On the minus second day of Christmas...

...xxxzI gift you the same Kadi for the third time! (Get tired of this Kadi already!!! It's so much work!)

And surprise! It comes with yet another new Fluffiness!

As for how I'm feeling at the moment, please refer to the Alice on the right... But this release finishes Arc 1, so that's something, I guess. I suppose I should write something touching about how long it's been, but worthwhile and fulfilling and fun and whatnot, so here I go:

I'm taking a break! No new Kadi tomorrow! I've had enough!



P.S.: Oh, right. Link.

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10 thoughts on “On the minus second day of Christmas...

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  1. Gawd

    have a great break Kadi, i feel ya. i just started TLing a Chinese Web Novel (after learning Chinese specifically for this) and am currently wishing i hadnt started. my eyes are crossed and i am unable to see straight. sitting here with 2 grammar reference books and an online character dictionary i have a new appreciation for what you guys do for me.

  2. Abyssal

    pic on the side...smiling empty eyed alice...
    kadi.. you will become our slave and work new fluffiness for us?? thank~~ss
    new fluffiness...new fluffiness..new fluffiness...new fluffiness...new fluffiness..
    *trying mind control kadi*
    kidding ~~ enjoy your break ~~ Christmas eve and Christmas is for family they say anyway.. so merry Christmas~~
    and while at that... kadi.. we are your family right~~??

  3. God Ginrai

    So with this, ePubs should finally start showing up for Alice Tale, I hope? I've been waiting for this to be bundled in a format suitable for my ereader before giving this series a shot.

  4. Anonymous

    Let's all pray that Kadi is just kidding and on the minus first day of Christmas we get another Kadi with even newer fluffiness!
    PS: not really joking because it would be awesome to get another chapter, but enjoy your break