Idiot idiot, baka baka, baaka.

TMG_v10_063So, the second chapter. Since the volume's done in the usual convention of the author, light stuff at the beginning, more action oriented in the second part, it was to be expected... I do have to say that I quite like peering into personality of the people, their motivations and feelings, the relations between characters. The strong point of the novel is that these don't feel superficial, even if they're a little bit idealistic when it comes to the relations between platoon members.

Lapis-chan is wonderful. Chapter link.

Now, anime news (?), an anon has dropped off two links in comments (thanks anon!), apparently the anime development is progressing and it's gotten to a point where it had received a dedicated website and twitter account. I'm guessing we can expect dates soon.

Website link and Twitter link.

Follow the twitter, spread the news. I always say that the authors should be supported and books be paid for. Yes, that's the best thing you can do. But there are also other things, share stuff and publicize them, spread the news.
That's also an invaluable help and service done to the author and the publishers.


10 thoughts on “Idiot idiot, baka baka, baaka.

  1. Carlos

    Hey krytyk! Where do you purchase your digital copies? I remember you mentioned you don't buy physical copies. Physical copies are starting to limit my figures budget ^.-

    Btw... looks like we lost PROzess :'(

  2. gohanish

    well i do not believe that the anime will be as good as the novel but still looking forward to it

      1. JustChilling

        I think he is saying that he can buy some books even if he can't read Jap... Still sounds like drug speak though. NB wherewithal is actually an english word. You learn something everyday...


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