is rather extreme.

        Based on the way we've seen the Magic Sword sense work and the effect of Element Enchant Attack with Yun's bow, it is more likely to assume the a normal arrow is still consumed when using Magic Bow, just with an additional elemental effect added onto the arrows damage (like Yun's Blue Dancer Bluerite Kitchen Katana) and the ability to release the imbued spell.

        (as an example [40phys + 8phys + 20earthelement] = Damage. This is obviously a very simplified calculation as an example, we don't know how the game calculates split damage type attacks)

        TL;DR We'll probably find out by the end of this volume how it works exactly.

        1. Tarsier

          Uhh, just pointing out , In your example 《Magic Sword》 was called an Art, not a Sense like [Magic Bow]. As such [Magic Bow] should have arts under it as it levels. So there's no reason there couldn't be an Art that creates arrows from MP, as well as one that imbues spells in the arrow like you describe. Heck, Arts for tracking arrows, rain of arrows (duplicating a fired arrow type thing), or bypassing solid objects could be there for that matter.

          1. Caudyr

            An arrow that calls forth giant meteors...or...causes giant explosions when it lands?! PLEASE DO THIS AUTHOR!

            Honestly, I suspect that this sense will be a combination of both. Yun will be able to PUT his/her magic into it, but there will also be some unique abilities as well, I'm sure.

            Then again, have we seen ANY of the Longbow's actual arts? From what I can tell all the arts that Yun's been using are still from the Bow skill...

            Maybe there AREN'T any arts in them, though I kind of doubt that...

          2. Alairion

            Rain of arrows...hmm I wonder if anyone else just pictured a field filled with arrows like tall grass and ninja popping up to attack the person who used that skill

          3. Virnor

            @Tarsier I did go and check, Sol Ray is a light art Myu and Ryui used in the horia cave, and as the arts activation keywords follow the form "sense"--"art" it means that "magic sword" should be a sense and it used light magic art Sol Ray.

          4. Tarsier

            @Virnor, for some reason I'm not seeing a reply button on your post, so I'll do it this way.
            I understand your point, but this was from the example that was given in the start of this string.

            "《Magic Sword》 was an art that had contained available magic within itself. It gave the sword a bonus of corresponding element and activated magic contained inside with the keyword 【Release】."

            Where as this was from the first time Yun made the gem bombs.

            "As expected, it's impossible to enchant small-sized ones. If the next size won't work I'll give up for today. Keyword's 【Bomb】 set. 《Skill Enchant》——Bomb."

            It looks like the Keyword 【Bomb】 uses the same format as sense too, but 《Skill Enchant》 is a skill under the Sense 【Enchant Arts】. It is a bit confusing since those brackets are use for a lot of things in the story (store names, referring to OSO, Etc.). Anyway to me, it looks like the 《Magic Sword》 described here is an art from somewhere in the 【Sword】 sense group. In function, it seems similar to 《Element Enchant》, but in exchange to being limited to applying to Swords. It has the abliity to 【Release】 the magic it was holding as the spell it originally was. It just doesn't seem like the 《Magic Sword》described does any more then some of the Arts/Skills already shown.

            All this said, I wouldn't be surprised if 【Magic bow】 ends up having an Art 《Magic Arrow》 that does something similar, or if the Sword sense 《Magic Sword》 is from has a name like 【Magical Sword】 or 【Magic Sword Arts】. I mean, 《Sharpness》(ignores defense on one attack), 《*blank* Slaying》(bonus damage if some condition is met like using a Drop Item specific to the monster type), and 《Vorpal》 (OK, probably covered by 《neck seeking》 but you never know) need a home too... right?.

          5. Tygriss

            @Tarsier It is described as an art, however from a game balance perspective that is an incredibly overpowered art to be included in a sense with other arts. An art that can cast effectively any attack magic in the game (possibly utility magics as well) is rather broken when you think about it.

            It is likely the only art of the sense to make up for its wide range of utility and power. It is also likely that the type of magics that can be imbued into the attack with the art have to be equipped in the current sense build to be able to use it. The [Magic Weapon] Senses were probably included into the game so that players with hybrid builds had a means of keeping up with specialist type players by giving them a sense and art that allows them to level both magic attacks and physical attacks with the same action.

            The art is probably available immediately upon acquiring the sense or at a very low level of the sense. Some senses make all of the arts\skills available at level 1 of the sense, Enchant and Enchant Arts are examples of this.

            As I mentioned in an earlier comment though, we'll probably find out by the end of this volume exactly how it works anyway.

          6. Tarsier

            @Tygriss I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on the power level, because I just can't see it as unbalanced as it was described (or particularly powerful for that matter). I do agree that it is something the Author will likely clarify soon, still it's fun to guess like this while we wait.

          7. Caudyr

            It's probably going to be strong, and it might increase Yun's magic-related stats as it levels up...but it's probably going to be limited by what senses are active in the user's lineup, and I imagine that whatever spells are used will have an increased mana consumption when used with this Sense.

            That is, assuming that it's going to work like Myu's Magic Sword...which was probably a sense art as well, though we don't know for sure. Maybe if we got updated character profiles for the characters, now that the main ones have ben taken care of and everything...but the author hasn't done that.

            It's either going to be adding spells to the bow and/or its arrows...or have specific magic for it. Maybe it'll be able to use all types of magic to give it elemental properties temporarily or something like that. It's also possible that it'll allow Yun to use the Enchant sense's spells to put curses on the arrows and/or an attack boost on the bow ON TOP OF the normal attack enchant.

            It all depends on how it works. Hopefully we find out in the next chapter or so......when it's out. ^^

          8. Tygriss

            @Tarsier Fair enough, I've been waiting for Magic Bow since the end of volume 5 though. Seing Myu use it and knowing her overall Sense build led me to suspect it was something available to hybrid characters and I figured Yun would eventually get there eventually.

            Honestly I both really enjoy this entire series, but find it extremely frustrating at the same time. I'd love to be able to play a game like this but find a lot of the characters interactions extremely frustrating, especially when Yun's acquaintances just don't tell him anything about what to expect from an area\encounter\sense\etc.

          9. Virnor

            @tarsier @caudyr
            Speaking of curse enchants I'm wondering why Yun as yet to enchant his bad status arrows with curses, since he can do it on a rock for buffs it should work on arrows ? He could do it on simple (as non +10) arrows too

          10. Caudyr

            My guess is the time required to do so makes it not worth doing. It's mentioned earlier that it takes approximately a minute to make a single enchant stone, since it can't be made with an actual skill from a window, but Yun has to set a bunch of details for it in the process of making it.

            I suspect it's a similar thing for putting curses on arrows and things like that. It's probably just not worth it for Yun to do it (either that or s/he hasn't THOUGHT OF IT...either is likely, sadly).

            That said, I'm a bit saddened that Yun hasn't made actual traps and things like that other than the simple things s/he does with it. Yun could PROBABLY put cursed attacks in stones and then just throw them at their target, and set the conditions for "After thrown, will use ~SKILL~ on the target it hits"...and apply stat reductions that way. Either that or actual TRAPS for use in areas.

            That being said, I'm also a little frustrated that Taku, Myu and Sei, KNOWING Yun's sense build and how s/he is, don't try to give pointers for things to TRY to improve the things s/he can do with what s/he's got. It is what it is, though~ :D

          11. Tarsier

            @Virnor, He probably doesn't see a reason to do it. He can curse things at range and in groups with the Sky eyes sense, but he needs to use items for the other bad status effects. So cursed arrows aren't really needed like others are. If there were lots of archers then he could make them to sell, but...

            Still Caudyr's throwable version might sell.

          12. Tarsier

            I just realized I never mentioned this, but Mikadzuchi's Sense data (at the end of Volume four) is one of the reasons I think of 《Magic Sword》as being one art under a Sense called 【Magical Sword】.

          13. Vuoto

            I love that you all are talking really in depth about this like its real even thou it is a fictional Game

            At this point someone has to make Only Sense Online a reality

          14. Caudyr

            If/When VRMMOs become a thing, I'm sure something at least SIMILAR to it will happen, heh. XD

  24. Siegfried

    I wonder what the upgraded earth magic is like. For [Fire] it´s [Flame], for [Water] we have [Ice], as well as [Storm] displacing [Wind]. Maybe the author will go with [Rock] or [Ground Fissure].

    1. Someguy

      1. 【Earth】 upgrade = 【Gravity】 = 【Meteor Shower】, 【Black Hole】.
      2. 【Earth】+【Fire】 = 【Magma】 = 【Volcanic Eruption】, 【Lavabending】?, 【Magu Magu no Mi】?
      3. 【Earth】 upgrade = 【Metal】 = 【Metalbending】?, 【Unlimited Blade Works】?

    2. Tarsier

      Your [Rock] guess seems the most likely upgrade. Right now the effects could all based on [Earth] in the "dirt" sense, so [Rock] would be the obvious improvement.

    3. Kaosubaloo

      Maybe Earth will be upgraded to [Metal]? I could also see [Explosion], since that seems to be the earth magic speciality.

  25. GreyTail

    I'm just hoping that they will finally be able to get the explosive arrows they've deserved for so long.

    1. renko

      Well... if Yun can make gem-imbued arrow or higher ranked ones, it may happen.(・へ・)

  26. Loli_Mamoritai

    Greetings everyone, I'm a newbie here, after read the manga I can't get enough of OSO so I start read LN, It was really great, this is the first time I read LN but I can imaging the scene and everything.
    Thank you very much, Krytyk-sama.

    By the way, Yun "bow" level is 48.
    Can't wait until Yun reach level 50 and get "Magic Bow" sense.

    How will magic bow design ? I think It will have gems attach to the bow and have both physic and magic attack.
    What art will "Magic Bow" have ? or it combine "bow" art with magic (that Yun have).

    1. yo

      en verdad me do mucho qe desear esta novela. Es carente de tematica de interes no niego que es interesante que se pueda leer a un buen ritmo y un poco mas que tolerable pero carece de lo necesario para interesar mas alla del tomo 2 ya que es repetitivos los acontecimientos al siempre ser relajada la historia y linealmente plana en contexto (no hay emosion ni expectativa alguna).

    2. DragonArrow16

      Wonder how the other arts under Magic Bow will look like. Also, does Longbow possess any arts or is it simply a passive to increase the Bow sense?


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