Only Sense

Only Sense Online (―オンリーセンス・オンライン―) written by Aloha Zachou (座長 アロハ) and illustrated by Yukisan (ゆきさん)
Published by Fujimi Shobo under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko inprint, it has currently ten volumes.
The novel was originally published as a web novel.
It will be translated on this blog only from the light novel sources, as the volumes gets published.

Story Synopsis

Yun is a novice MMO player who equipped only unpopular skills labelled as garbage. However, soon after everyone started to notice the "Strongest" play style which made full use of Support Magic and Items——?!

Volume 1OSO_v01_Cover (FULL TEXT)

Volume 1 Extras


OSO_vSM_CoverVolume - The Silver Muse (Goddess) (FULL TEXT)

Volume 2OSO_v02_Cover (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v03_CoverVolume 3 (FULL TEXT)

Short Story 1 & Short Story 2

OSO_v04_CoverVolume 4 (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v05_CoverVolume 5 (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v06_CoverVolume 6 (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v07_CoverVolume 7 (FULL TEXT)

Volume 8 (FULL TEXT)

OSO_v09_Cover.jpgVolume 9

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  1. JuanPinoy

    I came across OSO from skyetheword's recommendation and so far I am far from disapointed.

      1. Caudyr

        That's quite a long time considering how much time passed between the release of Volumes 8 and 9. wouldn't surprise me all that much if that were actually the case.

        1. zxuiji

          Before querying volume 10 wait for volume 9 to finish being translated. While I'm on the subject what's the average time between translations, I only recently found the site and did a marathon run of reading but haven't found any info indicating a targeted completion date for the next chapter.

          1. Caudyr

            That's because there isn't really one.

            Krytyk has real life stuff to deal with a lot of the time, so s/he can't say when the next chapter will be out. S/he's working on the TLs as time permits, but there's no release schedule.

            Hopefully Volume 9's TL will be finished by the time Volume 10 comes out...but who knows if that'll be what happens. ^^

          2. An avid reader

            Im more concerned with the existence of future content than the speed of TL. Too many good series I've read died suddenly and inexplicably... or got liscensed...

        2. Draigoch

          well, i did calculate of the possible time using the release date of amazon japan xD... vol 8 out in Jan 2016 and vol 9 in June same year. so maybe 6 months is limited of the release date.

          1. zxuiji

            Was actually refering to between chapters but going by that timescale I guess checking once amonth is about right

          2. Alairion

            But as series get longer, it is not un-heard of for the release dates to stretch. It gets harder to come up with new material, real world events interfere, sometimes even health declines...happened to several of the series I really enjoyed. I tend to entertain myself with what-if scenarios while I wait, or check out other series so that I am splitting up over multiple accounts.

          3. Caudyr

            Yeah, but I'm pretty sure there's still quite a bit of material the author could use from the WN, not even counting them adding in other stuff (the Fairy volume didn't occur in the WN, for example, as well as several other tidbits). ^^

    1. Henry

      It seems that OSO volumn 10 will be released on 9/17, much faster than what I expect:)

  2. Tygriss

    For those wondering what [Magic Bow] does and how it works, we already know from Volume 5 Chapter 6 when Myu used the Sword version of the Sense.

    "Letting out a cry like death throes, Garm Phantom jumped out from the centre of the magic barrage and had come at us with an assault. In the end he wanted to take even one person with him. However, because of that the giant wolf has let his guard down.

    Magic Sword》——Sol Ray."

    "《Element Enchant》——Weapon. 《Enchant》——Intelligence."

    From among many players who focused on avoiding, Myu alone had jumped out in front of Garm Phantom.

    Brandishing her sword towards the wolf's forehead.

    The silvery shining sword was wrapped in light and the blade extended a few centimetres. Also, after Zone Enchant's delay time had ended I further put on strengthening.

    I consumed a light Elemental Stone to put an light element enchant and also raised Myu's base magic attack power.

    Myu's long sword's shine had increased further, leaving a white afterglow.


    Kicking off the ground, as if passing by each other, Myu had moved by the giant wolf's head and slashed his neck. Both their movements have stopped and the sword remained stuck in boss' neck.

    The giant wolf swung its leg while Myu was in range of a direct hit. Still, Myu did not let go of the weapon, instead she pushed the sword stuck in the neck further——


    Light overflowed from the point of the stabbed-in sword, piercing through the shrunk rays of light have come out on the opposite side of the neck. The giant wolf's movements have stopped completely.

    《Magic Sword》 was an art that had contained available magic within itself. It gave the sword a bonus of corresponding element and activated magic contained inside with the keyword 【Release】."

    It describes the mechanics precisely. Going by this description Yun can use Magic Bow to imbue a single arrow with whatever elemental magic he has equipped. The arrow will gain bonus elemental damage of the type of magic used and when the Command [Release] is used will activate the magic imbued into the arrow.

    I don't think Magic bow is a class of bow, rather it is a weapon sense that works with all bow types (much like the base sense [Bow]) Magic Bow sense being equipped will probably give Yun a slight increase to magic damage in general however.

    PS: Yes bomb arrows finally.

    1. Razec

      Interesting. It is promising indeed.
      Not only Bomb Arrow, but also arrows being imbued with Mud Pool, Earthquake, etc.
      Magic skills short range being used as long-range. This will be amazing.

      1. Tygriss

        Yeah, It also makes up for the Bows lack of AoE damage. Funnily enough the bow is pretty much the only weapon you could use Earth Element Talent in conjunction with a Magic Weapon sense, since you can damage yourself with Bomb and Explosion magics. Maybe the whip?

    2. Alairion

      I don't think this excludes the possibility of arrows generated by magic. With melee weapons, one made of pure magic is generally weaker than a high class one being enhanced/imbued with magic. However that is not necessarily the case with arrows which tend to be weak in nature do to their high consumption rate.

      1. Tygriss

        This is true, however damage with arrows isn't based on the arrows power alone. The arrows power is added on to the bows base attack power. The arrow itself probably only determines the TYPE of attack (Silver arrows do drastically increased damage against undead, but a change of +2 attack power [Iron arrows are +8 silver +5 if doubled +10] assuming it does double damage is not worth the increased cost, but when you compare (40+5) x2 compared to (40+8) [40 being the base attack of the bow Yun has] the difference is rather extreme.

        Based on the way we've seen the Magic Sword sense work and the effect of Element Enchant Attack with Yun's bow, it is more likely to assume the a normal arrow is still consumed when using Magic Bow, just with an additional elemental effect added onto the arrows damage (like Yun's Blue Dancer Bluerite Kitchen Katana) and the ability to release the imbued spell.

        (as an example [40phys + 8phys + 20earthelement] = Damage. This is obviously a very simplified calculation as an example, we don't know how the game calculates split damage type attacks)

        TL;DR We'll probably find out by the end of this volume how it works exactly.

        1. Tarsier

          Uhh, just pointing out , In your example 《Magic Sword》 was called an Art, not a Sense like [Magic Bow]. As such [Magic Bow] should have arts under it as it levels. So there's no reason there couldn't be an Art that creates arrows from MP, as well as one that imbues spells in the arrow like you describe. Heck, Arts for tracking arrows, rain of arrows (duplicating a fired arrow type thing), or bypassing solid objects could be there for that matter.

          1. Caudyr

            An arrow that calls forth giant meteors...or...causes giant explosions when it lands?! PLEASE DO THIS AUTHOR!

            Honestly, I suspect that this sense will be a combination of both. Yun will be able to PUT his/her magic into it, but there will also be some unique abilities as well, I'm sure.

            Then again, have we seen ANY of the Longbow's actual arts? From what I can tell all the arts that Yun's been using are still from the Bow skill...

            Maybe there AREN'T any arts in them, though I kind of doubt that...

          2. Alairion

            Rain of arrows...hmm I wonder if anyone else just pictured a field filled with arrows like tall grass and ninja popping up to attack the person who used that skill

          3. Virnor

            @Tarsier I did go and check, Sol Ray is a light art Myu and Ryui used in the horia cave, and as the arts activation keywords follow the form "sense"--"art" it means that "magic sword" should be a sense and it used light magic art Sol Ray.

          4. Tarsier

            @Virnor, for some reason I'm not seeing a reply button on your post, so I'll do it this way.
            I understand your point, but this was from the example that was given in the start of this string.

            "《Magic Sword》 was an art that had contained available magic within itself. It gave the sword a bonus of corresponding element and activated magic contained inside with the keyword 【Release】."

            Where as this was from the first time Yun made the gem bombs.

            "As expected, it's impossible to enchant small-sized ones. If the next size won't work I'll give up for today. Keyword's 【Bomb】 set. 《Skill Enchant》——Bomb."

            It looks like the Keyword 【Bomb】 uses the same format as sense too, but 《Skill Enchant》 is a skill under the Sense 【Enchant Arts】. It is a bit confusing since those brackets are use for a lot of things in the story (store names, referring to OSO, Etc.). Anyway to me, it looks like the 《Magic Sword》 described here is an art from somewhere in the 【Sword】 sense group. In function, it seems similar to 《Element Enchant》, but in exchange to being limited to applying to Swords. It has the abliity to 【Release】 the magic it was holding as the spell it originally was. It just doesn't seem like the 《Magic Sword》described does any more then some of the Arts/Skills already shown.

            All this said, I wouldn't be surprised if 【Magic bow】 ends up having an Art 《Magic Arrow》 that does something similar, or if the Sword sense 《Magic Sword》 is from has a name like 【Magical Sword】 or 【Magic Sword Arts】. I mean, 《Sharpness》(ignores defense on one attack), 《*blank* Slaying》(bonus damage if some condition is met like using a Drop Item specific to the monster type), and 《Vorpal》 (OK, probably covered by 《neck seeking》 but you never know) need a home too... right?.

          5. Tygriss

            @Tarsier It is described as an art, however from a game balance perspective that is an incredibly overpowered art to be included in a sense with other arts. An art that can cast effectively any attack magic in the game (possibly utility magics as well) is rather broken when you think about it.

            It is likely the only art of the sense to make up for its wide range of utility and power. It is also likely that the type of magics that can be imbued into the attack with the art have to be equipped in the current sense build to be able to use it. The [Magic Weapon] Senses were probably included into the game so that players with hybrid builds had a means of keeping up with specialist type players by giving them a sense and art that allows them to level both magic attacks and physical attacks with the same action.

            The art is probably available immediately upon acquiring the sense or at a very low level of the sense. Some senses make all of the arts\skills available at level 1 of the sense, Enchant and Enchant Arts are examples of this.

            As I mentioned in an earlier comment though, we'll probably find out by the end of this volume exactly how it works anyway.

          6. Tarsier

            @Tygriss I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on the power level, because I just can't see it as unbalanced as it was described (or particularly powerful for that matter). I do agree that it is something the Author will likely clarify soon, still it's fun to guess like this while we wait.

          7. Caudyr

            It's probably going to be strong, and it might increase Yun's magic-related stats as it levels up...but it's probably going to be limited by what senses are active in the user's lineup, and I imagine that whatever spells are used will have an increased mana consumption when used with this Sense.

            That is, assuming that it's going to work like Myu's Magic Sword...which was probably a sense art as well, though we don't know for sure. Maybe if we got updated character profiles for the characters, now that the main ones have ben taken care of and everything...but the author hasn't done that.

            It's either going to be adding spells to the bow and/or its arrows...or have specific magic for it. Maybe it'll be able to use all types of magic to give it elemental properties temporarily or something like that. It's also possible that it'll allow Yun to use the Enchant sense's spells to put curses on the arrows and/or an attack boost on the bow ON TOP OF the normal attack enchant.

            It all depends on how it works. Hopefully we find out in the next chapter or so......when it's out. ^^

          8. Tygriss

            @Tarsier Fair enough, I've been waiting for Magic Bow since the end of volume 5 though. Seing Myu use it and knowing her overall Sense build led me to suspect it was something available to hybrid characters and I figured Yun would eventually get there eventually.

            Honestly I both really enjoy this entire series, but find it extremely frustrating at the same time. I'd love to be able to play a game like this but find a lot of the characters interactions extremely frustrating, especially when Yun's acquaintances just don't tell him anything about what to expect from an area\encounter\sense\etc.

          9. Virnor

            @tarsier @caudyr
            Speaking of curse enchants I'm wondering why Yun as yet to enchant his bad status arrows with curses, since he can do it on a rock for buffs it should work on arrows ? He could do it on simple (as non +10) arrows too

          10. Caudyr

            My guess is the time required to do so makes it not worth doing. It's mentioned earlier that it takes approximately a minute to make a single enchant stone, since it can't be made with an actual skill from a window, but Yun has to set a bunch of details for it in the process of making it.

            I suspect it's a similar thing for putting curses on arrows and things like that. It's probably just not worth it for Yun to do it (either that or s/he hasn't THOUGHT OF IT...either is likely, sadly).

            That said, I'm a bit saddened that Yun hasn't made actual traps and things like that other than the simple things s/he does with it. Yun could PROBABLY put cursed attacks in stones and then just throw them at their target, and set the conditions for "After thrown, will use ~SKILL~ on the target it hits"...and apply stat reductions that way. Either that or actual TRAPS for use in areas.

            That being said, I'm also a little frustrated that Taku, Myu and Sei, KNOWING Yun's sense build and how s/he is, don't try to give pointers for things to TRY to improve the things s/he can do with what s/he's got. It is what it is, though~ :D

          11. Tarsier

            @Virnor, He probably doesn't see a reason to do it. He can curse things at range and in groups with the Sky eyes sense, but he needs to use items for the other bad status effects. So cursed arrows aren't really needed like others are. If there were lots of archers then he could make them to sell, but...

            Still Caudyr's throwable version might sell.

          12. Tarsier

            I just realized I never mentioned this, but Mikadzuchi's Sense data (at the end of Volume four) is one of the reasons I think of 《Magic Sword》as being one art under a Sense called 【Magical Sword】.

          13. Vuoto

            I love that you all are talking really in depth about this like its real even thou it is a fictional Game

            At this point someone has to make Only Sense Online a reality

          14. Caudyr

            If/When VRMMOs become a thing, I'm sure something at least SIMILAR to it will happen, heh. XD

  3. Siegfried

    I wonder what the upgraded earth magic is like. For [Fire] it´s [Flame], for [Water] we have [Ice], as well as [Storm] displacing [Wind]. Maybe the author will go with [Rock] or [Ground Fissure].

    1. Someguy

      1. 【Earth】 upgrade = 【Gravity】 = 【Meteor Shower】, 【Black Hole】.
      2. 【Earth】+【Fire】 = 【Magma】 = 【Volcanic Eruption】, 【Lavabending】?, 【Magu Magu no Mi】?
      3. 【Earth】 upgrade = 【Metal】 = 【Metalbending】?, 【Unlimited Blade Works】?

    2. Tarsier

      Your [Rock] guess seems the most likely upgrade. Right now the effects could all based on [Earth] in the "dirt" sense, so [Rock] would be the obvious improvement.

    3. Kaosubaloo

      Maybe Earth will be upgraded to [Metal]? I could also see [Explosion], since that seems to be the earth magic speciality.

  4. GreyTail

    I'm just hoping that they will finally be able to get the explosive arrows they've deserved for so long.

    1. renko

      Well... if Yun can make gem-imbued arrow or higher ranked ones, it may happen.(・へ・)

  5. Loli_Mamoritai

    Greetings everyone, I'm a newbie here, after read the manga I can't get enough of OSO so I start read LN, It was really great, this is the first time I read LN but I can imaging the scene and everything.
    Thank you very much, Krytyk-sama.

    By the way, Yun "bow" level is 48.
    Can't wait until Yun reach level 50 and get "Magic Bow" sense.

    How will magic bow design ? I think It will have gems attach to the bow and have both physic and magic attack.
    What art will "Magic Bow" have ? or it combine "bow" art with magic (that Yun have).


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