On the minus first day of Christmas...

Alice x Shion by Nineth

Alice x Shion by Nineth

... I gift you a Nineth!

Nineth was nice enough to offer one of his fanarts to allow me a day off. Give that man a medal, I say!

...and I'm out of dumb things to say. Merry minus first day of Christmas, Believers of Fluff! Hope you guys can take a breather, too, and spend some value time with family and friends. Fluffiness will be back!


11 thoughts on “On the minus first day of Christmas...

  1. Nic

    On a extra note... Seems like someone did an illustration fanart for Alice on Pixiv.

    The same artist also drew some fanarts for Only Sense Online.
    Yun's potion making
    Yun and Myu skinship

    1. KadiKadi Post author

      GAHHH, I WANNA HUG IT!!! ...her. Definitely her. Dat Alice <3.

      I'll try to get in touch with the artist and see if I can't get permission to post it here, too. Or maybe I'll do it through our honored author. We'll see.

  2. 9

    lol, I'm glad that i was able to give kadi-sama a day off (though all i just really wanted was to draw alice)

    and I already recieved some "medals" from kadi-sama

      1. krytykkrytyk

        Tags like this work zimg src="http://" alt="" / x

        z is a left arrow, x is a right arrow.

        1. Kemm

          That's what I did (well, without the "alt"). I even added the /... Unless there has to be a space between the / and the right arrow (I'm not very good with the latest versions of HTML and its self-closing tags).


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