On the minus third day of Christmas...

Alice_avatar...I gift you the same Kadi all over again.

But, surprise, this Kadi comes with an all new Fluffiness!

No new art, though, so make do with the old Alice avatar, please. Or find me some more fanart! I always like fanart!

And I just noticed... I timed this badly. One more chapter to finish the first Arc, but three days until Christmas. Duhhh. Note to self: Learn basic One-minus-One. But enough of that. Merry minus third day of Christmas, Believers of Fluff!



P.S.: Oh, right. Link.

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8 thoughts on “On the minus third day of Christmas...

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  1. Mirvra


    ~On the Third day of Christmas, Kadi gave to me, Three fellow party members, Two Evil dragon Eyes And One~! Fluffy Alice~!

    How's that.....? good enough? >.>;; not sure wether it should be ''gave to me'' or if i should use ''gave to us'' o.o;;

  2. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks for the chapter.

    And maybe the last chapter takes longer than the others to finish because of "reasons".