So Hot, And Not Just Because of The Furnace

OSO_v07_001The ride continues.

And on the right side we got this... wonderful illustration. It does appear that it's a new illustration "series" that appears in each volume. Last time we've had a hot and wet Sei, this time we've got burning hot Magi. I figure we're going to receive more of this kind of illustrations in the future and... I'm all for it! Next time we'll probably get something like sexy miniskirt Santa!

And now, after the incredibly important comment on the illustration, the link.

PS: There's one more illustration with translations on the illustrations page in case someone missed it!



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10 thoughts on “So Hot, And Not Just Because of The Furnace

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  1. bronzzz

    Just a little bit at the zip..... just a little bit....... *_*
    hahaah... thanks for the chap krytykal

  2. Owl

    Must...resist... smexy...Magi! Luca-chan is my waifu!!!

    I'm kinda shipping SyunxMagi.

  3. Oddmoonlight

    Me want a toutobi Santa illustration (myu in it making a two shot picture would also be liked) XD