Only Sense Online (―オンリーセンス・オンライン―) written by Aloha Zachou (座長 アロハ) and illustrated by Yukisan (ゆきさん)
Published by Fujimi Shobo under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint, it has currently nineteen volumes (three of which are side-story volumes).
The novel was originally published as a web novel, which has ended (author still releases side stories from time to time).
It will be translated on this blog only from the light novel sources, as the volumes gets published.

Story Synopsis

Yun is a novice MMO player who equipped only unpopular skills labeled as garbage. However, soon after everyone started to notice the "Strongest" play style which made full use of Support Magic and Items——?!

Volume 1OSO_v01_Cover (Full Text)

Volume 1 Extras


OSO_vSM_CoverVolume - The Silver Muse (Full Text)

Volume 2OSO_v02_Cover (Full Text)

Volume - The Silver Muse 2

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Chapter 6 - Young Beasts and Satiety
  • Chapter 7 - Floating Continent and the Ruins Dungeon
  • Chapter 8 - Inspection and Withdrawal-Battle
  • Chapter 9 - Childhood Friend and Moon Rabbit
  • Chapter 10 - Yukata, Fireworks and Summer Festival
  • Afterword

OSO_v03_CoverVolume 3 (Full Text)

Volume - The Silver Muse 3

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Chapter 11 - Defense Quest and Cosplay Equipment
  • Chapter 12 - Toutobi and Holiday
  • Chapter 13 - Frontline Dungeon and Weakness
  • Chapter 14 - Tamer and the Golden Fruit
  • Chapter 15 - Halloween and Making of Sweets
  • Chapter 16 - Devil's Labyrinth and the Silver Goddess
  • Afterword

Short Story 1 & Short Story 2

OSO_v04_CoverVolume 4 (Full Text)

OSO_v05_CoverVolume 5 (Full Text)

OSO_v06_CoverVolume 6 (Full Text)

OSO_v07_CoverVolume 7 (Full Text)

Volume 8 (Full Text)

OSO_v09_Cover.jpgVolume 9 (Full Text)

Volume 10 (Full Text)

Volume 11

Volume 12

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue - Useless Items and Ancient Dragon Materials
  • Chapter 1 - Wastelands Area and Ruins
  • Chapter 2 - Disassembly Furnace and Alchemical Kettle
  • Chapter 3 - Mob Resurrection and Dragon Zombie
  • Chapter 4 - Mithril Alloy and Ancient Heritage
  • Chapter 5 - Repair and Ceramics
  • Chapter 6 - Berserking and Self-Destruction
  • Epilogue - Water Dragon Young Beast and Mechanical Magic Doll
  • Afterword

Volume 13

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue - Ship's Nails and Crystal Tree's Seed
  • Chapter 1 - Landscape Architect NPC and Tree Cultivation
  • Chapter 2 - PK Guild and Tips to PvP
  • Chapter 3 - GvG and Secret Plan
  • Chapter 4 - Map-Making and Underground Valley
  • Chapter 5 - Cotton Tree and Bewildering Forest
  • Chapter 6 - Giant Spider and Heavenly Fox
  • Epilogue - Flower Viewing and King Cherry Blossom
  • Afterword

Volume 14

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue - Lifeblood Wine and Wine Jelly
  • Chapter 1 - Possession Sense and Fermented Grapes
  • Chapter 2 - A Cold and Substitute Member
  • Chapter 3 - Symbols and Trade
  • Chapter 4 - The Star Gate and Combinations
  • Chapter 5 - The Challenge and Sense Seal
  • Chapter 6 - Magic Mirror's Trial and the Strongest Self
  • Epilogue - Twelfth Sense and a Small Garden
  • Afterword

Volume 15

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue - Long Vacation and Route Choice
  • Chapter 1 - Underground Pathway and Athletics
  • Chapter 2 - Tree of Sephiroth and Hidden Room
  • Chapter 3 - Hidden One and the Grim Reaper
  • Chapter 4 - The Dwarf Kingdom and Distilled Liquor
  • Chapter 5 - Magic Furnace and Accessories Once Again
  • Chapter 6 - Underland and Meltstones
  • Epilogue - The End of the Expedition and the Surprise
  • Afterword

Volume 16

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Epilogue
  • Afterword

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  1. Nahuel

    Just read your post krytyc. Dispice i love this serie and your work if it dosent satisfy you anymore, Just end the volume and pass it to another group. It will be the best for you an the novel readers. Nobody is forcing you and everybody can understan your situation (sorry for my english,its not my first legueage)

  2. Riri

    Did something happen with the translator? Saw a post that he doesn't have motivation for OSO but its been a whike since his last post

      1. Reader001

        Yeah, thats right, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope your having a good time with friends and family

  3. Jessica Woodson

    Why no update????????????

  4. Kazuto25

    Story is nice and the translation is well done too.
    Volume 11 complete version please!
    (Do your best IRL not to pass out Kryk-san)

  5. Mr1422

    Kryt-san, after re-marathon 1 more time, i've noticed a strange phrase.
    Vol 5 - Chap 1 - 1st sentense: "School after classes were over".
    I'm not a native English speaker but i think its weird.

      1. Mr1422

        adding a "," should improve it ? or change a little, like "at school, after classes were over" ?

    1. Mr1422

      Kryk-san is known for delaying almost 1 year, you should know that.
      Its a shame that no translation groups other than him doing OSO, but on the other hand, the translation quality is guaranteed...So just deal with it and pray for his RL works go smooth so he can have some free time to translate

  6. Alexander

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!! I wanna know what happens next😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Dave

    Just wondering... is this still being translated? Because I really like the story! And so far its been a fun read!

  8. Magnus Chase

    Thanks for the translation work, are you still translating this series or have you dropped it?
    If your still translating this series i'll wait patiently and if you've dropped it then thanks for
    all the hard work you've put in

  9. Herm1t_l1fe

    Thank you for the updates :), I really enjoyed them and I'm looking forward to what happens next

  10. Nahuel

    krytyk great work (as always) on vol 10. Have You think in pass silver Muse to another group?

    1. Tolin

      No disrespect intended, just my opinion here... but I find that far too many groups seem to rely on machine translation. I'd rather see Krytyk get to chapters as he's able with his usual high standards than someone else who may not treat it with the same care and respect. Believe me, I'm eager to see the side stories translated... but I'm personally gonna be patient for it to be done right rather than done quickly.

      That said, I wouldn't complain if Krytyk dropped a volume's worth of translated chapters on us soon. ;)

  11. Herm1t_l1fe

    Thank you for the translations to date, I enjoyed myself reading them, .
    Would it be possible to get an estimate on volume 11?, it doesn't have to be something concrete just a time to look forward to that's all.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Can't really tell, since my work is quite irregular. Sorry. I'll try to find some time to drop a prologue, but don't count on it appearing right away.

  12. KurouDaijuji

    Just wanted to say thank you, not only for finishing Volume 10, but all the earlier work you've done on this series. :D


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