Another release of deep feels〜♪ despair〜♪ chaos〜♪ and more feels〜♪

TMG_v05_237Now, not much time has passed but here comes another big chapter.

Not much to say as I made another post recently, so I'll just comment the chapter itself and the whole novel without spoiling.

It's quite evident that Yanagimi Touki-sensei is incredible badass at world building, and after reading volume 5, he absolutely charmed me with how characters undergo change, mature, their personalities turn more likeable - and it's not a forced change, but one that comes out from what they experience in the novel. The most prominent change would be the way Ouka acts, at first she was slightly annoying, tsundere shy girl or whatever... look how she's grown. She's rapidly advancing higher and higher in my inner 2d waifu ranking, if only she wore maid outfit all the time...

Speaking of which, giev maids. I need my own maid. And a cute one to boot, a must have factor. Where can I buy one? Anyone knows? :|

—— Krytyk

19 thoughts on “Another release of deep feels〜♪ despair〜♪ chaos〜♪ and more feels〜♪

      1. Avatarvictorrama

        ....Not as scary as how I predict this volume will ends....
        And btw, thx for the update!
        Al-chan is your maido Krytyk -sama.
        Or you want me to be yours....?

      1. Avatarkanel

        no but if say that you are a god speed translator and will translate whatever the ask i beliewve many girls will voluntier...

      2. AvatarSonoda Yuki

        I dunno about that, Craigslist, LinkedIn, or Indeed may be a better choice if you're looking for an employee, Homejoy or Care if you're hellbent on maids.


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